tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 01

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 01


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, relaxed on the building's flat roof in the warm summer evening. The red glow of setting sun cast a soothing light on the shaded terrace and she sighed with contentment. It was not her roof, of course. She did not know whose it was. She had merely seen it when passing through the town and decided it was as good a place as any to spend the evening.

Where to spend the night was a separate problem. Ever since she had left Sir Jeffrey after they had discovered the source of the gifts that they shared she had been travelling. The gold she had earned from selling the amulet she had stolen was barely touched - she was not one for splashing out on extravagance when she could live cheaply much more easily.

She had wound up in this small town earlier today, travelling south. She was still in the queendom though closing on its southern borders and she wondered what she would do now. She had never left this land and truth be told she had no real desire to, so she thought perhaps she would stick around down here for a while. It was warmer at least. But she needed something to do.

It was then that she heard shouting and the half-elf quickly pushed herself into a sitting position and skulked to the edge of the building. Beneath her, a woman and a man were arguing loudly in the street. The man was waving a piece of parchment in front of the woman's face and Narlissa strained her pointed ears to hear what was being said.

"I told you that this map was useless. It's written in some stupid foreign language and nobody here knows what it is. How dare you spend our savings on some ill-thought plans of adventure, Marjola!"

The woman, who Narlissa now knew as Marjola, snorted. "And you with your lack of faith and good sense of fun. If you'd show a little patience we'd get to the bottom of this mystery."

"And how would we do that? We've been searching for a month now with no leads. No, Marjola, this is the end of it!"

The man threw his arms up into the air, letting go of the piece of parchment, which was caught by the wind. Narlissa watched it fly upwards, swirl around, then land on the roof of the building next to her.

"That was mine!" the Marjola shouted.

The man growled. "No, it was mine. I paid for it, I have thrown it away."

At that, the woman glared at the man then whirled away. She stormed up the street shouting over her shoulder. "Go fuck yourself, Anton. You'll have to, because you certainly won't get to fuck me anymore!"

The man stared daggers after her then stalked away in the other direction. Narlissa watched a while longer to make sure that neither were showing any signs of coming back, then quickly vaulted across to the other roof and picked up the piece of paper.

Her brown eyes opened wide as she did so. It was a map, marked out with comments and instructions, and it was indeed written in some 'stupid foreign language'. For you see it was written in elvish.

Narlissa smirked to herself as she easily read the comments and realised that it was a treasure map of sorts. It appeared to be suggesting that its reader could find an ancient haul of treasure if they were to only follow the instructions contained within the comments.

She quickly pocketed the map and made a hasty exit in case one of the arguing couple decided to return. She felt that the map was rightfully hers now - the man had thrown it away and both had left it, after all - but she didn't fancy arguing with someone about that when she could simply quickly leave.

Jumping down from the flat roof Narlissa quickly disappeared into the side streets of the city and was long gone before anyone could realise she had taken the parchment. She walked for a good while until at last she came before a bustling tavern and quickly ducked inside.

Ordering a drink and taking it to a far corner, she continued to look at the map. It seemed that the treasure was a mystery but she liked mysteries. Dungeon diving was not something she ever really did - she left that to the adventurers. She much preferred simply taking what she wanted from the houses of the undeserving. Fewer monsters that way.

But this had piqued her interest and she perused the map for a long while, plotting how she might obtain the treasure. It seemed that it was at the base of a hidden dungeon - why were they always hidden? - and that it would require more than just her own skills to get there. She wondered if she might be able to try it alone regardless but remembered that these places tended to be filled with traps and other dangers and so it was just not worth being greedy over the treasure. If someone else could come along and make the whole thing a lot safer, well, half a treasure was better than being dead.

She decided her best bet would be to head to the mercenary guild the next day and see if anyone was interested in coming with her. She had enough gold in her pouch to pay a deposit for one or two good companions and she hoped that the treasure would pay the rest of their fee once they had found it. Mercenaries were not cheap.

Narlissa liked having a course of action. When she had no general task to attend to she always felt a little lost and so setting her mind on this task had pleased her somewhat. It was not going to be easy and perhaps she should give an undertaking such as this more than evening's thought but Narlissa liked to make snap judgements and follow them through. Hell, if she hadn't made the snap judgement to follow Sir Jeffrey out of that tavern then she wouldn't have ever obtained her "gifts".

Which were beginning to bother her again, as always. She smirked to herself as she felt the familiar throb in her magic cunt that told her it yearned to be stuffed full of a nice hard cock. She resisted the urge to slide her fingers down the front of her leather bodice and bury the digits inside her pussy - she had learnt that doing so provided temporary relief if she really required it, but to truly sate the urge she needed to find a cock.

Glancing round the tavern she decided there must be someone here suitable for that purpose. The place was incredibly busy, as was every other tavern in this small southern town, and she knew that it was because the trading season was just about to start and there was a great gathering of merchants about to set off to far away lands.

Merchants often provided excellent cock, she knew. Even before she had received her "gifts" she had still been a sexually voracious creature, and in a time of need a merchant was usually a good choice. Likely arrogant, but they looked after themselves and usually had the most comfortable bedchambers. Not that comfort was a great concern to Narlissa when the prospect of sex was on the cards but it was always nice to have a soft mattress beneath her back when she was getting stuffed full of a big, hard cock.

Growling to herself at the burning desire that now inflamed her she stood up, moving quickly to the bar. She would need to to find someone quite soon - so caught up in studying the treasure map had she been that she had not taken notice of the steadily increasing throb in her loins. She was getting to the point now where any man would do, and Sir Jeffrey had warned her that letting it get to that stage would lead to her embarrassing herself by trying to bed anyone in her vicinity. He seemed deadly serious when he told her that and Narlissa found the image of a horny Sir Jeffrey trying to convince anyone nearby that they should sleep with him an amusing one. That was, of course, until she remembered all the other things a horny Sir Jeffrey could do, and then she shook her head with a grimace as her cunt flared with carnal hunger.

It was then that the man caught her eye. He was not a merchant, she could tell that at first glance, but he was still well-groomed and presented. A small black goatee was trimmed and appropriately looked-after and startlingly blue eyes met her own gaze after she had lingered on him a little too long for subtlety. Not that he seemed to mind a beautiful redhead staring at him with likely obvious lust.

Her intentions must have been clear because the man sauntered over to Narlissa with a glint in his eye and a smirk on his lips. Normally such arrogance might have set his cause back a bit - not too much, of course, as he was attractive enough that Narlissa knew she would have his cock in the end, but she'd make him work a little harder for it given the self-confidence he seemed to ooze in buckets - but tonight she had no time for that.

"Good evening, fine miss," he said in a too-smooth voice, his eyes scanning her body. Narlissa's cunt throbbed at his piercing blue gaze.

She looked him over before replying. "Good evening, sir. I am Narlissa."

"And I, Raymonde. May I buy you a drink?"

Narlissa swallowed and nodded. She desperately wanted to tell him to forgo the drink, that he should just take her away to wherever he was staying so they could fuck, but she knew that might be coming on a little too strong. Instead, she looked Raymonde over as he hailed the barkeep and ordered her an ale.

He was of medium height, if a little on the short side, but Narlissa did not mind her men not being giants. Indeed, his roughly 5'8" frame moved with an impressive grace that suggested he was a swordsman of reasonable skill and the fact that the black ponytail his hair was pulled into had not been sliced off by a wayward blade suggested that perhaps he truly was. Although right at that moment his sword was not the weapon that Narlissa was interested in.

Suddenly she realised that Raymonde was speaking to her and offering her a cup of ale. She shook her head with a smile and took the wooden cup, sipping the beverage within. It was nice - Raymonde had clearly decided to spare no expense in wooing her. Some part of Narlissa laughed at the thought that he was still laying the groundwork to making a move on her, entirely unaware she had decided to fuck him before he had even laid eyes on her. Some men could be so sure that they could woo any woman to their bed that they failed to consider that a woman might well be horny enough that their supposed charms were unnecessary in the first place.

Narlissa took another gulp before realising that the cup was empty. She had drained the ale without realising it, her subconscious obviously desperate to drag this man somewhere quieter. He was staring at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Is madame thirsty for another?" he said smoothly, a grin on his features that made Narlissa's cunt throb. He truly was attractive.

Narlissa shook her head, reaching out to press her cheek against Raymonde's and whisper seductively in his ear. "I am not thirsty, Raymonde. But I am... hungry. Do you have a room here?"

He pursed his lips a second, then nodded. Then a grin broke out on his face. "I am not usually so fortunate as to find a woman so sure in what she wants."

"Then I guess it's your lucky day," Narlissa growled. "And if you'll take me to your room, I'll make it a whole lot luckier."

Raymonde placed his cup on the counter - Narlissa saw it was still nearly full - and took her by the hand, leading her to the stairs at the rear of the room. She noticed a few other men staring at her with intrigue, their gaze becoming envious as they glanced upon Raymonde.

Soon he had shown her up the stairs and was stood before a wooden door, at which point he pulled out a key and unclicked the lock. Narlissa grabbed him, shoving him inside and pushing shut the door behind her. She gave no heed to the lock - she didn't care at that moment whether the Queen's Guards rode in on horseback, the only thing that mattered was getting Raymonde's cock inside her throbbing magic cunt.

Raymonde seemed to read her intentions and was almost immediately unbuttoning his extravagent shirt. His fingers faltered as Narlissa reached for her own chestpiece, loosening the knots and pulling it over her head. She realised he was staring at her breasts.

"Hurry up and take that shirt off and you can squeeze my tits, Raymonde, rather than just staring at them," she growled, and he nodded with eager eyes, undoing the rest of the buttons and pulling the garment from his head.

He had a nice, hard chest, she realised, with a thicket of chest hair that called out for her hands. Pulling off her pants she was soon naked and a groan left her lips at the sight of Raymonde joining her unclothed.

She kissed him then, pushing him onto the bed and driving her tongue into his mouth. Raymonde took her up on her earlier offer and his hands were soon grasping her breasts, squeezing the globes and playing with her nipples. Narlissa delighted in the feeling even as she straddled his waist and lifted her hips.

Normally she might indulge in foreplay with such an attractive man but she doubted that Raymonde would mind her jumping straight to the point. Indeed, his eyes glinted with hunger at the sight of Narlissa naked above him and they fluttered slightly as she grasped his rock-hard cock.

She sat down on his length, moaning as he slipped slowly inside her, every inch of his member streching her magic cunt full. Her walls twitched and squeezed against his shaft, and she could feel every ridge of his delightful cock as it buried itself in her pussy.

"Oh fuck, Narlissa," Raymonde groaned, and she immediately started to bounce her hips.

This was just what she needed, Narlissa knew, and she delighted in every second. Soon she was riding Raymonde with pace, her entire body shaking as she slammed her hips down onto his. He reached up to grasp her breasts, squeezing them as she bounced on his member, and she cried out at the tension that was building in her body.

She was close, and from the look in her eyes, so was Raymonde. Narlissa knew that one of the gifts her magic cunt gave her was that it made her partner's climax harder than usual. Raymonde was just about to come the hardest he had in his entire life, and he seemed to know it. His blue eyes were glazed and his breaths came in frantic grunts.

His own hips were hammering up in time with Narlissa's movements now and that was all she needed to push her over the edge. Her brown eyes opened in pure rapture as she came.

"I'm coming!" she shrieked, feeling her pussy clamp down onto Raymode's invasive cock. That seemed to be the only added sensation he required and with a cry of ecstasy his member twitched inside her cunt. She knew he was filling her pussy with his hot seed and that thought only drove her bliss onwards as her walls squeezed his cock in great pulsing waves.

Soon she was done and she slumped down on top of Raymonde with satisfaction. The glow in his own eyes suggested he felt the same way and she lay there a moment enjoying his attractive body pressed against hers.

Eventually she climbed from him and reached for her armour and Raymonde sat upright to stare at her. Soon she was fully-dressed again.

"Leaving so soon?" he said almost sadly. "I barely got to know you."

Narlissa grinned as she slipped from the room, throwing him a salacious wink. "You got to know me pretty well, actually."

She heard him chuckling as she headed for the stairs.

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