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Nancy Visits the Poop Deck


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Nancy visits the Poop Deck

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Nancy awoke about 10am on Saturday and slowly rolled out of bed, her bedmate had already left for work and probably wouldn't be home until 6pm or later. She reached down and slipped off her pajama bottoms, then took off the top. Of course she didn't mention to her Master that she slept in pajamas since he had ordered her to sleep naked. There just didn't seem a reasonable explanation for her to give her bedmate for sleeping naked, she had slept in pajamas for years before her new Master had issued the order to sleep naked. This was just one of the many secrets she kept from her Master.

She felt that moistness in her pussy that she loved. Why was she so moist this morning she wondered, nothing was on her schedule that should make her moist, especially after all the sex and spanking she had received the past week. Then it dawned on her this was Saturday and she was supposed to meet the guard at the Poop Deck at 2pm. Yes she had reason to be moist this morning, thinking about that huge cock he had used on her more than once this past week. This was another thing she kept secret from her Master.

Standing naked in front of the mirror she moved her hands up to lift her breasts and touched her nipples. A shiver ran from her nipples to her cunt as she thought about what might happen today -- her first meeting at the Poop Deck. She was getting very moist now and could feel the juice running down her inner thighs. Her main concern was how many times could the guard use his huge 10" cock on her, it didn't matter what hole he used it in just so long as she got the pleasure of having it in her someplace.

Her thoughts went back to this past work week when the guard had fabricated stories to get her off in a private office where he had fucked her and made her suck his cock. She loved thinking about how he had rammed his cock down her throat and roughly brain fucked her until he unloaded a huge deposit of sperm, giving her no choice but to swallow it. Yes she loved the thoughts of his huge cock, in fact she just loved the thoughts of cock; she was truly a cock slave.

Thoughts of cock just kept her moist and she knew she needed cock more often than the once a week her Master could give her. This last week at work had taught her that. She was truly devoted to her Master, he had taught her much and she wanted to be faithful to him but cock once a week wouldn't cut it for her so she started keeping little secrets from him. She knew it was wrong but she let her body do her thinking instead of her brain. Even the thoughts that she would eventually be caught didn't seem to bother her; her urges just were too strong so she tended to ignore such thoughts.

Turning away from the mirror she headed to the bathroom for a nice shower before getting dressed for the day. In the shower she let her hands do all the walking, from tweaking her nipples to keeping her clit stimulated, as the water streamed over her body. As she stepped from the shower the cool air hit her and a shiver went up through her body making her nipples even more erect than they were, in fact it almost hurt to have nipples that stiff.

After drying off she began to feel better but still extremely horny. In her closet she spent some time picking the clothes, her white tennis skirt was great and she could wear her matching white slip on tennis shoes. She rummaged through her drawers for a top that looked really sexy. She found a ¾ length T-shirt that showed cleavage and she could tie it just under her breasts so her beautiful midriff showed off her full tan. Tied like that the T-shirt was tight against her breasts so her nipples would show if they got erect and the front was a plunging neckline so the top of her breasts showed. She was satisfied this outfit should please him and as usual she wore no undergarments.

About 1pm she headed to her car for the hour drive to Galveston. He had said it was on the seawall about 24th street so it wouldn't be hard to find. From the street you could see a small statue that resembled the Statue of Liberty on the outside decking on the second floor so this place couldn't be hard to find. She was apprehensive about this meeting but at the same time she was horny and craved his immense cock. As she drove the freeway she found herself reaching under her skirt to play with her clit so by the time she got halfway there she was ready to climax.

She pulled up and parked in front of the place at just 2pm but didn't see his car there, only about 20 motorcycles. She entered the place and noted all the eyes turned toward her. She could feel the male eyes undressing her; not that she wasn't almost undressed already. The female eyes looked at her in amazement that a girl like her would venture into a place like this. She climbed the stairs to the second floor holding her hand on the back of her dress so they couldn't see her bare ass as they looked up.

On the second floor she spotted the pool tables and the guard was playing at one of them. She walked up to him and smiled as she leaned towards him.

"Hi, do I look good enough for you today?" she asked.

He grabbed her arm and then moved it to the back of her neck, turning her towards the bar saying, "Hey guys, this is the girl I been talking about. Isn't she cute?"

The five or six guys at the bar started hooting and making comments on how sexy she looked. The guard turned her around towards the pool table and forced her to bend face down. With a swift motion he lifted her skirt and said, "and she isn't allowed to wear panties, how about that!"

Bending over the pool table with her ass showing to all these guys humiliated her beyond words so she wondered why she could feel her pussy getting so moist. He released her and she stood up, turned and looked him in the face like she was going to tear him a new asshole but just stood there with her face flushed from embarrassment.

"She has a dynamite set of tits too boys." He said as he reached over and untied the T-shirt. He looked at her and said, "now sweetie, show the boys your nice tits!"

Her eyes shot daggers at him but she lifted the T-shirt to expose her tits. The cool air hit her nipples and they went instantly erect. She pulled the shirt down in an effort to stop her embarrassment but he would have none of that; he raised the shirt again and suggested the guys come see how hard her nipples were. Her face went through many shades of red from embarrassment but again she felt her pussy getting wetter. Holding her by the back of the neck he let his buddies come up and feel or pinch her nipples as they saw fit.

"Ok, honey have you ever played pool before?" he asked her.

She shook her head yes, still not recovered from her humiliating experience.

"Well here are the rules of the game. You'll play someone a three game set of pool. First game you loose the player gets to spank your bare ass over the edge of the table. Second game you lose the player takes you to the back and you give him a blow job. Third game you loose and he not only gets to spank you over the edge of the table but takes you to the back and can either fuck you in the ass or the cunt." He announced.

"But what if I win a game" she asked.

"Don't worry, you won't but if you win one game you only have to get one spanking and give one blowjob. How is that" he asked.

"But what if I win more than one game" she asked.

There was a raucous laughter from all the guys, which for some reason made her blush. She began to feel better in this situation than when he first started humiliating her. She knew she was a pretty good pool player but not sure how good she would be against these guys.

"And if I win all three games?"

The guard looked at her in amazement but the laughter of the other guys filled the room. A smile broke out on his face as a plan formulated in his head. He said with a smirk on his mouth, "If you win all three games I will buy us a round of tequila shots and you win the $25 dollars ante for a set with you."

She smiled at that thinking if she was good enough to win all three games she could go home satisfied and a little richer than when she came here.

The guard picked the worst pool player in the crowd for her first opponent. The $25 was put on the edge of the table and the game began. She did the break sinking two stripped balls. Everyone cheered and hollered how lucky she was. She lined up for the next shot, which put her in a position where her bending over gave the guys a full shot at her bare pussy. As a tease to these guys she spread her legs a little wider than she needed just so they got a better look. It was really arousing her to be on display to this many men but she concentrated on not loosing focus of the game.

By the time her turn finished there was only one stripped ball left on the table. She was really pleased with herself and began feeling that maybe she would fare batter at this than she had expected. As her opponent came to the table he took the opportunity to walk by her and pat her butt lightly. She felt the goose bumps form over her body but decided to make no comment on the gesture.

He left 4 solids on the table when it came her turn again. She only had to sink her lone-stripped ball and go for the 8 ball in order to win. As she lined up for the shot she was bending over the table and felt a cool object slip between her legs and press against her pussy lips. She jumped and turned saying, "Ok guys if we are going to play fair then my body is off limits when I'm shooting."

After the laughter subsided she aimed and took the shot; sinking her last ball and looking for the best shot for the 8 ball. Her next shot got the 8 ball and she started jumping enthusiastically showing her joy of wining her first game.

She stood back by the guard as they guys set up the table for game two. Standing quietly she felt this hand creep up under her skirt and play with her bare butt. She spread her legs a little and felt the hand reach between her legs to rub her moist pussy. The sensation of his finger rubbing her slit sent a chill up her spine making her nipples erect which made them show through her T-shirt. Nobody except the guard heard a quiet moan come from her lips as she pressed harder on his finger.

The table was set and game 2 was on. It was pretty much of a repeat of game one. She quickly beat her opponent and stepped back by the guard while the table was set up for the final game with this opponent. She thought of the enjoyable break she had between games last time so she stepped back by the guard with her legs spread giving him easy access to her cunt. Not one to disappoint her he quickly slipped two fingers in her dripping pussy.

The third game turned out the same but there were new cheers for her winning the $25 prize and she got her first shot of tequila. She felt proud of winning this series and while the table was being set up again she accepted a couple more shots of tequila. She thought to herself she better pace her drinking or she would end up shitfaced and loosing her game, which she really didn't want to do.

With the table set up for the next set the guard picked another dud pool player to play against Nancy. They flipped for break and he won. His first shot he sunk 3 solids and one stripped balls so he was off and running with the solids. Nancy began to feel that this competition might be a little too much for her but she would give it her best shot. The guy almost cleared the table in his first turn, leaving only one solid plus the eight ball.

Nancy stood to take her turn but couldn't really see a good shot for any of her stripped balls. A lucky banked shot put a ball in the pocket and set her up for the next shot. As she was leaning into the table to make her shot she again felt the cold touch of a pool stick come up her thigh to tease her cunt. She put her pool stick on the table rapidly moved to the guy who had teased her and slapped his face, saying, "if you're going to feel me up and tease me at least have the decency to do it when I'm not trying to shoot!"

The guy put his hand to his cheek like he was shocked at her slapping him. As she turned to go back to the table he reached out and grabbed her by the belt on her skirt, pulling her back to him. He pulled the hem of the back of her skirt up, showing her bare butt, tucked the skirt into the waist so it wouldn't fall and popped her pretty hard on the bare butt saying, "sweetie, I'm gonna play the next game with you and you need to be prepared for the consequences." With another slap on the butt he pushed her towards the table so she could continue her game.

Her concentration broken, Nancy returned to the game but missed her next shot. She looked at the guy who had accosted her and lifted her skirt, which she had not dared to let down, and said, "it's your fault that I loose this game." She knew she was about to loose the game, after all how could he not make one shot and then the eight ball. The idea of being spanked was making her pussy feel warm but she hated that she would loose this game since she had been on a roll.

Her opponent lined up for his shot, there was a lot of cheering from the guys reminding him if he made it then he got to spank her. He took the shot and sank the last of the solid balls. Turning his attention to sinking the eight ball he sighted carefully. He hit the cue ball, the cue ball hit the eight ball which headed for the corner pocket but made a slight collision with one of the stripped balls so it went off course. The stripped ball moved slightly and hit the cue ball forcing it into the other corner pocket. A groan came from the onlookers.

By sheer luck Nancy had won and escaped being spanked. A look of glee came over her face as she moved over to the bar beside the guard, smiling up at him. His hand slipped down to her bare butt and patted it gently as it moved on to tease her pussy. He ordered her a shot, telling it was for her good luck, as his fingers entered her cunt. Everyone heard her moan as his fingers entered her. She felt aroused and lucky so she reached back and pulled her skirt loose from her waistband and let it fall.

That was the wrong thing to do, she quickly found out. The guard pulled his fingers from their warm home in her cunt, grabbed her by the neck, bent her over, lifted the skirt up and started spanking her very hard. So hard in fact that a handprint came up on her butt so quickly he hadn't even landed the third swat on her butt. As he spanked her he lectured, "when someone puts your skirt in like that it is to show us all how good you look so you don't get to undo it until we say it's ok." The spanking assault continued for about 25 whacks and when he finished she just stayed bent over with her red butt showing. The guard took her skirt and tucked the hem into her waistband from one side to the other, then made her stand up. The skirt now only covered her front; the edge of her thighs and all of her butt were now exposed to view. "Your next game is ready" said the guard.

All could see the tears that had run down Nancy's face from the pain of the spanking and the humiliation of the incident but she walked over to the pool table to start her next game. A little shaken, her break shot ended in only one solid colored ball going into the pockets. She began to gain a little more confidence, although she felt horny from the spanking and very aroused by her bare bottom on display. She ran the table clearing the solid colors one by one until she was left with only the eight ball. Taking careful aim she hit the que ball, which hit the eight ball and then slowed to the middle of the table. The eight ball headed for the pocket but collided with one of the stripped balls, sending it into the pocket instead. Her turn was over.

Her butt was stinging and she could feel the cool air on her bare butt as she watched her opponent take shot after shot, sinking one ball at a time until he missed trying to sink his last stripped ball. His turn was over.

She advanced toward the table for her turn. Confident she could make the shot she could feel the goose bumps invade her body telling her she was horny; her nipples announced to the world by standing at attention and her inner thighs were wet from her juices running. As she lined up for her shot she could feel all eyes staring at her naked butt. She spread her legs a little and wiggled her butt to tease the guys looking at her. She shot and all watched as the eight ball moved to the corner pocket, falling in to end the game. She jumped in joy at having won the second game. Cheers rose up behind her as the guys smiled at her. There must have been a half dozen shots lined up for her at the bar as she moved over to the security of her guard friend.

As she waited for the table to be set up again she turned to the guard and did a grind and bump to rub her crotch against his. There was no mistaking his huge cock was aroused. She reached between them to rub it with her hand as he just smiled. She whispered into his ear, "when do I get this monster?"

The third game was ready and she approached the table ready to break as well as ready to win her next $25 prize. She broke, getting two solid colors in the pockets. Then she ran the rest of the table down to and including her last solid color ball. Now she had to sink the eight ball but with all the stripped balls on the table she had no clear shot for the eight ball. She decided to try and run the eight ball the length of the table to the end pocket to win. Lining up she hit the cue ball soundly, it went off towards the eight ball and as it struck the eight ball the cue ball made a bee-line for the center pocket, going in to loose the game for her.

"Thank you Lord," came the cry from her opponent as he walked toward her. Her heart sank as she knew what was coming. He grabbed her by the neck, bent her over the table and put his hand on her rosy butt. His hand just caressed her cheeks before he started squeezing each cheek as if he was massaging them rather than spanking them. He brought his hand down hard on her left cheek and she let out a howl in pain. Then he did the same for the right cheek and she howled in pain just like she did for the last swat. A volley of swats blistered her cheeks, first the left then the right and he was considerate enough to also go from top to bottom on her cheeks so there was no really abused part of her cheeks, they were equally covered in very red.

Finally he let her up and before she could reach back to rub her butt there was a chorus of admonishments from the guys telling her not to rub her butt. She turned to face them and even though her face had tears she smiled at them. She tried to put on a brave front but truth be known she was horny from the spankings, very aroused from showing her bare butt during the game and all she wanted was a cock to satisfy her. She kept hoping the guard would spirit her to a corner someplace where she could suck his cock and he could fuck her.

The table was set up for the next series of 3 games but Nancy was beginning to feel a little bit woozy from all the shots she had consumed. Her competitor stepped up to the table for the coin flip and waited for Nancy. She approached him and he grabbed her by the neck, bent her over the table as her body bent forward she could feel his hand slip between her legs. A finger touched her clit, she moaned and spread her legs so he had better access to her cunt. He continued to rub her clit and slipped a finger into her wet cunt saying, "is this going to be the same type game or should we change the stakes a little?"

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