tagSci-Fi & FantasyNaomi Ch. 04

Naomi Ch. 04


(Just to let the readers know, unlike the last two installments, this installment is written from two separate viewpoints; James, and Naomi.)


An almighty crash of breaking glass, and splintering wood awoke me from my sleep, I opened my eyes and saw Naomi resting her head on my shoulder, still asleep. I was surprised the loud noise, hadn't woke her. I gently nudged her, and she awoke startled. Her eyes took a few moments to focus, and rid themselves of the blur. I slid away from her to the open window that looked out of the barn, into the direction of the noise. Christina had awoken too, and she was slowly coming to her senses in the barn. I moved closer to the open window, as Naomi watched me in silence. I slid up to the edge of the window, and peered out to see the farmhouse the barn was part of.

Outside of the old, two story farmhouse, there were several men all dressed in an assortment of military garb, and survivalist clothing and kit. They were all armed; some with hunting rifles, others with shotguns, and two with high-power assault rifles. From the distance I was watching them from, they looked to be AR-15's in their hands.

"Survivors?" Naomi asked in a whisper.

I looked at her, unsure of what to really tell her.

"They may be, they're all armed but there's something wrong with their setup. Give me a few seconds to see what they do to the farmhouse." I said gently.

I watched as three more men, obviously associated with the several others, step out of the farmhouse; but they weren't alone. They were dragging a young man out, with a young blonde girl, she looked to be only about nineteen years old. They were frog marched down the wooden steps of the property into the grassland outside, and forced onto their knees.

"What the fuck?" I said aloud, louder than a whisper.

I jumped down onto the ground below me, next to Naomi and Christina, picking up one of the two hunting rifles we took from the dead Red Star cultists we had killed yesterday. I made sure it was loaded, and it had a scope on it. I moved back to the window, giving Naomi and Christina a signal to keep quiet. I looked back out of the barn window back to the front of the farmhouse, the girl and most likely her boyfriend were still on their knees in front of the armed men.

"They aren't survivors, they're bandits. They're going to execute those kids out there." I said referring to the blonde girl and guy as kids, as they were younger than me.

Naomi looked out another high-up, nearby window to see what I was looking at.

"We can't let them kill them!" She said in a grunt, quite loudly.

I turned to her, and gave a clear look of surprise.

"They're are more than ten of them down there, we're outnumbered." I said defensively.

"I'm a good enough shot with the hunting rifle, I'll cover you with it, and Christina will use the other as best she can. You can get down there with the machine gun, and take them out before they can kill them." Naomi suggested to me.

"That won't work." I said angrily.

"Yes it will, they have no idea we're even up here. By the time they look up, me and Christina will have taken out at least two each." Naomi was adamant.

I sighed, I wouldn't be able to live this moment down, if I let those two kids die. Naomi would never forgive me for that. I grunted loudly.

"Get your asses up to the windows, once you see me approaching them; take out as many as you can from your positions. I will flank them around the tractor." I said handing my rifle to Naomi, and moving over to the weapons we had taken, I handed Christina the other hunting rifle.

I picked up the Mac-10 sub-machine gun, checked the magazine in it, and cocked the weapon back.

"Naomi show her what to do, and don't let me get shot out there." I said with a sigh, shoving two more magazines for the machine gun into combat trouser pockets.

I didn't wait for Naomi to say anything else, and leaped down as carefully as I could onto the ground floor of the barn, hitting a pile of hay for the landing. I was on my feet, and running out of the barn towards the tractor between the front of the farmhouse and the barn.

As I moved slowly towards it, the crisp morning air bit at my face and hands. We were slowly entering Autumn, and that meant Winter eventually. My mind raced about the possible problems we would face in Winter; particularly food and shelter. I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head, and as I moved towards the rust-bucket of the tractor, I overheard the armed men.

"Where are your provisions?" The leader of the group asked the young man, he looked like a thug alright. He was a big white male, looked to have once to have been a member of a gang, and in my mind from his stature perhaps a biker gang.

He wore some indistinct vest over his survival webbing and t-shirt; but I couldn't make out the design on it's back. He had long, dirty black hair that covered his neck, as he had his back to me. He was holding one of the AR-15's in his hand. He didn't look like an experienced serviceman or soldier, just a thug with a powerful weapon in his hands.

"Tell us, you bastard, or we rape your pretty girlfriend." He sneered at him, from behind black sunglasses.

The blonde girl began to weep, and shake. She looked pretty enough, and could have only stood at about 5'5 in height. She looked so small, and petite, and I guessed she weighed less than 120lbs. She had on a short, dirty, denim skirt over a pair of torn black leggings or tights with a simple white vest on. Her blonde hair was cut short, just below her ears, and clearly dirty, and disheveled.

"Please don't hurt us." She pleaded, shaking like a leaf.

The leader sneered once more, and touched her chin with his dirty, tattooed hand. This set her boyfriend off, and he tried to stand up to confront the gang's leader. As he tried to stand, the sun glasses wearing leader, kicked him in the face, and sent him flying hard to the grass floor. The blonde girl began to cry, moving to him to offer her lover assistance.

"Tell us now asshole, or we'll rape her pretty little ass until she begs us to stop." He laughed, sneering down at the couple.

"We need those provisions." The blonde girl begged, clutching her boyfriend's arms.

"We all need provisions." One of the men laughed, and he set the rest off into a tirade of laughter.

It was all off-key, and quite irritating.

The boyfriend was gasping, as the kick landed square on his chest, and had caused him to fight for breath.

"We haven't got much, please. We can't spare any." He coughed.

The leader laughed manically, and sneered down at the couple once more, as if they were ants to him.

"Rape the bitch, maybe that will make him talk." He said simply, and turned away allowing me to get a full view of his grey beard.

The men began to pull the blonde girl to her feet, trying to tear her clothes off of her body, as one of them held her boyfriend down. I had enough of this pissing contest, and with my arm waved back at the barn as my signal; hoping Naomi knew it was for them to start firing. The girl had some spark in her, and figured it out; and I heard two single shots. One of the shots hit the man holding down the boyfriend, square on the forehead; he fell to the floor, still as a statue. I assumed that was Naomi's shot, and the second hit one of the men tearing at the blonde girl's clothes, in the shoulder. He recoiled back, and fell to the floor clutching at the torn flesh.

I nodded towards the barn, and moved around the tractor giving Naomi and Christina a clear view of me, so as not to shoot me mistakenly. I clutched the sub-machine gun in my hands, and remembering the movies knew this sucker had a big fucking kick-back to it. I guessed my best bet was to keep it pressed against my shoulder to take the recoil in, without missing most of my shots. The weapon also came with a second handle on it, beneath the weapon, a few inches forwards of the trigger.

I held onto both; the handle and the second one, used for aiming. Another two shots rang out, in quick succession. But as I peered over the tractor, I saw the big, ass leader of the pack flee and jump behind a low bearing brick wall. The two shots hit their targets, one in the chest and the other in another man's legs. That left nine armed men to still deal with, two injured among them.

I saw the blonde girl pull from the men, to run to her boyfriend; as her attackers now saw the threat coming at them from the barn. They hadn't spotted me, as I jogged through the undergrowth around the side of the front porch of the farmhouse. The armed men began to fire indiscriminately at the barn, making my assumptions true; none were military men. I worried, for Naomi.

Hoping she was safe in the barn, as the bandits shots went wide, only a few hit the wall of the ground floor. I decided to hit out, as a pair of two men were firing at the barn, behind the porch beams. I stood up, still crouched but not as low, and aimed at the beams of the farmhouse. I made sure the two people we were hoping to save, were out of the firing line; and they were.

I brought the gun up to my shoulder, and aiming at the beams fired two bursts. Each burst sent three to four bullets at the beams, one hit a beam, and must have gone through the wood hitting one of the two men. He dropped, and didn't move again. The second burst, missed it's target, going wide around the other beam and man. Eight men left to go.

"Get that fucker!" The leader of the back, behind his sunglasses gestured to me from behind the wall he was hiding behind.

I couldn't help but smile, knowing my appearance had caused the asshole some discomfort. I moved quick, firing a third burst at the second man behind his beam once more. This time, I fired several shots, and peppered the beam. A few shots must have gone through the wood, as the man dropped groaning in pain. He wasn't dead, he was clutching like a baby at his chest, and legs where my shots hit home. I moved towards the porch, to finish the asshole off.

I jumped the steps of the porch stairs, and onto the wooden porch. I turned my gun on the prone man, as his body convulsed in pain. I never even gave him a second thought, firing another burst at his chest; killing him instantly. My gun was empty, and as I pressed myself against the wall of the farmhouse I ejected the empty magazine. It hit the ground with a metallic noise, and I shoved the second magazine into the gun. Meaning I had one magazine left; sixty bullets left for the Mac-10. Seven assholes left to send to hell screaming.

I didn't have to worry so much, as my girls had the assholes pinned down with their rifles. Another guy dropped dead, as a shot hit his chest. He was quite close to the girl and boy cowering together behind a wall. They were out of the firing line at least, seven thugs left. I slid along the wall, to avoid getting shot due to a stupid mistake of mine; stepping out from cover. As I inched closer to the corner of the farmhouse wall, I knew I had to be careful and lean out slowly to avoid getting my head shot off.

The leader of the pack, was firing off his AR-15 in long, sustained automatic fire towards the barn. This asshole didn't seem to know it was the end-of-the-world, and that bullets didn't grow on trees. They may have been stupid in some areas, but stupidity for some men and women could turn into far-worse creations; these men were just that. They were willing to rape an innocent young girl, for a few tins of meat and food. Thinking about it, maybe I would have smacked the boyfriend around if I was desperate; I hoped I would never have to do that.

These bandits may have been stupid in regards to ammunition expenditure, but they knew that moving slowly towards your target gradually was a worthy tactic. The leader, and the last six guys began to inch towards the barn slowly from behind cover. That put my fears for Naomi higher than I liked, so I decided to speed up my pace. I turned the corner, and ran hitting the ground on my side behind a low bearing wall close to the couple in distress.

That was a shrewd move on my part, as several shots hit the wall of the farmhouse above me.

Two more shots rang out from the barn, but as the bandits and their leader moved closer to it, the shots weren't as accurate. One shot hit one of the bandits in the neck, a clear kill-shot as he gurgled for breath and life on the ground. The second shot rang out, and hit a ginger-haired thug in the shoulder, he fell to the floor, but he was made of stronger stuff and got back to his feet.

Too bad I had him in my sights, the distance was too far still for the Mac-10 to hit home. So I pulled from my webbing around my waist, a Glock 17 pistol I had taken from the dead Cultists. I aimed as best as I could with one hand, as my other was holding the machine gun. I fired, and hit the injured man square in the chest, and he fell down dead. Not too bad a shot, even for me. I shoved it back into my webbing, and moved towards the last five men, including the asshole leader of them, who I had my sights on personally. He was going to die painfully.

Then I saw it, I don't know if it belonged to the bandits, or the former owners of the farm. There was a red tin can on it's side on the grass, close to two of the men firing at the barn. They were unaware of it, but perhaps there was nothing inside it to shoot at. I wouldn't know unless I fired off a shot, wishing I had kept my Glock 17 out in hand, I pulled it free from my webbing once more. I had only a few seconds to get a dead-on shot at the petrol can, as the two men near it were edging closer to the barn.

Two more shots ran out from the barn, neither hit anything as the bandits were behind heavy cover. I dropped the Mac-10 at my feet briefly, and with one hands caressing the pistol, aiming down its sights; I fired. There was a huge explosion, about the size of the tractor, perhaps even double it's side. The explosion was balloon of fire, that engulfed the two gunmen near it. As the initial, big flame died I saw they were both set alight, on fire themselves.

It was quite a sight, and not one that I enjoyed as much as I expected. The smell of burning flesh was heavy on my nose, and I decided to put the unlucky sons of bitches out of their misery. They didn't deserve it, but I gave them it anyway. I fired twice, both shots hitting each of the two flaming men in the chest; dropping them. As the acrid smell of smoke and burning meat filled my nostrils, I counted two men left, and Mr Biker himself. That was it now, the bandits were too close to the barn, for the rifle fire to hit them. I hoped Naomi and Christina realized that, and switched to their pistols.

I moved now openly towards the last two men with my guns, who seemed to be thinking of abandoning their leader and fleeing for safety. I didn't let them think that thought for too long, and as they began to inch away from their cover towards the open road to their left, only a few hundred yards to safety.

Too bad I wasn't as merciful as most people, I fired a burst of handgun fire at them hitting one in the back. The other turned to me and was about to bring his shotgun to bear on me, but I fired at him with the machine gun in a pray-and-spray manner. I wasn't aiming for the kill zone of his body, I just wanted to drop the son-of-a-bitch.

I achieved my aim, several shots hit him in the arms, legs, and chest, even the neck. He dropped like an empty bottle of beer to the grass. Now this left me and the boss-man, for our own private confrontation. I kept low and moved towards him, shoving the Mac-10 this time into my webbing, I wanted accuracy for him.

With both my hands free I gripped the Glock 17, and moved low towards him. He knew I was coming and turned to fire at me with his AR-15, he was chewing through his ammo. His shots went wide, and everywhere; good for me that was. I wasn't a serviceman, and I'm not trying to paint myself as one; but I knew common sense. Not to waste ammo, especially when it's in low numbers as it is.

Aiming down the sights prone on the grass, I fired. As he was moving around like a bumbling giant, my shot struck him in his left knee. The shot forced him to buckle, and fall to his knees screaming in pain. He was quite a large guy, I could see that now; he was fat, and clearly more of a threat when up close.

He wasn't one now, if I moved fast enough. I did just that, running towards him, and kicking the AR-15 from his hands as it rested on the grass. He gasped in pain, and buckled even further onto the grass. He was breathing hard, and gasping in pain and exertion.

"You think you've won?" He laughed, grimacing in pain.

"I know I have, for a start." I said simply, this wasn't pleasure to me, this was justice.

He grunted in pain, and I saw Christina and Naomi run out from the barn to meet me.

"Go see to the girl, and her boyfriend. They're shaken up, and quickly. I don't want this attracting any Walkers to us." I said simply.

Christina nodded, and ran to the couple, but Naomi didn't. She looked at me, as if searching for my intentions.

"What about him?" She asked me.

I looked at her, with my handgun dangling in one hand; and his AR-15 across the grass a few feet away. She shouldn't have even bothered asking me.

"I'm going to deal with him, see to the couple with Christina." I said with not emotion in my voice, it was flat.

She knew my answer, before even asking me. She simply nodded, yet her eyes still searched mine for answers. She moved off to the couple, leaving me alone with the fallen leader of his pack of wild dogs.

He was clenching his teeth, and looked up at me with tears in his eyes; caused by pain.

"You think killing me is going to stop all raiders, and bandits? You thinking saving one couple like them changes anything?" He asked me.

"It's a start, I'd call it." I said emotionless, no longer letting my Glock 17 dangle in my hand, it was gripped in my hands like a vice.

He grinned, and his little sneer returned to his face, as if he knew something we didn't.

"You can kill me, but how long until you become like me? Like all these guys you've killed? How long until you feel the pressure on you, and your little group when the food runs out." He patronized me, and I was beginning to detest him trying to defend his own actions.

"We're not like you." I said with a malice in my voice, my hatred for this guy was evident.

"Not now, but you will become like me eventually. When the food runs out, when water cannot be found anywhere, and when medicine is as rare as a charged-up battery. In time you'll become like me, and you'll ask yourself; was it worth killing the same animals you've become?" He sneered, and wiped away spittle on his jaw.

I gripped my handgun in hand, and brought it up to the height of his head and forehead. I didn't say a word, I didn't want to try and defend my actions, my actions were good, and with good intention; but what he had said lingered in my mind. There's a beast in every man, and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand. How long until you become the beast? I thought to myself. I aimed down the sight with both hands on the grip and the underside of the handgun.

"Animals eventually become rabid, you'll become just like me eventually. You can deny it as much as you fucking like, it won't change anything when the time comes." He grinned with his ugly sneer beneath his grey beard.

I said nothing more, and pulled hard on the trigger, the shot rang out and struck his forehead. He dropped to the floor, motionless; dead. There was no cheering, not congratulating crowd to thank me for ridding the world of one less animal. Just silence. Naomi and Christina were busy with the couple we had saved, checking them over, and talking to them. I looked at the dead around us, more than ten survivors dead; even if bandits. I looked at their weapons, and hoped Walkers were away a far enough distance to not have noticed this gunfight unfold. I knelt down, and collected all the ammo on the dead leader for his AR-15, and moved over and picked that up as well.

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