tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 08

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 08


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, awoke to find the first rays of dawn already filtering through the trees. It was not late by any means but there was no time to go back to sleep. She needed to be on her way if she were going to get to the treasure before the ship captain and her traitorous mercenaries.

She rolled over to see Aramil still fast asleep. Part of her felt guilty about needing to wake him up but he was her guide and without him she would not be able to woodwalk as quickly as she could with him there.

But Narlissa was not cruel. She would not simply wake him up and tell him to carry on guiding her. After all, she was not paying him and he did not owe her. Narlissa knew exactly how to wake Aramil in a way that he would enjoy.

She slowly pulled down the blanket, enjoying the sight of his toned naked body. As an elf he was hairless but for the hair on his head and his frame was slightly smaller than a human's - he would have been considered skinny by human standards - but he was toned and muscular all the same. Her magic cunt throbbed at the sight of what she wanted to see.

Aramil was hard as a rock already and Narlissa did not need convincing for what she was going to do next. She leant forwards quickly, taking him into her mouth, and slowly swirled her tongue around him.

"Oh... morning," he moaned, opening his eyes and staring down at her.

Narlissa mumbled something back, her words muffled by the fact that her mouth was full of his cock, and sucked down harder on his length. Then she pulled her head away and kissed down his sides until he was wet with her saliva.

Narlissa knew that they did not have long to waste. Though she was reluctant to finish a blowjob so quickly when she enjoyed it so much she knew she had to hurry things up. Not that the thought of what was going to happen next didn't cause her magic cunt to ache with desire for the feel of Aramil's hard cock, so she pulled her head from his member and instead threw a leg over the elf. He grinned up at her as he knew what was coming.

Lowering herself down she moaned as his member slipped into her pussy and she enjoyed the sight of his eyes rolling back in pleasure at the feel of her. She leant forwards to kiss him deeply, enjoying the way her big tits pressed against his hard chest. Then she pulled slightly away.

"I did all the work last night, lover," she moaned with a mischievous smile. "Now it's your turn."

Aramil laughed and began to thrust, slowly at first although his pace quickly grew. Soon he was thrusting hard into Narlissa's slender body and she was crying out with the building pleasure in her core.

She pushed her arms straight so that she could better stare down at the blonde elf and enjoyed the way he groaned in happiness at the sight of her breasts swinging with the force of his thrusts. She knew she was going to come soon.

"I'm going to come..." she moaned.

"Me too! Ah!" Aramil cried out as he thrust upwards and Narlissa knew his jizz was spurting into her cunt. She followed seconds later, her pussy seizing hold of his cock as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

After they were done, she rolled from Aramil with a delighted giggle, quickly springing to her feet. She smiled at the elf as she pulled on her clothes.

"I know that it is early, but we really must be on our way. I hope that was a reasonable way to wake you."

Aramil watched her dress for a moment before reaching for his own armour and beginning to pull it on. "I don't care how early it is when you wake me like that, Narlissa."

Soon they had mounted their horses and were travelling quickly through the forest once more. Trees flashed past on either side and the hours ticked by in silence as they covered vast distances.

Narlissa knew that this was her best chance of catching up to the ship and reaching Hallowblossom before they did but even then she suspected the ship would get there first. But if she made it not long after then she might catch them before they left again. Even if she could steal some of the treasure back she would be happy enough. A fraction of the riches were better than none at all.

Suddenly Aramil slowed, glancing around to her with a small smile on his face. "I have an invitation for you, Narlissa, though I will not be offended if you choose to decline. Would you like to see my village?"

She paused, considering. She really needed to catch up with the ship but at the same time it had been many, many years since she had seen an elven settlement. Her curiosity was piqued.

"I would like to see your home, Aramil. Although I must ask to take further advantage of your hospitality and request that we do not stay long."

"Of course. We will be there a short while indeed."

Aramil set off once more and Narlissa guided Faeht after him. They angled in a slightly different direction and soon the trees were skimming past them again. Morning passed.

At length Aramil slowed and Narlissa realised that they were entering a small clearing. Large trees stood in the small glade with grassland between them and she realised that each of the trees was a home. Humans had odd notions about elves leaving in the branches of trees in the forests as if they were birds. She knew the truth was even more spectacular.

The elves lived inside the trees as if the boughs had grown to accommodate them. She knew that was not necessarily the most crazy thought since the the elves had such an affinity with nature.

Here and there odd figures moved about and Narlissa saw them all turn to face her. Aramil waited patiently at the border of the settlement and Narlissa waited with him.

Soon a whole host of elves had appeared and they all regarded her with curiosity. Strangely, none seemed overly bothered by the arrival of a non-elf to their village, something which usually would have caused outrage. Clearly these elves were a little more tolerant than usual.

Eventually a woman stepped forwards. She was beautiful, with jet black hair that fell to her shoulders and a magnificent figure. Her large breasts were pushed out by the simple brown dress she wore and her brown eyes glowed warmly. She looked to be in her middle-years, though with an elf's flawless complexion she was still stunning.

"Welcome home Aramil," she said, smiling at Narlissa's companion. "You bring a guest?"

Aramil dismounted a bowed. "Greetings, Tree Mother. I do indeed bring a guest. Her name is Narlissa and I request she be allowed entry."

The woman turned to Narlissa and waited. Narlissa realised that she should dismount too and so she did so hurriedly. Standing up straight, she felt like a giant. She was hardly tall herself, and amongst humans she was on the shorter side, but that was because of her elven heritage. Amongst the elves her human heritage made her tall. The beautiful elf who spoke to her could not have been more than five foot tall.

"Narlissa. I must ask why you wish to enter our village."

Narlissa bowed. "Aramil has guided me through these woods and extended an invitation to see your home. My mother was an elf, and it has been a long time since I saw a settlement of her people."

"You do not visit her home?" the elf said, curious.

"She died many years ago, Tree Mother." She had heard Aramil use that phrase and hoped it was appropriate for her to copy him.

The woman's face saddened. "I am very sorry to hear that, Narlissa. Of course you may enter our village. Welcome. I am Lohr."

Narlissa smiled broadly as Aramil showed her into the village. Lohr walked with them awhile as the other elves returned to their daily routine. The beautiful elf explained the history of the town to Narlissa and she found it fascinating.

The elves had come to these woods many centuries ago, although for a long time they had remained entirely hidden from the local humans. This was not normal for elves even in those times; elves even then usually made their borders clear, if only to warn other races to stay out. However a split had arisen in the village between elves that wanted to live in the forest and those who wanted to live in cities of stone. A peaceful resolution was found where those who wanted to live in cities left of their own accord, and it was they who founded Hallowblossom as a fort and settlement, which was called Illost in elvish.

"So it was founded by elves from this village?" Narlissa asked.

"Yes," Lorh nodded. "They went with our blessing, of course, and we maintained contact. Those who left wanted to live in a city and we do not judge them for that."

Narlissa was curious. "So why did it fall?"

"That is a strange tale," the beautiful elf responded. "One of their number was a powerful young warlock. She rose to prominence in the city through her command of the demonic arts."

"A warlock?" Narlissa gasped.

"Indeed. But being a warlock does not necessarily make one evil, remember. For someone who can control them, demons are often merely tools. Regardless, this warlock had constructed for herself a large abode in the centre of the settlement. Beneath this house she built a small network of tunnels, and it is in those tunnels that she hid her treasure."

Narlissa kept quiet. The elves did not know why she was heading to Hallowblossom, and the more she heard of this story the more she thought they'd disapprove of her reasoning.

"But one day a young elf decided to see that treasure for themselves. They triggered traps that the warlock had set, and became ensnared within the tunnels. Their cries for help could be heard throughout Illost."

"Were they rescued?"

Lohr smiled. "Nothing quite so dramatic. The inhabitants of Illost made a deal with the warlock that they would leave the settlement if she freed the young elf. She accepted and released the youngster. The inhabitants kept their end of the deal and returned to live amongst us here. Their descendents are still among our number today."

"And what of the warlock?"

"She lived a long and fruitful life, but eventually passed away as even elves must. Her legacy remains, however, in those demonically tainted tunnels. The only knowledge of their existence lies within maps that that the inhabitants brought with them here."

Narlissa's eyes widened. "Maps?"

"Indeed," Lohr nodded sadly. "But we lost one a few months back. It was stolen from us by one of our own who fled the settlement for the human cities. I imagine they sold it once they got there. We must simply hope that whoever finds it does not think they can locate the treasure, for terrible peril awaits them if they do."

Narlissa was worried now. These elves did not know why she was heading to Hallowblossom and she had no intention of telling them but that did not quell her nerves. If the treasure were guarded by demonic magic that changed things completely. She was not so sure she wanted it anymore.

That said, she had spent all her money hiring the mercenaries who had betrayed her. She needed more gold and this treasure was the only way she could think of to get it. Not to mention that Eavu and Taicoss and the rest of the ship's crew did not know they were heading into danger. Despite their theft she could not bring herself to wish genuine harm upon them. If she could stop them then she would.

She realised she had to leave. Time was more precious than she realised. She bowed. "Thank you for inviting me into your village, Tree Mother. I am afraid that time grows short, however, and I must leave."

"Very well, Narlissa. You are welcome at any time. Good luck in your travels." She smiled at Narlissa before turning to Aramil. "I assume you will be guiding her to the forest's edge?"

Aramil nodded, then Lohr departed with a friendly farewell. Narlissa and her companion walked quickly back to the horses.

"That was a sudden departure," the blonde elf chuckled.

"I realised that it was growing late and I must be on my way, much to my regret."

They reached the horses then and Narlissa surveyed the village one final time knowing that despite her invitation she was unlikely to ever return. Then she climbed onto Faeht and following Aramil's horse back into the woods. They rode in silence for another few hours but as the trees began to thin around them Narlissa knew that they were near the edge of the forest. They could not be far from Hallowblossom now. She was soon proven right as wisps of smoke became visible over the trees, a sure-fire sign that there was a settlement nearby even if it was a small one.

Aramil slowed before turning to her and smiling. "Well, Narlissa, I can go no further. I am sworn not to leave the forest until my clan say that I may and this is the very edge of our domain. To go any further would break my promise."

"And I don't want you to do that!" Narlissa laughed, dismounting from Faeht. Aramil climbed down from his elven steed, too.

Narlissa let her eyes wander over him a moment and let out a small sigh that she would likely never see him again. He was good fun.

"Is something bothering you?" he asked, a slight sadness in his eyes. Clearly he had enjoyed his time with her, too.

A thought occurred to Narlissa and her magic cunt throbbed at the idea. She grinned as she stepped towards Aramil. "Just the fact that I am to leave your company, Aramil. I enjoyed spending this time with you."

"And I, you," he smiled back, his eyes taking on a salacious glint as she closed the distance between them quickly. "I shall always treasure the memories of our time together."

"Well perhaps we can make one more memory?" she said, but before Aramil could answer she was kissing him. He responded passionately and wrapped his arms around her body. This elf had likely not had much experience with women before meeting her but he was clearly as desperately horny as she was. She wondered if the demon sex magic in her core might find a new home in him. If it did, she knew he would relish it.

Immediately, her hands were on his armour to loosen the knots and seconds later his pants were by his ankles. He stepped out of them and undid his top and soon he was completely naked. Kissing her he began to undress her too and Narlissa did not complain as he stripped off her clothes until she found herself as nude as he was. They would not be found even if they were on the edge of the woods and besides Narlissa was far too caught up in the moment to care.

She stepped backwards until she knew she was up against a tree and then spun herself round. Pressing her palms against the bark and bending over, she felt Aramil grasp her ass and line himself up with her cunt. Then he pushed inwards and she moaned at the incredible pleasure.

She remembered then that Sir Jeffrey had fucked her against a tree too and laughed softly to herself that it was not an uncommon occurrence. But soon any thought of the past was washed away by the wonderful feeling of Aramil's cock as it slid in and out of her tight pussy.

His hands moved to hold her hips as he thrust, slowly at first. He seemed to be taking his time, knowing it was the last time they would likely be together, and Narlissa appreciated that. It was what she wanted too.

Then his pace gradually increased. His hands roved over her naked body and she rolled her hips back against him as his cock thrust into her magic cunt. She relished every second of him inside her and she knew that her release was approaching quickly. Seconds later, she was proven right as she felt her pussy clamp down on his cock, squeezing his probing length as pleasure filled her. But Aramil did not stop fucking her even through her climax. Soon her orgasm had passed and he was still thrusting into her cunt. She felt herself building towards another one already.

The minutes stretched out as he hammered his hips against hers, and then suddenly the moment arrived. She shrieked out as she came for a second time and she heard Aramil grunt his own pleasure as the blonde elf's orgasm exploded inside him, his cock shooting its seed deep into her cunt.

She struggled to focus for a moment, so overwhelmed with pleasure, but eventually the orgasm passed and she was able to push herself upright and turn around. Aramil stood breathless before her, his naked body glistening with sweat. He grinned.

Narlissa stepped towards him and gave him a quick kiss before reaching for her armour and swiftly climbing into it. As much as she'd have liked to stay she knew she had to keep moving. Hallowblossom wasn't far.

Soon she was on her way.

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