tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 04

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 04


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, could not believe her pointed ears as Eavu and Taicoss talked solemnly to her. She was being thrown off the ship.

"We are sorry, Narlissa, but it has to be this way," Eavu said, his face downcast.

She stepped towards him. "Why does it have to be this way, Eavu? I hired you to do a job. We were going to make a great team."

"We have no choice, Narlissa," Taicoss said when it became clear that Eavu could not find an answer. "The captain has us with this. If we do not do what he says, then we will never work again."

"What are you talking about?"

Taicoss shrugged. "I cannot say."

"Fuck that!" Narlissa snapped, and Taicoss took a step back in fright. "You're screwing me over here; you can at least tell me why."

Taicoss took a deep breath, but Eavu reached out and placed his hand on his shoulder. Clearly, it was the blonde warrior's turn to speak again. They made a good double act.

"You know we owe a great debt, don't you? We informed you of this when you hired us. It is why we cannot work for the mercenary guild."

"I do," Narlissa nodded.

"Well, this captain works for the woman to whom we owe money. We thought he would give us passage since we were attempting to find treasure to pay back his master but he has instead decided to seize the treasure himself. I suppose he thinks if he can present the gold to her then she will elevate him higher within her criminal organisation."

"And you cannot stop him?"

Eavu shook his head sadly. "If we try, he will inform our master that we have betrayed her. We will be outcasts forever."

"But you will keep your honour!" she said, trying to grasp anything that might allow these mercenaries to stay on her side.

"I'm sorry," Taicoss said.

Just then the captain strode over, glowering. With a wave of his arm his deckhands rushed to lower the gangplank. At least they had moored the ship so she could get off - they were not going to simply kill her and throw her body overboard. She swore loudly as she was marched unceremoniously off the ship and as they pushed her out onto the riverbank she realised they were not going to give her horse back.

"My horse!" she cried as they started to raise the gangplank. "At least give me back my horse!"

The only reply she got was the captain laughing cruelly. Not content with stealing her treasure, he was clearly going to try and steal her horse as well.

But Narlissa was not going to allow that. Quick-witted as she was, she had a plan.

"I will curse that horse so that whoever steals it will fall ill and die!" she shouted up, and the captain stopped laughing. He peered over the edge at her suspiciously.

Narlissa knew he was wondering if she could do that so she had to press her advantage. "I'm an elf, remember? I can do these things!"

Of course she was only a half-elf but the captain didn't know that. Not that elves could curse things anyway but again the captain did not know that.

The captain took a step back then and Taicoss moved to place his hand on the man's shoulder. Although Narlissa was a long way away, her half-elven hearing meant that she could hear every word.

"She speaks the truth. Elves can put curses on animals and I don't think you want a cursed horse on the ship."

The captain violently shook his head and waved his hands and moments later Faeht was being led down the gangplank. Narlissa grasped her mount's reins from the deckhands and mounted it to make sure they could take the horse back, then glared as the ship as it set sail once more.

At the rear of the ship she saw Taicoss and Eavu watching her sadly. Part of her felt sorry for them, caught up in trouble as they were, but another part hated what they had done. At least they had helped her get Faeht back. But she was not going to give up on this treasure just yet.

Although the ship was out of sight within minutes because the river curved Narlissa set off after it nonetheless. For a good while she rode in silent thought until suddenly she emerged into a clearing.

She sighed. She needed a break. Climbing down from Faeht's back Narlissa slumped against the nearest tree and stared into space. Things were all going wrong and she needed a plan.

It was then that she heard the sound of hooves and she sat there motionless to await the arrival of the newcomer. She hoped it was someone who might know where the nearest town was because there she might be able to get passage on another ship.

A man in a flowing cloak rode into view, staring suspiciously at Faeht as he drew level. It was then that he noticed Narlissa and he smiled broadly, dismounting from his horse with a flourish.

"My lady, how strange to find such beauty resting alone in the wilderness," he said with a low bow.

Narlissa narrowed her eyes at him. "And how strange to find a juggler traipsing through the countryside."

The man laughed, the sound almost musical. "I am no juggler, my lady. I am a bard, journeying through the world. What brings you to these deserted woods?"

"Dishonesty and bad luck," she grumbled, glowering at the river. Just the thought of that ship heading towards the treasure made her angry.

"Such ill tidings often come together," the bard nodded sagely. "But we grow stronger for defeating them."

Narlissa snorted. "Overcoming this obstacle will take all of my skill, sir. I fear I may not succeed."

"Ah, my fair lady, but that is what such trials are for, no? To test the mettle and the resolve, but our beautiful heroine always wins through in the end."

Narlissa looked at the man quizzically. He was certainly very flowery. The way he dressed further highlighted that with his broad sleeves and bright red cloak. His brown hair was braided and fell to his shoulders and his brown eyes seemed to shimmer. The man was definitely a bard.

He was also definitely good-looking and despite her predicament Narlissa realised familiar thoughts were creeping into her mind. She smiled as she shook her head.

"A thought has occurred to you, my flame-haired beauty. I can see it in the mesmerising brown pools of your eyes."

A thought had indeed occurred to her but Narlissa pushed it away. She could not afford to waste time now when she had to somehow catch up with the thieves on the ship.

"Unfortunately, sir, I cannot afford to lose any more time. I must continue on my way."

The man stepped close to her, proffering a hand. "Then perhaps I may accompany you, fair lady? It seems we are both heading in the same direction and the roads can get very lonely when a traveller has no companions."

Narlissa considered a moment then took his hand, allowing the man to pull her to her feet. "I suppose that makes sense. Some company is always nice. What is your final destination?"

"Ah, my lady, I have no final destination. I am a bard, a teller of tales, a seeker of stories, a maker of myths. I will be forever travelling as long as there are songs and poems I have not yet heard."

Narlissa sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine. Where are you going tonight then?"

"Ah, tonight? I am hoping to let the next village along revel in my presence. I am quite sure they will find me very entertaining."

Narlissa bit back a giggle. The man was infuriating but at least he seemed harmless. Compared to the impotency she had felt when being thrown off the boat this was a relaxing change.

They mounted their horses and rode for a while, chatting amiably as they did so. Narlissa had no desire to tell the man any great details about her life - those were very private - but she was willing to part with her name and that she was travelling the roads to seek her wealth. Luckily her companion was more than happy to fill any silence with stories of his own adventures, most of which Narlissa suspected were little more than fancies he had further embellished as he went along but they were entertaining nonetheless. One thing she did believe was that his name was Reece and he was a bard.

"So you came from the court of the Queen then?" she said after one particularly surprising comment. "We are a long way south of the capital."

Reece sighed almost sadly. "Yes we are but I cannot change that. I was one of the favoured minstrels of the Royal Court up until my... acrimonious departure."

"Oh yes?"

Narlissa looked at the man. A slight sadness had crossed his face and for the first time she felt that the story he was about to tell might actually be real.

"I will tell you my sorry tale, my lady, but I do not wish to travel as I do so. Perhaps we should stop for lunch?"

Narlissa considered a moment then agreed. She had not realised how hungry she had got although she had no food to eat anyway.

Reece looked around for somewhere to stop and Narlissa giggled, taking Faeht's reins and leading them into the trees. As a half-elf she had a talent for finding secluded woodland spots and sure enough within minutes they were sat at the base of a large tree, their horses grazing nearby.

Her companion pulled from his pack a small chunk of bread and immediately tore it in half, offering some to Narlissa. She accepted graciously and for a while they sat in silence.

After he had finished, Reece sat forwards. "So you wish to hear why I am down in the southern reaches of this fine queendom?"

Narlissa nodded, her mouth still full of bread. She had never been the quickest eater.

"My tale starts a year ago, when the queen had two daughters she struggled to keep control of. I was their favoured bard, often called to give private performances to Isabel or Jessica. I was very content there."

"Private performances?" Narlissa said, raising an eyebrow.

Reece laughed quietly. "Yes. I was frequently called to their rooms to satiate their urge for poetry and song, and sometimes to also quell more... physical desires. The nobility are not as demure as you perhaps imagine."

Narlissa remembered her night with Duncyn after she had stolen the Baroness' amulet. She could vouch for Reece's claim that the nobility enjoyed a good fuck just as much as the commoners.

She shook her head. Thinking of that night was getting her riled up again. "So, what happened?"

"Discovery and banishment, my dear lady. One fateful eve I was summoned to Princess Isabel's room. As we were engaged in... certain activities, a troupe of guards appeared at the entrance to her bedchambers. It appeared that her sister, Princess Jessica, had run away with her three retainers."

"I heard about that," Narlissa nodded. "A real scandal. Were you blamed?"

"No, nothing so severe. The Queen blamed her daughters entirely for the scandal and was furious when the extent of their... appetites became apparent. She felt that it was their hobbies that had led them down that path, culminating in Princess Jessica's disappearance."

"A strange conclusion to come to."

Reece laughed softly. "Indeed. Particularly when one considers that my uncle was a court bard when the current queen was still an unmarried young lady fresh on the throne. The stories he tells of their long nights together at her insistence... and they were not always alone."

"But that does not explain why you were sent away if she did not blame you?"

"I believe that she wanted to remove all temptation from Princess Isabel, to make sure that she did not follow in her sister's footsteps. The Queen had already lost one heir and she was not prepared to lose another. All male retainers and court staff were taken away from Isabel's personal employ. She was left isolated from those that she would have previously turned to for companionship."

Narlissa shook her head. "Poor woman." Then a grin spread across her face and she added, "but a man can always be found if the situation calls for it."

"Ah, my lady, but that is where the tale truly becomes sad. Before I left, I heard rumours that the Queen had ordered the court wizard to place a spell upon Princess Isabel. It is said that if she engages in a sexual act with a fertile man then the Queen will know immediately and she will be cast out from the Palace. The Queen will not risk a child born out of wedlock to bring more scandal on the castle."

Narlissa smiled sadly. She could only sympathise with the Princess. To go so long without sex... Narlissa would find it tortuous. But there were infertile men out there, she knew at least one who had passed his temporary infertility onto her. She hoped the Princess would meet a man like that one day.

But for now, the thought of sex had set her magic cunt aflame and she knew she could not wait much longer. She was so incredibly horny that she felt she must do something about it now - to wait any more would be to risk her desires bubbling over.

"Are you alright, my lady?" Reece said then, eyeing her with concern.

Narlissa realised that she had unconciously taken on a predatory look. Her breathing had quickened and she stared at Reece hungrily. He really was good-looking.

"I am more than alright," she said quietly. "But please, stop calling me a lady. I am not a lady, nor do I act like one."

"But my la-"


"But Narlissa, you do yourself a disservice. You have been very ladylike and composed."

Narlissa grinned. "I do not wish to be ladylike. I have no desire to aspire to nobility. I am very happy with my lot in life."

She shifted then, moving onto all-fours and starting to crawl towards Reece. His eyes opened wide when he realised what was happening.

"And besides," she added, "if I were a lady, it would not be proper of me to suggest that you fuck me. Here. Now."

"Are you sure?" he asked, still in a state of evident surprise.

Narlissa did not even respond, she simply pressed her lips against his. Her tongue pushed into his mouth and her magic cunt flared with desire as she kissed the bard. She needed it filled.

Reaching out to grab Reece's shirt she soon had him topless and he responded in kind. He groaned as he undid her armour and her big tits spilled free, grabbing them and giving them a squeeze. Then Narlissa stood to remove her pants and watched eagerly as Reece did the same. She very often enjoyed foreplay but not right now. What she needed right now was Reece's cock inside her magic cunt.

She dropped to her knees, reaching out to push Reece flat on his back before straddling him. Luckily his cloak had fallen in such a way that he was lying on it rather than on the forest floor but Narlissa would not have cared anyway. Her mind was far too occupied with the thought of the member that was just about to slip inside her. She lifted her hips and angled herself with his length.

Narlissa's eyes opened wide as she sank down on Reece's thick cock. It felt so good stretching her tight cunt that she moaned loudly without even thinking and before she even was truly aware of what she was doing she was bouncing quickly.

Her hands were on his chest for support as she straddled his waist, he knees bent and her feet flat on the floor. She stared down at him with lust and he could only groan back. Her thighs tensed as she rode Reece's cock and he reached out to place his hands on them, clearly appreciating her firm but slender legs.

Narlissa was beyond appreciating how good Reece looked - and he did look good - and was instead beginning to get lost in her pleasure. Her eyes were struggling for focus as her cunt welcomed in his lovely cock and she could see that Reece too was starting to hunch forwards. He had an intent look in his eye and Narlissa could tell that he was getting closer.

"Narlissa, the picture of your flame-haired beauty as you move is... indescribable," he moaned, throwing his head back. "The majesty of your body is pushing me quickly towards bliss."

She could only sob out her pleasure in response, her pussy beginning to narrow on her lover's cock. She was so close.

"Well you're going to make this flame-haired beauty come, Reece! You're going to make her come all over your cock!"

Seconds later she was proven right as her magic cunt clamped down on his member. Narlissa screamed out her pleasure and Reece groaned as he followed moments later. His head thrashed from side to side at the intense orgasm that swept through his body and somewhere in the midst of her own ecstasy Narlissa knew he had never felt anything like it.

After a while their orgasms finally faded and Narlissa grinned as she leant down to give Reece a quick kiss. Climbing off him she reached for her clothes and quickly redressed, watching him do the same.

She still had treasure to find.

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