tagGay MaleNasty Neighbor's Temptations

Nasty Neighbor's Temptations


*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, using Microsoft's Spell-Check. You have been forewarned.

Just a flash story.


Alton Prejean watched as the new 1973 Corvette pulled into the space reserved for Apartment 2C. The car was colored a Midnight Blue, the engine rumbled and pounded even as it sat still. Then the magnificent beast fell silent.

The man opened the door and climbed out of the low slung automobile. He smiled at Alton and nodded in greeting.

"That uh, that spot for Apartment Two C yeah," Alton said as the man stretched.

"And I'm moving into that apartment," the man smiled, revealing gleaming white teeth.

"Oh," Alton said.

"Brandon Gardner," the man said, extending a beefy hand.

"I'm Alton me," Alton said, shaking the man's hand.

"Live here?" Brandon asked.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, yeah, me and my brother Gar live in Two D," Alton agreed.

"Well, howdy neighbor," Brandon said, clear blue eyes hidden by his mirrored aviator sunglasses.

A few moments later, a large moving van pulled up and Brandon waved in greeting. Then he, with Alton following, walked up a flight of metal steps to Apartment 2C.

"Whew!" Brandon said as the heated air of the apartment wafted out.

"Thermostat? Right here," Alton said, pointing to the knob on the hallway's wall.

"Yeah, but the movers will be in and out, in and out, running up the bill," Brandon said, making no move to turn the unit on.

Brandon pulled the handsome eighteen year old into the kitchen as two of the men lugged the bed into the apartment.

"Aw hey now, this pretty nice," one of the men commented as he looked around the one bedroom apartment.

"Yeah, built before Scandurro come around," another mover agreed, following the first two as he carried a heavy looking box.

Brandon and Alton stepped out of the kitchen and stood outside, watching the ballet of the three movers. As they watched, Brandon found out that Alton was a recent graduate of DeGarde High School, was eighteen years of age, and was unemployed. He kept his sunglasses on as he checked out the young man's straining tee shirt and bulging biceps. The cheap jeans gave no real indication of what charms the handsome brown haired boy may have in front. But even the cheap cut jeans did not disguise that Alton Prejean had a cute backside.

Alton was impressed that Brandon was from California. He was further impressed that Brandon had bought the car outright, paid cash on the barrel for the car. Brandon Gardner was also the new audio-video engineer for Channel 12, the local independent television station.

"My brother Gar? He says ain't nobody going pay for them get cable when TV's for free," Alton declared.

"Gar's wrong; cable is the future of broadcasting," Brandon corrected gently.

"Think that's about it, Mr. Gardner," one of the men finally declared, mopping the sweat from his forehead.

Alton's eyes opened wide as Brandon casually handed each of the three men a twenty dollar bill for a gratuity. His stomach growled and he remembered he'd not eaten lunch and left Brandon to the task of unpacking.

"Need ask that guy if you can borrow his car," Gar, Alton's older brother joked.

"That your car, you let me borrow it?" Alton asked, fixing himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

"Shit! Kill you you looking at it too long," Gar agreed.

Brandon's first week and half was spent setting up the thousands of dollars' worth of video cassette recording equipment. Then he had to train the camera men on how the new cameras worked. He also had to train the station's technicians on how to sync up audio. Editing was also a hurdle for many that were used to the old medium. The fact that much of what had been accomplished with razor could now be accomplished with a button led to many mistakes and even two engineers quitting.

But two and a half months after starting at Channel 12, Brandon Gardner was able to take a breath, was able to sit in Duke Roberts's office and talk with the station's general manager about what 1973's fall programming would be like.

"Bought one of them video cassette recorders for my home," Duke said casually.

"Yeah?" Brandon asked, running a hand through his shoulder length blond hair.

"Yeah; got it for eleven hundred," Duke disclosed.

"Damn; it broken?" Brandon asked, now fingering his thick blond mustache.

"Hmm? No, no, guy didn't know how use it, was convinced it was garbage," Duke smirked. "Anyway, got a few tapes? From Mexico?"

Brandon looked up and waited. Mexico was doing a pretty brisk business in video cassettes. The subject matter on many of these video cassettes were not readily available in the United States. In fact, several titles were illegal.

"You uh, you ever heard of Alejandro Manuel..." Duke asked after swallowing a few times.

Brandon smiled at the handsome man's nervousness and blush. He leaned forward in the hard wooden chair.

"...Perez?" Brandon finished the star's name. "Fifteen inches of love muscle?"

"Uh, yeah, you uh, you've heard of him, huh?" Duke asked.

"Maybe," Brandon shrugged. Don't forget, "San Diego's got a pretty large Mexican population."

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, yeah they do, huh?" Duke asked. "Anyway, I uh, I was thinking, uh, after we go off the air? After one o'clock?"

"Uh huh?" Brandon asked, leaning forward with real interest now.

"We uh, I mean, might not be able sell them here, you know, uh, in America, but uh, Mexico? Canada?" Duke hinted.

"And since we've already got all the equipment..." Brandon agreed.

"Need a couple guys willing..." Duke said.

Brandon stood and unzipped his polyester slacks. He reached in and fished out his semi-flaccid cock. Duke swallowed, Adam's apple bobbing up and down as Brandon stroked his cock, getting it to his full seven inches.

"So, uh, you're willing," Duke said, swallowing again.

"And I got a neighbor? Just too fucking cute," Brandon said, posing with his hard cock. "Almost blew in my shorts minute saw him."

"Well, you're no Alejandro Manuel Perez, but, yeah, fuck yeah, you'll do," Duke agreed, looking hungrily at Brandon's fat cock.

That evening, after drinking three beers to give himself courage, Brandon walked next door and knocked on the door of Apartment 2B. Alton answered and greeted the man with a dimpled smile.

Brandon's cock jerked and twitched as he eyed the handsome youth's shirtless torso. Then he invited the youth next door for a beer and a rap session.

"So, what you wanting rap 'bout?" Alton asked as he sipped the Schlitz Tall Boy.

"I uh, tomorrow night? We uh, we're doing a movie?" Brandon said, the beer really beginning to work against him.

"A movie? Man!" Alton gasped.

"I uh, damn, need sit down a minute," Brandon said and flopped down on his vinyl couch.

He explained to Alton that the movie was a swashbuckling movie, of pirates and the high seas.

"And I'm Captain Blueballs; you've heard of Captain Blackbeard? Well, I'm Captain Blueballs," Brandon giggled and Alton giggled as well.

"Anyway, I take you prisoner; you're a cabin boy and I take you prisoner," Brandon continued.

"Okay," Alton agreed.

Alton further agreed to accept one hundred dollars for appearing in this movie. He shrugged when Brandon disclosed that they might actually be nude in a few of the scenes.

"And uh, we might even have to kiss," Brandon pushed.

Alton blushed, but shrugged. Brandon's cock twitched and throbbed in his tight slacks.

"We uh, we might even going touch each other's uh, cocks," Brandon pressed.

"That okay with me," Alton said after a long moment of silence.

"You uh, you ever, you ever touch another man?" Brandon asked.

Alton shrugged and blushed hotly. Then he shook his head no.

"I uh, man, I no, I ain't never touched one me," Alton admitted. "But I uh, I mean, Marcia? She this girl? Man! She do anybody! And she and me? We going do it and I just can't? And I'm thinking might be, you know?"

Brandon made plans to take Alton to the studio the next evening. Then he kissed Alton on the mouth. The two men smiled when Alton giggled and blushed, then returned the kiss.

"Okay, got the kid; getting him tonight," Brandon informed Duke the following morning.

"And he knows we're shooting a..." Duke whispered.

"Kind of sort of," Brandon whispered back. "Told him just enough get him interested, told him just enough make it look real when he struggles."

"Good, good. The uh, he is, you made sure he's eighteen, right?" Duke asked.

"Absolutely. Don't need a repeat of Benhurst," Brandon said.

Brandon Gardner did not elaborate on what had happened in Benhurst, Colorado. Duke did not ask.

At five thirty that evening, both men reminded each other that they'd be seeing each other at one thirty that night.

Alton was sleepy when they arrived at the studio. But once inside the very cold building, he looked around with wide-eyed innocence at the fancy television studio.

Duke's cock hardened as he looked at the handsome young man. He nodded approval at Brandon, then unlocked the door of his office.

He had Alton sign release forms and consent forms, then had the young man use his private facilities to give himself an enema.

"A... Why I got give myself..." Alton asked.

"We're wearing costumes," Duke explained, showing Alton the three costumes. "Anything happen to them? Comes out my pocket."

Alton seemed to accept this and closed the door of the bathroom.

"Three costumes?" Brandon asked as he stripped out of his clothes.

""Arg! Avast there ye matey!" Duke said and stripped out of his own clothes.

"You don't think I'm going let you have that sweet meat all for yourself, huh?" Duke whispered, nodding toward the bathroom door.

"Told you, huh? Didn't I tell you?" Brandon laughed as he twisted the bandana around his long blond hair.

Alton stepped out of the bathroom, looking a little pale. He assured both Duke and Brandon that everything had gone fine. He smiled at the outfits and complimented Duke on the eye patch. He admired Brandon's muscled chest in the snug fitting pirate's shirt and stole a glance at Brandon's crotch in the snug fitting breeches.

Then he made both older men smile when he turned to drop his jeans and briefs to the floor. He pulled the knee length breeches up and laced them, then looked around for a shirt.

"You're shirtless," Duke said, ushering them out of the door.

"We uh, we're in Four here," Duke indicated.

Inside of Studio Four, the staging area was made to look like the deck of an old pirate's ship. Brandon nodded in greeting to two of the camera operators.

"Okay, now, Alton, sweetie, you, you're an innocent young cabin boy. Your ship has just been ransacked by pirates, your crew is dead. And Captain Blueballs, the fearsome pirate of the high seas has taken you captive. I'm his first mate; I help him in questioning, disciplining you. Okay? That's the plot. You just do what feels natural, okay?" Duke instructed.

One last check indicated that both cameras were ready. Duke started the countdown, then pointed.

Alton looked around, unsure of what to do. His reaction of surprise was genuine when Brandon swung onto the deck of the ship by use of a rope.

"Ah ha!" Brandon cried out. "So, me little scallywag! Thought you'd escape the mighty Captain Blueballs, did ye now?"

"Oh no!" Alton shrank away from the fierce looking pirate.

"Tell me now, laddie, where is the gold? Where is the silver this, the H.M.S. Big Cock was supposed to have?" Brandon demanded, grabbing Alton in a one armed embrace.

"I, I don't know," Alton said.

"So, won't tell me, eh?" Brandon said, squeezing Alton.

"Sir, I, I don't know. I'm but a cabin boy, sir," Alton said, really getting into character.

"A cabin boy? Well then, I wager ye make a fine cabin toy," Brandon insisted.

"Sir?" Alton said.

"I will have me the gold, the silver, me boy," Brandon insisted. "And I've just the way make ye tell."

He gave a sharp jerk to Alton's breeches.

"Uh!" Duke, and one of the camera men groaned when Alton's hard seven and a half inches of fat, uncircumcised cock sprang into view.

"To your knees with you, cabin boy, prepare to be scuttled thoroughly," Brandon declared, pushing Alton to his knees with a beefy hand on Alton's shoulder.

"Ahoy there, me Captain," Duke said, swinging onto deck.

"Arg! First Mate Dick Swinger! Fine, fine, and ye can help me scuttle this cabin boy," Brandon said as he unlaced his breeches.

"Will do, Captain Blueballs," Duke said as he unlaced his own breeches and pulled out his six inches of circumcised cock.

"There should be some whaling oil, grease up the old cannon," Brandon insisted as Duke grabbed a handful of Alton's hair and fed Alton his erection.

"Aw yeah, that is..." the camera operator groaned as he zoomed in on the dimple in Alton's cheek.

Alton opened his mouth wide to take the fat head of Duke's cock. His tongue waggled around, tasting the sweat, the soap, and a little of the excitement that leaked from the tip of Duke's cock.

Brandon knelt behind Alton and jammed a slimy finger into Alton's rectum.

"Erk!" Alton grunted in surprise.

"Just preparing ye to be properly boarded," Brandon chuckled as the second camera operator focused on Brandon's thick finger jamming in and out of Alton's sweet looking little hole.

"So, where is the gold? Where have ye hidden the silver?" Duke asked, reluctantly pulling his cock out of Alton's hot mouth.

"Sir, I swear, I do not know," Alton pleaded.

"Very well then," Duke said and shoved his cock back into Alton's open mouth.

""Erk!" Alton grunted again as Brandon introduced a second finger to Alton's willing anus.

Alton's head was buzzing, whirring. He had a fat cock in his mouth, a cock that was oozing a bitter, salty substance into his mouth. He sucked hard, trying to coax more of the delicious semen into his mouth.

There was a finger, now two fingers probing his ass, thrusting in and out of his tight ass. Alton had not enjoyed giving himself an enema, but had hoped that the kissing and touching that Brandon had mentioned would include touching his ass. Often, when he stroked his cock, Alton would insinuate a finger, or the handle of his hairbrush into his rectum.

"Ah!" Alton gasped out as Brandon slowly pushed the head of his cock into Alton's slimy rectum.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" Duke grunted and began pumping his semen into Alton's mouth.

Reluctantly, Duke pulled his spurting cock out of the sweet sucking mouth and sprayed Alton's face and open mouth with his semen. He also used a turkey baster to thoroughly coat Alton's pretty face. The baster was filled with whipped egg whites and powdered coffee creamer and looked like a substantial amount of semen.

The camera operator kept the close-up of Duke's spurting cock, Alton's open mouth. Then he kept the camera focused on the semen dripping from Alton's gasping lips.

The other camera was focused on Brandon's vigorous sodomy of Alton's virgin ass. He lowered the hoist and zoomed in to show Alton's hard cock, hairless balls twitching and jerking as Brandon pounded in and out of Alton's greased hole.

Duke used his still quite hard cock to scrape the semen from Alton's face. Then he fed his cock to Alton again.

With a groan, Brandon pulled his spurting cock from Alton's tight hole. He sprayed Alton's pudgy bottom with his own semen and a second turkey baster filled with whipped egg whites and powdered coffee creamer.

Alton's own cock jerked and twitched, throbbed as he felt Brandon's hot semen splattering onto his buttocks. He was disappointed; he'd hoped to feel Brandon's semen filling his bowels.

"Still won't tell, me cabin toy?" Brandon demanded.

"Arg! Mayhap we can suck it out of him?" Duke suggested, looking at Alton's thick meat.

"First Mate Dick Swinger, me thinks ye have that chore in mind for ye to perform," Brandon ordered.

Alton was made to lay down on the floor and Duke stroked Alton's impressive meat before slowly swallowing the young man's thick meat. One camera operator focused entirely on the one eyed pirate swallowing the one eyed worm of the cabin boy. The other operator focused on Alton's gasping, sweating face.

As he was already quite aroused, Alton did not take long to begin spurting his semen. Duke pulled his mouth off and stroked the youth's cock, aiming it at his face and open mouth.

Brandon's cock had revived and he applied more lubricant to the head and shaft. Then, when Duke pulled away from the still shuddering Alton, Brandon knelt between Alton's legs, pulled Alton's breeches off, then put Alton's legs onto his broad shoulders

"Erk!" Alton groaned as Brandon pushed his greasy cock into Alton's stretched anus.

One camera focused only on the long, thick cock jamming in and out of the sweet ass. The other camera took a side shot of the two men as they fucked on the flooring of the pirate's ship.

With a bellow, Brandon pulled out and began spurting his second load of semen onto Alton's buttocks and dangling balls.

"Fine, sir, fine, I shall tell ye," Alton sobbed out as Duke again began to suck on Alton's renewed erection. "Please, just give me more cock to suck, another cock for my ass and I will tell ye."

"Hmm? Then start talking, cabin toy," Brandon demanded, stroking his cock.

"The cannon balls, sir, the cannon balls are not cannon balls. They are merely painted black, but they are the gold, the silver ye seek," Alton sobbed out as he began to spurt his semen onto Duke's face again. "Now, may I have more cock, sir?"

"That, that was truly brilliant," Brandon complimented Alton as they drove home, toward the apartment complex.

The two men chanced a quick kiss before Alton let himself into Apartment 2B. He looked at the wind up alarm clock and saw that it was nearly five o'clock in the morning. So, rather than rouse Gar by crawling into the bed, Alton stretched out on the couch and fell asleep, dreaming of hard cocks drilling his ass, hard cocks filling his mouth.

'Cabin Boy Fuck Toy' was followed up with another 'swashbuckling' adventure. That video was followed up by a 'Western' video; Duke and Brandon and two muscled African-American men playing bank robbers and Alton being a hapless young man captured in their latest bank heist.

By the time of the Western, Alton had learned how to relax his throat muscles, how to swallow a cock down his throat. He had also learned how to use his rectal muscles to squeeze, milk a thrusting, pounding cock. Brandon even told the blushing young man that he thought Alton's ass was even tighter than the first time they'd fucked.

By the time 'Cum Eating Gangsters' came out, Alton had built up quite a fan club. He had also moved out of the apartment he and his older brother Gar shared and had moved in with Duke. In the mornings, Duke would wake Alton with a sweet, slow blow job. Then, Duke would shove his demanding cock up Alton's sweet, tight ass and fuck him rough and hard.

Then Duke would go to work, and Alton would loll in bed until noon or so, eat a sugar laden breakfast, then go outside and loll, nude, next to the large in ground swimming pool. When Duke would come home, he and Alton would make love again.

On rainy days, Alton would lounge on the sofa, watching hours upon hours of pornographic videos. He happened across the Mexican videos of Alejandro Manuel Perez and goggled at the delicious sight of such a large instrument of pleasure.

Duke bought Alton a brand new 1974 Corvette for Christmas. Alton squealed happily and let Duke fuck him in the driver's seat of the sports car. The low slung bucket seats were not conducive for energetic sex, but Alton bounced up and down on Duke's love pole all the same.

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