Nasty Old Mom


'Of course I'm hurting you! You deserve to be hurt. And now you have confessed your sins, I am going to hurt you many times Alex,' she said. 'Now and in the future I'm going to punish you because you need to be punished. You are not just a little pussy loving pervert, you are a mommy loving pussy pervert and mommy knows your pathetic cock needs to be humiliated and punished for all the times it got hard thinking of me. It's so small isn't it? No wonder your wife left you!'

Tears began to well in my eyes again, she had no idea how close to the truth she was. When Carole, my ex, had gone off with the other man, her parting remark was that he had a cock three times the size on mine which satisfied her in a way that I never could.

But then again, her pussy never excited me in the way my mom's did and now I was heading towards heaven.

'She reached for the wooden ruler. If I hadn't initially realised what it was for I did now. Still clasping my balls in an iron grip, she brought the ruler down on my erection. Again and again she hit it with the ruler. I winced and cried out. But she took no notice.

'You are a silly little bastard. You are a sissy pussy loving little slut, she shouted as she hit me. 'Well you are going to be mommy little pussy slave from now on! Mommy's silly little wanker because you're a mummy loving pervert.'

And I loved it, mom humiliating me. The blows from the ruler on my hard cock only served to excite me even further...and she knew it.

'So what do you want most son?' she asked with a superior air.

'You don't know how much I want to taste you pussy mom,' I said nervously.

'Get on your knees. You can watch mommy playing with herself. I knelt in front of her and was mesmerised by the sight of her playing with her clit and sticking her fingers inside her pussy.

Then she stopped, making me lick her fingers. 'Is that what my little pussy loving son wants? To taste his mommy's pussy?'

'Yes, mommy, please mommy.'

'Then you can make mommy happy and lick her pussy clean,' she said, pushing my head down towards her cunt. 'At long last my sissy boy son has his wish granted.'

I didn't wait to be told a second time. I buried my face into her pussy, licking her clit and deep inside of her, tasting my mom, smelling her and savouring her sex.

She moaned appreciatively and laid back on the bed as I unashamedly adored and worshipped her powerful and by now, very wet pussy. She grabbed my hair, directing me and pulling my face this way and that into her moistness as she writhed with pleasure.

I knew that my pleasure from now on would be giving her pleasure and knowing I'd be punished if I didn't get it right. Indeed, once or twice she sat up and lashed my back with the whip 'Do it right you pathetic little bastard!' she screamed.

Suddenly her breathing became quicker and I felt her shudder. She yelled out as she orgasmed in my face. I didn't lick her any more, but stayed gazing at her pussy, her wonderful old pussy, the sight of which gave me so much pleasure.

'On the floor!' she ordered.

As she rolled off the bed and got up, I went to lay face up on the floor. Hands on hips, she towered over me, directly above my face, her dress hitch slightly. I looked up at her exposed pussy under her dress.

'This is a special test son,' she said quietly. 'Fail this and you will never ever lick my pussy again. Understood?'

I nodded as she gradually began to lower herself to a crouch and then went onto her knees. I couldn't believe it; she was going to sit on my face.

In a moment I was being smothered by mom's beautiful pussy. She pushed down hard on my face, almost preventing me from breathing. It seemed to amuse her to feel me struggling for breath under her. She rode my face, oblivious to me, using my nose and mouth as a human machine to satisfy her. Then I felt something inside her contract. I didn't realise what was happening for a moment. Then I tasted the first few salty drops.

'Drink my piss . Drink every last drop my son or else!' she commanded.

A trickle became a stream and my mouth was flooded with her urine. I gulped it down as fast as I could, but it kept on coming, I drank as much as I could but some of it spilled over my face and onto the floor. After what seemed an eternity the flow of piss ceased and I spluttered and coughed as she climbed off of my face.

'There, did you like your old mom's piss?' she asked.

''Yes mom, yes...' I sobbed, quite overcome with emotion. To be my mom's human toilet was as pleasurable for me as it was humiliating.

'Then you will be my daily toilet slave from now on. Every time I want to take a leak, you will open your mouth and drink it.'

'Y...y...yes mom I stammered.

'You didn't do a very good job did you?' she said. 'I'm going to have to punish you in a very special way for letting my pee spill on the floor.'

She turned around and lowered herself onto my face again. 'Lick my asshole!' she commanded.

'I readily began to lick and did deep into her anus with my tongue. Then I winced, my yelp was because of the stinging pain in my genitalia, but my cry was effectively stifled by her ass. Mom had brought the small whip down hard onto my cock and balls. Again and again she lashed out with the whip. The sensation was out of this world. I didn't know until then the pleasure that can come from the pain and humiliation of a cock.

'Your cock is PATHETIC!' she screamed as the blows landed one after the other. 'A pathetic girlie sized cock that could never ever satisfy a real woman. Only a MOTHER could love it!'

Had she kept up the blows and verbal abuse I think I would have cum, but eventually she stood up. And then turning towards me again said, 'My poor little Alex. Now you mommy is going to fuck you.'

She lowered herself down and onto my rock hard cock. She took it and slipped into her pussy. My cock by now was oh so sore, but as I slid into her, the wetness of mom's pussy was like a soothing balm.

She rode me, rocking back and forth and as she did so, tweaked my nipples hard. I couldn't hold back for long. I was in heaven, my mom was fucking me, and I squirted my sperm deep into her loving pussy.

Afterwards she hugged me and gave me a little kiss on my lips. The kiss became a long and passionate one.

'I love you mom,' I said.

'And I love my pussy loving pervert,' she said with a thin smile. 'And over time, you will show me just how much you love your mom and my pussy.'

From that day on, mom and I have had many adventures. Perhaps you'd like me to tell you more about them. She also has her own website.

The author wishes it to be known he does not condone incestuous relationships in real life, but recognises it is a common fantasy and one shared by many.

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