Nasty Girl

byDangela Carr©

Lea watched with growing lust as the redhead undressed. She stood next to a large oak tree, hidden by the shadow it cast. The tree was about twenty feet from the side of the house. It gave Lea a perfect place to watch from. This was the tenth night she had watched the redhead. The black cat suit she was wearing made access to her throbbing pussy impossible. Soon she would have the redhead eating her hot pussy.

The redhead stripped naked and walked out of view. Lea knew she was headed for the shower. The light came on in the bathroom and Lea could hear the shower come on through the open bathroom window. Perfect, now to get inside. That was not going to be a problem because Lea had a key to the house.

She walked around to the rear of the house with King, the redhead’s dog trotting beside her. Lea had been feeding King for over a month, so they were quite good friends. The large yard was surrounded by bushes and several trees. Lea quietly made her way around to the rear of the house. She entered through the kitchen leaving King to guard the yard. Quietly she made her way through the house to the redhead’s bedroom. In her hand she carried a bag with a few necessities. She made her way over to the glass of wine on the bed stand. She dropped in the contents from a capsule and stirred it with a finger. She heard the shower cut off. Lea quickly went out to wait in the parent’s bedroom. They were on vacation somewhere in Hawaii. She opened the walk in closet and sat down in the chair she had put there earlier. Now she just had to wait about and hour or so.

After waiting about ninety minutes, she slowly and quietly made her way to the redhead’s bedroom door. She could hear rhythmic breathing coming from the open door. Peeking in she saw the redhead passed out on the bed. The bed was a queen sized poster bed. Showtime thought Lea. Redhead+ was still naked from her shower. Lea noted that she was a true redhead top and bottom. She rolled her over and pulled off all the bedding except the bottom fitted sheet. Using rope from her bag, she tied each limb to a bed post. She put a piece of duck tape across her mouth and checked her to make sure she was breathing. She closed up the window and waited for the girl to wake up. The drug she gave her was only supposed to put her out for a couple of hours.

While she waited, Lea decided to shave the girl’s pussy. She wanted it bald like her own. This meant she had to untie her legs to get full access to her red haired pussy. Just as she got her shaved and retied, the girl started to stir. Her movements caused her freckled breast to jiggle. She struggled briefly then raised her head. When she saw Lea, her eyes widened in fear. For Lea stood naked before her. Lea was tall with an hour glass figure. Her firm breast had small brown areolas that were topped with hard little sensitive nipples. Her pussy mound was shaved clean.

Lea crawled upon the bed and sat on the redhead’s stomach. “Hi sweetie, you look so good tied up like that. My pussy is just pulsating watching you.” Lea ground her naked pussy around on the girl’s stomach. The girl made incoherent sounds and the wild fear in her eyes made Lea laugh.

“Don’t worry you’ll come out of this intact, if you do as I say. Now, I’m going to take the tape off of your mouth. I do not want any screaming, got me?” Lea said firmly.

She slowly pulled back the tape and the girl let loose with a high pitched scream. Lea quickly put the tape back on her. She climbed off and picked up her bag. She took out a pair of tittie clamps and placed them on the girl. Pain shot through her breast causing the redhead to buck trying to get them off. But she was securely tied. Lea stood back and watched her squirm until she tired. She then climbed back on top of her again.

“Now, let’s try that again. Every time you displease me or scream, I’m going to give you pain,” said Lea as she removed the clamps.

She pulled back the tape and the girl moved her lips to moisten them.

“What’s your name?” Lea already knew it was Gloria. She would punish her if she lied. The girl must have read her mind. “Gloria . . . . .Munsford,” she said in a hoarse voice.

“Well, Gloria, let me just tell you what I want.” The girl’s steely blue eyes were locked onto Lea’s brown eyes. “I want to fuck you and suck you and cum all over your pretty little body. Are you a lesbian by any chance?”

“No . . . are you crazy? You’re a girl you can’t fuck me,” whimpered Gloria

Lea politely pinched her nipples making Gloria draw her breath and squirm.

“I’m sorry, please, I’m sorry,” she began to cry.

“Shush, shush, I told you what will happen if you displease me.”

Lea scooted down so she could rub her bald pussy mound with Gloria’s. “I shaved you so that you could really feel me.” Lea was excited, the friction between the two pussies was making her cunt juices flow.

Gloria’s head was a little woozy, but her pussy was starting to feel hot to her. She could feel the other woman’s pussy and sometimes their clits touched. Lea was ready to move on. Back in her bag, she fished out some ben wa balls and inserted them into her hot box. What a feeling having the balls moving around in her pussy. Lea removed a nipple teaser and a clit teaser from her bag. She placed a nipple teaser on each of Gloria’s breast then parted her lips and put the clit teaser on her clitty.

Gloria began to feel the effects of the teasers. Lea sat back and watched her with her fingers scraping at her hot little clit. A moan escaped Gloria’s lips as stared at Lea in dismay. The teaser on her tits were giving her small orgasms. She wanted desperately to pull them off to stop the stimulation. Her pelvis was bucking uncontrollably as she tried to dislodge the clit teaser. The constant stimulation to her clit was driving her crazy. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on anything else . But it was hopeless. The ropes did not give her much to work with.

“Please . . . ohhh . . please . . .take them off . . .ahhggg . . . .please,” begged Gloria. Her hips were totally out of control. She tried to clamp her legs together, but they were tied apart. Her orgasm burst out of her fueled by the teasers. Her head flayed from side to side and her back arched. She continued to tremble and moan as the teasers were still working.

Lea had to stop fingering herself before she made herself cum. The site of the helpless girl was overpowering. Gloria’s engorged pussy lips were glistening with her cum juices and moans were coming from her parched lips. Her nipples were hard and sensitive. Lea reached over and took all the teasers off. The girl’s body relaxed and she lay with her eyes closed.

“Wasn’t that fun Gloria? You are so hot to watch. You tried like hell to fight that orgasm, but it got you. Ohhh, I just want to fuck you. I’d love to have a great big, bat sized dick to put in you. Your tight little pussy would be stretched wide trying to take all of my dick in,” Lea whispered in Gloria’s ear. She reached down and pinched a nipple and delighted in Gloria’s moan.

“Now Gloria, I know you may not have ever done this. But I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum. If I don’t cum, you’ll get the titty clamps back and a few other unpleasant painful things in my little bag.” For emphasis, she took out a sharp black- handled knife and laid it across Gloria’s chest. “If you bite me, I’ll use this on your beautiful titties.” She placed the knife back in the bag and straddled Gloria again. Gloria was trying to master her fear. She thought if she just pleased her, she would release her unharmed.

“Come on baby, eat my pussy. I want to feel your tongue up in me,” said Lea as she settled herself over Gloria’s face. Gloria looked up into the first woman’s pussy she had ever seen. Lea’s was hairless and Gloria could see her plump pussy lips dripping with wetness. Her clit stood out prominently. Gloria had the fleeting thought that it was unnaturally large. The aroma of an aroused pussy titillated her nose.

Lea settled her pussy down on Gloria’s face and begin to slowly rub her sopping pussy all over Gloria’s face. She rubbed herself over Gloria’s forehead, her eyebrows, her eyes, her cheeks leaving sticky wetness all over. Gloria mindful of what she needed to do stuck her tongue out trying to catch her target. Finally, Lea stopped over Gloria’s mouth. Gloria found her mark and stabbed at Lea’s pussy hole. She lapped at the juices that were running out and down onto her face. With effort she tried to regulate her breathing. Lea fucked Gloria’s face with abandon. Gloria swirled her tongue and found the long clit. It was like sucking a little dick. Lea gyrated her hips as she rose often so the girl could breath. “Ooh, yeah, that’s it Gloria . . .you got my pussy on firreee,” she screamed out. Gloria used everything she had to bring Lea to the boiling point. She caught the clit lashing it over and over with her tongue. The ben wa balls were stimulating Lea’s pussy muscles. With a scream that chilled Gloria to the bone, Lea erupted into a mind-boggling orgasm that flipped her backwards. Gloria sucked in much needed air as Lea lay across her shaking and moaning.

“Please let me go now,” begged Gloria. “I did what you asked.”

“Oh, my sweet, you licked my pussy like a pro,” Lea answered as she got off of Gloria. She did several stretches to rejuvenate her body. That orgasm had rocked her to her core.

“Why are you doing this to me. Women don’t do these kind of things. I don’t know you so I never did anything to you,” complained Gloria.

Ohh, but you did. It was long ago, but you and your friends did do me wrong. Now it’s pay back time. Over ten years ago when Lea and her family lived in this town, Gloria and her girlfriends had been instrumental in making Lea’s life living hell. This was her therapy, even if it was wrong, to make all of them pay

Lea casually reached over and viciously tweaked Gloria’s nipples, enjoying the pain she caused. “Watch your mouth or do you just like pain?”

It was time to wrap things up. It was time to fuck the living shit out of Miss Gloria. Lea removed an item from her bag and held it up for ‘Gloria to see. Her eyes widened but she wisely didn’t comment. It was a hot pink strap on dildo, eight inches long and three inches around.

“I thought you might like pink,” laughed Lea. She securely strapped on the dildo. It stuck out obscenely from her groin. Lea thrust her pelvis back and forth getting a feel for the dildo.

“I wish I was a man right now. I’d love to have a massive thick cock to stuff in your tight little pussy. I’d shove it up in you until you turned blue, you cunthole, “ Lea lamented.

Moving quickly she untied Gloria’s feet and retied them on the opposite post. She then did the same thing making Gloria turn over. She now lay on her stomach. Gloria wanted badly to beg again, but thought better of it. She just had to try and keep her head if she wanted to get through this.

Lea took out a paddle and trailed it along Gloria’s back. Gloria immediately started to whimper softly. Lea whispered a warning in her ear, “I’m going to give you something you’ve long deserved. If you scream out, you’ll get an extra five for each scream. So I’d be real quiet if I was you,” With that, she brought the paddle down on Gloria’s ass cheeks. Gloria managed to stifle the scream before it could pass her lips. In quick succession Lea paddled her. Gloria bucked with each blow. When it was over her ass was red and tender to the touch. Gloria lay crying quietly and trembling. What had she done to this bitch who she didn’t even recognize. Before she could catch her breath, Lea untied her feet and ordered her to bring her knees up. Afraid to make her mad, Gloria pulled her knees up making her ass stick out.

Lea massaged the red ass before her. She reached down and stroked the glistening pussy lips. Using her fingers, she parted Gloria’s thin lips and masturbated her clit. Gloria trembled in anticipation of more pain. Lea made her gap her knees. She lined the dildo up to the gapping hole.

From watching her, Lea knew Gloria liked it rough and she planned to give it to her that way. She had watched Gloria and her Boyfriend go at it a couple of times. With a mighty thrust she buried the dildo all the way in. A loud moan escaped Gloria’s lips. Without giving her a chance to adjust, Lea pulled out to the tip and slammed back in repeatedly. Gloria felt like a hot poker was mangling her pussy. In and out the dildo went. Lea strained to give as much force as a man would.

“Ohh, yea, you . . .fucked over . . .me and . . .now I’m fu. . .cking over you, bitch,” Lea screamed out.

Gloria’s already lubed pussy filled with her juices as the dildo tickled her cervix. Lea gripped her thighs and used the dildo as a battering ram. Gloria thrust back to meet Lea’s thrust. She could feel the beginnings of a powerful orgasm. Gloria dared not scream out for fear of being punished. But, it hurt to hold in her orgasm. Slowly it built to a crescendo. Gloria lost control and pressed her lips together to keep in her joy. Her orgasm rocked her, her cum lubricating the dildo even more. Lea continued to pound the dildo into her. Her pussy was not allowed to relax as Lea kept up the torment. In and out she slammed. Gloria’s knees began to give out, but Lea pinched a nipple when she tried to go down. The continual waves of orgasm was too much for her. She fell forward, passed out. Lea pulled the dildo out and fell over to the side. She was drained. Her anger was gone now. She would be able to put Gloria and her friends out of her mind now. The pain they had caused her as a child was gone. Each of the other two had received the same treatment.

As a young girl, Gloria, Amber and Marissa had tormented her daily. One day, on the pretense of possible friendship, they had lured her to Marissa’s house. There they had sodomized and peed on her and told her over and over she was thrash. She had repaid them all, now life could begin for her.

Lea quickly cleaned up and gathered her things. She took several photos of Gloria sprawled out on the bed. She got several closeups of Gloria’s battered pussy with cum leaking out of her. She checked the tape recorder in her bag to make sure it had picked up everything. Lea untied Gloria and put her on her side then left the way she came in. The dog escorted her off the property.

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