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Nasty Old Mom


This is my "MOM". She is the author's lover and we role-play mom/son fantasies together behind closed doors! What you read here really happened.

I'm Alex, 31 and a sales job that usually takes me places. Normally, I'd be out on the road, but promotion meant I was mostly office bound now. What's more, I was recently divorced, my ex kicked me out and I had to go down on bended knees to my mom for a roof over my head.

It was with mixed feeling that I went back through the front door of my old home and my mom. She 61 looks it and God knows she turns me on. OK, her tummy isn't taught any more, her breasts may sag, but they are still creamy white and silky smooth, and she has lovely, slender legs.

No pants/trousers for her though, always a skirt and blouse or a dress (with hems that never really conceal her stocking tops) and high heels. However, if you saw her shopping for groceries, you'd think her pussy was dry and butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

How wrong could you be?

I never knew my dad, he'd left my mom before I was born. It had been just the two of us when I was growing up.

So why did I have some trepidation about going back home to live with her? Mom has always had a nasty side to her. She doesn't suffer fools gladly – me included – and has a very sharp tongue. If I said something she considered disrespectful, she'd slap my face and when I was small I remember her pulling down my pants and giving me a good spanking.

And she has always been indiscreet when it came to her body. When I was a kid she never stopped me from coming in or out of her bedroom when she was dressing or undressing. Nor did she shut the toilet door when she needed to urinate.

Boys being boys I guess, this all had a profound effect on me. I often fantasized at night in bed about her pussy and tits, wanking myself to sleep. I'd stay awake, waiting for her to take a leak and the sound of her pissing in the toilet would bring me to an instant orgasm as I visualised her hot pee streaming from her pussy. I'd get oh so hard.

And then I graduated to wanking while sniffing her panties. I knew my desires were wrong and that I would never be able to bury my face into my mother's own pussy, so I opted for the next best thing, inhaling the aroma of her soiled knickers.

I'd go through her dirty laundry and find them, usually she wore lacy nylon panties. There I would be on my knees in her bedroom playing with my erection and a pair of her soiled panties at my nose inhaling the unique and very special scent of her pussy.

They were my own mother's underwear and they smelt of her sex,the most in timate part of her body. Very simply, I'd bring them close to my nose and inhale the smell of my mothers cunt. Is this what it would smell like if I were to put my nose between her legs?

At first the rancid smell of stale pussy had put me off, but it still excited me, and I was drawn back again and again to the laundry basket to feed my perverted desires. I just loved to smell her panties and the stains I saw on the gusset excited me beyond belief as did finding odd bits of her pubic hair there too.

As I wanked my self silly, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, I would imagine her telling me to lick her pussy clean until hot white cum spurted from my cock.

Sometimes, I'd sneak a pair of her panties into my room at night, put them on and lay in bed wanking into them and then in the morning put them back into the laundry basket assuming she would never notice my cum on the gusset

This was because she maintained an active sexual life with a guy I called Uncle Dan. He wasn't my uncle and I wasn't supposed to know that he fucked my mom every now and again; after all he was supposed to be a respectable married man. But I once came home early from school and heard them fucking like rabbits upstairs in mom's room.

It was then I realised what some of the stains on her panties were – Uncle Dan's spunk. At first I'd been deeply jealous that another man fucked her, but then in my deepest and darkest fantasies, I got turned on by the idea and got aroused when I'd see his cum on her panties when I rummaged through the laundry basket the day after her lovemaking. I'd imagine his creamy sperm running out of my mom's beautiful pussy into the gusset of her panties and that thought would mean more jerking of my cock.

When I got into my teens, she still came into the bathroom without knocking. When I was 18 years old, she breezed when I was naked and as I tried to cover myself up, she'd pushed aside my towel and, tweaking the end of my cock, make disparaging remarks about its size.

'You can tell you're father's boy, he had a girlie sized dick too! I don't know how you're going to satisfy a girl with that pathetic little thing. Your father could never satisfy me!'

I ached in shame. I was very conscious how small my prick was in comparison to the boys at school, all of who sported cocks far bigger than mine.

But it couldn't have escaped her notice that as she said these dreadful things to me, my pathetic little penis started to become hard. At that point she stopped, laughed, and gave my baby erection a hard slap and walk out.

But although it was extremely humiliating for me, it didn't stop me from wanking straight away. I actually enjoyed her humiliating me that way or at least it aroused me in a way I couldn't hope to explain. I loved mom and I loved the way she treated me badly sometimes because this kind of incident continued from thereafter.

And so life continued until one day she caught me wanking with a pair of her panties. I'd hadn't heard her return home or come up the stairs. Pants around my ankles, I was caught in the act and had no place to hide.

'Alan! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!' she screamed at me.

I spluttered some incoherent reply, stuffing the offending panties back in the washing basket while trying to hide my very erect dick.

'So, my little pervert of a son likes his mom's soiled panties does he?'

'Y...yes,' I stammered. No point in denying the obvious. Red in the face, I began to sob uncontrollably. 'I'm sorry mom, I'm really sorry.'

'You're a pathetic little sissyboy. What are you?'

'A s...s...sissyboy mom,' I stammered through my uncontrollable tears.

She slapped my face. 'Not a sissyboy, you little bastard. A PATHETIC LITTLE SISSYBOY!

Still on my knees, I looked up at her towering over me with her hands on her hips and said, 'A pathetic little sissyboy mom.'

'A pathetic little sissyboy who likes to smell his mommy's panties. Well you're going to have to be punished.'

'Please mom...no,' I sobbed.

She hitched up her skirt to reveal her stocking tops, suspenders and black lacy panties.

Is that what you want to see? Mommy's pussy?'

'Yes mom,' I sobbed.

'PERVERT!' She slapped my face again and then lowered her panties to the level of her stocking tops. I was crying uncontrollably, but through my tears for the first time I could see her pussy in close up and I was mesmerised, I'd never been this close to a woman's pussy before and it was beautiful.

'That's what a real woman's pussy looks like,' she said with a sneer. I could see little globules of wet on her pussy lips. I could smell her too. A very different smell from the dried stains of her panties that I had become used to in my wanking sessions.

'If you like the smell of mommy's panties so much, stick your nose there in my panties while they are still around my legs!' she said, grabbing my hair and forcing my face and nose into their crotch. I had already seen they were dripping with her juices. Now my face was buried deep in the goo that smeared the gusset of her panties. I didn't just sniff the wonderful aroma, but licked and sucked the gusset as she held my head down.

Eventually she yanked my head back up. 'Now take my panties off.'

I slowly pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. 'Give to them to me you pathetic little panty pervert!' she said angrily.

I did as I was told. Mom thrust the panties into my face. 'Go on, have a good sniff!'

I held them to my nose and inhaled the sensual aroma of my mother's own fresh pussy juices, my cock sticking out hard as a rock as I knelt in front of her. Then she grabbed my hair again and forced my face against her pussy. I sobbed again, in happiness and humiliation as her pubic hair ground into my face, her scent, that very special smell that was unique to her filled my nostrils.

'You're a pathetic little pussy loving pervert!' she screamed at me, grinding her moist cunt hard into my face. What are you?'

I mumbled a reply from her goin. 'A PATHETIC LITTLE PUSSY LOVING PERVERT!' she yelled, pushing my face harder to the point I couldn't breath.

Eventually her grip loosened and she went and sat on the bed, her skirt still hitched up to reveal her stockings, suspenders and oh so beautiful pussy.

'Stand up and come here!' she ordered. 'And put those panties to your nose.'

I came towards her. As I did so, she grabbed my erection and pushed me so I was sideways on to her.

'I'll teach you to masturbate into my knickers you little bastard,' she said. 'Don't think I don't know you wank into mommy's panties. I found a pair in your bed the other night.'

Her grip on my erection tightened and she started to roughly masturbate me with her right hand. With her left, she spanked me – and hard.

'Please mommy, no...' I sobbed, tears streaming down my cheeks, my face in her panties. But although I felt utterly humiliated, I was very aroused too. Each slap on my ass hurt, but equally, I was very aroused by her furiously and roughly wanking me as I sniffed her panties.

It wasn't long before my cum spurted out onto her hand. I couldn't bear to look at her as she stood up and hid my face in her panties. She pulled them away and I looked down guiltily at my feet.

Slowly she raised her hand that was now covered in my spunk and forced it into my mouth and told me to lick it clean.

I sucked greedily on her wet fingers, tasting for the first time the salty and bitter taste of my own sperm. How humiliating.

'Go to your room!' she said. I slunk away, still unable to look her in the eye. I lay on my bed, crying into my pillow. But my tears stopped when I heard the sounds coming from her bedroom. My bedroom door was open and I could hear her breathing deeply, breaths that were becoming increasingly laboured.

I got off my bed and tip toed across the landing. Mom had left her door open and through the crack I could see her lying on her bed fingering herself to an orgasm. I watched in silence and felt my youthful cock become hard again. Although it was still sore from her rough handling of it when she made me cum, I played with it and spurted a second time as she moaned loudly and orgasmed herself.

Fearing she'd catch me again, I hurried quietly back to my room and fell into a deep sleep.

Nothing more was ever said about this incident, but mom was no less discrete in the way she dressed around me. If anything, she seemed to take more opportunities to flash her pussy or tits around the house.

It wasn't long after that I went to collage and began my adult life. I met a girl, got a job and got married. But even though I had a pretty young wife, the memory of my encounter with mom that day stayed fresh in my mind. I started to buy magazines with pictures of older women flashing their delicious pussies for the camera, but non-compared to the pussy of my mom and I would often secretly wank recalling that special moment when I actually had my face pressed to her cunt.

Then, my life changed. I was back home with mom and feeling very sorry for myself. My sex life with my ex had dwindled to nothing (that's because she'd taken a very macho lover). We didn't have children, so the divorce was swift and easy. Staying in my mom's house while I got myself sorted out seemed like a good idea.

Guess what? She still let me see glimpses of her pussy and tits around the house. It wasn't long before I was visiting the laundry basket again. She may have gotten a lot older since my last rummages in there, but she still dressed smart and still wore nice lacy panties and lingerie. The dried juices on the panties still smelt good. And I wanted to have my face buried in her cunt again. This time I wanted to taste my mom's pussy for real.

So, I wrote her a letter and left it out on the kitchen table before I went to the office.

"Dear Mom

Do you remember when you caught me masturbating with your panties all those years ago? We never talked about it, but I haven't forgotten and I don't suppose you have either. Mom, it was the biggest turn on of my life.

I want to make a confession. I still very horny for your beautiful wet pussy.

Since coming back home, I've been thinking about your juicy wet pussy all the time. And I keep wanking myself silly thinking about licking you down there.

I know I'm a bad boy for thinking about mommy's pussy in the way I do. Trouble is, you are a very sexy mum and that's why I get hard thinking about you.

And although we both know its wrong, I think the idea turns you on as much as it does me.

Please let me lick your pussy mom. I beg you. I want to smell and taste my mommy's pussy and make my mommy happy. I'm sure licking your pussy will please you and make you smile.


Your perverted son."

The moment I drove off to the office I began to have second thoughts. What had I just done? Was I insane? For God's sake, a grown man asking to lick his mom's old and wrinkled pussy?

How would she react? Would she throw me out of her home? I was as nervous as a kitten, I really had no idea how she would react to such a brazen statement of intent.

Needless to say, I secretly hoped she'd be mad at me and show it.

When I got back home that night there was no sign of mom. My stomach churned anxiously. I went up to my room intending to get undressed and have a shower. As I started to undress, I noticed a pair of mom's panties on my bed. I went and picked them up. They were black lace and heavily soiled with her juices...freshly soiled.

I couldn't believe it and held them to my nose before starting to lick and suck the wetness from the gusset. If I wanted an answer to my silly letter I had one. Then I sensed I wasn't alone. I turned and mom was standing at the door of my room. She was wearing a short brown dress with black stockings and heels. In her hands were a small cat-o-nine tails and a wooden ruler.

'I always knew you were a sissyboy pussy loving pervert,' she said with a sneer. 'Down on your knees boy.'

Willingly, I sunk to my knees and she walked slowly towards me.

She stopped and slowly began to raise her skirt, higher and higher and I got to see her stocking tops properly, stretched taught across her shapely thighs. Then her panties came into full view, little black ones with a white gusset. Sticking her thumbs in at their sides, she slowly lowered them to the mid point of her thighs so revealing her now more sparse and greying pubic hair.

'Is this what my little pervert of a son wanted to see?'

'Yes mom,' I said shamefully.

'Does my sisyboy son still love his mommy's pussy?'

'Yes mommy, I can't stop thinking about it. I've never stopped thinking about your pussy since...' My voice trailed off. Although I was a grown man, suddenly I felt like I was ten years old again.

'Then put your pathetic face into the crotch of mommy's panties while they are still around her legs.'


'Yes now you stupid little bastard! Put your nose right into the crotch son.'

I shuffled across the floor on my knees until I was kneeling before her. I looked up at her and she looked down at me with utter contempt on her face.

Like she did all those years ago, she pushed my face between her legs and forced my face into the heavily soiled crotch of her damp panties. My cock was hard in a second and without further encouragement, I buried my nose in the material and unashamedly savoured my mom's most intimate bodily scents.

After what seemed like an eternity in heaven, Mom roughly pulled me away and, without removing her stilettos, stepped out of her panties, then clasped my face pushing it onto her pussy. Only then did I realise how excited she was by what had happened. I could see her pussy was soaking wet.

Instinctively I wanted to bury my tongue burrowed between the lips of her pussy and went to do so.

'Not yet 'You pathetic little pervert!' my mother screamed at me. She brought the little whip down hard on my naked back. 'You're going to have to earn the right to kiss mommy's pussy.'

She turned towards me. I looked longingly at her pussy. 'My boy, the mommy loving pervert. So you silly little bastard, you want to be mommy's pussy slave?'

'Yes mom,' I said shamefully, not daring to look in her eye. 'I do. You don't know how much I've missed your pussy mom.'

'You silly little wanker!'she purred with a wicked smile. 'You and your girlie sized cock deserved to be humiliated and punished!'

She pulled my face to her pussy and held it there.

'Remember how I used to tweak your puny little cock when you were in the shower?'

'Yes mom.'

'I'm going to have to teach you there's a penalty attached to being a mommy pussy lover,' she said. 'You want mommy's pussy? Well, you are going to have to do everything and anything your mommy asks you from now on. Is that understood?'

'Yes mom,' I said from within her pubic bush.

'OK, then you may suffer at your leisure,' she said. 'Because now you have agreed, there will be no turning back. You will be my pussy slave.'

She turned around and leaning with her hands against the chest of drawers, presented her backside.

'Let's see what you're really made of; I want you to lick my asshole!'

I'd never even contemplated licking her asshole, not even in my wildest fantasies.

Kneeling behind her I smothered the flesh of her buttocks with kisses.

'That isn't good enough!' she sneered. 'I SAID I WANT YOU TO LICK MY ASSHOLE! Get your nose between my cheeks and smell it first!'

Mom reached behind her and pulled her cheeks to fully apart expose her little brown rosette. I moved my head forward and pressed my nose against it.

'Breath deep, smell mommy's dirty little asshole.'

Then she pushed her ass into my face. 'Lick it!'

Gently I circled her asshole with my tongue. The flavour of her anus immediately exploded on my taste buds and she moaned in obvious delight.

'Now put that tongue of yours inside my asshole, you pathetic little wretch!'

Gaining confidence, my tongue probed deeper, pushing inside her gammy hole. I dug as deep as I could, licking and sucking for all I was worth. And every time I probed, so she moaned in delight and pleasure.

'You like the taste of my asshole don't you?' she asked contemptuously.

'Yes mom ,' I replied.

'How humiliating is it for you to lick your own mother's asshole?' she asked turning towards me again. 'Look me in the eyes and tell me!'

I couldn't help it, but tears welled up in my eyes. She knew what I wanted. And I wanted to be humiliated and hurt by her.

'You pathetic little pervert!' my mother screamed at me and slapped my face and then brought the whip down hard on my naked back. 'She thrust her pussy towards me. 'You may kiss me there.'

I started to smother the object of my desire with loving butterfly kisses.

Pushing me away with a little laugh, she went and sat on the bed. 'Come here,' she demanded. I stood in front of her, naked and my erection all too obvious.

Her right hand encircled and clasped my balls. Her sharp fingernails clawed my scrotum.

'Don't you dare cum until I tell you!' she sneered.

''No mommy, I...I'll try not to,' I said I wincing as she dug her talons deeper into my tender skin. 'Please mommy, you're hurting me!'

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