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Nashville Meetup


Ray planned his weeklong trip to Nashville with multiple purposes in mind. He wanted to visit with his brother, who had gone into business with his son and he wanted to check the local areas to see if there were any areas he might be interested in buying when he retired in five years and finally, he wanted to get together with an old friend he had been corresponding with over the years. Anne, his wife of twenty-eight years only knew of the first two reasons.

Rays marriage to Anne had started out well, but after two children, things began to decline. Like most marriages, they had their ups and downs, but for a long time, there seemed to be more downs than ups. Ray felt like he was just there to pay bills and pick up the messes his family made. When he asked for support, most of the time it was lacking. While they rarely fought, there just wasn't that spark that was there in the beginning between Ray and Anne. It had been years since they had last made love. Partially because Ray worked away from home, but mainly because there just wasn't any interest between them.

Ray knew Sue since they double dated in their senior year of high school. Ray had turned 18 a few months ago and Sue was only a month younger than he was. Harry was a year older than both of them. His best friend Harry had arranged a double-date with a girl and Sue, who was Harry's girlfriend. When they went to pick the girls up Ray was stunned at the beauty of both of them and asked Harry under his breath: "Which one is mine?"

Both had below the shoulder length hair (a total turn on for Ray) and were wearing tight jeans, which showed off their hard bodies. Unfortunately, Rays date had other boys in mind and wasn't really interested in him, so they never got together again. Sue and Harry fixed Ray up with other girls over time and most didn't work out either.

Prom night turned out to be a bummer for Ray too. Ray and dated one of a set of sexy little twins a few times and they seemed to hit it off so he asked her to the prom. As it turns out, she only went to the prom with Ray because she was interested in another guy! Since they had double-dated with Harry and Sue, they wound up taking his date home after the prom was over.

After dropping Rays date off at her house Sue, Harry and Ray rode around drinking beer and some gin Ray had swiped from his father's closet They eventually picked up another guy whose date was over early. They continued to ride around until Sue finally decided she wanted to go parking. Sue wanted to have sex with Harry, the two extra drunk guys in the back seat be damned! She found a secluded area to park in and put a blanket between the front doors and over the front seats for privacy. Harry was so drunk he couldn't help out much except to provide the erection for Sues use. Sue had to ask Ray and the other drunk in the back seat how to put a condom on him, a fact they teased Harry about for years afterwards.

Sue and Harry married after she graduated from high school and Ray was the best man at their wedding. The three of them were pretty much inseparable. Ray eventually joined the Army and after basic was able to come home on weekends while in advanced training. A few months after their marriage, while Ray was home visiting, he met Sue at a local night spot where Harry was working. Ray and a friend had had a few beers and Sue talked them into taking her and her girlfriend into riding around drinking with them.

They were just riding around the back country roads singing along with the radio, drinking and talking until they came to a stop sign. That's when Sue put the car into park and leaned over to Ray and proceeded to attack him with a torrid kiss. Ray started to respond, as any hot and horny eighteen year old male would do, until he realized this woman was his best friends' wife! He stopped her from going further, as much as he wanted to and the friends in the back seat were all but forgotten while they found a quiet place to park and talk about what was going on.

Sue complained about the way Harry was treating her and that he was often ignoring her. He preferred to work on his cars instead of taking care of business. He also seemed to be treating her like property instead of his wife. After a long conversation lasting over an hour they dropped their friends off and went to Sue's house where Ray confronted Harry about the way he was treating Sue. That marked a turning point in their relationship. From then on, Ray and Sue would talk about how things were in her marriage whenever they were able to get together alone. Harry seemed to change, but Ray still wasn't sure about him. Their friendship was still strong, but different, strained.

On the weekends when Ray was able to come home they often went out together drinking and dancing. The relationship between Ray and Harry seemed to get better and Ray spent a lot of time over their house. Sometimes he'd spend the night and in the mornings he would often stand in the corner of their kitchen and watch Sue cook or clean while they talked.

If he was having women problems, he would ask Sue for advice. Nothing was off limits and Ray often asked her how thing were going in her life. The relationship they shared was one that Ray had often thought of as perfect. Sue was like his super sexy big sister even though they were the same age and Rays feelings towards Sue slowly began to deepen.

As time went on Ray was able to make it home often and they would all go out drinking and dancing together. Sue and Ray would do most of the dancing as Harry was a bit of a wall flower when it came to dancing. Ray would look forward to the slow numbers where he and Sue could talk while being close, their bodies rubbing against each other, his erection rubbing against Sue's thigh. On one of those nights Sue told Ray that she was going to have him before she died.

This just planted a seed in Rays mind and he never forgot what she said that night. It shaped his fantasies for years to come. After the slow dance Ray had to make a quick trip to the restroom to adjust himself, so Harry wouldn't notice his erection. Once in a while Ray would spend the night in the spare bedroom at their house after a night out and occasionally he would hear Harry and Sue making love. He secretly wished it was him and not Harry enjoying Sues' charms. He knew he had strong feelings and lusted after her but since she was married to his friend he thought they would never be able to be together. Still, fantasies of them doing just that helped Ray make it through some lonely times in his life.

One day Ray was home visiting his father and Sue stopped by. They went into an old farmhouse on Rays' property and he was showing her the upstairs that was being remodeled. They began to kiss and Ray let his hormones take over. They were going at it hot and heavy, Sue had worn a skirt and taken her panties off. Ray was in shorts. He took them off and was in the process of putting a spare mattress down when they heard a car door shut. Looking out the window, they panicked as they saw Harry and tried to get dressed. Sue was dressed when Harry made it up the stairs, but Ray hadn't quite finished. Harry saw them and hollered; "What the hell is going on here!" He turned and walked down the stairs.

Sue knew she had been caught. She followed him down and they both left. Ray was in a quandary. He knew he had screwed up his friendship and their marriage. Later that night Sue called him and asked him to come to her house. She had taken the blame for what had happened and she and Harry had talked for hours. Ray went. The atmosphere was tense for a while, but as the drinks flowed and they talked about things, it seemed to calm. Ray left and there was again a tense understanding between the old friends. It would remain that way for years.

Time went on, Ray married a girl he had met while in the Army and although the four of them had some awesome times together, there was still that feeling of distrust between Ray and Harry. Every once in a while Ray would make it home for the weekend and he would get alone with Sue and they would have some torrid make out sessions, although they never did make love. One night at Harry and Sues they were partying with a group of people and horse playing around. Sue decided to take some ice and shove it down Ray's pants. Ray, thinking turnabout was fair play, took an ice cube and shoved it down Sue's pants He pushed it so far that he was able to push the cube between the lips of her pussy and while she was wriggling around he held it there for a few seconds. When he did that he noticed she was somewhat wet already, and it wasn't from the melting ice cube!

Another time they were sitting in the kitchen playing cards. Harry decided to watch T.V. in the other room and eventually dozed off. Sue was wearing a nightshirt as it was almost time for bed and Ray decided to make the night interesting. As they were playing cards he began rubbing Sue's leg and slowly lifting the hem of the nightshirt. She attempted to stop him a few times by moving his hand away but Ray was persistent. With the occasional peek into the T.V. room to make sure Harry wasn't aware of what was going on, Ray eventually was able to push his hand down the top of Sue's panties and rub her clitoris and run his fingers through her lips. He knew they had to keep the sounds of playing cards going or Harry would wonder what was going on, so while he was rubbing her increasingly wet pussy they kept up the banter and Sue even was able to shuffle the cards and deal another hand. Ray was excited by the thrill of fingering Sue's pussy and making her squirm in her chair while Harry was just in the other room. He eventually decided they would probably get caught if he continued, so he stopped. That was as far as they ever got sexually.

The Army sent Ray and his wife to Germany, but Carol became homesick and moved home after about 18 months. They were divorced when Ray returned to the States. A few weeks later a co-worker of Rays introduced him to his girlfriend's college roommate Ann. They hit it off right away. Ray and Anne were eventually married and had two children. Things were going well until they found out their second child had medical issues and had a series of operations in his first two years of life. This seemed to mark a change for Anne and was the beginning of the decline in their relationship. Ray always felt that Anne blamed him for their sons' issues. From that point on their marriage was on a continually gradual downward trend until after some years, they were still together primarily because they were comfortable with where they were in their marriage. The sex was good when they did it, but the frequency became less and less until eventually it was years since they had last made love.

As time went on the two families would get together boating and spending some good times together. Ray and Sue would sometimes still talk about how things were in their marriages and things seemed to settle down. Ray retired from the Army and moved north with his family and the two couples drifted apart, but Ray and Sue would still text and email each other occasionally.

Sue and Harry stayed together until their children were out of the house but their marriage wasn't much better than Ray and Anne's. Eventually, they divorced. Sues divorce from Harry was nasty and she was accused of sleeping with Ray. Although it wasn't true, it was still part of the catalyst that caused the divorce. Sue eventually met another man and they were married and moved about 40 miles south of Nashville. Ray and Sue fell out of contact for a few years, but she was still one of his biggest fantasies. Then Ray heard that Sue's new husband had passed away, so he decided to get back in contact with her and send his condolences.

That began a year of emails during which they challenged each other to see how much weight they could lose in a year, with the winner taking the loser out to dinner. Sue won handily. Ray was in Nashville to pay his debt.

When Sue arrived at Ray's hotel, she came up to his room. When he opened the door, he stood back and looked at his fantasy girl. The years had been good to her. She was still tall, with shorter hair and was wearing a light yellow cotton sun dress. Ray thought she looked beautiful. "Hi. Come on in." Sue entered the room and they hugged and shared a kiss. He was excited and didn't want to let go of her but he was unsure of her feelings after so long so they separated and Sue took the chair and they began a long conversation catching up on what had happened in their lives since they had last seen each other. Eventually, they made their way to a late lunch at a nearby restaurant and continued their catching up.

Afterwards they went back to Ray's room. At one point, Ray came out of the bathroom to a vision of Sue standing by the open window of the room, staring out with the sunshine lighting her outline like a halo. That vision, with Sue in that simple yellow dress standing at the window was forever burned into Rays mind.

He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her on the side of the neck. She leaned back and gasped at the surprise tilting her head giving him more room. He planted a series of tender kisses all along her neck and she shuddered. Words weren't needed and Sue turned to face him. They began a series of torrid kisses, their excitement building and their breathing becoming more forceful. Sue let out a short moan. They broke only long enough to walk towards the bed. Sue and Ray sat down and continued kissing. Ray looked Sue in the eyes and said; "I want you! I want you to stay with me tonight."

Sue moaned and responded; "But you're married! I don't." Ray cut off her response with another torrid kiss, wrapping his arms around her. He held her head in his hands, looked her right in the eyes and said; "I've wanted you for almost 40 years. We've been teasing each other for most of that time and we finally have a chance to take it to the next level. I came down here to pay off my dinner bet to you and to give us the opportunity to be together. You have been my fantasy girl for most of my life. I have dreamed of being able to be alone with you, to hold you in my arms and make love to you without the worries of anyone interrupting us for all of that time. You once told me you would "have me before you die". I'm here, with you, and now is your chance to fulfill that promise to me and yourself." Sue stared back at him and after a brief moment, leaned in and they kissed.

Sue grabbed Rays head and as their lips met she slipped her tongue into his mouth and moaned signaling her acceptance of their situation. Ray pressed his lips harder against her and slipped his tongue in beginning a battle that only fueled their excitement. He pulled back and gently bit her lower lip before resuming their torrid kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and gently laid her back on the bed, leaning over her while they continued to kiss. She wrapped her arms around him as he began a series of kisses all over her face and as he moved to the side of her neck just below her ear his right hand slid down across her collarbone and continued its journey sliding his palm across her right breast. Sue pulled him tighter against her as his hand stopped and came up to cup her breast and squeeze her through her clothes.

As they continued to kiss his hand slid further up and found the top button of the dress. He undid it and then the next few buttons until he could reach in and cup her breast with only her bra in the way. He parted the top of the dress and began a series of kisses leading down to her cleavage where he began to lick and nip at her breast following the contours of her bra. He pulled the cup down exposing her nipple, which was standing up stiff with the excitement she felt. He licked all around her areola, never crossing the nipple itself until finally slipping the turgid little nub into his mouth and began to suckle her. As Ray fed upon her nipple he flicked his tongue across the hard little nub causing Sue to throw her head back and moan with pleasure. She reached up and grabbed his head pulling her tighter against her breast as his hand continued to unbutton her dress.

When the dress was unbuttoned as far as he could go he reached up and uncovered her other breast. Sliding down into the valley between the two he licked her as he slid up and kissed her lips leaving a wet trail. After a short trip he went back down gently blowing on the trail he had just made and worked his way over to Sues other breast where he continued feasting upon the hot flesh and hard nipple. Sue reached up and began quickly unbuttoning Rays shirt.

He sat up and took his shirt off while Sue sat up and slid the dress off her shoulders and unclasped her bra, slowly letting it fall. Ray watched with rapt attention. Ray was no expert on breast sizes but he figured Sue had to be a 36 C at least. Having two children didn't detract from their appearance and they were still firm with just a slight bit of sag. This only making them more appealing to Ray. He looked at her like a kid in a candy store as she exposed herself to him and she just smiled at him as she threw the bra to the side. He dove back down on Sue, pushing her back to the mattress as his hands grabbed both breasts and squeezed. He rubbed his thumbs across both nipples and leaned up to kiss Sue again.

Following a long kiss Ray began working his way down Sue's body licking and kissing as he slowly pulled Sue's dress down with him. When here arms were pinned to her sides by the dress he stopped pulling it and having exposed both breasts he alternated sucking the turgid nipples and gently biting them. This elicited moans from Sue. He reached up and squeezed both breasts and bit harder on the blood engorged nipples, which only made Sue moan louder.

Continuing to suck each breast in turn, he reached down and began pulling the bottom of the dress upwards. When it reached the top of her panties he slid his hand down and began rubbing the inside of Sues legs, never quite touching her panties, which were becoming wet with her arousal. Rubbing down the top of her thigh and up along the inside, he applied slight pressure, gently pulling Sues legs apart.

Sues breathing became labored and her head was rolling from side to side and Ray continued to rub higher and higher. When her legs were splayed wide enough he rolled over any lay between them sliding down until his face was just above her overheated crotch. Looking down he saw the panties had formed a distinctive wet spot from her arousal. He inhaled her aroma and dipped his head down kissing the inside of her legs. Sue raised her hips in and attempt to force Ray to make contact with her pussy. She needed to be touched and was almost at the point of orgasm. Ray pulled up and when she moaned and lowered her hips he dove in licking her slit though the panties and began sucking her juices through them.

He reached up and began tugging her panties down. "Yes! Yes! Please, lick me!" she begged him as she again lifted her hips to allow her panties to be pulled down.

As the panties were removed he finally was allowed to see what he had only dreamed of over the last 40 years! Her pussy was finally being displayed for him! He saw she had shaved the hair so that there was only a small landing strip above her lips. The lips were puffy, red and wet with her arousal. Once her panties were removed, her legs fell wide open, splayed to give him all the access to her womanhood he needed. He grabbed her legs behind the knees and lifted them and held her open as he settled in for his feast. He lowered his head and began to lick, kiss and blow on her inner thighs, slowly working his way towards her enflamed center. He teased her by not diving directly in, but instead went down each leg, never touching her hot center.

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