Nando and Will


"Bueno, bambino," she whispered. "Muy bueno, pequino."

She left the lamp burning and returned downstairs to the anxious men.

"Juanita," Nando immediately spoke. "Is he well?"

"Si, Nando," she replied smiling to add reassurance to her words. "He sleeps now. There will be much bruising, but he will be much well by morning, if very sore." She turned her gaze to Bart for a minute before looking back at the hovering South American. "He will need you, Nando. Go to him".

"There is only the one bed ..." Nando began hesitantly.

"Nando, arriba ahora," Juanita commanded shooing him towards the stairs. "You," she indicated Bart." Duermes acqui". She thrust gathered covers into Bart's hand and waved at the space in front of the small fireplace.

"Yes, Ma'm," Bart replied. "I sleep here."

"Gracias, Juanita," Nando smiled as he made his way up the stairs.

Returning his smile, Juanita then left the cottage to sleep with her brother and his family.

Nando wasted no time in stripping fully and slipping between the sheets next to his sleeping lover. He was both pleased and gratified that as he enveloped his arms around Will, the younger man settled close, nuzzling into Nando's juncture of neck and shoulder. Although Nando had concerns about Will's pallor, he knew Juanita was skilled in healing and was often sought out for those skills. With a gentle touch, Nando positioned Will's head on his shoulder and nuzzled into the fine blond hair allowing Will's rhythmic breathing and unique scent to relax him into sleep.

Will woke slowly and found that the least movement caused aches throughout his body to make themselves very apparent. For a moment he couldn't understand the sensations, then memories of the previous night resurfaced and the young man couldn't suppress a groan that was part pain and part embarrassment.

"Will?" Nando's voice was full of concern as his eyes flew open to observe his young lover.

"Sorry, Nando" Will whispered. "I made a real fool of myself didn't I?"

"No, mi amore" Nando reassured his mate, cuddling the slighter body a little tighter. "You were upset and afraid and in shock at the manner in which your uncle discovered us. Our only worry was how hurt you were when we found you. Neither of us thinks you foolish. How do you feel?" he asked solicitously.

"Sore," Will confessed. "Is Uncle Bart still here?" he asked. At Nando's nod, Will sighed and his head dropped. "Then I guess our time here is over," he said dejectedly.

Nando caught the dropped head and lifted Will's chin until the slender man could gaze into his eyes. Will gasped at the intensity in the brown depths.

"I will give you a full body massage later," he purred seductively as though he hadn't heard Will's words. "Then, if you are not too sore, I fully intend to love you thoroughly as we enjoy our time here. Bart will have to find other means than our company to keep himself entertained. There is a passable cantina in the village. He can go there for the day."

"I love you so much, Nando" Will whispered as he stroked the older man's stubbled cheek.

"I love you too, mi Angel and I have no intention of sharing you in the precious time we have here" Nando growled. He swept the blanket from Will's supine form and smiled possessively at the expanse of pale skin before him. "So beautiful, Will" he murmured as he captured a nipple and began to torture it erotically with teeth and tongue. "So beautiful and all mine."

He moved and parted Will's thighs to lie between them. He was careful not to jostle Will's injured knee as he moved into position. A feral smile on his lips heralded his recognition of Will's burgeoning arousal. As the organ began to fill and harden, Nando encourage its growth by tracing the member from root to tip, swirling his thumb around the slit to gather and spread the already leaking fluid. As Nando tasted his lover's offering, Will moaned at the sight and began to shift restlessly, needing more direct stimulation. Nando growled in gratification at his mate's arousal and capitulation to his ministrations. He hadn't been certain Will was ready to be aroused so soon following his fright, but it pleased him to see how readily Will accepted and responded to the intimate touches.

"Nando, please" the younger man begged softly, then moaned as Nando again lightly traced the erect shaft from root to tip, this time flicking his tongue over the weeping head.

"Yes, my love" Nando growled darkly. "Yes, mi pequino"

Nando straddled Will and splaying a large hand in the middle of Will's chest and using the other to secure across Will's slender hips, the older man effectively pinned down his Mate for his ministrations. With a flash of strong white teeth in a feral smile, Nando engulfed Will's erect flesh. Nando had no desire or intention to tease his younger lover. They both needed this reaffirmation and with Bart in the house, long and slow lovemaking was not an option in any case. Nando smiled around his prize as Will pulled a pillow over his face to muffle his scream as a blistering orgasm swept through him to leave him panting weakly, his bones turned to jelly. "Give me your hands," Nando commanded softly. He wrapped Will's hands around his aching shaft and held them in place as he thrust hard into the tunnel they provided.

As his awareness returned, Will began to squeeze the hard flesh sliding between his hands. Nando's organ was hot to his touch, but could not compare to the heat Will could see in the South American's eyes. The two men locked gazes as they worked to bring the older man to completion. "Coming, Will" Nando moaned. "Coming for you". Nando buried his face in Will's shoulder as his seed poured into his young lover's hands. He finally slumped forward, allowing Will to take his full weight for a few moments. He kissed his Mate deeply, showing his love, and then moved to stand. Fetching a washcloth, he cleansed them both. Finally the men dressed and went downstairs.

Bart Brooks still slept wrapped in the covers provided by Juanita in front of the now dead fire. He jumped, glaring balefully at the Rojan who had toed him awake.

"Morning, Bart," Nando smiled.

"Nando" he growled in return.

"Will, can you make some coffee whilst your uncle wakes himself up. I will be back in a few moments."

Alone for the first time since Bart's unfortunately timed arrival, nephew and uncle looked uncertainly at each other. Unable to bear the unusual and strained silence, Bart wordlessly opened his arms, believing the action would be eloquent than any words he could find to speak. With a muted sob, Will limped into the embrace and held tightly to his uncle as Bart hugged him with ferocious strength.

"Sorry, Will," he said roughly as tears welled in his eyes. "I never meant to hurt you. Are you ok? How's your knee?"

"It's a little sore" Will admitted. "I don't think I'll be walking much today. Thank you for being concerned. I love you"

"I love you, too" Bart's voice was hoarse. Slowly he released the younger man and took over the task of brewing coffee and preparing slices of bread with honey to accompany them.

"I don't know what problems you and Nando will face with Uncle Jack" Bart said warningly. "But I hadn't met my special person before you were born and I decided I didn't want to risk losing you from my life. So I just took my opportunities where I could and I don't regret a minute I've spent watching you grow into a fine young man. But you've met your special person, Will and I don't want you to lose him out of any misguided feelings of duty. You deserve love and happiness, Will and I'll do all in my power to help you have that"

"Thanks, Uncle Bart," Will whispered, his own tears threatening to fall. "I respect Uncle Jack. As my uncle and my guardian, I do love him. But Nando's my life, my soul. I'd die without him now. I have to find a way to let him know that Nando comes first in my life and where he goes I will follow".

At that moment, Nando returned with a self-satisfied smile that spoke volumes.

"I'm almost afraid to ask what that smile heralds," Bart said guardedly as the men ate and drank.

"Jose is going to the local village and can take you, Bart. On the way, he will call on a friend of ours, Alessandro. He would enjoy company at the cantina. He speaks a little English. I'm sure the two of you will get on very well. Jose will let us know if you plan on returning here tonight."

"If I don't return here," Bart said carefully. "Where am I likely to find myself staying?"

"I am sure Alessandro would appreciate company overnight. If you're nice to him," the South American added with a wink and leer carefully shielded from Will's wide, innocent eyes.

"Sounds like a plan to me, Nando" Bart smiled. It was obvious to the older man that Nando had arranged this to ensure Bart didn't return that night. Bart could understand and appreciate Nando's thinking. His mind swiftly moved on to imagining spending the night with a willing partner himself. "I'd best get myself cleaned up a bit," he said standing. "I wouldn't want to make a bad first impression."

Nando couldn't stop his laughter as Bart hurried outside and his laughter increased at Will's look of confusion swinging from his disappearing uncle to his clearly amused Mate.

Within a couple of hours, Nando had both himself and Will naked and stretched out on the bed, his hands enjoying stroking bare, soft flesh.

"You promised me a massage," Will purred as his lover's talented hands petted him, relaxing him. He gazed shyly at Nando. "Do I still get one?" he asked.

"But of course, mi Angel" Nando replied. He straddled Will's legs and began a sensual massage of Will's head. As he trailed his fingers down Will's face and body, he began to follow the path of his hands with his lips and teeth. He paid special attention to Will's nipples, finally leaving them stiff peaks of sensitized flesh. Slowly he covered the entire front of Will's body except for the column of rosy, erect flesh that jutted from between the smaller man's legs.

"Nando," Will moaned softly as his lithe body writhed under the sensual assault.

Nando gave a feral smile at Will's arousal and the needy sounds emanating from his lover. He relished reducing Will's vocabulary to mewls of want, need and pleasure.

"Need you, Nando. Please, Love" Will begged.

"And you shall have me, Pequino," Nando promised as he guided Will to lie on his stomach. His hands wove the same sensual pattern on Will's back as they had on his front. Again, Nando followed his hands with teeth and lips. Finally, strong, calloused hands firmly gripped the smaller man's cheeks and spread them proprietarily apart. Deep brown eyes gazed with a mix of love and desire at the tiny aperture that granted access to Will's body.

"So beautiful, mi Angel," the bigger man's voice had deepened with his growing need. His flesh was hard, suffused with need. It stood proudly from its thick nest of dark curls, pointing where it wished to be buried. Temporarily pushing down his desire, Nando thrust his tongue deeply into the exposed pucker and worked the moist muscle deep inside the willing body spread for his pleasure beneath him. Will's moans and cries fuelled the South American on and he determined that Will's first climax would be from this act alone. Pulling Will's cheeks as widely apart as he was able, Nando pressed his mouth as close to Will's centre as possible. He alternated folding his tongue and giving short jabs with simply thrusting his tongue as deep as possible. As Will relaxed fully into the erotic sensations of this most intimate act, Nando finally flicked the tip of his tongue over Will's sweet spot and with a scream; the younger man came to a shattering climax. His vision greyed out as his body spasmed helplessly, his seed jettisoning from his body and then went limp.

Will awoke to find himself cradled in Nando's arms as the older man smiled triumphantly at his sated Mate.

"Love you so much," Will whispered as he stroked Nando's cheek. "That was amazing."

"It is not finished yet, my love" Nando growled. Hold yourself open for me. I want to make you ready to accept me inside you. The Rojan locked eyes with his slender lover as Will hooked his arms behind his knees, opening his body to Nando's predatory gaze. Quickly the older man inserted one, then two salve slicked fingers, licking his lips in unconscious anticipation as Will gasped and writhed on the welcome invaders. As Nando worked three fingers into the slender channel, he ensured that he continually rubbed Will's pleasure spot and was rewarded by the younger man's resurgent erection.

"Nando...ah...please...please," Will begged.

In response, Nando positioned the purpled head of his arousal at Will's loosened and glistening port.

"Te quiero, mi Angel," he said huskily as he pressed inside the velvet sheath.

"Love you inside me, Nando," Will panted. "Love you. Fill me, love. Come inside me, please."

Nando's reply was to begin a rhythmic thrusting into hot, slick tightness. He relished his young lover's responsiveness as Will arched into the measured strokes. A cry of pleasure from the smaller man made Nando grin savagely as he knew he was hitting the spot he sought with his manhood. Stroking Will's needy flesh, the older man led them inexorably towards their mutual completion.

Will stiffened beneath his lover and he screamed out Nando's name as a second climax was wrenched from him. The sight, sound and scent of his Mate's release combined with the clenching around his own throbbing flesh sent Nando to his own climax. His roar of completion drowned out Will's scream.

Slowly Nando came to his senses. He was still buried in Will's body, but he could feel his cock had begun to soften. Will was still out cold from the second shattering climax and Nando grinned with a primal satisfaction at having succeeded in causing Will to climax so strongly twice in succession. His smile softened as sleepy blue eyes gazed up at him with lazy satiation and love.

"Te quiero, Nando" Will said. The younger man was unable to suppress a groan of loss as Nando's flesh finally slipped from his body.

"Te quiero, mi amore," Nando affirmed. With a move born of practice, Nando rolled them so that Will now lay draped across the bigger man's chest. He kissed Will deeply and then tucked the younger man's head under his chin, stroking the golden hair until he felt Will go limp. Kissing the top of Will's head, Nando stayed awake, fretting over and planning ways to best approach Jackson Brooks.

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