tagInterracial LoveNaoko: Saturday

Naoko: Saturday


Lucian and the woman he knows as Masumi continue their weekend in Tokyo.

Things you need to know before reading this story: 1) It is long and will make more sense if you read Day 1. 2) Lucian thinks that Naoko's name is Masumi. 3) The point of view goes back and forth between them. 4) It does not have a happy ending.


He awoke to find her standing in the floor-to-ceiling window in the hotel room, feet on the floor air vents, hands on the glass, looking out over the high-rise office buildings of Shinagawa and the lights of the city streets. Anyone in any of the buildings facing them could see her naked body but their windows were all dark. It was after midnight, still early by Tokyo standards. Her ass was firm and looked like an apple, he thought. Masumi (the name Naoko had given him when they met) heard him stir and turned around, her thin body looking ghostly pale in the moonlight, shadows playing between her legs. He switched on the light and her body looked normal again. Her thatch of black pubic hair contrasted against her pale skin and brown hair.

"You sleep ok?" She asked, slipping into bed next to him and putting her head on his chest. He stroked her hair and said "You wore me out! We've been sleeping for over two hours." Lucian thought she was almost purring, like a cat. "I feel [that word was hard for her to say] good now, good rest." She surprised him by licking his ear. "We can eat now, then I kiss you some more!" [She forgot the "will" again.] That surprised him but he had to admit that it was a good idea. He was hungry too. Their little snack at seven had not been enough for her.

He figured it was useless to try to hide her and they certainly weren't going to put on clothes just to go downstairs to the restaurants, so he called room service and ordered up simple kake udon, since the night menu was very limited. He asked her if she wanted sake and she did but most of all she wanted her favorite nonalcoholic vitamin drink because she was thirsty. Fortunately they had it and he ordered two bottles.

Before room service came, they kissed and fondled each other as they lay in bed and she had just put her fingers around his balls when there was a knock on the door. It was the first time that Lucian had ever cursed a hotel for being fast with room service. Masumi giggled, ran to the bathroom, and shut the door. The only problem was that there was only one housecoat in the room and it was in the bathroom, so Lucian had to put on his shirt, saying "just a minute!" from behind the door, hopping on one leg and then the other while putting on his pants, trying not to wake up guests in the next-door rooms. The steward came in with a cart, carrying two servings of mixed tempura and the drinks. As he signed the tab, Lucian could see him eyeing the blue dress draped over a chair with the bra on the seat. This would be reported, of course, and a surcharge put on the bill for a second guest but no one would say anything.

Again, Lucian could hear a flush and the water running and he guessed that Masumi was cleaning up. He busied himself with taking the covers off their late dinner and pouring drinks, which the stony-faced steward had not done. He was glad there was no tipping here.

They ate and laughed and when they had had their fill they went back to bed. Masumi gave Lucian a Japanese massage, walking on his back, and after she had finished his back and nearly finished his front she started playing with his cock and balls. He wanted this but not yet so he told her to lie down and he gave her a sensual massage, starting with her back (which she really seemed to like), caressing her slender legs and finally kneading her buns and gently tickling between her legs. He loved to hear her giggle, like tinkling glass.

Then he flipped her over and spent a long time stroking her thighs and fondling her tiny breasts and pulling on the tiny nipples until they were stiff and swollen. When he got to her crotch she stretched her arms out and pulled her knees up to expose all of herself to him. Like before, he spread her labia apart and stared at her sexual anatomy, all in miniature except for her normal-sized clit, which seemed huge in proportion to her little body. Her entrance, however, seemed as small as another woman's peephole (no, that can't be true). He wondered how he even got his cock all the way into her but he knew he would soon find out by doing it again. He licked her, reared back and stroked his cock a couple of times preparing to mount her again.

But Naoko had a better idea. She got up on her knees and motioned him to lie down on his back. He got her meaning and did, cock sticking straight up in the air. First, she leaned over and swept her long brown hair over his thighs and genitals. She leaned over and took him in her mouth, playing with his penis with her tongue, getting him ready, before rolling on the right-size condom. Then, she straddled his hips facing him, which spread her legs wide, and reached between her legs to guide his penis home. This time she could control how slowly his cock penetrated her, as she sank down on it with her weight. Despite or because of the very tight fit, either way, it was supremely pleasurable for both of them. The condom was lubricated and she was very wet and just a little stretched by the first round. It was a good thing, because he was able to push into her more easily this time.

Lucian felt the delight of entrance to her tight, warm tunnel. She was tighter than any other woman he had ever had, or, he thought, ever would have. Masumi was rocking back and forth on him stopping from time to time to grind on him, squeezing him with her pelvic muscles, pushing him forward in her cunt, against her G spot. When she did that she leaned aback and stuck out her chest and her nipples pointed at the ceiling. At times he would reach up and fondled her breasts, tweaking and sometimes pulling her nipples hard. She would always moan and arch her back, sticking out her chest for him to play with. They were in no hurry. Through most of their languid copulation she kept her hands on her thighs for balance but sometimes she would reach down and rub herself to get double stimulation, clit and G-spot. Every once in a while she would take his hand in hers and kiss it, since she was too short to lean over and kiss him on the lips. He was holding her narrow waist when she came and he thought he had never seen anything so delicious as she shuddered, her eyelids fluttered, her toes curled, and she blushed from her face to her tits.

That night Naoko discovered something about herself -- that she could come three more times after the first come hit her, if the stimulation didn't stop. Naoko was multiorgasmic! She never knew before. What a delight it was to float on a sea of arousal, from one come to another, one big, another small, one after the other, while a man stayed joined to her body and caressed her from the inside. What a feeling!

Of course, it couldn't last forever and for Lucian, stiff now for almost an hour, the time had come to come. Lucian put his hands on her slender waist again but this time pushed her down firmly on his cock and held her there while he erupted inside her, grunting, filling the condom with his juice while she rocked her pelvis back and forth and urged him to empty himself into her, to enjoy her body as much as she did. She waited a minute for him to recover before she moved again.

Finally, Naoko raised herself up, reluctantly, as Lucian watched his cock slowly come out of her. She was as amazed as he was that a cock that big (to her) could be packed into her little (what did they call it in the dirty book she read?) honeypot. She knelt over him and pulled off the condom, being careful not to spill anything, and then licked his dick clean like she had before. This time, she didn't empty the condom onto him. While he watched, looking his eyes, she emptied it onto her chest, so that white drops of his semen glistened on her breasts. Then she rubbed his come around on her skin, around and between her tits, spreading it around and coating herself until it dried. Then she licked her fingers clean, lay down beside him, and went to sleep, snuggled against him. Once or twice that night he woke up to the scent of his own come on her warm body.

Saturday morning he spent an hour licking and tonguing her to orgasm. She was amazed -- she never knew that a man liked to pleasure a woman so much. Lucian discovered something about Masumi -- she had a beautiful butt. Not just the apple-cheeks he knew so well by now but when he pulled her cheeks apart there was a pretty, pouty little flower, brownish-pink, that moved and winked. And she liked to be touched there. He spread her with his thumbs and once he put his finger in up to the first joint -- she was too tight to go further at first but after a few minutes he made it to the second joint. But then he got involved in licking her clit and gave up the ass play. But it was clear that she liked him to play with her butt. He was not so sure -- this was one part of his sex life that he had not explored much. She liked it much more than he did doing it, but that was ok.

Time seemed to vanish. They slept when they were tired and ordered room service when they were hungry. Every time she would go to the bathroom until the steward left and then they would eat and go back to pleasuring each other. It wasn't all sex -- just almost all. They would talk for a while, although neither of them said much about their personal lives. But it was not long before Naoko would have his balls in her hand or we would start pulling on her nipples and they would fall back in the bed laughing. Naoko came several more times, once while Lucian was inside her but Lucian held back. He knew his limits and wanted to go for a another big one later.

By noon on Saturday they, were feeling a little grotty. They had been sucking, fucking, licking, and fondling each other for many hours. Naoko and Lucian had kept their crotches and mouths fresh every time either of them went to the bathroom, but both of them now had films of sweat, come, saliva, and cunt juice smeared all over them. The time had come to take a shower. Together, of course. Lucian suggested it first. The hotel room bath had both a tub and a shower in the Japanese style, in a tiled little room with a flexible hose and a stool. Naoko adjusted the water and came out again to get shampoo, soap and a soft sponge. They walked in together and Naoko motioned to Lucian that he should sit on the stool.

She soaked him with water and scrubbed him within an inch of his life. Lucian had never had such a thorough cleaning! She shampooed his hair and scrubbed his face and armpits and dropped the sponge at times to rub her little hands over his soapy body. She even lifted and cleaned his feet, going between his toes with her little fingers. And when she was done with him sitting, she had him stand facing her. She wiped between his legs with the soapy sponge. He did not much like its coarse texture on his sensitive organs but she soon dropped the sponge and started soaping him thoroughly with her nimble fingers, seemingly rubbing soap into every fold of his scrotum, every inch of his dick, every millimeter around his circumcised dickhead. She rinsed him down there and took a moment to feel him up again, pulling gently on his bag, stroking his length, and licking him across the eye. Then she told him to bend over.

Lucian was a little worried. What was she going to do now? He leaned over with his hands on the stool and looked over his shoulder as she picked up the sponge and put on more soap, grinning all the while. Then she wiped his crack from top to bottom, sprayed him clean, and did it again, maybe six or seven times. Each time he felt the rough sponge rub against his asshole, taint, and the back of his bag but this time the sponge felt good! The pressure of the water from the shower nozzle also felt funny on his hole. He was growing to like this! Then she rinsed him off for the last time and soaped her hands. He had an idea of what was coming next but he had decided to let her do it. She pushed her soapy finger against his circle and suddenly he was the one being entered. It went in easily about an inch and then stopped because his sphincter was so tight. Her fingers were tiny so she put in a second. She was about to add a third when he said "I don't really like this much!" She giggled and then surprised him by keeping her finger in his bum while she reached under and grabbed his cock with his other hand. He had to admit that being bunged and masturbated at the same time was better than he expected it would be but he still wasn't much of a fan. Masumi sensed this and decided not to push things he wasn't comfortable with. She washed him one last time and then shocked him by kissing him right on the bunghole.

His cleansing completed, it was Lucian's turn to bathe her while she sat on the stool. First, he pulled her hair away from her face, and revealing the austere sweetness of her thin, triangular, almost feline features. She kept her head up so that he could stand as he gently and washed her face with his fingers, careful to keep the soap out of her eyes, stroking her forehead, cheeks and chin, and, when she closed her eyes, softly running his thumbs over her eyelids. Then he wet down her long brown hair. Her wet hair formed a thick rope that ran down her slender back to her impossibly small waist. He poured shampoo on her scalp and down the length of her hair. He had never shampooed a woman with long hair before and he didn't quite know how to do it. He started with her head, lovingly rubbing in the shampoo and massaging her scalp, being so careful not to let the soap come near her eyes. He had to get down on his knees to do the rest of her hair and by running his fingers through it over and over again he was able to clear most of the knots which had tangled up over the hours in bed. Then he draped her rope of soapy wet hair over her shoulder and she ran her fingers through it while he soaped her shoulders, upper arms, and back, first with the sponge and then with his broad, strong hands. She seemed to revel in his touch. He pulled her hair back again and soaked it, then rinsed her off and got to her front.

Naoko was ready for him. She arched her back and thrust out her chest and held her arms out so that he could wash her, scrub her, rub her, stroke her, squeeze her, and fondle her as much as he wanted, anywhere he wanted. He spent a long time on her body before he washed her legs. She had already noticed that he really liked her legs, so long for such a small body, and so when he started to wash them she stretched them out to make it easier for him to run his soapy fingers over her hips and into her groin, to rub her inner thigh, to stroke behind the knee, to cup his hand behind her surprisingly shapely calf. He could almost wrap his hand around her ankle. She felt so relaxed when he massaged her feet and wanted it to last forever. He took almost as long to wash her toes and after he rinsed them, he sucked them and ran his tongue between them, sucking the little webs between. She loved that.

Lucian had her stand up and bend over and he soaped her ass cheeks, behind her legs, and up in her crack. He knew he should pay her back for the attention she gave to his ass, even though that was not really his thing. But he wanted to please her so he took a long time playing with her asshole, spreading it with his thumbs, and put a soapy finger up her sphincter for good measure. Then, like she did with him, he kissed her there but butt was too small and her crack was too tight to get his mouth all the way in.

Then the time came for Naoko to stand up facing him, hands on his shoulders. She smiled broadly while he sat on the stool and contemplated her private parts. He didn't use the rough sponge between her legs. Instead, he cupped her pussy with his hand and poured shampoo on her thatch of pubic hair. With one hand under her and the other working from the top, he worked the soap into her thatch and over her pussy lips. There was enough space between her legs for him to put his hand and he ran his finger along her slit, front to back and back again, always angling up when he came close to her clit. She squatted slightly to let him put his finger in her and soap her entrance. She was just a little sore from having been used so much and the soapy caresses felt soothing. She now had the cleanest pussy in Tokyo. He rinsed her off and then he ran his finger tips through her thatch and she noticed that he was parting her hair to look at her. Naoko liked his obsession with her sex parts and the attention he gave them. She was so clean now, she thought to herself, that even though he was in close he would not smell her. She had no scent right now. She wondered how long it would take for her to get her personal sex fragrance back. An hour? Two? Would it come faster if he rubbed her? If she creamed?

Lucian had spent almost half an hour thoroughly cleaning every inch of a very small person. He didn't want it to end. The only thing that would have made it better, he thought, would be to actually see her pussy while he was stroking it. Well, why not? "Masumi" he said, "I want to shave you!" Masumi did not quite understand at first so he pointed to her pubic hair and gestured like scissors and a razor with his fingers while he said "I want to cut your hair down there and shave it off!" For a moment, Lucian thought she had misunderstood because she froze and an expression of panic passed fleetingly over her face. He looked her in the eye to see what the problem was. She looked away. Was she married and afraid to go home to her husband with her body changed?

This good man wants to see my pussy naked, she thought, and I want that. I also want to feel his skin on bare skin between my legs. But I have to be careful. Will it grow back in time? She had never shaved her pussy before and she did not know how quickly it would come back. Well, she thought, in two or three weeks it will still be short but probably ok. It looks different on different girls and if they don't know what she looked like before nobody will know after it grows back. Nobody but Tadashi has ever seen it natural. And he'll never see it again.

Lucian was shocked but happy when she finally relaxed and said "Ok!" He smiled ear to ear and stepped out of the shower to get what he needed. His travel kit was on the counter. He took out a pair of barber scissors and his safety razor, packed in its blue T-shaped, hard plastic travel container. He used them when there was a problem with finding an outlet for his electric razor, mostly in second-rate hotels. He flipped open the cap to the container and pulled the safety razor out of the sheath by its head and put a new blade in. He did not want to hurt her with a dull blade that would knick her. Then he took them to the shower stall together with the unread Japanese newspaper the hotel had hung on the doorknob. Then he thought for a moment, left everything on the counter, and went back to the shower to towel her off. He was almost dry himself just from dripping. He wrapped her in the big hotel towel and patted her down, then hugged her, as if to comfort her for what he was about to do, and then spot-dried her under her arms, between the legs, and down her crack. When she was dry, he quickly dried himself in the places he was still damp and draped the towel on the cool floor to sit on. The stool in the shower was a little low to work from so he put the toilet seat down and had Masumi sit on it.

Naoko saw and felt how he ran his fingertips through her thatch while she sat forward on the toilet seat, making a furrow in the middle to expose her labia so he could see and wouldn't hurt her. With one hand he gently pulled on her hairs and with the other he snipped them down to less than a centimeter all around and dropped the cut hairs on the newspaper. Every once in a while the scissors pulled on her but overall it felt interesting to have him pulling the short hairs, especially on her labia, because she had never felt that sensation before. It didn't take him long before he had trimmed her down to a little longer than fuzz and for the first time she saw her own mound. Her groin felt prickly and she knew that she would have to endure the same feeling when it grew back but she thought it would be worth it.

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