tagNovels and NovellasNancy's Quest Ch. 12

Nancy's Quest Ch. 12

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIII

Nancy's Quest

By D.C. Roi

Chapter twelve

After she made up her mind that she was going to remain faithful to her husband, Nancy was able to keep herself from cheating for several weeks. Each day, she left the house, and verbalized her intent to resist temptation out loud in her car as she drove to work. In addition, she avoided situations where she and Lee McGill would be alone. She also insisted that her sons do more of the chores around the house so she wouldn't have to ask Benny Morris to come over and help. She was starting to feel a lot better about herself. In fact, several of her co-workers commented on how much more pleasant she'd become.

When Ted Adamson, one of her firm's clients, asked her if they could meet over dinner to discuss his account, Nancy agreed. She often conducted business over dinner, so doing so with Mr. Adamson wasn't anything new.

They met in the dining room of the River House, an up-scale hotel in Jamestown and, while they waited for their meal to be served, they carried on a rather pleasant conversation. Adamson, a prominent businessman, was about fifty, and was also quite handsome and urbane. Their conversation before dinner was wide-ranging, and Nancy found herself liking him a lot.

"I'm hope I didn't put you out by asking you to discuss my account over dinner, Nancy," her client said.

"You aren't putting me out, Mr. Adamson," Nancy replied. "I often meet with clients over dinner to discuss their accounts."

Her client smiled and said, "I probably shouldn't ask, but are you going to put this dinner on my bill?"

Nancy knew he was kidding and smiled at him coyly. "I wouldn't think of doing anything like that, Mr. Adamson," she replied. "I consider special client relations like this part of the service our firm provides."

"If special client relations is important to you, there is one thing you could do," Mr. Adamson said.

"What's that?" Nancy replied. "If I can do it, I will."

"I'm sure you can do it," her dinner host replied. "You can stop calling me Mr. Adamson and start calling me Ted."

Nancy smiled, nodded, and said, "I'd be happy to do that, Ted." The more time she spent with him, the more she liked him. She could understand why he had become as successful as he had.

"I hope you don't think I'm chauvinistic, but I'd like to order dinner for both of us. Do you mind, Nancy?" Ted asked as they had before-dinner drinks.

"Of course not, Ted," she replied.

When their dinners arrived and they ate in silence. Afterward, over coffee, they chatted some more.

"I've been wondering," Ted said after they'd finished their coffee. "Instead of trying to have our meeting here in the dining room, might you be willing to conduct it up in my room? I'll have coffee sent up."

Nancy smiled. "If that's what you want to do, I have no problem with it," she said. "There isn't a lot of privacy here, is there?"

"No," Ted said, "there certainly isn't."

"Why don't we get started?" Nancy said. She signaled for the check. The waiter brought it, and she settled the bill.

"Which room are you staying in?" Nancy asked.

"I'm in suite 250, upstairs," Ted said.

"Then I guess we ought to get going," Nancy said.

They reviewed Ted's account carefully, and after they finished that, he had drinks sent up and the sat and talked for a little while longer. Finally, Nancy got up to leave. Ted stood up, too. She thought he was going to walk her to the door. Then she saw the look in his eyes and, for the first time, she realized the room was filled with sexual tension. "No! Oh, God, no!" she thought. "Not now, not after I've done so well!"

Ted took a step toward her. "Nancy, you...you are a...a very lovely woman," he said, his voice hoarse. "I find you most attractive. Would...would it bother you if I were to kiss you?"

The man's direct approach took Nancy off-guard. She couldn't remember anyone ever asking her permission to kiss her. "Tell him no!" her conscience screamed. "Ah...I...I guess not," she stammered.

"Well, then," Ted said softly and stepped closer to her. He bent down and covered her lips with his.

Ted's kiss was unlike any Nancy could remember. The minute his lips touched hers, her mind began to spin. Then she felt his arms sliding around her, and she felt her body pressing against his. "Oh, no!" she thought. "I...I can't let this happen!" Thoughts of resistance were swept away when Ted's tongue slid across her lips and passion began exploding through her.

After their kiss ended, he quickly removed all of Nancy's clothes, save for a pair of lacy bikini panties, while she helped him shed his. Then moved to the bed and laid down.

Nancy's body trembled while Ted's lips and hands moved over it. "Ted! Ted!" she groaned, "God, that feels so wonderful!" She knew she shouldn't be here, that she was once again doing the very thing that caused her so much emotional turmoil, but she couldn't help herself. Something, and she had no idea what it was, kept driving her to do this.

He sucked and caressed her tender nipples and her back arched, pressing her chest tighter against his seeking mouth. "Oh, God, yes! Suck them! Suck them!" she crooned. Her body twisted wildly on the bed. Suddenly she began to shudder as bright lights of delight began exploding in her overheated brain. "Oh, God, Ted!" she cried, "I'm coming! Oh! Oh! Oh!" She clutched Ted's head, pulling him still tighter against her chest while her body heaved and thrashed. Finally, her movements began to calm and she lay still. "That was unbelievable!" she murmured. "I can't believe you made me come, just from doing that!"

"I'm happy I was able to please you," Ted said. "You area very lovely woman. He began kissing down across her ribs, onto her flat belly.

Very quickly, Nancy again felt passion flooding her. "Yes! Oh, yes!" she cooed, "Kiss me, Ted! God! Kiss me!"

"I think it's time to get these off!" Ted said. He hooked his fingers in the waist of her panties and pulled them down. Then he began avidly kissing the soft skin of inner thighs, teasing her by kissing everywhere but where Nancy wanted to be kissed.

Thrills filled Nancy when he finally began to lick her sensitive labia and clit. Soon her hips were twisting and turning on the bed again. "Oh! Yes! Oh, yes!" she moaned. Her hips began to rise and fall and her legs were quaking.

Ted finally rolled on top of her, reached between their straining bodies, positioned his swollen organ at the mouth of her vagina, then drove it into her.

"Ahhh!" Nancy moaned, clutching at him, "Yes! Give it to me! Give me your cock! Oh, Jesus! Take me! Take me! Faster! Faster!"

Like a madman enraged with passion, Ted rammed into her.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Nancy cried. "Like that! Oh, God, yes! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! Harder! Harder! Harder! I'm there! I'm there! Yes! Yes!"

"Oh, God, Nancy, I am, too!!! Take it! Gahhh!" Ted groaned as he spewed his sauce into her.

"My word, Ted, that was incredible!" Nancy said as they lay in each other's arms once they finished, recouping their strength.

"I hope you aren't upset about what we've done," Ted said. "I've wanted to make love to you from the first moment you called on me as my account representative."

Nancy rolled on top of him and kissed him. "I'm not upset, Ted," she said. "Tonight was wonderful...all of it. I wish I could stay longer, but I really have to get going. It's late and I really do have to get home and get some rest." She smiled. "I'm glad you invited me for dinner tonight."

"I'm glad, too," Ted agreed. "And I understand you have to leave, although I wish you didn't have to go."

She kissed him again. "You're really sweet, Ted," she said. "I'd stay if I could, but I have a feeling we'll have other opportunities to meet. After all, you're one of the firm's most important clients. That means we'll probably need to have frequent meetings to discuss the your account, won't we?"

"That's true," Ted said, grinning. "I'm sure we'll need to have lots of them."

Nancy got cleaned up and left the hotel. Even though Ted had been a very satisfying lover, as she drove toward her home, she suddenly found herself feeling empty, ashamed, and a little used.

"Why do I keep doing this?" she asked herself as she drove. "Why can't I be satisfied with the wonderful man I'm married to? Why must I keep cheapening myself by doing things like I just did?"

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