tagBDSMNancy's Spanking Therapy Ch. 2

Nancy's Spanking Therapy Ch. 2


I made sure to caress her bottom after every third blow, just to create some warm excitement. Sort of an erotic turn-on. She was a real "cock tease," and she knew it.

The session lasted about fifteen minutes. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Ouch, stop...please...please...please...it hurts!" "I don't care...your going to learn your lesson, bitch," I muttered.

I could tell she was accepting the therapy well, and I told her, "Nancy, I love you and I want you to feel better about yourself. I want you to enjoy this therapy. I want you to get straightened out at work, so you don't come home with this attitude." She agreed it was probably best for her. As I continued the session, my hand occasionally brushed up along her vagina. I noticed it was starting to moisten up. SMACK! SMACK! "Ouch Peter, please, your hurting me...thank you SIR...harder please...thank you SIR," she groaned.

This was somewhat puzzling to me. I was beginning to think, with the wet cunt, she was enjoying the spanking...as a pleasure, not a discipline. However, the tears were real, as they kept falling down her cheeks. After her ass was quite red, I could tell she was surrendering to my hand, and my commands.

"Okay cunt, your session is over, for today, at least. You can get up," I said. I could tell from the sweet tears rolling down her cheeks, she was happy and deeply in love. She trusted me, as I did her. I got up and licked the tears off her cheeks. They were warm and wet.

"I love you Peter, and I want to give you a gift," she said. That was just like a real woman, always giving, in her own way. "What do you have for me?" I asked.

She turned around and bent over, grabbing her ankles with her hands, spreading her legs wide apart, showing her pussy to me. It was glistening with her juices. "Have me any way your want...take my cunt and fuck it with your hard cock. Fuck it, you bastard, shove it in and rape me...I'm your slut! I know your cock is excited. I could feel it under my pussy hair while I was bent over your lap. I want it...shove it into me and rape me, you cock. I love you SO much. I want you inside me. FUCK ME NOW...FUCK ME NOW!"

I had a full-blown erection. What was supposed to be a therapy session turned out to be headed for a wild screwing. I pulled my cock out of my pants and put it in her. I mounted her bareback. Real men and women don't use rubbers. We pounded each other for about ten minutes. Her pussy was throbbing and wet with excitement.

I came to the point of shooting my load, but decided we should move upstairs to the bedroom. "Get upstairs, you whore," I said, and added, "I'm going to teach you a lesson you will never forget." While going up the stairs, I smacked her sore ass a couple of times. "Just to let you know who was in charge," I said. She submitted willingly. "Thank you SIR," she replied.

When we got to the bedroom, I told Nancy to turn around. I unhooked her bra and cupped my hands around her breasts, squeezing hard on her nipples. "Ouch, that hurts," she exclaimed. "Shut up cunt, you can talk when I say you can...just remember that," I grated. "Yes SIR," she replied. "Good, that's what I expect from my slut," I relied.

Nancy's nipples were about a half inch long, and very erect. "Where is your blindfold?" She got it out from the dresser and I wrapped the black satin blindfold around her eyes. This rendered her helpless to see what was about to happen. "Now, turn around and get on the bed, on all fours," I demanded. "Yes SIR, but please don't hurt me," she begged.

I took my fingers and wetted them with my saliva, then inserted them in her ass hole. "Oh my, SIR, that hurts. Oh, I love it. Finger fuck me, you son-of-a-bitch, ram it in! God, shove your fingers in!"

"Okay bitch, your going to take my cock in your ass, and you will take it like a real woman," I threatened. "NO, NO, NO," she cried "that's not natural!" "I'm in charge here and you will do as I say," I muttered.

Nancy immediately spread her ass cheeks apart. The red nail polish on her nails, pressed against her buttocks, against her olive skin, was a sensual treat to look at. I took my cock and gently inserted it in her ass hole. "Ooohhhh...fuck me...fuck me...please...please...oh, it hurts so," she cried.

"Take it, you bitch...you are going to get a real ass fucking," I said. I shoved it deep inside her ass, almost to the point of my pelvic bone. I gently rocked it in and out, to the point of orgasm, but not quite. The session wasn't over. She was screaming in ecstasy, as an intense orgasm tore through her, shaking and bucking, over the edge.

After several more thrusts of my bone in and out of her ass, I dismounted and I told her to turn around "What for?" she moaned. "Just do as I say, whore." "Yes SIR," was her immediate reply. "Now, get on your knees in front of me," I ordered.

She did this. "Now, open your mouth." I was extremely excited. I started to jerk off my cock. Rubbing it back and forth, watching my foreskin being pulled from the top of the head. But not able to come back all the way, because of a tiny piece of skin holding it. After this went on, I screamed out..."now, take this!" I shot my load of milky white cum all over her face. I filled her open mouth, and my cum oozed out and dripped down over her tits.

"Thank you, SIR, I love you," Nancy said. I replied, "I love you too, sweetheart." I then removed her blindfold. She got up and we both embraced in an erotic, nude, passionate kiss.

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