Nasty Little Sister Ch. 02


I ran my hand back up to her pussy and searched for her clit at the top of her pussy lips through her panties. Finding it, I slid my finger over the little nub and Kelly began to wiggle her pelvis. "That's nice." She cooed. "You can keep doing that as long as you want."

All the while, I was stroking my cock and she was staring, watching me masturbate. I tried to keep a rhythm between the way I was playing between her legs and the way I was stroking. Every time my hand went up and down her pantied slit, I felt myself getting closer to that 'Hell Yes' point where a man knows he's going to cum. The way I was leaking precum and the unbelievable hardness of my cock, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to have an eruption of volcanic proportions. I knew I wasn't going to last long if I kept this up - then I had an idea.

"Kelly," I said, "I want you to get up and let me lie down. Then I want you to turn around, face my feet and sit on my face with your panties on. I'm going to let you jack me off."

"But, Kyle," she argued, "I told you I wasn't very good at that."

"Then there's no better time to learn than right now." I shot back. "I'm dying to have your pussy on my face. Come on," I urged, "I let you have your fantasy cum so as you said, Quid Pro Quo. Now, get up before I have to put you over my knee and spank you."

"You wouldn't dare!" Kelly shot back.

"Oh, don't test me, little sister!" I warned. "I'd totally love to get you over my knees. You think getting the sheets wet was embarrassing..... if I have to spank you, I guarantee you'll be embarrassed, humiliated and sore."

Kelly looked at me and giggled, but she got right up. I took her place, laying in the wet spot on the sheets as she clumsily got on the bed and swung her leg over me. I watched as her bottom, wrapped in the wet, blue panties came toward me and then hovered just over my face. Reaching up to her hips and guiding her into the exact position I wanted, I looked up to see her luscious pussy and soaked panties no more than a few inches from me. Moving her with my hands, I pulled her lower until the gusset of her panties came into contact with my nose.

Truly, this was the pinnacle of my fantasies for the last two or three years -- dreaming of her placing herself just like this so I could enjoy both her panties and her pussy. "Go ahead." I told her. "If you want to see me cum, it's up to you now. You better get busy."

I estimated it would take her a few minutes to figure out what to do, but, I was wrong. I felt my sister's hands on me, tentatively at first, and then she grasped my rod and started moving her hand up and down my cock. So, being satisfied that she was underway, I turned my attention to Kelly's panty encased pussy above me.

Her feminine aroma was overpowering. I would have been completely content just to lie there as I was with her pantied pussy so close to my face, but I couldn't do that. Raising my head just a bit, I rubbed my nose against her panties. Kelly moaned in response, stopping her jacking motion momentarily as I nuzzled between her legs.

Deciding to let Kelly fend for herself with my cock, I sunk my face into Kelly's panty covered pussy -- licking and sucking like a wild man as I rubbed my face into her panties. Kelly's hips started to move a little, swaying from right to left as I rubbed my face up into her crotch. I tried to stop her from moving by lightly holding her hips still, but, it didn't work worth a damn.

Then I felt something I didn't expect to feel -- a warm wetness completely engulfed my cock and I knew my little sister was sucking my cock. I was almost in complete sexual overload as I felt her pull my rod out of her mouth and begin stroking me again..... then she switched and sucked me some more -- all this while I enjoyed sniffing and licking between her legs.

After a minute, I realized her panties were becoming disoriented and one side of her crotch was pulled over across her hairless mound. It didn't take me more than a few nudges to uncover her sweet lips and thrust my tongue up into my sister's slippery pussy.

"Oh, fuck!" Kelly moaned as she jacked me.

I started giving my sister a tongue lashing up and down her slit, periodically nibbling on her clit. Again, I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and then her hand resumed stroking me. I'm sure Kelly was so wrapped up in the enjoyment I was giving her pussy that she didn't even pay attention to what she was doing to me.

My cock was throbbing horribly and every time she'd take me out of her mouth and stroke me, I got closer and closer to exploding. Finally, she'd done it too many times and as I felt myself turn that corner where I knew I was going to cum, I decided just to let it happen. I knew my thunderous cum would take her by complete surprise and I chuckled to myself secretly knowing it was a cruel joke to play on any girl. I knew I should warn her -- tell her I was going to cum, but, I didn't say anything.

When I felt that first contraction and knew the surge of sperm was about to spew from my cockhead, I buried my face into her pussy and sucked her clit in between my lips and held it there while I tongued her little bud. Kelly's body started to quake on top of me -- almost like I'd hit her "Vibrate" button. Then, it happened -- my cock let go with a forceful thrust I felt like I emptied by balls in a massive blast.

Luckily for Kelly, she was stroking, and not sucking me when I started to erupt. But, unfortunately for me, what I was doing to Kelly's clit put her over the edge at the same time and she started to cum, too. Her hips were gyrating wildly now and she was pressing her pussy down on my face, almost smothering me and I could barely breathe. I had to use my hands to pry her pussy up from my face and that's when I heard her moaning and panting as her climax overtook her.

"Oh, fuck, Kyle!" Kelly screamed. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Right there!" My little sister yelped.

When she was done, I felt her body go limp on top of mine. I gave her a second to catch her breath and then I pushed up on her butt and asked her to get up and lie down next to me. Slowly, she rose up off of me and as she did, I got my first close up look at her bald pussy. Then as she moved away and turned herself around to lie down next to me, I looked at her face.

"Oh, my God!" I said.

Kelly's face was drenched with sperm. Her whole face was peppered with cum and she had thick globs of it in her hair, dripping from her ears and streaming down her face.

"Jeez," I said, looking at her closely, "your face is a mess. I'll get you something to wipe it off."

"No!" She exclaimed. "No way. I loved it.... the way your cum shot out all over me. It was like a fire hose, Kyle -- it was awesome. I was looking right it, holding you in my hands when the first spurt came out and I just pointed it at my face and watched while you shot it all over me."

My little sister looked a mess, but, it was also sexy as hell to see all my cum dripping down her face and the big smile she was wearing.

You know, I'm really starting to appreciate this Quid Pro Quo stuff.

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