tagLoving WivesNancy's Wild Saturday Ch. 02

Nancy's Wild Saturday Ch. 02


Knowing that it wouldn't take long for a Reno cab-driver to bring Tom and my wife to the motel, I wasted no time getting back there. I parked our car on the street, walked back to the unit, and let myself in.

There wasn't much to do to get ready except to stash a few clothing items of mine in the closet and hang a slightly damp towel on the closet door to discourage Tom from poking around in there. Then I turned off all the lights. Earlier, Nancy had promised to leave at least one of the two bed-table lamps on for "stage lighting." But, for now, they too were off.

She'd also promised to turn the television set on for additional light and cover noise. If she had to explain, Nancy would say that she got nervous when there wasn't any sound on when she was in a strange place. Which channel was on wouldn't matter. If he wanted to, Tom could choose the one he disliked least.

I undressed in the dim light coming through the Venetian blinds, leaving on only my t-shirt and socks -- a reasonable costume for a wanker, I figured. I then put these items with my other things in the closet.

Next, as the anticipation of what was to come built up in me, I went into the bathroom and got a good drink of water, enough to keep me hydrated for several hours. I'd already taken a shit at El Borracho but forced myself to piss again. I remembered just in time to flush the toilet, for just as the toilet tank finished refilling I saw through the blinds the lights of a taxi cab pulling into the motel and approaching our unit.

Almost dizzy with excitement now, I grabbed a small hand towel from the bathroom and quickly ducked into the closet, shutting the door behind me very carefully so that the bath towel hanging on the door knob wouldn't fall off. The hand towel, of course, was to keep from making a mess when I ejaculated, as I suspected I probably would at least once.

I knew I'd be standing up for quite a while as I watched Nancy and Tom through the louvers, but there was enough space in the closet to sit down on the floor if I got tired or if there was a lull in the action. This irrelevant thought filled my mind as door swung open and Nancy, wearing only her jeans and white blouse (and, of course, the same pair of sandals she'd worn since we arrived in Reno), entered the room and turned on the light switch, which was connected to both bed-table lamps.

Tom was right behind her, carrying a small paper bag in one hand and both his jacket and her sweater-coat in the other. Obviously, something pretty physical had been going on in the taxi because Nancy's hair was messed up and her blouse was almost entirely undone. Acting as though something had suddenly occurred to her, she quickly walked over to Tom, who grabbed her and tried to kiss her. But she pushed him away and asked him to hand her her sweater-coat so she could make sure nothing, her wallet especially, had fallen out of the pocket in the taxi. Looking inside the pocket, she saw that everything was there and laid the sweater over the back of a chair.

Then, looking much relieved, she walked back to Tom and allowed him to kiss her deeply. As they kissed, he clutched her ass firmly and pulled her to him, holding a cheek in each of his large hands.

Taking my eyes momentarily off his hands on my wife's ass, I noticed how weathered his skin actually was. He truly looked like a cowboy, and his jeans and lean build encouraged the impression. I didn't connect Sacramento with ranch work, though.

Nancy broke out of the kiss, picked up the remote control, and aimed it at the television set. "I'll see if I can find some music," she said. "But whatever I find, I'll keep the volume down. I'm afraid I'm a little neurotic. I need to have some kind of background noise most of the time."

Tom, meanwhile, had opened the paper bag and removed a four-pack of some kind of canned cocktails. He opened one and offered it to Nancy, but she refused it. He took a drink of it and sat it down next to the other cocktails on a side table.

I noticed that the table lamps and the light from the television set were providing almost perfect stage lighting. I also noticed that I'd gotten over my nervousness and was already developing a hard-on.

Tom clearly wasn't in the mood to discuss Nancy's need for noise. As soon as she settled on the dull patter of an infomercial station, he walked up behind her, firmly seized her breasts (mostly out of her blouse by now), and kissed the back of her neck.

I heard her say, "Oh, Tom, that feels nice. But I really need to go to the bathroom. Please let go of me for a minute."

I began stroking my hardening cock. This was already pretty good!

When he released Nancy's breasts, she turned around to face him and abruptly brought her hand down to his crotch. "Maybe you can get out of those jeans while I'm in there. A big boner like this can't be comfortable for you." Then she kissed him again and disappeared from my view into the bathroom.

Tom said, "Hurry back, darlin'" and sat down on the side of the bed. He pulled off his shoes and socks before standing up to take off his jeans. His cock (which appeared to be a pretty large one) had formed a rocket in his briefs, but he didn't remove them yet. Instead, he removed his sweat shirt and the t-shirt under it. Since I'm not gay, I wasn't aroused by watching Tom undress, but I had to be impressed by how tan and well-muscled he was. I was pretty sure Nancy would like what she saw.

Just for something to do while waiting for Nancy, I tried to estimate his height and weight. My guess was six-foot-two and maybe 170 pounds, none of it fat.

Finally I heard the toilet flush and seconds later Nancy emerged from the bathroom naked except for a pair of ordinary cotton panties. "Look, we're the underwear twins," she said, laughing.

Tom, now sitting on the side of the bed again finishing the last of his drink, stared at her appreciatively. "So that's what you look like all naked!" he exclaimed. "I thought you'd look good, but I didn't know you'd look this good! Please bring that sweet body right over here!"

I watched her walk slowly over to him. When she was close enough to him, he suddenly grabbed her by an arm (as she made a little squealing noise) and pulled her down and over his body until she was lying next to him on the bed. From my vantage point, Nancy was on the left side and Tom was on the right side.

But they didn't stay put long. Soon they were rolling around on the bed in a tangled embrace of arms and legs. As they kissed, Nancy's bare breasts were pressed flat against Tom's chest and his hard cock, which he'd freed by pushing his briefs down to his thighs, kept stabbing against one or the other of her thighs.

Nancy broke from him with a gasp. "Can we slow down and just lie here for a little?" she asked, rolling on her back, once again to the left of him. They both lay there for a few seconds, Nancy looking at the ceiling and Tom looking at her. Then he quickly sat up and pulled his briefs all the way off and tossed them on the floor. When he lay back down next to her, Nancy placed her left hand around his erection and began slowly stroking it.

I'd underestimated the size of Tom's cock. It was both longer and thicker than mine. This didn't make me happy, but a fact is a fact.

"So tell me more about your idiot husband," I heard Tom say. "What is it that he won't do for you?" On television, a woman was droning on about necklaces.

"Well, if you can believe it, he doesn't like to do anything but the missionary position. So that rules out a lot, doesn't it?"

"And do you and him fuck a lot?"

"Hell, no. He climbs on me maybe once a week. And, when we do it, he's always going on about how he wants to make a baby. I don't find that very sexy. Besides, I'm not ready for children yet. Especially not with him."

"So you're not on birth control?"

"He doesn't know it, but I am. I'm on the pill."

"What about other guys? Did you ever run into anybody willing to do some of the stuff he won't?"

"About a month ago," said Nancy, "I met a guy and we went to his hotel room. He fucked me in all sorts of ways and he ate my pussy, too. It was wonderful and I was really grateful to him. My husband just won't do it."

"You mean eat your pussy?" Tom cracked open another cocktail and took a deep drink.

"Well, that and other things," she answered.

"Then he's a real asshole," said Tom.

After a few seconds, Nancy asked: "How about you? Do you have any sexual limits? Are there things you don't like to do?"

Tom laughed and said something about no whips and handcuffs. Then, tired of talking probably, he rolled up against her and began caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples. He did this for quite a while. Meanwhile, he was whispering things in her ear and kissing her. She giggled several times like a school girl.

Then he muttered something to her, got on his knees next to her, and reached down to remove her panties. She raised her ass off the bed to make it easier for him, and soon her panties lay on the floor next to his briefs. He then climbed all the way off the bed, walked to the foot of it (with that big cock of his so erect it was pointed slightly upward!) and climbed up on the foot of the bed. He then slowly crawled forward on his belly toward her cunt, his hands pushing at the insides of her thighs as he went.

Not that she was resisting. On her own, she'd already bent her knees upwards and spread her legs about as far as they would go.

Soon Tom's mouth made contact with Nancy's cunt. She gasped and raised her neck to watch what he was doing to her, which didn't seem quite like ordinary cunnilingus. From my vantage point, all I could see was that he was moving his head slowly from side to side. His head was blocking my view of Nancy's crotch, but he seemed to be trailing kisses from right to left and back again between her inner thighs. Each time his mouth passed over her cunt he would pause briefly to give it special attention.

Groaning, Nancy then pushed her pelvis up a little higher to make her cunt easier for him to get at with his mouth. He went on lightly kissing her side-to-side like this for several minutes as Nancy's gasps and groans got louder.

Meanwhile, watching this stranger working his magic between my wife's legs, I was stroking my cock. In fact, I was already dangerously close to cumming. So, while I couldn't take my eyes off of what was happening on the bed, I forced myself to stop masturbating. I knew it was bound to get even better. And it was way too soon for me to cum.

Nancy seemed on the verge of an orgasm, too. Knowing this, perhaps, Tom stopped what he'd been doing and lifted his head up a few inches so he could get a better look at her cunt. He then shifted his upper-body weight to his left elbow and rolled his body slightly in that direction. This brought Nancy's cunt and inner thighs, glistening from Tom's saliva, fully into both his and my view. Obviously, she was very turned on. I wasn't sure, but I thought I could just make out her little clit protruding from its shield above her cunt lips.

I watched over Tom's right shoulder as he slowly inserted his right index finger deep inside my wife's cunt. He moved it around inside her for a few seconds before just as slowly pulling it out and bringing it up to his mouth. I only had a back view of his head, of course, but I'm pretty sure he actually stuck his finger in his mouth because I heard him say something about "delicious pussy."

Amen, brother, I said to myself

Then, as Nancy raised her cunt even higher off the bed, Tom began licking her cunt lips and her clit. At first, because his head was in the way again, I couldn't see exactly what he was doing. But when he pulled his head slightly to the side, I could see that he had now thrust the index and middle fingers of his right hand deep into my wife's cunt and was keeping them there as he lashed her clit with his tongue.

He kept this up relentlessly for several minutes until Nancy, who'd been groaning louder and more steadily, announced loudly, "Oh, Fuck, Tom! You're making me cum! Oh, fuck! I'm cumming now! Ohhhh. God, it's a really big one!!" This was followed by about ten seconds of body thrashing and inarticulate groaning and whimpering. But all the while, Tom kept working on Nancy's cunt simultaneously with his fingers, mouth, and tongue.

Finally, she pushed his head away. "Oh, Tom! Oh, thank you for doing that! But I need to stop a minute. I'm too sensitive down there right now."

Still between her legs, Tom pulled himself up to his knees and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He stood with his back to me looking down at Nancy while holding his cock in his right hand. It was a silent appeal for fellatio, I guess.

At least, that was how Nancy interpreted it. "Why don't you lie down on your back now so I can return the favor?" she suggested.

And that's what he did, scooting his body farther up the bed than before so he could rest the back of his head on a pillow and watch.

My view of Nancy was in profile as she knelt at his left side and bent forward over his cock, which she gripped in her right hand to keep it in the 12:00 o'clock position. First, using the tip of her tongue, she did something to Tom's cock that she loves to do to mine. She slowly licked, first clockwise then counterclockwise, all over and just beneath the swollen red crown of his cock. Finally, she tilted her head this way and that as she ran the tip of her tongue all around the little sunken area where the crown met the shaft of his cock.

"Oh, baby!" exclaimed Tom. "Where did you learn to do that?"

She raised her head up and answered: "Not from my husband. That's for damned sure."

"Where then?"

"In college I was pretty promiscuous. I had sex with a lot of guys. I was actually famous for my blow-jobs, I think. A week after I got married, I gave one of my former boyfriends a farewell blow-job. Then, foolishly, I stayed loyal to my husband for over two years."

Saying this, she leaned forward again and took as much of Tom's big cock into her mouth as she could. I could just barely hear the liquid sounds of cock-sucking over a commercial for space organizers. As I watched Nancy enthusiastically sucking this large cock for what must have been five minutes, I couldn't help stroking mine again. And again I almost made the mistake of cumming too early. She was multi-orgasmic, but I had to space mine judicially.

So I just stood there with my hard cock pushed up against the inside of the closet door watching my wife performing oral sex on a guy she'd met only hours earlier. The situation was definitely horny. But it was also more than a little ridiculous.

After a few more minutes of having his cock sucked, Tom raised himself up and said he wanted to fuck her now. She immediately removed his cock from her mouth and surprised him, I think, by how quickly she got off the bed and almost ran around the foot of it to the chair over which she'd draped her sweater-coat. She smiled at him as she reached into the pocket, extracted from it a condom and some gel, and held them up for him to see.

"I've got one of those, too," he said, meaning of course the condom. "But it's in my wallet and I'm not sure it's any good. I guess we can go ahead and use yours, if you think it's necessary."

She climbed back on the bed again, this time on the right side as I viewed the scene. "Of course it's necessary. And since your cock is so large, I think the gel will be necessary, too. Does your girlfriend having any trouble taking your dick inside her? I figure if she can do it, so can I. But I'm pretty tight and would like it better with gel."

She placed the condom over Tom's cock and began rolling it on. He was lying on his back again.

"Here," he said, pushing her fingers gently away. "Let me do that. I think I remember how they go. And I don't have a girlfriend any more. Remember, we broke up."

After making sure that Tom had the condom on properly, Nancy lay down next to him again, spread her legs, and worked some gel deep inside her cunt. She had a little left on her hand, so she spread it over his condom.

I'm not sure what the etiquette is when it comes to choosing sexual positions during one-nighters, but Nancy took the initiative this time. She quickly straddled Tom's body and leaned down and kissed him. Then she reached back to hold his cock steady so she could impale herself on it.

"I guess you don't want to do it missionary style," he said.

They both laughed, but Nancy stopped laughing as soon as she felt the girth and hardness of Tom's cock inside her. "Oh, my God! Oh, Tom, that's so big!" she exclaimed as she sat on his cock for several seconds without moving. I had a perfect view of the penetration and could see that she'd taken all but maybe an inch of it inside her.

Then she began slowly moving up and down on it. She kept uttering things like "Oh my God" and "Oh fuck" as she raised and lowered herself on his cock. Once she sat almost straight up and exclaimed, "I think I can feel that cock all the way up in my throat!" But when she increased the pace, she leaned way forward against Tom's chest so he could thrust upward, too. Soon his thrusts became more rapid and I was treated to a lengthy spectacle of his big cock pistoning in and out of my wife's now very wet cunt. As he fucked her, his large hands gripped her butt cheeks hard and her little asshole seemed to be winking at me.

By now Tom was groaning with pleasure, too. He kept saying, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes, fuck me" as though she wasn't already doing it.

Finally, after maybe fifteen minutes of riding his cock, Nancy had another orgasm. As she came, for what seemed like a full minute, she slumped forward against Tom's chest, hanging on to his shoulders as though she was afraid of falling off him. She quivered and made a sustained "Ohhhh" sound that slowly gained volume until she was nearly shouting.

Tom, probably wanting to get her off his chest, said he wanted to try something else. He pushed her off him. I could actually hear a little popping sound as his big cock came out of her. For quite a while, my wife just lay on the bed as though completely drained.

Losing patience, maybe, Tom picked her up and carefully positioned her on her elbows and knees with her ass sticking over the side of the bed. Nancy wasn't so far gone that she didn't know what was happening, though. For I noticed that, on her own, she spread her knees farther apart and lay with her upper body laid flat against the bedspread to brace herself against the onslaught she knew would be coming from behind. Her body was sideway to me, but she had her face turned toward me and favored me with a priceless expression that was part pure pleasure and part resignation to whatever might happen next.

Tom moved up behind my wife's vulnerable ass until his cock was right up against it. Was he really going to stick that oversized cock of his up her asshole? Would she let him do this?

Then Tom quickly entered her from behind. He did it so effortlessly that I knew he'd stuck his cock in her cunt again, for it would have taken a more gradual approach to get it into her asshole. Nancy, still looking at me, grimaced slightly. Then her face relaxed in pleasure as Tom slowly rocked his pelvis forward and backwards while gripping her by the waist. He started to increase the rhythm when, of all things to happen, his cell phone rang. It seemed to come from his jeans, which lay on the floor with the rest of his clothes.

He swore and pulled his cock out of my wife. He knelt down and located his cell phone.

He looked at the caller ID and answered the call. "Hey, Jason, I'm kind of busy. Can you call me back?"

Nancy, still holding the pose with her ass in the air, smiled contentedly at me. Her expression was almost feline.

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