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Nancy's Confession


Dear Steve,

I think I need to tell you something. I hope it won't end our relationship. You are my true love and the one I want to marry but over the last several weeks I've also learned something else.

You know about Matt. Well, I haven't been completely honest with you when I tell you all we've done is dry hump. That was true until just before Christmas. But one night at school while at his apartment just before I came home for break I had to have more of him. That night we had been out and I probably had a little to much to drink but when we got back to his place I had to feel more of him. We started making out and he is such a good kisser. He is so powerful and while I like cuddling with you when I'm with him I feel like I want to be taken and used by him. He makes me feel so slutty but in way that I enjoy. If that makes sense.

Anyway, we were making out and my hand reached down to feel his cock. He was already hard and I squeezed it through his pants. This time though I wanted to feel his flesh. I reached in under his belt and rubbed him some more. He's much bigger than you and he even gets harder than you. He moaned with pleasure and I liked the feeling that gave me. I was pleasuring a strong powerful man. I could feel his cock leaking and then I did something I hadn't even thought of until then. I took my fingers to my mouth and tasted his fluid. The smell and the texture was intoxicating.

My next move surprised even me. I slid down and bent over him and undid his pants. He lifted his hips and pulled them off for me. I reached down and grabbed his cock and stuck it in my mouth and my head stated to spin with pleasure. I licked the head with my tongue and then slowly took his whole cock into my mouth. I could feel his dick throbbing. Each time his heart beat I could feel his cock twitch and that practically made me come then and there. I must have sucked him for about five minutes and his moans got louder and louder and his hips began thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I felt him go rigid and then I felt his cum race through his cock and into my mouth.

I was surprised by the first blast. It came out so forcefully that I almost choked but when I felt the texture and tasted it I was dizzy with passion. I had to have his cock in my mouth and taste more of it. A couple of spurts hit me in the face but I soon wrapped my lips around it and tasted the last few shots deep in my throat.

It was wonderful and I knew then and there that as much as I love you and want to marry you I never be able to be faithful to you because I will always crave the large hard cocks of men stronger and more powerful than you.

I knew it even more clearly at the New Years party while I was home when I was unbuttoning our friend Mike's shirt. I know you saw me sitting on his lap. I've always been hot for him and I felt incredibly powerful and slutty when I felt his cock stiffen and harden against me while I touched his chest.

I know you're a little turned on by this but I don't know how willing you are to accept the fact that it will always be other men that I get the most pleasure from. Your a sweet guy. I almost think of you more as a girlfriend than a boyfriend. But I've decided that's what I really want from you. Somebody to share the stories of my dates with. Who knows maybe even someday I'll let you share one of my boyfriends :)

This is all part of the reason I need to tell you what happened on Valentine's Day. I was over Matt's apartment and he had been so nice to me, flowers, dinner, etc., that when we started to make out I knew I had to do something special for him. I get so turned on when he kisses me. He feels so strong and I feel so powerless but safe. With you I fell like I'm kissing my brother (or sister). But Matt, he turns me on so much.

Anyway, after some kissing, he began feeling me up and this time I grabbed his hand and directed it down to my pussy. I had never had him do this before but this time I guided it underneath my panties. Oh God, it was like I received an electric shock. I almost came immediately when his finger entered my pussy. I arched my back and humped his finger. I knew tonight would be the night that I gave him something I know you thought would be yours. But he is so much more of a man than you that I felt he should be the one to have it.

I rolled over and again placed his cock in my mouth. He was as hard as stone. I suck him off almost every night now. And just as I could taste his pre cum I rolled over on my back and asked him to fuck me.

He moved like a tiger and just that quick he was on top of me as I spread my legs for him. I felt his cock push at the entrance to my pussy. And I pushed back. In what was the most exquisite moment of my life Matt's hard dick pushed through and he entered me fully. I groaned in ecstasy, wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him deeper inside.

I could feel his weight on top of me. Shortly he began to fuck me. In and out his cock felt so good and it wasn't long before I felt my orgasm coming. I could tell he was close too. His pace quickened and I could feel every inch of him it was as if his cock was on fire and my pussy was burning in passion. I could feel his body go rigid and just as he started to cum, leaving his jism deep inside of me my pussy started to contract in climax and grip his cock tightly as if it wanted to milk every last drop out of him. I had been fucked.

I had been fucked in a way that I knew you would never be able to.

That's why I am writing this letter. Because as much as I will always need your companionship, I will need to fuck men like this for the rest of my life. Not just Matt either. But men like him. Men that are stronger, more powerful, more successful than you. Men that woman want to fuck. Men with big shoulders and big cocks.

And they will know when they meet me, that I will want to fuck them.

So, if you can live with that then our marriage this summer is still on. Just remember that if you can't find me during the reception, it's probably because your best man Mike is fucking me doggy style in my wedding dress.

Love Always,


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