tagErotic CouplingsNasty Habit - A Halloween Tale

Nasty Habit - A Halloween Tale


"Suck it...suck it you nasty slut."

Even as Jack grabbed my arm; I'd already stopped. We both put index fingers to our mouths and moved slowly in the direction of the voice. This was definitely one of the wildest Halloween parties we had ever been invited to. The "we" I'm referring to is not Jack and I; he's neighbors with the host of this party. Jack and I were returning from a ride in his restored Shelby Cobra Mustang. The real "we" is my wife Samantha and me; I'm Bill.

"Oh I'm going to fill you up."

Samantha and I had moved into this neighborhood last November, just after the last Halloween party. "Oh man, you just missed the Henderson's Halloween party; better block out the weekend for next year right now!" was usually the second thing said, right after "Hello, welcome to the neighborhood."

Damn! Jack and I could see the back of the guy's head, but whoever was servicing him was completely obscured by shrubbery. The servicee had his arms over his head and when I looked closer I nudged Jack and pointed it out to him. The guy was recording his blowjob with a small video camera. – see what I mean: wild!

Jack motioned to a vantage point on the other side of the yard and indicated he knew a way to get there. We heard the guy grunting his orgasm as we passed behind the back of the pool cabana. I paused for a second, there was a miniscule opening and I could just make out a kneeling figure dressed in black. By the time we cleared the pool cabana the whole scene came into focus. The guy who just got blown was in a Devil costume, complete with long tail. The figure in black was bending over a table as the Devil kept recording.

The costume of the figure in black was a nun's habit; I suddenly didn't feel very good. The nun bent forward over the table as the Devil lifted the bottom of the habit and flipped it onto her back. Even in the dim light of the yard I had a clear view of her ass and cunt. The guy kneeled behind her and began to eat her out. The nun was trembling and wiggling her ass in his face.

The Devil stopped eating her out and stood moving to the side. He lifted his tail and teased her cunt with the tip as she pushed her butt back. Jack leaned in close to my ear, "What a nasty fucking slut. I'd pay my wife a thousand bucks to act like that with me." Under normal circumstances I would have agreed with him.

"C'mon. let me have it. We both know you want me to do this, come on now." The Devil had bent forward and was talking to the Nun, but he was loud enough for us to hear. "You won't get fucked until you give it to me. Heh, heh, heh; I knew you would...such a slut."

When he stood back up he was holding a large ruler in his hand; he rubbed it against the woman's ass. He framed the view in his camcorder, raised the ruler overhead and swung forward – SMACK. He brought the ruler back again, – SMACK. After ten more the nun's ass was scarlet and the Devil's cock was erect. I was getting a very sick feeling in my stomach.

The Devil set the ruler down and moved behind her. He bent his knees a little then thrust forward; his cock disappeared inside her. You could hear the woman's "UHHHFFFFF!" as he bottomed out. He paused for a moment then began to thrust into her. The Devil was fucking the Nun.

My stomach flipped and twisted and I threw up as I doubled over. I straightened up in time to see the Devil half-turned looking right at me; he smiled and arched his eyebrows. Then the couple scrambled off into the darkness.

My head was spinning so bad I could barely walk; Jack helped me back inside. I found an empty chair in the kitchen and just sat down at a table. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed: the Devil with his camcorder, the Nun with her ruler and the two of them fucking. I knew of only one woman in a Nun habit tonight and she wasn't married to the guy in the Devil costume. She was married to me.

Samantha and I've been married for three years. Someone told me once that getting through the first three years of marriage is quite an accomplishment. Until tonight, I thought we were doing pretty good.

I know that we've had our share of challenges and arguments; what couple doesn't? We both work full-time and earn good money; so finances aren't a that big a problem. I guess our primary gripe revolves around time together; which we both acknowledge isn't enough. And that's where sex comes into the equation, because when we have some time together; I want to enjoy sex with my wife.

Sam has a slightly different take this: more along the lines of quality taking precedent over quantity. She wants quality time, quality foreplay and she wants it all wrapped up in a nice romantic package. I'm all for romantic, slow love making, and everything; but sometimes you just want a good fast fuck. The result is a shifting stalemate of safe, routine sex that you could almost characterize as scripted. Scripted! Ha - after what I saw tonight, not only were Sam and I not on the same page; we weren't even reading the same book.

I didn't say anything to Jack; right, I can just hear it – "oh Jack, about the whole slut-wife thing; it ain't all it's cracked up to be." Of, course he was talking about his wife acting the slut for him, not some guy in a Devil costume.

I found my way to a almost quiet spot in the kitchen. I tried to make sense of it all. Sure, we've been arguing more and Sam has definitely been drinking more; okay, we've both been drinking too much of late. And there was the thing earlier this evening when she got really pissed at me. This woman was dressed as a mermaid with real shell bra cups. I asked a woman if the shells irritated her nipples. The woman had pulled the shells down and invited me to inspect them – hey, she asked! So I touched a woman's nipple; I was curious, what's the big deal? I guess Sam didn't exactly see it as a Discovery channel moment.

"Hey Bill. Having a good time?" I adopted an "all's right with the world face" and turned to the questioner.

"Hi Marianne, how are...whoa. Look at you. I've got to tell you; in the bright lights of the kitchen I have a new appreciation for your costume." Marianne was wearing a Helen of Troy toga. She'd looked good earlier, but now she looked amazing. I quickly realized that a significant part of amazing was that Marianne's breasts were on glorious display. I zeroed in right on them.

Marianne is a divorced, single mom, who happens to be a neighbor. I often let her two boys come over and watch sports on my big LCD HDTV. She's also an incessant flirt (and she's groped me more than once!) Marianne was always telling Samantha that if she ever threw me out, to throw me in Marianne's direction. Even though Marianne was a good fifteen years older than me I knew how serious she was. Samantha thought the whole thing was hilarious.

She looked down at her rack and sighed. "Enjoy the view while you can Bill. I lost a stupid bet and it cost me my bra and panties." I couldn't stop myself from looking lower and saw that she was telling the truth. I expected her to cover up or say something; she didn't.

While Marianne didn't seem to mind me looking at her, she did seem uncomfortable about something. She wasn't making the slightest effort to flirt; which was very unusual for her. Marianne looked at my costume; I was dressed as a Ninja: swathed in black from head to toe. She appeared to be distressed by it. "So you stuck with the Ninja costume. I though you might have gotten something else. Have you seen Samantha?

Had I seen Sam? The mention of my wife drew a scowl across my face and my voice burned with anger. "Oh I've seen her alright. I don't know where she is right now Marianne. Sam was drinking pretty heavily earlier, maybe she needed to lie down...I wouldn't be surprised if you found her in one of the bedrooms."

"Okay. Bill...if she's drunk too much she shouldn't be left alone." While Marianne voice was calm enough, her eyes spoke a completely different tale; clearly something was very wrong. "Some of the guys are saying some pretty wild things."

Then it hit me – Jack. Jack must have said something and she overheard it. Judging by the tales I'd heard all year long, sexual encounters at these parties weren't exactly uncommon. "Tell you what Marianne let's go find my wife." I stood and offered her my arm.

We'd barely cleared the kitchen when we saw a group of people leaving. The Devil was among them. Some woman was hanging all over him, his left arm around her. I was looking right at his wedding ring. He glanced my way, and we made eye contact - again. I guess he recognized me because he arched his eyebrows just like he had in the garden. I tensed, "Fucking Bastard."

I felt Marianne tremble at my tension. "Are you okay Bill?"

"Oh, didn't you hear Marianne? The Devil," I nodded in his direction, "nailed a nun tonight; outside by the pool."

Marianne began to push me away from the entry. "Okay Bill, all kinds of things get said at these parties. It's mostly drunken gossip. Someone thinks they see something, and it's really nothing at all. I think it's one of the few times that men are worse than woman. Guys brag about stuff like that all the time." I could tell by here tone that Marianne was moving into damage control mode. She was circling the wagons to protect a fellow female. "Some guy makes a pathetic pass at a woman and gets shot down, next you know he's claiming he nailed her – happens all the time. No truth to it."

I stopped and turned to Marianne looking her square in the eyes. "I saw them. Jack took me for a spin in his Mustang. We were coming back through the yard. We passed right by the pool. I...SAW...THEM." Marianne's eyes went Frodo big.

Marianne hustled me back into the kitchen. "Bill, calm down - okay? Take some deep breaths. You've been drinking too. There are plenty of women in all kinds of black costumes; witches and...witches. Just because you saw some woman in black doesn't mean..."

"I saw the ruler. Samantha insisted she needed a really big ruler to complete her costume. I made one for her. I watch that fucking bastard swat her bare ass with it. I saw it Marianne." I took a deep breath. "Well, if she can fuck around, so can I. I am not going to be some puny cuckold waiting for his wife to come home and pat him on the head like a good little boy. Two can stray at this game."

"Bill, two wrongs don't make a right – believe me; I know. You said she was drinking too much tonight. I'm sure that if you sit down and talk calmly with her ..."

I looked at Marianne's fulsome breasts. I reached out and cupped her left breast and let my thumb trail over her nipple. That certainly shut her up. I gently squeezed her breast and stroked her jaw line with my left hand until my index finger rested on her lips. I pushed ever so slightly in; she didn't resist.

"I am not going home with my tail between my legs. You've always acted interested; do you want me or not Marianne?" I felt Marianne's lips slide down the length of my finger. Her cheeks hollowed as she pulled back. I took that as a yes.

I grabbed Marianne's arm and pulled her out the backdoor of the kitchen into a quiet side yard area. I pushed her against the door and kissed her. Her mouth yielded quickly and out tongues dueled back and forth. My hands dove beneath the skirt of her toga and I graded her ass. As I knelt down my fingertips moved up and down her legs as I bent forward to her cunt. I stuck my tongue right between her cunt lips. She immediately arched her hips forward and step her legs apart. I pushed my right index finger between the lips of her cunt and sunk it into her wet heat.

With my left hand I spread her lips apart for easier access to her clit; she moaned loudly at first contact. I added my middle finger to her cunt. She either was getting weak in the knees or really wanted my fingers deeper inside her. I felt the weight of her body settle onto my right hand. Her clit swelled and hardened as my tongue lashed back and forth across it. "Too much, too much..."

I knew what to do about "Too much." I pulled my fingers from Marianne, to her moans of disappointment and stood. In a moment I turned her around, place her hands on the door and bent her at her waist. I pushed my Ninja pants down my thighs. Grasping my cock I aligned it with her cunt, teasing it up and down her wet lips.

"Hurry, put it in. Please Bill...hurry."

I pushed oh so slowly forward. I was determined to experience every tiny millimeter of Marianne's cunt; it was tight, wet and incredibly hot. "Ummmm, damn your tight. Been awhile has it?"

"Too long." Marianne dropped her head forward and let it loll side to side. Suddenly I felt her cunt open up and I bottom out in her with a grunt. Her cunt immediately tightened with a strangle hold on my cock. "I've got you in my clutches now Billy boy."

I fucked her with slow deliberate strokes; marveling at the control she had over her cunt muscles. I felt her fingers brush my balls as she diddled her clit. Her hips twitched and bucked and I felt her muscles clench around my cock as she came. I withstood the increased stimulation by pausing deep within her.

I was just resuming our fuck when we heard the sounds of people approaching from the backyard. I pulled out of Marianne and tugged my pants back into place. Marianne opened the kitchen door and we ducked back inside. She turned and pulled my mouth to hers and kissing me passionately. I broke the kiss and held her face in my hands. "This isn't over, Marianne. I'm not done with you. I am definitely not done with you."

Marianne grabbed a kitchen towel and wiped her wet thighs dry, she even tugged my pants down and removed her wetness from my still erect cock. We waited long enough for my erection to relax, then went off in search of my wife.

We found Samantha a little later, in a bedroom nearly passed out; her costume was inside out. Marianne gave me a wistful "I'm sorry" look. Somehow we got Sam to the car for the five minute drive home. Marianne and I half carried, half dragged Samantha to our bedroom. We undressed her, I was surprised that Sam had put her panties back on. I wasn't even tempted to remove them and look at her cheating cunt. I'd seen enough of that already tonight.

I kept looking at Marianne's tits as she helped. I got hard again, but made no effort to cover myself. I noticed Marianne noticing. With Samantha in bed I offered Marianne a drink before she walked home.

We never got around to the drinks. She knelt down and blew me almost as soon as we reached the kitchen. Marianne took me completely into her mouth and throat, something Samantha was less then keen on. I came hard. But I wasn't stupid either, I told Marianne we needed to go to her house.

She didn't even hesitate to pull me inside; I watched her undress as we walked to her bedroom. She spread her legs and I dove between her thighs. I to taste her and she seemed to really enjoy the tasting. Our first full fuck was fast and hard. While we waited for my recovery, I fingered her to another mild orgasm. She sucked me hard and straddled me. She seemed to have even more control over her cunt when she was on top. It was a nice slow fuck that built gradually in speed and intensity. It felt great and she eventually came; two orgasms in one night are pretty much my limit. I didn't want to stay to long, so I got up and I went home.

Sam was sleeping peacefully. I was smiling broadly. I just slid into bed next to my unfaithful wife and dropped off into a guilt-free slumber.

The Devil Made Me Do It

I almost convinced myself that I was only going to be with Marianne that one time. She clearly had other ideas and I found myself at her house and between her thighs twice during the next week. It surprised me at how often and how easy it was for Marianne and me to get together. Her boys were often gone during the day on weekends so Saturday and Sunday mornings seem to work out best.

The best part of this was that Samantha often sent me to Marianne's. Sam hated coffee, even the smell of it. So she was more then happy to send me down the street. Marianne would call Samantha; "Hi Sam. How about sending Bill over for a Cappuccino? Everything's hot, all I need to do is steam his milk." I was only too happy to go.

Depending on the time available Marianne and I had a whole menu of sexual possibilities to chose from. If pressed for time, a quick and satisfying session of oral sex was the specialty of the day. At least once a month we made the effort to really enjoy two to three hours of variety fucking; basically anything and everything. The arrangement seemed to work well for both of us. Weeks rolled into months and it seemed to just get easier and better; I had no complaints.

Unfortunately, the situation at home was different and deteriorating. Sam and I seemed to be arguing more often, and with more intensity. It seemed that our marriage was headed downhill. Like before, sex was a major part of our problem. I had to be careful not to act any different then before. There were times when I could have sworn that Sam was steering me toward the bedroom, especially on the weekends. Weird huh? Then, just when I though we were about to hit bottom, it changed. In the midst of my fucking Marianne on a regular basis, Samantha and I finally found our sexual groove.

We were right in the middle of a huge heated argument, when Sam did something that really pissed me off; she pushed me. She physically pushed me against a wall - hard.

I pointed a finger right in her face and told her that if she ever did that again I was going to spank her on her bare ass until she beg for my forgiveness. She looked at me, then both hands came up and she pushed me hard enough that I fell backwards to the floor. I grabbed her and wrestled her over my knee. I pulled her dress up over her ass and pushed her panties down to her knees. She warned me not to spank her.

SMACK! She screamed, more from surprised than pain, and struggled to free herself.

SMACK! This scream was filled with anger. "Stop it Bill. I'm warning you." SMACK!

SMACK! "Goddamnit! Stop it you asshole." SMACK! "...fucking jerk."

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I rained my hand on her bare flesh until her ass glowed with redness and heat. Somewhere in the teens she stopped resisting and began to hump my thigh; then she started moaning. I threw her face down on our bed and fucked her as hard as I could. She fucked back against me as hard as I was fucking into her; she had never done that before.

She started screaming "Fuck!" and nothing but "fuck." She was almost incoherent, "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck..." I didn't know how she was breathing. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had just come back from fucking Marianne right before the argument started. I knew I was going to last a long, long time. I fucked Samantha like we had never fucked before.

Half a dozen times as I fucked her she asked me to stop. I might pause to change position of add a little lube but I was going to fuck her until I was through. I pushed and pulled Samantha into positions she would have never allowed before. At one point, I was licking her cunt to keep it wet and I switched to licking her asshole, she was saying "no...no...no." but her hips were moving around like she was tremendously turned on.

I finally began to feel my own orgasm tingle and I moved Samantha into my favorite position. She was kneeling on the side of the bed with me standing on the floor. I had maximum leverage for a final, frantic fucking. My hips slammed into hers as I held her in place. My orgasm was huge and I roared in triumph.

I actually started to feel a little guilty after I finally came. When I pulled out of her, Sam's ass was still bright red, her cunt was stretched open like I had never seen it and my semen oozed freely from her. Sam is usually quick on the clean up; instead she just knelt there on our bed, unmoving, stuff dripping down her thighs.

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