tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNasty Cum Sluts Vol 01

Nasty Cum Sluts Vol 01

byHarry Palmer©

Why rent porn videos when you can create better movies in your mind's eye than any producer could ever put together? Picture your favorite stars doing the nastiest things, sex acts that would never make it onto tape, such as...

"Nasty Cum Sluts, Volume 1"

Scene 1 [starring the beautiful blonde Silvia Saint and stunning brunette Tania Russof, and numerous, nameless studs, reduced to nothing but a number, who can pump out pints of cum and don't mind a little contact with someone else's.]

The camera shows a non-descript room, with a black gym mat-like floor covering and a matching black bench. Tania is spread naked on the bench, with Silvia kneeling between her legs, lapping gently at her clit and labia. As Tania approaches orgasm two studs walk up to the bench, already erect and with ball sacs full of cum.

Stud One feeds his cock into Tania's mouth while Two gets behind Silvia and rubs his erection along her slit, exciting her and causing her pussy to moisten. One motions for Tania to lift up from the bench so he can lay down on his back, and then she straddles him in a reverse-cowgirl position and lays down on him while Silvia resumes licking her clit and licking the stud's balls, which are becoming coated with saliva and pussy juice.

As One is about to shoot his load Silvia takes his cock out and licks sluttishly at the glistening head, wet with pre-cum and pussy juice. He can't control himself and ejaculates in her mouth, keeping his cock in it the whole time. Silvia then goes up to Tania's face, opens her mouth with a finger, and slowly drools the load into her. Tania doesn't swallow, but rather keeps her mouth open so the camera - and the viewer - can watch her play with it with her tongue. Two, still hard and wet with Silvia's juices, walks up to Tania and dips his cock into her mouth and then pulls it out along with a gooey string of cum, and continues doing this several times.

As Two enjoys a wet blowjob, three more studs enter the room. Silvia pushes Three by his shoulders to the mat and then straddles his face, while Four gets between Tania's legs and rubs the length of his shaft along her wet pussy (One has already quietly slipped out of the room). She takes Two's cock out of her mouth and leans up to welcome her new stud with a nasty kiss, then lays back down to resume her sucking.

Five, looking for something to do, dips his cock into Tania's mouth to wet it with a mixture of saliva and cum, and then walks up behind Silvia and and sticks his cock between her legs. Three backs up a little as Silvia guides the wet cock into her snatch. Then, after a minute of fucking, Silvia remounts Three's face and has him continue his oral worship of her goddess-like pussy. She then backs up to Five again for more fucking, and then to Three to lick her cunt, teasing both. After she pulls Five's cock out for the last time she rubs a rivulet of pre-cum onto her vaginal lips, then has Three lick her to the edge of orgasm.

Silvia walks to the bench and straddles it over Tania's face, which is still being fucked by Two. Five works his way behind Silvia and resumes his fucking, which gives too much visual stimulation to Two who blows his large wad into Tania's hungry mouth. Again, instead of swallowing, she keeps her mouth open for all to see the wad. Five then comes inside Silvia's pussy, moaning ecstatically as he grinds out his orgasm. After he starts to go flaccid inside her he pulls out, and seconds later large gooey streams of cum drip out of her gaping cunt and into Tania's mouth, mixing with Two's.

The ladies then switch positions and Silvia spreads her legs up and wide apart, giving Tania great access. Tania pulls her vaginal lips apart and drools the two loads into her lover's pussy. After it is filled, Four takes his place between her legs and sticks his cock into the mess. As he strokes in and out, strings of come smear along his cock and her lips, making a frothy mess.

Meanwhile, studs Six through Nine enter and lay Tania on the floor. They crowd around her head and fuck her mouth in a frenzy, and she drools over each cock as if it were her last meal. Soon, her face is smeared and the cocks are dripping. Six enters her pussy as Seven, Eight, and Nine continue the face-fucking frenzy. As this is happening Silvia takes Four's load in her pussy, then walks over to straddle Tania's face. Cum is dripping out of her pussy, smeared throughout her neatly-trimmed light brown bush, and dripping down her succulent thighs. Tania tongues her gooey pussy hungrily, which excites Six into shooting his cum inside Tania.

Seven enters Silvia from behind, coating his cock with cum, and Eight fucks Tania. Silvia gets a playful grin on her face and whispers something to Tania. She then pulls Seven from her pussy, grabs Eight's hand, and leads them both up to Tania's face. Silvia then has them rub their cock's together, underside-to-underside, lubricated by the other studs' cum. Seven and Eight are so wrapped up in the moment that they forget any squeamishness they normally may have about rubbing against another man's cock. Besides, as seasoned porn veterans, they had surely rubbed cocks with other men in some slut's mouth during a double blowjob or in a pussy during a double-vaginal scene.

Silvia straddles Nine's cock on the floor and watches the scene play out, as Seven and Eight furiously stroke together and Tania licks at their balls and along their joined cocks. Finally, Seven gives the familiar cry of ecstasy and freezes momentarily, cum spurting from his cockhead as Eight continues his stroking for both of their benefit. The new lubrication is enough to push Eight over the edge, and he joins Seven in orgasm. Their cum mixes as their still-hard cocks stroke out their ecstasy.

Tania reaches up and slurps as much cum as possible and then joins Silvia. She has her blonde lover roll onto her stomach and spread her legs wide as Nine re-enters her. Three more studs join in as Tania drools the cum in her mouth onto the crack of Silvia's ass. Ten, Eleven, and Twelve are told by the brunette to wait and watch. Tania rubs her finger into Silvia's gooey crack and fingers her asshole. Using the cum as lubricant she works an inch or so into her ass, finger fucking her. Tania pulls her finger out and feeds it to Silvia.

"Mmm, you like that? You like that ass-to-mouth, don't you, baby?" she says. Nine moans, lost in his revelry, as he watches the nasty cumplay of the two sex goddesses.

"You like that, stud boy?" Tania asks him, tauntingly, teasingly. She dips her finger into the cum and again works it into Silvia's ass, a little deeper this time. Twisting and stroking she fucks her friend good. Then, Tania offers her finger to Nine, holding it several inches from his mouth. He lurches forward to suckle it, his eyes closed as he strokes toward orgasm. Tania repeats the finger fucking and offers him another taste, which he hungrily takes as he loses control and comes inside Silvia.

Silvia lays still and yells out "Next!" as she demands that someone, anyone, stick a hard cock into her. Ten obliges, entering her as Nine's cum is still streaming out of her red, swollen pussy. Tania drools some saliva into her friend's ass, mixing it with the cum from earlier, then pulls Ten's cock from her pussy and to the entrance of her ass. He strokes in carefully but easily, as Silvia is already loosened and wet, and Ten's cock is slick from Nine's cum.

He fucks her ass uncontrollably and in less time than the others lasted he shoots his load into her asshole. After stroking out his orgasm he pulls his semi-erect cock, covered in a gelatinous goo of cum and spit, out of Silvia's cum-filled ass. Tania takes the cock into her mouth and suckles it for a moment, then leans down to her friend's beautiful ass. Using her flicking tongue she scoops up the cum that is leaking and drools a little saliva for the next stud.

Tania sucks Eleven's cock, smearing it with what she's gathered from Silvia's ass, then guides it in. Silvia moans as the stud fucks her ass for a couple of minutes while Tania sucks Twelve's cock to get him ready to join in, which he does when Eleven is pulled out by the brunette and suckled. Twelve fucks Silvia's ass for a moment and then is pulled out by the brunette who is starved for her own ass-to-mouth action. After several rounds Eleven shoots his cum into Tania's mouth, and she drools it onto Silvia's upturned asshole. Twelve re-enters her, using the cum as added lube, and adds his load to the blonde's rectum.

Studs Thirteen through Twenty-Four enter the room as Tania licks at the anal creampie dripping from Silvia. The women are crazed for more cum and roll onto their backs and masturbate as the dozen fresh studs jerk off and shoot their cum on their bodies. The girls lick cum from each other's faces, tits, stomachs, and thighs in a scene worthy of the most decadent Roman emperor's orgy. Just when they think its over, the first twelve guys return after jerking themselves back into impressive erections.

Tania straddles Silvia's hips as the two sit in each other's arms, kissing and licking, as one after another of the twelve studs stick their cocks into the cum sluts' mouths and shoot their loads, which are then swapped between the two sex fiends. Goo dribbles down their faces and necks, and is rubbed into each other's breasts. They whimper contentedly and exhausted as the camera fades to black.

Scene 2 [starring the beautiful, virginal-looking Tiffany Rose, and a dozen black studs.]

The scene opens with a tight close-up of Tiffany's wet red lips, parted slightly as her tongue darts out while she moans softly in anticipation of the nasty things she knows her twelve black lovers are going to do to her. Still in the close-up, a black cockhead rubs gently against her lips, and her tongue comes out and licks from the ball sac all the way back to the head. She takes him in her mouth and pulls him out, stringing saliva from her wet mouth to the cock.

As she drools on his cock, Tiffany strokes One's cock while sucking the first four or five inches of the massive tool. After a couple minutes he's dribbling pre-cum, and a lot of it. Tiffany licks at it and continues her suckling. She tongues the sensitive spot underneath the head and catches him by surprise, causing him to shoot a massive load into her mouth. The camera zooms back in for a close-up as she swallows it in several gulps.

Two and Three come in and put Tiffany on the floor on her hands and knees. Two licks her crotch from pussy to ass while Three fucks her face. She chokes and gulps as the eleven-inch cock is rammed in forcefully and repeatedly. Then the two studs switch ends. Three's saliva-slathered cock enters her easily for the first several inches, then runs into the resistance of her tight vaginal muscles. He works slowly and persistently as Two fucks her face. Again they switch ends and Tiffany tastes her juices as Three stuffs his wet cock into her mouth.

The guys talk dirty to her, taunting her with details of what she should expect to be done to her pussy and ass. She whimpers excitedly and cums on Three's cock, which causes her pussy to open fully and swallow his cock. After deep-stroking her for several minutes he pulls out his cock, frothy with her thick cummy juice and his pre-cum. Three then goes around to her mouth and stuffs it in, telling her to lick the "gooey mess" off of his black cock.

Two fucks her from behind and this time doesn't stop. He cums inside her pussy and keeps stroking, staying hard. As he approaches his second nut he pulls out and scampers to her face and sticks his slick dick into her mouth. She moans around it as he mouth-fucks her and then blows a second load. "Swallow it, girl," he tells her, and she does.

Three gets behind her to get some more pussy. He sticks his cock in her gooey, hot, yearning hole, and she backs against him, keeping the whole thing inside her. She pushes him onto his back and ends up in a reverse-cowgirl as Four enters the picture. He fucks her face as she rides Three's cock. Drool from her mouth leaks down off her chin and onto her belly, dribbling down into her crotch. She then lays all the way back onto Three and pulls his cock out, inviting Four to fuck her.

Four enters her gaping pussy which coats his cock in thick juice. She then sits back up on Three's dick and licks the nasty goo off of Four. He's never had a girl do anything so sluttish before and loses control, shooting his wad onto her lips, cheeks, and tits. She scoops it up into her hand and then backs up into a sixty-nine with Three, sucking him for a moment before rubbing the white cum onto his ebony pole. The camera zooms in on their genitals as she takes him back in her pussy and the cum smears between them. Rubbing his balls with her palm, Tiffany has Three shooting into her pussy in no time.

After riding him to completion, Tiffany turns around and sucks his softening cock, licking up their juices. As she does, Five walks up behind her and unceremoniously stuffs all ten inches of his cock into her swollen pussy which has strands of cum hanging from its lips, while trails of clear semen flow along her thighs. Six and Seven walk in, and Tiffany switches positions so she's laying on her back. Five resumes fucking her while the two new studs take turns fucking her mouth.

After much nasty talk, ball licking, and cocksucking, Six jerks off into her mouth, getting all of his tremendous load into her. She sucks his cock some more to complete his orgasm, then turns to Seven and coats his cock with the cum. "Damn, girl!" he says, surprised by the sheer sluttishness of her act. She drools the load onto his cock, then pulls it out and holds it pointing down over her mouth, letting streams of spit and semen flow back into her. She does this several times and Seven is adding his own pre-cum to the mess.

Meanwhile, Five can't handle the visual nastiness of what Tiffany is doing and shoots a huge load into her tight cunt. Seven hasn't cum yet, so she begs him to stick his cock in her pussy. After Five pulls out Seven is in within seconds. "You like that hot cum in there?" she asks him, as he strokes in and out, almost oblivious to what's going on around him. Just as he's about ready to cum, Tiffany pulls him out and begs him to cum in her mouth.

The camera zooms in on his cock as it pulls out, covered in Five's cum. He straddles her chest and sticks it in her mouth. She sucks it, gently as if nursing on it, and he lets loose with a powerful but almost-serene climax, coming quietly into her mouth. The load leaks out around his shaft and thick wads dribble down her cheeks. Eight walks up as she continues suckling Seven, and fucks her.

After a few minutes Eight pulls out, lifts her hips up, and spits into her asshole. Then, lining up his wet cockhead to her tiny brown-eyed anus, he gently swirls the it around her puckered opening. He then dips it in and pulls it out, over and over, getting her used to having something in her ass. After having the head in for a moment and pulling out, she begs him for more. "Fuck my ass with that big black cock!" she yells.

Obliging her, he puts the head back in but doesn't stop, instead pushing the first several inches into her ass. He spits again, adding some lube to their fucking. Within minutes his entire ten-inch cock is in her tiny anal passage as she plays with her clit. The tops of her thighs are almost flat against the floor as he has her split wide open and is fucking her hard, much to her delight.

Nine walks up and sucks her nipples before fucking her mouth. Eight likes what he's seeing and says, "I bet she wants to taste my dick, too." Pulling out of her asshole, he straddles her chest and she takes him in her mouth. He scoots back down, fucks her ass some more, and then feeds her some more cock. Nine decides to get in on the ass-to-mouth action and so alternates with Eight between the two orifices.

Finally, after several go-arounds of this, they fill her with cum at either end, taking their pleasure without thought of any for her. But Tiffany was in a bliss they couldn't understand, already having cum too many times to recall. Every stroke of a cock, whether in her ass or mouth, was a pleasure physically as well as mentally. Her vacant stare and mindless moans and groans showed just how far she was gone.

As she lay there with cum leaking from her ass and glazing her face, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve walk in. Ten fucks her pussy as the other two take her mouth. After sucking them for several minutes she grabs Eleven by the hips and places his ass over her mouth and procedes to tongue his asshole. He groans and she tongue-fucks him, and also licks him from ass to balls, and along the underside of his cock.

Ten finishes quietly in her pussy, and Twelve takes his place. She continues rimming Eleven until his need to cum overwhelms him, so he turns around fucks her face. He cums quickly, leaving a huge load in her mouth. She plays with it and swallows some as she lets Twelve fuck her, giving him a cumplay show like he has never seen before. Finally, he cums, adding his load to Ten's. After grinding out his climax he pulls out, and the camera focuses on Tiffany.

She licks cum from her lips, scoops it from her cheeks and neck, and reaches down to her sopping cunt and eats her creampie as well. She then kneels on her haunches and lets cum drip from her pussy and ass, and then kneels down and licks it all up before thanking the audience for watching and saying goodbye.

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