tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 09

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 09


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, studied her copy of the treasure map carefully. She had skirted Hallowblossom earlier that morning, avoiding the inhabitants. Watching them from afar, she had realised that they were harmless enough, but she did not want to risk them finding out about the ruins and being trapped by the demon magic.

According the map, the entrance to the ruins was found in the shadow of a large monument. She lifted her head and looked around. There!

A statue stood in a square surrounded by broken stone walls. Long grass had taken over what she was sure had originally been a well looked after garden but she moved towards it with trepidation. It certainly seemed like the right place. She dismounted Faeht but left her free. The horse would not wander off, but if the worst happened to Narlissa and she did not return then she wanted Faeht to be able to leave and find food and water.

Stepping over the crumbling stonework, she approached the statue. She walked around it once, twice, and then she saw what she was looking for. The left hand of the statue was loose. Reaching out and tugging it, a grinding sound filled her pointed ears. She stepped back as a grate slid upwards at the base of the statue, revealing a set of stairs deep into blackness.

She took a deep breath and headed downwards. The darkness was thick here but her elven eyes meant she could still see clearly enough. Anyone else would have needed a source of light however.

Narlissa reached the bottom of the stairs and took stock. A long corridor led off in front of her and she carefully picked her way across the stones, making her steps as light as possible. She did not want to think about all the traps that could be waiting for her.

After a few minutes of moving along the corridor she saw it was nearing an end, and opened out into a large room. Then she paused. She could hear shouting.

Moving more quickly Narlissa heard the sound quickly growing louder. It was coming from the large room and before long she had reached it. She cast her eyes round trying to find the source and it was then that she recognised the voices.

Eavu and Taicoss!

She stepped hurriedly inwards and then she saw them. Both were pinned to the walls on opposite sides of the chamber. Black tendrils writhed around them, holding them in place, and both were shouting angrily at the other. Clearly they blamed each other for what had happened.

She saw their packs discarded in the middle of the floor and padded silently towards them. A black door was closed on the far side of the room and she felt an ominous emanation from it. That was the demon magic.

Narlissa picked up a torch from the floor and quickly lit it, holding it above her head. Immediately the two men stopped shouting and yelped with fright. She could see them blinking back against the sudden light.

"Nar... Narlissa?" Taicoss said after his eyes had adjusted.

She turned to him and nodded. "Yes."

"Narlissa you can't be here. The magic - it'll get you too! Run whilst you can!"

Narlissa studied him. He was deadly serious. So the man wasn't all bad, despite betraying her. He truly wanted her to escape. "What happened?" she said at last.

"We came here with the captain after following your map," Eavu said from behind her. "We found the ruins easily enough and the three of us came down here. Then we approached that door." He nodded towards the black door. "Taicoss and I opened it and magic grabbed us. It pinned us here. We've been here for hours and hours. Maybe even days. I don't know."

"You've been here overnight," she laughed. "Calm down. I'll get you out. What of the captain. Did he get the treasure?"

Eavu shook his head. "No. When he saw what happened to us he turned tail and ran. I have no doubt he has gone."

"A coward then. That is not surprising."

Eavu smiled sadly. "It seems to have worked out for you after all, Narlissa. The captain did not get the treasure, you are here to take it for yourself, and your traitorous mercenaries meet a slow and painful end for their betrayal."

"Don't be stupid, Eavu. I'll find a way to get you down. Stay where you are."

Eavu laughed. "We don't have much of a choice about that."

With a grin, Narlissa turned towards the black door. She placed the torch on the floor to give light to Taicoss and Eavu in her absence and then slowly approached the ominous stone. Silence filled the room as the two men stared at her.

She reached out, pressing her hand against the door. A strange tingling filled her, and it grew stronger with every passing second. Movement on the door caught her attention and she suddenly realised that tendrils were sprouting from it, bursting towards her. Before she could back away they had wrapped around her back.

"Narlissa, no!" she heard Eavu shout desperately.

Panic filled her as the tendrils lifted her from the floor, totally covering her body. Darkness and demonic taint seemed to reek from them, but they did not carry her towards the wall as they had done the two men.

Instead, they pressed her towards the door, and she gasped as she felt the hard stone yield like putty. It melded around her body, the tendrils a blanket over her back, and then she was through the other side.

She spluttered as she fell to her knees, gulping down air. Behind her the door was still intact and there was no sign of the tendrils. She stood and looked around.

This room was smaller than the last, though more lavishly decorated. Not that it was luxurious. A raised stone plinth sat in the middle and she gulped as she realised it was likely used for demonic rituals. Then again, as the Tree Mother had told her in the elven settlement, warlocks were not always evil. Demons were a tool for those that could control them.

Another door stood on the far side of the room, and she moved quietly towards it. It was wooden and she reached out to open it.

"Halt," said a quiet voice, and she froze in fear. She turned slowly and gasped. A man stood before her. She had not seen him as she entered the room.

At least, she described him as a man but he clearly was not. He possessed a toned and athletic human body, it was true, with messy brown hair and brown eyes, but the wings folded across his back and the two horns sprouting from his forehead made it obvious he was not human. A demon!

She pressed herself against the wall but the demon merely smiled. It was actually quite a soothing smile. His eyes... they looked tired.

"I must ask your business here," he said. "You are not supposed to be in this chamber."

"I found a map," she said quietly in return. "It led me here."

The demon sighed, and moved to stand in front of her. His chest was bare, as were his human-like feet, and the only thing he wore were the cloth pants on his legs.

"You have come to claim the treasure?" he said.

She nodded, then shrugged. "I hoped to. But if you will not let me, then I will not fight you for it." She had no intention of engaging a demon in a fight, however unarmed it looked.

The demon smiled. "Good. I do not wish to harm you. My kind is not summoned for this purpose. Guard duty." He practically spat the last two words.

Narlissa relaxed. He was not going to hurt her. "Your kind?"

The demon looked at her again. He seemed to be considering whether he should answer her, but after a few moments he did. She stayed pressed against the wall, but less fearfully than she had been.

"A warlock constructed these ruins and placed her treasure here. I was her personal demon; she utilised my talents daily, often more frequently than that. I was bound to her command but I did not detest my work. I rather enjoyed it."

Narlissa bit her lip in confusion. "But she died long ago. Surely you would have been released then?"

"I had hoped so," the demon sighed. "I enjoyed my time with her, but her death should have freed me. Yet she had other plans in mind."

"Other plans?"

The demon gestured round. "She imprisoned me here to guard over her treasure. She did not want anyone else to have it. I believe she felt the same way about me. Were I to be freed, I could then be summoned by another."

"That's terrible. How long have you been trapped here?"

"I do not know. I suspect at least one hundred years - the passage of the seasons is hard to judge. You are the first person I have spoken to in all that time, although my magics trapped other fortune-seekers only last night."

"I have seen them. Can you be convinced to release them?"

The demon shook his head sadly. "As long as I am here I am bound by my duty, and that is to protect those who seek the warlock's treasure. And yet, you were not caught in my wardings. Are you a warlock?"

Narlissa raised her hands non-threateningly. "I am not. You have nothing to fear from me, demon."

"Yet you must have some control over the demonic arts, else you would not have passed the first door. You would be trapped like the others who came here."

Narlissa smiled. "I have demonic magic in me, but it is not power I wield consciously. At least, I do not choose its manifestation."

"How so?" the demon asked, cocking his head. His brown eyes regarded her with curiosity. She had to admit, he was strangely attractive.

"I have an incubus' magic inside me." She left that statement hanging there. Surely the demon would know what to infer from it.

The creature grinned, though it was in a friendly, not fearful manner. His face lit up at the expression and Narlissa realised how human he looked. If not for the two horns that protruded from his forehead and the wings on his back he could have walked through a human city without trouble.

"I know that magic well, for I am an incubus. I am surprised you didn't recognise my kind."

Narlissa was surprised though not overly so. The demon was attractive. Very attractive. She could certainly see why someone would summon him to quench their sexual desires. Then the thought of the incubus sating those desires flashed through her mind and her magic cunt flared.

"I did not summon an incubus. Its magic affected someone close to me, and I was imbued with it through them."

The demon's eyes widened. "Ah. So that is how it manifests in you. Very interesting."

"You know that can happen?"

"Of course. It is sometimes a side effect of our summoning. We are usually brought into this plane to tend to the whims of our summoner, but when we are done occasional traces of us may remain inside them. Yet once it is there, they will forever feel our presence, and it will spread to other like-minded individuals if given the chance."

"An incubus to sate their personal desire. Is that what your warlock wanted?"

The demon laughed. "I believe it was. She requested that I satisfy her at least once a day. I was not unhappy to do so."

Again Narlissa could not help but think of how hot it would be to have access to such a handsome demon whenever she desired it. She envied the warlock for having those powers.

After a moment's silence the demon spoke again. "May I ask your name?"

"Narlissa. And yours?"

"Sesreh. Tell me, Narlissa, do you enjoy the incubus magic inside you?"

She pursed her lips at the demon who was eyeing her curiously. "I do. Very much so. Do not think to take it from me."

He extended a hand soothingly. "I could not do so, even if I wanted to. It is beyond my power to remove the magic of another demon, even if that demon was another incubus. No, I ask you whether you enjoy the magic because I have a proposition for you, Narlissa."

"A proposition?"

"I wish to be freed. Access to that magic will break my bonds; it will end my imprisonment. And Narlissa, when I am gone these ruins will be unguarded. You will have your treasure, and your companions will be freed."

Narlissa's cunt throbbed at the undertone. The way this conversation was going, she had other things on her mind than the treasure. "Access to that magic?"

"Yes, Narlissa. If you allow me inside you, to move within you, to bring you to release... then the magic will flow into me as it does all your partners, and I will be freed."

"You want to fuck me?"

The demon grinned. "Yes. But remember, Narlissa. I am a sex demon. I will make it most enjoyable for you."

Narlissa did not need to be asked again. This gorgeous man was being very blatant in his desire and she had no intention of letting such an opportunity slip. "Will you do as I say?"

"Of course. You are my mistress for this."

"Then kiss me."

Suddenly the demon was in front of her and before Narlissa could think he was kissing her. His strong arms wrapped around her body, pinning her against him. His tongue drove into her mouth. She let him linger there a moment then grabbed his hand, guiding it to the knots on her corset.

Sesreh undid them without breaking the kiss, and soon her bodice was off, her big tits exposed. Instantly his tongue was on them and kissing her nipples. It felt amazing as he squeezed the globes and she could not help but moan at the feeling.

Then he moved his hands to her ass and gently lifted, staring at Narlissa. She nodded to give him permission and he picked her up and carried her to the raised plinth in the centre of the room. Setting her down on the side he started to kiss down her body. He reached her pants and deftly removed them leaving her completely naked but Narlissa did not mind as he pushed open her legs.

She cried out as his tongue found her cunt. Immediately he licked and kissed her pussy, exploring every inch of her sensitive folds. She looked down at him with lust and he stared back with his brown eyes shimmering with desire.

He was an expert and Narlissa could feel herself building to a huge orgasm. She sat upright, reaching down to run her fingers through the demon's messy brown hair. Then she traced along the outside of his horns. She wondered if she would be allowed to grasp them, then remembered that an incubus' task what to satisfy its mistress. She tightly held the horns.

Sesreh did not stop and Narlissa used her grip as leverage to press his face harder into her cunt. She could feel the tightness within her and moments later she came against his mouth. Her juices seeped out over his chin and she shook slightly with the pleasure of her orgasm.

Sesreh slowed whilst she sobbed out her pleasure until at last she guided him upright with his horns. He straightened and she kissed him again. Reaching out she pushed down his cloth pants. She broke the kiss and moaned at the sight of his rigid cock.

The incubus stepped forward, knowing what she wanted, and lined himself up with her entrance. Narlissa could not believe what was happening - she had come down here to find treasure and instead ended up getting fucked by a gorgeous demon in the depths of the ruins. Not that she could complain, especially once his member had pierced her folds.

"Oh fuck..." she moaned as his cock sank into her cunt, stretching her full. She stared into the demon's eyes as he started to move his hips.

He was slow at first, his tongue and hands never still on her body. He made all the right moves but that was hardly surprising for a sex demon. She could feel herself building towards another huge climax.

"Fuck me harder," she said as sternly as she could but the demon's excellent work clouded her mind somewhat. But he knew what she wanted and started to hammer his hips against hers. The noise echoed round the small chamber and Narlissa wondered if Taicoss and Eavu could hear her. She did not care if they could.

Her body started to tense and she stared at Sesreh with lust. The demon looked gorgeous, his muscles bunching and coiling as he thrust powerfully into her magic cunt. His face was twisted in pleasure too. Clearly incubi enjoyed their work.

He reached up to grasp one of her tits with his right hand. The added sensation was all Narlissa needed.

"Oh fuck yes!" she screamed as her orgasm erupted inside her. Her magic cunt clamped down on Sesreh's cock and she could feel herself clutching at his member. The demon's eyes rolled back at the feeling and he grunted out his own release. Narlissa was not sure whether demon's could come but Sesreh certainly seemed to be enjoying himself as he bucked and shook with pleasure.

At last it was done and as she reclined on the plinth breathlessly, the incubus pulled out with a broad smile. "Thank you, Narlissa. You have held to your end of the bargain and shared your magic with me. I am free."

"What will happen to you?" she said, still panting in the aftermath of her huge orgasm.

"I will finally return home." His expression grew even happier. "I will no longer be made to guard these ruins. You may take whatever you desire. I am bound here no more."

Narlissa watched as the demon slowly shimmered out of existence. He seemed truly delighted.

Slipping from the plinth, she padded nakedly towards the wooden door on the far side of the room. Reaching out, it opened easily. An ornate chest lay beyond.

A grin spread across her face. She had done it.

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