tagInterracial LoveNaoko: Sunday

Naoko: Sunday


Lucian and the woman he knows as Masumi come back to earth.

Things you need to know before reading this story: 1) It will not make sense unless you read Day One and Day Two first. 2) Lucian thinks that Naoko's name is Masumi. 3) The point of view goes back and forth between them. 4) It does not have a happy ending.


At about two in the morning, he woke up to find her out of bed. He looked around the hotel room and she wasn't there. As he began to panic and get up the door opened and in came Masumi (the name Naoko had given him when they met) looking ridiculous in the hotel's terrycloth robe. It was much too big for her, so she had doubled the gown under, tucked under her arms and wrapped both sides tightly around her chest. It was just barely held in place with the belt tied tight and knotted around her waist. She could only take little baby steps or the whole thing would fall apart and the robe would come open. She was carrying the ice bucket and a handful of plastic bags from the ice dispenser. He did not let on that he was awake and after a while, he fell asleep again.

Quietly, Naoko slipped out of the robe, put the ice bucket on a side table, and put the key where he had left it. She went into the bathroom and got two towels, still damp from their games earlier in the night. She put ice in the bags, wrapped them in towels, and put them on her breasts, which had dark, long bruises where they had been clamped. She sat there for a long time, letting the ice take the soreness away, looking out over Tokyo, and thinking. Somewhere out there, she thought, Katsumi was sleeping and dreaming of her wedding. Katsumi, who had been her best friend at school, maybe her only friend, who would sit with her and talk with her about boys. Who she had introduced to Tadashi. And now Tadashi was marrying her and not Naoko. And yet, she wasn't upset. Not now. Not now that she knew what she knew. She would never see Tadashi or Katsumi again and she didn't care. She had never loved Tadashi. He was just the only one who ever paid attention to her.

On Sunday morning they woke up early but did not go back to sleep. Lucian's dick was bright red and a little numb. His balls were tender when Naoko felt them. Naoko's own insides ached pleasantly and it burned just a little when she peed. They spent some time watching an old Japanese monster movie on TV -- something Lucian could enjoy without understanding the dialogue. Naoko sat on his lap and let him fondle her sore and aching tits while they watched -- she was submitting again to pain, just not as intense as last night, but occasionally she yelped if he hurt her too much. The nipples were ok and he liked to tweak them but he couldn't pull them hard anymore because below the bruises her breasts were very sore from the night's play. From time to time she straddled his leg while she watched the movie and rubbed herself on him, leaving a little wet spot.

In the late morning they soaked in the tub for a long time, together. Japanese style, they took a shower first, then immersed themselves in the warm water. It took a while for Lucian to get into the right position but it seemed to work best when he lay back and Masumi lay on her back on top of him. She was so light, especially in water, and in that position he could stroke the front of her hairless body any way he wanted. He had to be careful with her tits, though. Masumi put his hands on them and clearly still wanted him to touch them and fondle them but they were obviously sore. If he pulled her nipples hard, like yesterday, it seemed to give her pain. So he mostly played with her smooth, newly shaved crotch and sometimes she stroked his penis when it stuck up between her legs.

They were tired. They still wanted each other but they were reaching their limits.

A little before noon, Masumi kissed Lucian and pulled him toward the bed. He had a sinking feeling that this was the farewell fuck but he didn't want to face the possibility. They had used up all the condoms of the brand he bought -- all they had left were the bad ones. But by this time Masumi had been well stretched and it was getting much easier to penetrate her; the condoms may have been substandard but they probably wouldn't break this time. She had also learned how to relax when he pushed into her. So she nodded her acceptance when he put the tight condom on and drew him between her wide-open legs. He felt like he was going home, entering her tight but very wet pussy, so familiar, so inviting. He was actually glad for the smaller condom because the rolled-up edge of it was like a cock ring, keeping him harder than he would have been. They fucked like the first time for a while, him completely overwhelming her little body, then they switched to her on top, with the rocking motion she liked so much, and for a while they did it doggie style, with her rump high on pillows. This time the desperate need was gone, that sense of need and that they could give each other relief. This time, they fucked because they just wanted to, because they liked and wanted to pleasure each other, and because they enjoyed their own as well as each other's bodies.

Lucian came first this time, while she was on top of him, and Naoko watched his face contort as he shot his load. Once again she fantasized what it would be like to let him come inside her, to impregnate her, to carry and then nurse his baby and all the while let him play with her body any way he wanted -- to let go and be his vessel and sexual ... Naoko broke off her fantasy because she started to come. He had brought her to it during his last strokes, before he softened. It was a long come, less intense than before but very long, and it seemed to come from deep within her, as if her womb were joining a sexual conversation about satisfaction, fantasy, and aspirations.

Lucian saw that she was having a good come and he was glad. He started thinking that maybe they could work something out to be together. She had told him last night she was single -- that was really all he knew about her that did not concern her body. She was clearly deeply into sex with him and he was infatuated with her.

Maybe... "Masumi," he said, finally, "I think we should talk about us..."

"No!" Naoko said sharply. Then she put her fingers over his lips. "We are together now. It is enough." It saddened her to say this but it had to be said. She lay by his side without saying another word.

At first Lucian thought she was mad at him but then he realized that she was just taking a nap. That must have been an epic organism for her little body. He lay quietly, wondering what he could do to make this last. Tomorrow was a work day. Maybe he could fix the hardware problem early and they could meet again, despite what she was saying.

He must have dozed off because he woke up about an hour later with his penis in a warm, wet place. The covers were pulled back and Naoko was curled up across his legs with her head resting on his thigh and her long hair draped onto the bed. She had put his soft penis in her mouth and started to suck, more gently than before, with her eyes closed. He lay back and enjoyed the sensations, which seemed to set off a little vibration deep in his gland -- was he imagining it? He must be dry as a bone in there. But her mouth and tongue certainly felt good. She kept it up for a long time and suddenly, without warning, he felt himself coming one last time. It wasn't a big come and he wasn't even hard, but he felt a stirring and release and it was very nice. He didn't know that Naoko had been drawing a little tasty precum out of him with every suck and now was savoring a mouthful of thin, watery discharge. She had never exhausted a man before but they had both just reached the end of the line. She lay there for a long time, continuing to suck him and fondling his aching balls. She paused occasionally to sweep her long hair over his legs and belly but always went back to sucking his cock, although there was no more firmness and not likely to be.

Finally, she looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 1:00. "I must go now", she announced. Suddenly he had a thousand reasons why she should stay, none of them very good. She wouldn't listen. She went to the bathroom and he could hear running water.

Masumi looked at him with a sorrowful gaze. She had just come out of the bathroom and was searching for her bra, which had been kicked under the chair. He heard her words "No, I must go now." In response to his question "Why now? We can stay together a little longer." She looked at him without speaking. "Can I see you again?" He almost pleaded.

Naoko knew that she could not see him again. She had decided that the time to go home was now. She would take the train at 2:00 and by 4:00 she would be home. Her father and mother would be home and she would explain to them that things had changed. She would tell them that she and Tadashi had broken up and that he was not going to marry her. They would assume that the couple had an argument over the weekend and they would be very sorry for her. And then if she could she would tell them more, what she knew she must tell them. She dreaded the train ride home but she could not put it off any longer. Would she have the courage? She had the courage to get what she wanted this weekend! But when she was home she had no courage. She needed it now. She finished putting on her dress.

Lucian was talking. "Masumi, look. I know we don't know each other very well but I feel like we've bonded this weekend and I don't want to let you go. You don't seem to have any ties keeping you here -- you seem like a loner. You speak English. Can you get a passport and come back with me?" He knew he was sounding increasingly desperate. He started to pull on his pants.

"No!" Masumi almost shouted. "You stay like you are!" Then, more softly, "I remember you good looking without clothes!" She forced a giggle. "I remember your cock!"

He paused in his dressing. "But I want to walk you out..."

"No!" Naoko said forcefully. "You stay here." She was dressed now and had her purse strap over her shoulder. Then, softly, she said "Do not be sad. You ar' a very nice man. You made me happy and I make you happy. I remember you and you remember me. You go home and find nice girl and then I will be happy too!" Her "will" sounded like "wirr" and her syntax was breaking down in the emotion.

With a big but forced smile on her little face, Naoko leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, patted his penis gently, and headed for the door. He wanted to call after her but he was choked up. As the door closed she looked back and smiled again. He was putting his pants on again. "You cannot follow me!" She said accusingly. (Her follow sounded like "furrow", which would have been funny at another time.) "Take your clothes off. You cannot follow me."

After the door closed he jumped up and grabbed the housecoat. He stuck his head out the hotel room door just in time to see the elevator doors close in front of her face.

Less than two months later, Naoko stirred from her drug-induced twilight sleep, barely moving. She looked tiny and very frail in the big hospital bed. She had not felt pain for a long time. She heard the whispered voices of her parents and the few friends who had come to visit but she had no sense of time. They didn't know she could hear them, about her silent periods of wakefulness before she drifted off to sleep again. They were saying how sad it was. How brave to keep this from everyone until she could not hide it anymore. How they could not understand why she refused to see her boyfriend Tadashi when she went into the hospital. How if this had not happened he probably would have married her, at least eventually, at least they guessed he would. They didn't really know what he was doing now -- until he showed up in a panic at the hospital here in Higashi, they had not seen him around for weeks. She gave them no explanation and they hadn't asked. How still she was. (Was she breathing?) She had always been so quiet and mousey. Such a shame that she never experienced all that life has to offer. What a shame that her time was cut short. She had never really lived.

She knew she would drift back into unconsciousness soon but it didn't matter. She didn't want to say anything to them anyway. Silly people! How little they knew about her! She had so lived!

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