tagMind ControlNancy's Descent Pt. 02

Nancy's Descent Pt. 02


Nancy awoke on Saturday morning feeling surprisingly refreshed despite her trouble falling asleep. She glanced at the clock. It was nearly nine in the morning. She rolled onto her back and stretched, smiling. It had been a long time since she'd slept uninterrupted for so long. She usually woke up around five and couldn't fall back asleep. After a few minutes, her hands slid beneath the covers and ran over her stomach, then beneath her panties and cupped her pussy. She found herself tugging on her pubic hair, and found its presence to be troublesome. She'd shaved before, but generally it wasn't in her normal routine. The first time she had done it was really just to see what it was like, and then a few other times for bikini season. This was different. She tugged on it with her thumb and forefinger and grimaced. It just seemed like such an unnecessary obstruction. She briefly considered shaving it, but forgot about it during the day and never got around to it.

That afternoon, Nancy's mother called, and she chewed her lip with her cell phone in one hand, deciding whether to answer it.

"Hi, Mom," she sighed, tucking her legs beneath her wear she sat on the loveseat.

"Hi. I called and left a message. I texted too, what have you been doing?"

"Working. What's up?"

On the other end, her mother sighed. "Nothing, just...trying to touch base."

"Okay," Nancy said, pinching a lose thread on the hem of her blouse. She waited a few beats, and reached around, unclasping her bra.

"Well?" her mother said. Nancy pulled the bra off through her shirt sleeve and threw it onto the couch.

"Well what?"

"Well...how are you?"

"I'm good. You?"

"I'm fine. Is your new job working out for you?"

"Yeah, it's okay."

"It's really too bad you got laid off from the call center. It feels like you're going backwards instead of forwards .That job at the Laundromat is for high school drop outs. And you never finished school. I mean, what are you doing?"

"First, it's a dry cleaning service. Second, I have no control over company layoffs. Even the manager was laid off. As far as school goes, I don't know why you're even asking. You know I applied for multiple scholarships, and I only was offered one, which would only have covered a quarter of the tuition. The big one that I qualified for went to someone else. I can't afford it, you can't afford it. All I can do is save up and pay for it myself, eventually. That's what I'm doing."

"Well...you could do that a lot faster if you lived at home. And there's always loans."

"Oh, well."

Another sigh from her mother. Nancy considered the fact that she'd probably inherited the excessive sigh from her, and rolled her eyes.

"You're so stubborn," her mother continued," by the way...is there a reason you haven't spoken to your brother in months? I talked to him the other day and he said you won't return his phone calls. He wants to borrow your car this weekend."

Nancy's jaw flinched and her eyes grew darker.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"Nancy, I realize he and Lori weren't very nice to you when you were staying with them, but-"

"They weren't very nice to me? They weren't very nice to me? Lori spread fake rumors about me to the whole family, and no one would listen to me. She told my entire family that I was a slut that mooched off of you. Neither of which is a true statement. She's a crazy person. And on top of that, her whipped husband kicked me out and told me I was a disappointment to the family. And there was a lot more than that, Mom. They were cruel to me on a daily basis, and treated me like fucking Cinderella."


"And then you claim that I've broken up the family, because I don't want to talk to them anymore, because I don't want toxic people in my life. And you have the nerve to say that I have broken up the family. You got divorced. Jake and Lori betrayed me and treated me like garbage for no discernible reason, and none of you were there to support me. If you call me with a bunch of negative shit again, I'm done with you, too."

"Nancy, we are family. You do not walk away from family."

"Watch me." Nancy hung up and growled, throwing the phone onto the couch next to her bra. She sat quietly for a moment, chewing on a strand of her hair.

"Why did I take my bra off?" she asked the empty room.

Sunday came and went quickly, and Monday came too soon, as always. On her lunch break, Nancy checked her account balance. She had fifty-four hundred in checking and six thousand in savings. She had a long way to go before she could even think about going back to school. Her mother had pestered her and pestered her about taking out loans, but every time she gave it serious thought, she came back to the same conclusion. She didn't want to owe money. She had never owed money before, but she'd been obligated to people, and it was a feeling she did not like. Her family always had a way of hanging anything over her head they could. She had no intention of expecting more from anyone else.

That afternoon, Nancy took her last break in a parking lot. Leaning against the side of the van where she had parked on the side of a QT, she took out a cigarette and dug in her purse for a lighter. Once it was lit, she let out a long drag and looked out across the street, watching the cars go by. She was getting spontaneously wet again and she squeezed her legs together. She hated the feeling of having wet panties, and she didn't have time to go home and change. Even if she went to the bathroom and tried to clean up, it would still feel uncomfortable. An odd thought entered her mind then, and Nancy furrowed her eyebrows. A few minutes later she found herself taking off her panties in the stall of the QT bathroom and stuffing them in the deep pocket of her uniform trousers. An image of Mr. Hoyden's red door flickered somewhere in the back of her mind, and Nancy returned to the van.

Mr. Hoyden was putting on a special soundtrack just for Nancy, when she parked across the street from his house. It was a pick up rather than a delivery, so he could keep her there just a little bit longer. A few moments later, she was at his door. He opened it and smiled.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Hoyden. Got a bundle for me?"

"I sure do. I'll be right back. It's hot outside; you can come in for a moment if you like. I'll just be a minute," he said, leaving the door ajar to leave the decision up to her.

Nancy stood at the threshold a moment, and suddenly felt the summer heat more than ever. She felt as though she'd been hot all day long, and her clothes felt thick, hot and sticky. The air from inside Mr. Hoyden's home was so very cool and inviting. She stepped through. Mr. Hoyden's living room was spacious with an impressive vault ceiling. The windows she'd seen on the outside were even more dramatic inside the spacious room. The furniture was all neutral and elegant, and she peered down the hallway to the left where Mr. Hoyden had gone. Music was playing from somewhere in the house, pleasant music that both put her at ease being in a strange man's home, and made the home itself seem more inviting. She pulled at the neckline of her uniform, still feeling stifled. She stepped inside a little further, but kept the door within arm's reach. To the left was the kitchen. It was an open floor plan, and all that separated it from the large living room was an island with a stainless steel countertop. She took a step back when she heard Mr. Hoyden returning.

"Sorry about that," he started. He was holding a garment bag in one hand and a glass of water in the other.

"Here," he said, handing it to her. "You look parched."

Nancy eyed it for a moment, the condensation on the glass making it look all the more inviting. She was parched, but she shook her head and smiled, politely.

"No thank you," she said, reaching for the bag.

Mr. Hoyden let her take it from him, but cocked his head.

"Really? You look so hot. Your face is all red."

"I-" Nancy swallowed involuntarily and cleared her throat. "I'm okay." She backed away."In all honesty, my dad always told me to never take open drinks from anyone I don't know."

"Ah," Mr. Hoyden said, holding up a finger and smiling. "And a very wise thing to do, indeed." He took a long swig of the water, before giving her a wink. Nancy smiled, nervously.

"Wouldn't want you to think I'm like that, Ms. Nancy. Thank you very much. Oh!" he fished a hand in his pocket and handed her a twenty.

"Thank you, Mr. Hoyden. See you on Wednesday."

"Have a lovely afternoon, Nancy."

"You too, Mr. Hoyden."

"Oh, Nancy?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"Just one more thing," he said, coming to stand in front of her.

"Do you have your panties in your purse right now?"

"Yes," she said, and quickly gasped and covered her mouth. Mr. Hoyden noted that when she blushed, it went all the way down her throat and chest, and he smiled. My, but she was lovely when she was embarrassed. He leaned in closer, taking a different tone. It was deep and calm.

"Why don't you go ahead and give them to me."


"Come on, now. You've got to get going."


"Nancyyyy," he drew out her name, and for a moment, her eyes nearly drifted close. She was so hot, so hot and thirsty, and she felt rather far from herself.

"Yes, Sir," she mumbled, fishing them out of her purse and handing them to him. He took them, and smelled them. He kept his eyes on her all the time and she shuddered.

"That's a good girl. There was nothing in the water, Nancy. But I'm glad you're taking necessary precautions. You can trust me completely. You do trust me completely." Mr. Hoyden leaned back then, and it was as though she had been standing at his threshold for some indeterminable amount of time. Nancy brightened and chuckled.

"I'm so sorry, I just checked out for a second. See you next Wednesday, Mr. Hoyden."

He just smiled and held up a hand as she turned and returned to her van. Once she had hung up the garment bags in the back, Nancy sat in the driver's seat and unbuttoned the top of her blouse after turning the air conditioning on full blast. She was wetter than ever, and this time, without her panties to catch anything, it was all over her thighs.


Nancy forgot about the panties in her pocket until later that night. When she went to get them to throw in with the rest of her laundry, they weren't there. She stood silently in the foray for minutes, her purse dangling from one hand and her work trousers in the other. Had they fallen out somewhere? She felt a sudden surge of anxiety, at the idea that they had somehow fallen out at Shoeman's or in the van. No one could be sure they were hers if they found them, though. There was nothing she could do about it, and she eventually dropped her purse back onto the bench and forgot about it.

That night, she struggled to reach an orgasm. She was beginning to feel rather hot and bothered. She'd been crazy horny the last few days, but had either not found the time to do it, or couldn't seem to finish when she did. After nearly forty minutes, she huffed and rolled over. She took a deep breath after a few minutes. Not being able to rub one off did not constitute the level of anger she was feeling. Despite her frustration, Nancy woke once again feeling extraordinarily refreshed.

The next day passed without anything out of the ordinary, other than the fact that she decided to forego a bra. Lately, it had just felt so uncomfortable and even itchy. She decided that over the weekend, she would buy a new one. It felt a little odd at first, and she even felt rather self conscious about it. But when there were no comments or blatant stares, she began to get used to it. The uniform they wore was relatively thick and a nice dark blue, as well. It was not an obvious clothing choice. By the end of the day, she had even considered just sticking with it for awhile. She had even felt less hot all day, and so much more comfortable. She could at least do it when she wore clothing that covered it well.

The only other oddity was that Mr. Hoyden kept popping into her head at seemingly random intervals. She also began to realize that she would soon after become wet. This parallel occurred to her while she was on her last break, smoking outside of QT. When it did, she was alarmed. She considered Mr. Hoyden, for a moment. He wasn't hideous or anything, but he was much too old and had a bit of a gut. His hairline was receding a bit, but beyond that, no balding or unattractive features.

In fact, Mr. Hoyden had that look about it him like he was very handsome as a young man, but had simply aged and let himself go, a bit. He was always dressed well and always appeared groomed and clean. For his age he really wasn't all that bad looking. But entirely inappropriate for Nancy and not at all her type. Possibly not even when he was younger. She had always had a thing for lean muscle and light brown or blonde hair.

She had spent much of her childhood in California, and her first few crushes were on her brother's friends. They'd all been surfers, and always had the look of just having come from the ocean, all tan and ruddy. Mr. Hoyden was nothing like that, he had never been like that. He had very dark hair, with a widow's peak. His eyes were dark too, both in stark contrast to his light skin tone. He clearly didn't spend much time outdoors. He was kind of tall and broad shouldered, which could be appealing, but he also had that gut. And that slightly bulbous sort of nose and eyebrows of an older man.

She suddenly imagined his hands on her thighs, his dark eyes looking at her with that calm confidence, and then there was no doubt about it. Her pussy was suddenly on fire. She felt a little surge of warm wetness and Nancy gasped and looked around. It had felt almost like she had squirted a little, which she had never done. She put out the cigarette and went to the restroom. In the stall, she drew her panties down to her knees and let her fingers slide between her pussy lips, which once again felt uncomfortably hairy. Hot and messy hair that didn't need to be there. She would shave it when she got home. She held her wet fingers in front of her face. It was not the usual kind of wetness, it was extremely thin. She sniffed it and raised her eyebrows. It had no scent whatsoever. When it had happened, she'd thought for a moment that she'd peed herself a little.

"So fucking weird," she mouthed silently, before cleaning herself up and pulling her panties and trousers back up.

Home again, and Nancy went immediately to the bathroom. She had to get that hair off; it felt like she suddenly couldn't stand it, anymore. She did something she'd never done before, when shaving. She shaved it completely. Once she had started, she just couldn't stop. Once some of it was gone, she wanted it all gone. She even got up in between her ass cheeks and around her asshole. Afterwards, she felt divine, and lay naked in her bed on top of the sheets. It was as though she had been hot and sticky and uncomfortable for days, and she finally felt relief.

The next day, Nancy realized shaving her pussy had made her spontaneous little squirts even worse. All day, her labia were rubbing together gently, so gently, and it was making her whole pussy feel like it was on fire. It would irritate her, the discomfort of it, which somehow sent another surge of heat and arousal straight down to her center. It was like a vicious cycle of feeling stimulated, irritated, and further stimulated. Should she call Sam? She shook her head. Don't do that just because you're in heat, all of a sudden, she thought.

She wondered if maybe she had reached some level in her age and menstruation cycle in which her body was just pushing her to become more sexually active, some biological clock starting to tick. By the time she got to Mr. Hoyden's house, some part of her was excited. She sat for a moment, trying to get her head straight. It was like as soon as she saw that red door, her brain started to jumble. She felt a little embarrassed at the state of her arousal, which by then was far beyond the bounds of her experience. She was afraid he would be able to tell.

At his door, he invited her inside, and she found herself drifting in, behind him. He had taken the garment bags and hung them in a large, mahogany armoire at the door. When she came inside, he moved to the door and closed it.

"Would you like some water, this time?" he asked. Courtesy was implicit in his tone, but his eyes seemed to dance with amusement. She smiled and swallowed.

"Yes, please."

As always, there was music playing from some other room, and she began to feel a little more at ease. Mr. Hoyden came to stand behind her for a moment, and she tensed.

"Shh," he said, very close to her, and her shoulders slumped.

"You're safe. This is a safe room. No harm will come to you," his voice hummed near her ear, and there was almost a lilt in her sigh.

"Nancy?"he asked. Her eyes had almost drifted close."Are you wearing a bra?"



"I thought it was making me hornier."

"Ah. What's wrong with that?"

It's uncomfortable."

"But isn't that discomfort delicious?"


"Then no more bra, baby."


"Try again, Nancy."

"Yes, Sir."

"That's a good girl. Let's take a look at you," he said, and came around to face her. She looked up at him in a stupor, and he smiled. He could smell her arousal through her clothes. He reached out and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, leisurely. She seemed to notice by the time he got to the third one and her hands got in the way.

"Hey, wait," she drawled, and Mr. Hoyden only smiled.

"Shh, Nancy. Come on, now. Be a good girl. Let go of my hands."

She whined quietly for a moment, and let them drop.

"That's better," he murmured, continuing down to the bottom of the uniform. He parted it with his hands and stood back a moment, wanting to savor the slowness of her descent into his complete control. This time, he would let her remember everything. This time, she would be aware. She started to raise her arms again to cover herself. Her face and chest were pink with embarrassment.

"Nancy, it's okay to be a little bit embarrassed. Just let it wash over you. It's not going to hurt you, just let go."

Nancy clenched her hands, but let them fall to her sides again. Mr. Hoyden just looked at her for a moment, standing with her thighs squeezing together and her blouse open, exposing her soft, lovely breasts. After a moment, he stepped forward. The bra she was wearing clasped in the front and he reached for it. Nancy covered herself and stepped back.

"Nancy," he warned and she bit her lip. She didn't understand why she was letting this happen, beyond the intense arousal it was causing. She could lose her job.

"Nancy, you're not going to get in trouble," he said, as though he was reading her mind. "And I know it's likely no one has ever seen you naked, but I think you'd very much like to let me open your bra. It's so uncomfortable," he said, and her thoughts seemed to mimic his words. It's so uncomfortable...

"And you want to do as I say..."

I wanna do what he says...

"The embarrassment is so arousing..."

God help me, I'm so turned on right now...

She looked up at him as he reached forward and carefully unclasped her bra. He pulled it apart slowly, her breasts bouncing ever so slightly as they were freed. He pushed it aside and when her arms began to rise to cover herself, he tsked. She stopped, and he put his hands on hers.

"Nancy, from now one, when you come to my home, I want you come inside and remove everything above the waist and give it to me. I want you to stay for awhile. Don't worry about your boss, I'll take care of that. Alright?"


"Alright, Nancy? Don't you want to be a good girl?"

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