tagBDSMNasty Intentions

Nasty Intentions


"Her bum was freely offered, straining towards his hand, his belt and his cock.

She was aching for it, for something, anything as long as she got it now!

He had her totally in his command and they both reveled in it.

Aroused was too small of a word."

We had been talking on the net for a while. Kidding around at first and enjoying each others sense of humor. He had his life and I had mine but every now and then we met up and talked. I was attracted to him from the beginning, or maybe I should say that I was attracted to his mind more then him since I had no idea what he looked like at the time. He, however, had seen images of me on my kinky internet-profile so he had a good idea what I looked like. From what he had told me, he appreciated my looks, especially my ass.

After a few months, some serious teasing and lots of laughter on my side of the computer at least, we finally got something started. And what a start! Even if cybersex almost never got me excited anymore I was sure getting aroused and excited by his words. I was surprised over the impact this man had on me but I accepted it and thought to myself that I was going to go with it and see what happened.

"He grabbed the back of my head and wrapped some of my hair tightly around his hand. I felt my body go limp underneath his touch and at the same time, my mind narrowed down and focused on the one thing in my life that was important right now. Him.

Pushing my head down in his lap and exposing my neck, he leaned forward and traced my skin with his tongue. I could not help but shiver and moan. His nostrils flared as he inhaled my musky scent, taking deep breaths so he could really enjoy the smell of my wet needy cunt. And wet it was. I could feel it slowly wetting my thighs and I marveled in how fast I responded to him.

Fingers danced over my skin on my bare back and I immersed myself in the feeling. Tickling, stroking, demanding my body to respond to his touch. I got goosebumps all over my arms and he smirked at me, seeming very happy about the results.

He was just getting started.

In response I rubbed my nose against his hardness to tease and to please. I wanted him badly and I showed him that by paying a great deal of attention to his cock. His tongue swiped up from my neck to my ear, teeth closing on my earlobe to give it a quick tug. Then his voice growling:

-"Suck him, babygirl."

Yes, please, yes! I thought and licked my lips in anticipation.

I wanted to please him so much, I wanted to make this so so good. The tip of my tongue landed gently on the head of his cock, I could already taste him since there was enough of precum to make for really good lubrication. I love the taste of cum, I love cum period! Anywhere, everywhere and right now I wanted it in my mouth!

His cock stood at full attention now and as I was swirling my tongue around the head I made sure that I licked the sensitive ridge a few times. He was groaning at this point and I was making noises of pleasure too. How could I not since this was something I had been waiting for so long and now, finally, I was permitted to have his cock in my warm, wet and very needy mouth!

I let my mouth descend on him, as far as I could and his grip on my hair hardened. I slowly bobbed up and down on his cock, making sure that I wrapped my tongue around the ridge every time I went up. I didn't want this to be over quickly, I actually prefer to give blow jobs that lasts for 30 min to an hour! It's so fascinating the way a mans cock responds to my tongue, my touch and my breath. I could do it for hours.

His other hand was slipping down my back and into the back of my panties, caressing my ass, his fingers playing lightly over my tight hole for a minute then delved into my very wet softness. Only to be back up again, his fingers now lubricated, and he roughly pushed in two of his fingers. I was surprised and let out a small shriek but I didn't fight it. I wanted him badly in any of my holes and I pushed my butt against his fingers to show him my appreciation.

During his attention to my tightest hole I'd lost my concentration and was too busy wiggling my ass at him to really focus on his cock. That earned me a hard tug on my hair and then I was pushed so far down on his cock that I had to really pay attention or I would be gagging and be out of breath pretty soon. So while I tried the best that I could to suck him dry, he was fingerfucking my ass and controlling my bobbing head at the same time.

He was rough, walking the fine edge between pain and pleasure but it showed me exactly who was in control. I let one of my corner teeth scrape lightly down his cock and he groaned louder this time. Telling me what a good slut I was for him. How good I sucked his cock and all the nasty things he wanted to do with that tight hole his fingers was invading.

As he added a third finger I felt my clit starting to spasm lightly. Something was coiling right underneath it and I doubled my efforts to please him with my mouth. I got frantic, determined to have his warm seed pulsing down my throat any minute now and I was pushing myself onto his fingers as hard as I could within my ability to move. I was all about coming. Pleasing. Submitting.

I didn't care about anything else.

He stroked his thumb on the skin between my cunt and ass, actually more rubbed it just on the outside of my vagina and up towards his fingers pumping my ass. I couldn't take it anymore and I bucked and moaned and begged him (somewhat garbled since I had his big hard cock still deep in my mouth) to please let me come for him!

Smirking yet again he asked me if I needed something and told me that I shouldn't talk with my mouth full. He let me up for air and I cried out as fast as I could:

-"Please Sir, please let me come.... I can't... I'm com...please!!!"

-"Come for me babygirl!" He growled and pushed my face down on his cock while keeping his fingers working in and around my backhole I exploded. I swear I did, I felt myself shatter around his fingers and my bucking became even more frantic. I screamed around his cock and then I felt it starting to throb.

A second later his cum filled my throat. I swallowed greedily and forced myself to take him as deep as possible. Still convulsing from my orgasm and from his fingers still working me

I started to come down to earth. His death-grip on my hair loosened and I was able to take the last spurts of him on my tongue so I could really taste him. Slowly he withdrew his fingers and cleaned himself on a towel that was just beside him. He pulled me up and put me in his lap. I sighed contentedly and snuggled as close as I could. My ass burned and I squirmed a bit but I was happy that i felt where he had been. I've never enjoyed being treated like I was made of glass. "

Yes...that had been a very fun and very exciting session even if it was textualized. A written sex scene where the both of us participated. I knew that he was a lot older then me and I've never before been that interested in older guys. Not this much older at least but for him I would definitely make an exception. Later on I did get to see a picture of him and he was definitely attractive. Like a white version of James Earl Jones. I was wondering if he had the same type of voice too, deep, seductive, commanding...


As luck had it, we were living in the same big city. Too big for us to walk into each other by chance and we lived at opposite sides of the town. Even though we had been talking a lot lately, none of us had mentioned anything about meeting up in real life. we were fine as we were and the needs we had were sated by each other. As far as I knew at least.

Although he kept mentioning that he didn't like to share I was sure that he had other girls he paid attention to and played with. I kept myself to playing with only him though because I liked to be with one at the time. And I liked to please him. This however made me a bit frustrated since we didn't chat that very often and my need was growing. For me, there was just no point in selfpleassuring. It was nice but always left me feeling empty and like I was missing out on something good. So I waited patiently.

One day, my best friend and me were going to a part in the city we never been to before, I was going to a job interview and she was going with me for moral support. We entered a big office and talked with the receptionist. She asked us to sit down and wait for Mr Davies who would be out shortly to interview me.

As we waited in the sitting area my eyes wandered around and I glanced into the offices. A familiar face was looking in my direction with an intensity that made me forget to breathe. At first I didn't recognize him but after a few seconds it all clicked in my head. It was HIM! My "net-playpartner"! Oh my God what would I do? What would he do? Would he come out and say hello? Was it him that would interview me? Why was I sopping wet between my legs all of a sudden???

As he stared at me and probably saw all my thoughts flashing across my face, he smirked, let his lips twist in a close-to-evil grin. Predatory. His gaze burned and I was the first to look away because it was getting very discomforting to meet his eyes. My friend didn't notice anything as she was busy flipping through some magazine. I glanced towards his room to see if I could sneak another peak before I faced the Spanish inquisition. He was leaving his room and walked straight towards me, a glimmer in his eyes and a pleasant smile on his lips.

-"Ms Pine I presume?

-"Umm, yes, yes that's me!" I choked out.

-"Good, if you would follow me, please?" He made it sound like a command rather then a question.

-"It's going to be fine!" My friend whispered, -"I'm rooting for you!"

I thought that we were headed to his office but he continued further down the hall to a small corner office that had no windows towards the hall to look through. He gestured that I was to enter the office so I did and once inside his hands was suddenly on my shoulders and his breath was warm and hot against my ear.

-"So... you found your way here hmmmm? What did you do, Google me? Applied to the job just so you could come here and distract me?"

-"No...no Sir." I swallowed nervously and tried to explain that I really needed this job since I couldn't make a living out of my hobby anymore. And I was really sad about that and please Sir if you just let me go I'll get out of here and forget all about it....

-"Hush now." He said

-"So, a chance encounter. A stroke of luck perhaps. And you're in need of a job you say... Hmmmm." He grabbed my hair lightly to tilt my head back so he could look me in the face. Raising an eyebrow he waited for me to answer.

-"Yes Sir!" I croaked, my throat all dry of a sudden.

How come this man, this 20+ year older then me MAN could bring such a response from my body?

I've met Dominants of all kinds before but never, NEVER had anyone had such a self confident aura around him. Never had anyone been so comfortable with himself and his surroundings and never had anyone focused all that confident energy on me. Yes, he also exuded arrogance and a feeling of looking down on me, something like disdain but not quite. That though came and went however and I ignored it for now.

I always thought that this was such a cliche but I truly felt like I was prey at this point. He smiled down at me and tugged my hair. To my astonishment his nostrils flared as he recognized the smell that was invading his nose all of a sudden. He grinned and murmured:

-"Well, that answers that question. This might be fun...."

Huh? What question? What did he sme.... Oh...right. Was it really that obvious of a smell when I got wet? I hadn't showered today since I did it last night and from what I could tell without sticking my hands down my panties, they were soaked. So apparently, yes, I was exuding a very alluring smell to him and any others that might come here at anytime. I glanced around feeling a bit embarrassed.

He snorted softly and let go of my hair.

I was so fascinated with this man and even if we hadn't met face to face before I felt like I could trust him not to harm me. Hurt me, oh-my-fucking-god-yes (and possibly in ways I couldn't even imagine at this point) but not harm me. It occurred to me then that he hadn't really closed the door, it was slightly ajar and I looked at him questioningly. He just smirked and took a step into my personal space.

I was still having my coat on since it was cold outside and underneath it I had a dress that showed a lot of cleavage and a good part of my stocking encased legs. I enjoyed dressing like that, all feminine. Sensual. He was dressed in a crisp suit, perfectly fitted and he was looking very comfortable in it. Just how I liked it.

-"Take of your coat." His eyes was burning holes into mine again and I glanced away in sheer desperation. How could I meet his gaze when it told me so much about what he wanted to do to me? His fingers catched my jaw and brought my eyes back to him

-"I want your eyes on me, girl." He growled.

-"When I want it somewhere else I'll tell you or show you. Now... Take. Off. Your. Coat."

His left hand glided upwards on my body from my arm to my shoulder, to my hair and he grabbed it firmly. Not tugging, just holding it. I swallowed noisily and as I started to undress I pondered over the differences to experience something like this in real life vs on the net. This was far more poignant. This was scary as hell but also very exciting. Adrenaline rushed through my system making my body go on high-alert.

My mind though had been short-circuited the moment he stood in front of me telling me to follow him. I couldn't think of anything but here and now and him and all that we had chatted about, what I had written to him about me, about my needs and desires.

Others in the building? Door not closed? The risk of having my friend walk in and find us? The risk of having anyone of his co-workers barging in and demand to know what was going on? I didn't care.

"-Put the coat on the chair by the door and then put your arms to your sides babygirl."

Obediently I did what he ordered and then I stood there waiting. He studied me, let his gaze wander down my body to see what I looked like. He tugged on my hair making me realize that he wanted me to turn around a bit.

-"Oh yes, that fine ass of yours. It looks much better in real life then on your pictures."

His right hand was now caressing the top of my butt through my dress

-"Thank you Sir." I whispered, still looking into his eyes even if he was currently looking at my sizable ass. He turned me around so my back was pressed against his front. A very hard erection was pushed against my butt and his hands were now moving to my front.

-"Let's see if you're as responsive as you told me you were, girl. Put your hands on my hips and don't let go until I tell you to!" As I did just that, he freed my breasts from my bra and my dress making them stand out more and almost look enormous from my point of view. My breath got caught in my throat as his hands slid across my skin and settled underneath my tits. His thumbs were stroking my sides and as I watched, my nipples hardened just from that.

He chuckled and close his thumbs and forefingers around each nipple and tugged them. Then tugged a bit harder. I moaned and arched into him. My nipples weren't that sensitive but I loved having them played with. My fingers was digging in to his hips, it was all I could do to not let them wander to his front and grab onto something more tempting.

There was sound coming from outside the room and I stiffened, trying to pull away but he held me against his body in a steel grip.

-"Nope, you're not going anywhere my little babygirl. You walked into the dragons den and now this evil dragon wants to have a little fun with his princess."

Oh dear god, was it possible to orgasm just from hearing a mans voice? There was some serious clenching going on between my legs, not on an orgasmic scale yet but close. I wanted him. Now!

The sounds outside the office subsided but I could still hear voices out there, someone wondered where the boss had gone and grumbled about wanting to talk to him. I figured that the boss was otherwise engaged since he had his hands playing with my nipples and his rock hard shaft rubbing against my very willing butt.

His lips grazed my neck and he kissed and nibbled his way down from under my ear to my collarbone. His hands were twisting my nipples in a painful way now but in my excitement I was only wound up more and more. I did love pain with the pleasure which he already knew from our chats.

Finally after one last twist he moved his hands from my breasts and turned us around so we were facing a desk.

-"Bend over babygirl." He growled and one of his hands applied pressure on my back.

The coolness of the desk against my hot and tortured nipples made me gasp. His hands were now caressing my butt and he folded up the back of my dress so that he could see my exposed ass.

-"Stockings, he grumbled, I hate stockings." A quick tug and a loud rip and then my stockings was in shreds at my feet.

-"Much better, don't you agree babygirl?"

I could only moan at this point. I felt my thighs being all sticky from my arousal and I would have to throw away the panties because there was no way in hell I could save them by a mere washing. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if...


Yep...he tore away my panties too. There I was, panting, bent over a desk in someones office, in front of a man I only knew from text right until a moment ago and I felt like a bitch in heat.

-"Please Sir....please." I managed.

-"Please what baby? Tell me what you want."

I couldn't get it past my lips. I tried but to my embarrassment I couldn't make myself utter the words that would have him pounding his hard cock inside me in an instant. I moaned with frustration and he chuckled evilly.

-"So the princess needs a bit of fire then, hmm? Well I'll be glad to help."

His buckle made soft clinking sounds as he removed his leather belt.

-"In fact...stand up and walk to the other side of the table. So if someone comes in they'll see your flushed face first."

I did as he asked, not really steady on my legs anymore so I had to grab hold of the desk as I moved around it. Again I bent over and I found myself angling my butt up so he had better access to it. I went up on my toes and I waited for him to give me what he wanted. What I needed.

He grabbed my asscheeks forcefully and parted them so that my hole was exposed and a bit open. I could feel air rush inside and it made me shiver and unconsciously I clenched against the sudden intrusion.

-"Yes... I love that. I love to see that tight little bud so eagerly await what I'm going to give it. You know that, my little slut, right? I love to lick it, fuck it and use it as I wish. But right now..." He let go of my ass and gave me a hard slap on one of my cheeks.

-"Right now I'm going to let you taste my fire and make you all hot and scorched."

He smiled.

-"Tired of the dragon analogy yet baby? Wait until after this..."

I just moaned and shook my head. Whatever he wanted to talk about he could. I was too wrapped up in my bodys response to his hands and his presence to care. Afterward I might think that his talking was on the cheesier side of things but what the hell, give the man a break. He was already multitasking and it had to be hard to come up with witty remarks at the same time. If he was anything near my state or arousal then I was surprised he could do more then just grunt.

As the first strike from his belt landed on my butt I started to breath deeply, letting the pain sink into my body and become one with it. He started lightly but the licks became harder and harder and I was sure that someone would hear the slaps as they became louder and louder. I was positioned so that my clit was rubbing against the hard edge of the desk every time I jerked from a particularly

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