Nasty Girl


My husband asked me to come out-of-town with him on a business trip. He said he would be finished with his meetings by 5, and then he and I could enjoy the city. I love to travel, so I was totally onboard.

Well, he was wrong about being finished by 5. Wednesday and Thursday nights he wasn't finished until 9; then by the time we got some food, he was dead tired. His company put us up in a nice hotel, and I enjoyed my days off from work, but I hadn't come on that trip to watch hubby be a workaholic.

Friday night I, I was dressed for a club by the time he came in. I was going somewhere fun, with or without him. When he came in and saw his 29-year-old, chocolate, 5-foot-7, 36-24-34 wife in his favorite sheer purple halter top, black mini-skirt, and 5-inch heels, he knew he'd better get with the program. He was in and out of the shower in 10 minutes, and dressed in another 10.

We went to a seafood restaurant, and I got all kinds of stares when I took my jacket off. There was nothing too scandalous about my top – except that my back is totally out, which means I can't wear a bra with it. It wasn't cold enough for my nipples to get hard from the temperature, but they were certainly hard from the attention. The maitre d and waiter were lingering at the table, wives were elbowing their husbands, and my husband was looking at me as if I was in the menu.

"What are you up for tonight?"

"I ordered the lobster; why?"

"That's not what I meant," he grinned.

I smiled, "What are you up for?"

"I'm up for making the last two days up to you. I'm sorry for staying out so late, but this deal is going to mean a promotion. I wanted to make sure everything went just right."

"I understand."

"So now that it is done, I'm all about you."

I thought for a second, "I want to go dancing at a club."

"A man at the company here told me a few good ones to go to." He lowered his voice a little, "I had a feeling you'd want to shake your ass tonight."

I just smiled. The waiter brought our wine, and shifted his eyes to me as he poured a glass for my husband to taste. I just smiled at that too. He filled hubby's glass, then slowly filled mine. Hubby knows I like attention, and just grinned at me as the waiter got a birdseye view of my cleavage.

When he left, hubby raised his glass to toast me. "To my sexy wife, and all the attention she deserves."

"To the love of my life," I clicked his glass.

We talked our way through dinner, then made our way to the club that was suggested. There was a short line to get in. As we stood there, hubby leaned over to kiss me. He knows his lips drive me crazy, but I held my composure – visually anyway. His lips had started a tingle between my legs though.

On line and in the club, I got more stares – from men and women. This time, no one seems to disapprove. A few women even complimented me. We went right to the bar to order dinks. As we are waiting, my husband joked that a few of the women starred him down like they wanted to take me away from him –at least, I thought he was joking.

I got a Sex-on-the-Beach, and by the time I finished it, I felt myself loosening up a little. Hubby asked if I was ready to dance, or if I wanted another drink first. I never needed a drink to dance, but I did ask for another just to make sure I gave myself a buzz. This time we made our way to a spot where we could see the dancefloor as we drank.

The DJ was on point, and I had no problem getting into his groove. Three songs in to our dancing, I noticed a couple dancing close beside us – the woman was beside my husband, and the man was beside me. A few times, she turned to hubby while smiling at me. Hubby and I gave each other a hey look, and kept dancing. On the next song, she was between us facing me, and her man was behind me. She and I were the same height, and she had on a light blouse too, so our nipples touched a few times as we danced.

What really sent me was when I felt her hands slide inside my top just above my skirt, and I flet his hands on my hips. She leaned to my ear and introduced herself, then asked if I minded if she danced with my husband for a second. My buzz and their hands were feeling good, and I said I didn't mind. She turned to hubby, and her man turned me around to him.

"I'm Ellis, and my wife is Katie – how are you?"

"I'm good."

"We saw you two at the bar, and didn't know exactly how to approach you."

I laughed, "I think you found a pretty good way."

"You are blazin' in that top," he smiled.

"Thank you, Ellis."

"I don't know who wants you more – me or my wife."

"There's enough of me for both," I put my arms on his shoulders.

He looked right at my cleavage, as I wanted him to do, "Ok, I think I want you more – she can wait."

"You're silly."

"We're from Indiana; here visiting her family."

"We're from Ohio."

"You don't live here?"

"Nope; hubby is here on business, and I tagged along."

"When are you going back?"

"Sunday morning."

"Oh wow."

"You seem disappointed?"

"We're here for another week. We have some family stuff to do the next few nights, and were going to see if we could meet you for dinner and drinks next week before we left."

"We'll be back home."

"Not to rush anything, but are you guys free at all tomorrow?"

"I don't know what our plans are yet."

I felt my hips being turned again. When I'm face-to-face with Katie again, she leans into my ear, "Can we exchange numbers?"

"Sure," I gave her my number to put in her phone. We all exchanged hugs before they left. Hubby and I danced for one more song, then made our way to an empty cocktail table. What did she say to you?"

"I couldn't hear all of what she was saying, but she introduced herself and asked if we ever went out with other couples."

"I think they're swingers."

"Yeah, I got that impression," hubby laughed.

"What did you think of her?"

"Oh, she was real cute!"

I playfully gave him a what was that? look, though he knows we talk freely about other people we are attracted to.

"What did you think about him?"

"I would have gone out with him," I smiled. "Did she tell you they are from Indiana?"


"Why'd they leave so quick?"

"They're in a wedding tomorrow, and were just out to blow off some steam."

As hubby was talking, I noticed a man a few tables away staring intently. Everyone else looked, then looked away, but he was gazing at me.

"Think she'll call you?"

"Probably not," I laughed. "You know how flaky people can be." I moved closer to him, "I will tell you this, though. That little bit of dancing with them got me a little juicy."

Hubby put his hand on my leg, "Oh yeah?"


"Well, hopefully you aren't ready to go put that fire out yet, I'm enjoying seeing all the attention I see you getting."

I noticed the man still staring. This time when I caught his eye, he licked his lips, which gave me a small chill. "I'm enjoying it too."

Hubby leaned over to my ear and whispered that I was the sexiest mutha fucker in the club, and he was proud as hell I was on his arm. That gave me an even bigger chill, and I gave him a big kiss. Hubby's hand went further up my thigh before we broke the kiss. I looked over, and the man licked his lips again with a smile. I smiled back, and shifted so he had a better view of the imprint of my hard nipples. He said something to his boy, and moved to a closer table.

"You know I'd like to fuck you right here, right?" hubby whispered.

I kept an eye on the man, while I responded to hubby, "And I wouldn't do a damn thing to stop you."

"Have you lean over the table just a little bit, lift your skirt, slide your g-string to the side, and work that wet pussy just how you like it worked."

I bit my lip, and let out a low moan.

"And you wouldn't care who noticed would you?"

"Baby, unless you are about to make this happen, you'd better stop."

"Answer me," he squeezed my thigh.

"I wouldn't care at all," I sighed. I looked over, and the man was just one table away. He was grinning from ear-to-ear. I smiled back again, and licked my lips.

Hubby leaned back, "I have to go to the bathroom."

"Don't be wasting nothing!"

He laughed, "Do you want another drink?"

"Yes, please."

He kissed me, "Be right back." He and the man made brief eye contact, and gave each other a head nod before he left.

I sat there moving to the music, until I heard a voice at my ear, "I'm enjoying staring at your lovely twins."

"That's what this top is for," I shift slightly to see him.

He keeps his eyes buried in my cleavage, "They look so suckable."

"For the right pair of lips."

He smiled and ran his finger lightly on my thighs as I looked out for hubby. "I'm Rome," he smiled. "Is that your husband?"

I parted my legs a little, "Yes, he picked out this outfit for me."

Rome rested his hand on my mid-thigh, "The man has impeccable taste. I admire him for letting you come out like this."

"He knows I'm not going anywhere," I smiled.

"Your legs feel so soft and your nipples are so hard," he whispered. "Wish my lips and face were closer."

"How close?" I slid the material of my top just far enough to the side to expose my nipple.

He wasted no time in leaning over to get a suck. He leaned up, and I covered up, but not before a few people close by caught the activity. They just grinned, and Rome's hand slid further up my thigh.

I whisper while parting my legs a little farther, "Bold men are so hot."

"Bold like this?" he slid his hand higher between my thighs.

I moaned, "Be careful, your hand might come out wet."

"I'll just have to lick them as you watch."

"You wouldn't."

"Stand up."

I see hubby come from the restroom, and get in the bar line. I slide off the stool, but keep one foot on the rung. Rome slid his hand higher, and rubbed across my wet g-string. He then slid it aside and felt my full moistness with his fingers. I grinded my hips to the music; a few people close by could see what was happening. Rome kept rubbing me there, making me want more."

"Now, lick 'em, if u ain't scurred."

Rome leaned over and gave my nipples a quick but slow lick and kiss through my top.

"I meant your fingers!"

"Oohhh!" he licked them and then stirred his drink with them.

As I sat back on my stool, with a big smile, I felt the bulge in his pants, "Nice!"

Rome acted like he dropped something at the table, and knelt down to get it. "Give ‘em to me."

I saw hubby paying for the drinks, and quickly raised my bottom off the seat. In a quick swoop, Rome was gone with my panties back to his original table.

Hubby set my drink on the table, "Sorry that took so long."

"No problem, you're friend kept me company," I kissed him.

"What friend?"

I took a drink to refresh my buzz, "The one who told you about the bar?"

"Lucas is here?" He put his hand back on my thigh, "I didn't think this was his kind of club."

"Why not?"

"He's an older, white man – though I think he's part owner in this place."

I looked over, and Rome had my g-string balled in his hand. He was staring at me, and smelling it.

"Now, where were we?"

I took a bigger drink, "You were about to take me to the car and fuck the shit out of me for being a nasty girl just now.

He looked at me, confused.

I shifted our positions so that I could whisper in his ear, and have eye contact with Rome. I told hubby everything, while running my hands over his chest and dick through his shirt and pants. When I finished my tale, I looked him in the eye, "I love you."

He looked over his shoulder at Rome, who averted his eyes for a second, and then looked right back at hubby. "What are you up for tonight?"

I leaned in and gave him a deep kiss.

Hubby smiled, and wrote on the back of a business card he took out of his pocket. "Let's go," he got up and took my arm. As we passed by Rome, he stopped for a second, then put the card on the table.

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