tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Amulet Ch. 01

Narlissa and the Amulet Ch. 01


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, brushed her hands down her leather tunic. The grass and moss that had clung to it fell away and she grimaced as she stretched her back. She had been watching the manor house for two days now, hiding in the undergrowth and studying the weak points and the places of entry.

That was not her real surname, of course. She didn't know her real surname. Her elven mother had died when she was very young and her human father had deserted her when she was a teenager. 'Quickhands' had been suggested to her by the first fence she ever dealt with and she had liked it so much she decided to keep it.

Narlissa grumbled as she brushed a clump of soil from her chestpiece where it had stuck to the swell of her breasts. She loved her big tits, was proud of them, but they did sometimes get in the way. Standing straight, she looked at the manor house again.

Inside was what she wanted - a golden amulet owned by the baroness that she knew was worth a fortune. Given the baron's wealth was almost entirely ripped from the hands of the poor she did not feel too guilty about helping herself to some.

In fact, she rarely felt guilty about her work at all. She tended to choose targets she felt could afford the loss, and almost always where their wealth was unfairly or selfishly obtained. The effect of that was a sense of pride in what she did that most people would not have expected a simple thief to have.

But then again Narlissa was not a simple thief, which is why she felt she could pull off this theft. She quickly looked at the manor house again before turning and disappearing into the woods.

It was not far to the village where she was staying and Narlissa reached it quickly, making her way to the inn and entering her room. She needed a plan of action. Looking around the room she sighed happily. A lot of her best memories came in tavern rooms, one of those only a few weeks before when she had fucked the handsome Knight Errant, Sir Jeffrey. She wondered how he had got on in his quest to retrieve the axe in the end.

Shaking her head she brought her mind back to the task at hand. She would have time to remember the past when she had stolen and then sold the artifact. Soon she had sketched out the manor house on a piece of paper and memorised its weak points.

Narlissa sighed as she sat back then, biting her lower lip. Thinking about Sir Jeffrey had made her horny and now her cunt ached to be stuffed full with a nice big cock. Ever since being with the knight she had found herself to be even hornier than usual, and her orgasms were stronger than they were before, too. Given that they were hardly weak beforehand that was quite something. And to top it all off it seemed to Narlissa that her lovers were getting off harder than ever. It was as if Sir Jeffrey had a magic cock and that orgasmic power was in her pussy now, too.

Staring at the map once more, she decided she needed to do something about finding a willing man to pump her full of his seed. She folded the sketch up and tucked it away into her pack. She knew it off by heart now but it would do her no harm to make sure she brought it with her.

She changed into more comfortable clothes then left her room, heading downstairs to try and take her mind off things. She was planning to rob the mansion tomorrow and she always got nervous before a big job. Anything could go wrong.

Narlissa entered the main tavern room and took a stool at the bar, ordering an ale from the middle-aged barman. He brought the drink to her and she handed him a silver coin she had taken from a noble earlier that week. The man had been so rich he would not even have noticed the small pouch she filled with a handful of his coins.

She sat back then, looking around the room. She needed to be distracted from her nerves and she knew how she would do that. Her pussy still wanted to feel a man inside her and soon she had set eyes upon an attractive man in his early-twenties lounging on the far side of the tavern. He was with two friends, who looked up at her when she approached.

"Hello," she said simply as she sat down. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

The man looked back at her with a raised eyebrow before speaking. "Not at all. Please sit down. I am Thom."

"Narlissa," she giggled back. He really was good-looking, with broad shoulders and short sandy blonde hair. Two blue eyes stared back at her.

His two friends introduced themselves then but Narlissa paid no attention to them. Nor did Thom.

"So what brings you to our town, Narlissa?" Thom said, still looking at her with a quirk to his lips. "I do not recognise you."

"I'm just passing through. Nothing special," she said.

"As good a reason as any. I, on the other hand, live here. Stuck working in the fields."

Narlissa looked him up and down then, very deliberately. He could not have failed to notice. "But there are some benefits to that, no? It has given you nice strong arms at least."

Thom's eyes shimmered and Narlissa knew that he had picked up on her flirting. This was going exactly as she wanted it to.

Suddenly, he turned to his two friends. "Why don't the two of you head back to the farm? I'll join you there later."

"But we've only just got here-" one of them started, before Thom cut him off.


The two men grumbled as they stood, draining their drinks and marching from the tavern. Thom smiled at Narlissa after they had left and her cunt throbbed with desire.

"Please forgive me for staring," he said when they had gone. "It is rare that a town such as this sees a woman as beautiful as you pass through it. Especially not one with elven heritage."

Narlissa smiled back. He had noticed her pointed ears, yet known they were not large enough to make her a full elf. Most people did not know half-elves even existed. In their eyes if you were any part elf then you were a full elf. Of course, the elves were the opposite, and felt that if you were any part human you were not an elf at all and just completely human.

She thought it was time she made her move. "Well, Thom, would you like to see a little more of this half-elf?"

He grinned and nodded, and Narlissa stood up. He stood too and it was then she got a proper look at him. He was gorgeous. He was very well muscled but not huge and stood probably 6' tall. A lovely height, she felt. Grabbing his hand, she led him through the tavern and up the stairs. Soon they had reached her door.

She pushed it open and tugged him inside, stepping back past him to close the door and shut the lock. He grinned as she threw herself at him, immediately pressing her lips against his and pushing her tongue into his mouth. His hands moved to hold her hips and she crushed her body against him.

Narlissa grabbed the bottom of his shirt, tugging it up, and Thom let her do so. Then she unbuckled his belt and tugged it loose. Moments later he was naked in front of her, his cock quickly hardening. It was a lovely cock, and Narlissa moaned.

She did not have too much time to stare, however, as Thom quickly kissed her again. He pulled off her shirt, leaving her topless. With a groan he grabbed her big tits and began to squeeze them, and Narlissa shut her eyes to enjoy the feeling. He carried on fondling her breasts with one hand even as the other dropped to push down her cloth pants. They fell to the floor, and then she was naked too.

Narlissa gazed at Thom hungrily, before pushing him towards the bed until he thumped back onto it. He grinned as she sank to her knees and reached out to grasp his cock, the look becoming one of pure pleasure as she took his member into her mouth.

She sucked on his length for a while, enjoying the sight of his muscular naked body writhing in pleasure at her work. Her pussy was so wet she could almost feel her juices running down her legs and so at last she stood up.

Thom crawled further up the bed as if he knew what was coming and she climbed on too. She quickly straddled him, grasping his cock and rubbing its head against her folds.

"Oh, Thom..." she moaned in delight as she sank down onto his member. She impaled herself on him, his cock stretching her cunt and she sighed in satisfaction at the feeling of being so wonderfully full.

He reached out and grabbed her tits again, squeezing the globes as she started to move her hips. The sensation of Thom's hard cock sinking into her every time she lowered herself back down caused her to moan and whimper in delight. Soon her pace was rapid and her whole body shook with the speed at which she rode him.

Narlissa stopped bouncing then so that she could lean forwards, putting her hands either side of Thom's head. His manly jaw was gritted with the pleasure of their fucking and he realised what it was she wanted. Letting her big tits hang free he instead grabbed her waist and immediately began to fuck her hard. His cock slammed into her tight cunt and Narlissa cried out.

She could feel that she was close, her whole body tensing as Thom vigorously fucked her. His own eyes were glazed and he grunted loudly with each thrust. He stared up at her and she leant down quickly to kiss him.

After a few moments she pulled away, gazing back.

"I'm going to come!" he said in a strained voice.

"Me too! Do it!" Narlissa replied, closing her eyes.

"Argh!" Thom shouted, his hips crashing against hers. She felt his cock throb as it emptied its seed deep inside her, could feel the twitches of his length that signalled another rope of cum had been fired into her cunt. His eyes rolled back slightly as pleasure filled him.

"Thom, I'm coming!" Narlissa shrieked, feeling her cunt seize hold of his cock. The waves of pleasure that ripped through her body caused her to twitch with each thump of rapture. Her mind was clouded at the incredible strength of her climax.

Afterwards she slumped back down onto Thom, enjoying his hard body against hers. His firm chest pressed against her soft breasts and she loved the feeling. He grinned at her.

"That was probably the hardest I've ever come," he laughed. "You're very special, Narlissa."

He stood then, quickly pulling his clothes back on.

"I should get back to the farm," he sighed. "Thank you for that wonderful experience."

Thom winked as he slipped from the room, and Narlissa smiled to herself as she lay there naked on her bed. She had come so very hard, and so had Thom. That was definitely new, but she was hardly complaining. Her sex life had become even better than it was before.

"Thank you, Sir Jeffrey," she murmured to herself.

She was soon asleep.

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