I have been intending to inflict this nasty bit of fucking upon my lover for a while now. The thinking and planning phases are finished now and I am ready and waiting for him.

At his knock I throw open the door and pull him inside shutting the door and double locking it. He gasps with surprise at my strength and urgency as I forcibly shove him back against the door. I pull off his clothes and shrug off my dressing gown and when we are both naked, I slam my body against his. My greedy open mouth begins to feed on his, sucking and biting his lips and sucking his tongue with a fierce urgency.

My hands go wild, touching and feeling every part of his body until his cock is fully erect -- a hot poker pressing into my stomach. My cunt, wet in anticipation, fills the room with its ripe odor. I smear my hand with my cunt juice and wipe his mouth with my juices and go back to ravenously feeding on his mouth.

My lover is no coward. He knows this will be a crazy ride and he is totally into it offering no resistance. I pull his arms over his head and dive face first into each armpit sucking and biting there. The manly smell of his pits is fuel to my sex-driven engine and my flowing cunt juices begin to run down my legs. I grab his nipple rings as my mouth slides down to his cock, which I take fully into my mouth. He grabs and pulls my hair as I suck his cock exerting pressure on it with my teeth. My hands stay on his nip rings, which I pull and twist as I suck his twitching cock, causing him to cry out in pain and pleasure. I am whimpering and moaning with frenzied lust and could finish him like this, but that is way too easy.

Under this assault, his knees are buckling and I use this momentum to pull him to the floor where I spit on his cock and proceed to straddle him and fuck him with my legs wound tightly around him. I grab his hair, as I bounce up and down on his cock slamming my ass against his legs. I direct his hands to my tits with their fully erect nipples and tell him, "Pull them, you bastard. Hard. Hurt me." Screaming with pain, I straddle-fuck him and bite his lower lip till I draw blood, smearing both his face and mine with bright crimson liquid. I suck up his saliva and blood as I bounce wildly on his lap.

His glazed eyes and arching back tell me he may be close to orgasm so I pull myself off his cock, slide backward on his legs and stand up. His anguished look says it all. I laugh, knowing he doesn't want me to stop, but it is too early to finish this game. I am a feverish and single-minded woman operating with a brute strength which totally shocks me. I pull him up from the floor, throw him to the bed and command him to get up on his knees, doggy-style and spread his ass cheeks.

I come up behind him, inspect his asshole, push my mouth to it and kiss it passionately. Then I suck it with whorish abandon. At the same time I reach under him and pull his balls firmly toward me. With my other hand I begin to stretch his cock, which is wet with my cunt juices. Pulling my head back I see his asshole open and close again and push my mouth back in there, sucking his hole, then looking at it and diving back in for more. Suddenly I insert my tongue as far as it will go and start to rapid-fire fuck him. As my tongue goes in and out of his hole, he can feel my sweaty breasts pushing against his buttocks.

My lover's legs are trembling now. He is moaning and crying out, his body covered with perspiration. His balls are tightening and my hand is covered with his pre-cum so I know this sucker is going to blow any second. For my part, the excitement of this full-on fucking has my cunt throbbing with need and my clit fully erect. But we are not there quite yet.

I pull away from him and he collapses to the bed begging me for more. I straddle him, eyeball him and say, "Ok, baby. Assfuck me and finish us both." He slides from under me, grabs my ass and slowly inserts his nearly purple, throbbing cock into my black hole. I can feel his balls hitting my cunt as he moves his cock in and out of my ass. I scream with every movement of his cock in there. I am sobbing. My mouth is dripping saliva. My nose is running and my legs quaking. I can feel his sweat dripping on my back. The room is filled with the smell of our sweaty bodies and sex juices.

I begin to rub my magic button. It won't take much to bring my stiff clit to orgasm so that we will with certainty explode together. We are shouting out now, swearing against god and nature and moaning with the extremity of this depraved fucking. We yell out as we cum with full force. His hips bucking, I feel his warm cum flood my ass and wet both of us. I feel my cum squirt against him and run down my legs. I am still on my knees, my head resting on my hands. His spent body is draped over my back like a rug, his arms dangling down. After a few minutes, I slide out from under his sweaty, trembling body. As I do so he tumbles to the bed like a sack of potatoes.

Lying next to him, I pull him toward me brushing his wet matted hair from his eyes. Then I notice it. There is a little smile on his lips, which I tenderly kiss. "Jesus Christ, baby..." he whispers hoarsely.

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