tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNasty Tales 03: The Domino Game

Nasty Tales 03: The Domino Game


This is a series of separate fictional erotic stories made of pure fantasy and imagination with all characters over 18 years of age. The series includes themes such as: dominant male, humiliation, non-consensual sex, exhibition and bondage. If you are not into these themes or find them offensive, please do not read further. If you are into these things, please put your hands in your pants and enjoy.


NASTY TALES 3: The domino game

"An obedient maid needed" said the headline of the advertisement. Lynn read through the listed requirements:

- at least 18 years of age

- good physical condition for house work

- possibility to commit fully for the duration of the job (3 months)

- preparedness to follow the dress code as requested by the employer

- requirement for full professional confidentiality

Lynn's eyes lit up when she saw the salary: it was almost twice the usual pay plus bonuses for extra work! The address for the work place was a mansion in a nearby town. Lynn sent the application letter the very same day.

Lynn's family was in a severe need of money. Her father had died last year and her mother's salary from her part-time job wasn't enough to feed the family. Lynn's older sister was already married and living elsewhere and her brother was still too young to work so the only option was for her to find a job.

While waiting for a reply, Lynn excitedly told her best friend Elvira about the job opening and asked her opinion. Lynn wasn't stupid but, like most poor people in Brutopidia, she hadn't had a possibility to educate herself after high school or venture outside her home village that often. Elvira, on the other hand, was more experienced. She had worked in the nearby town and knew a lot of people and gossip.

"Of course I have heard about the mansion and even know some girls who have worked there," Elvira said with confidence in her voice.

"Some girls have said it was the easiest job they ever had and they earned a lot of money. A few didn't want to talk about the job at all. I don't know any more details because the job requires strict confidentiality. I have heard rumors about the owner of the mansion though. He is a millionaire called Mr. Alucar and he has mostly businesses abroad. He is a well-known hedonist and playboy. Sometimes he hosts big parties in his mansion and there are rumors there are topless women willing to do anything at those parties — probably some sort of elite prostitutes," explained Elvira.

"What do you think of the job offer itself?" asked Lynn.

"You should really consider it carefully. What if he makes you suck his dick — or something worse?" Elvira commented bluntly.

"Yes, there is a risk, but why would he do anything like that if he has money for elite prostitutes? Besides, if the job is about looks, I probably won't be chosen anyway," argued Lynn.

"I'm not so sure about that but I'm sure there is something off about that job. Anyway, for now you just have to wait for a reply and then decide," replied Elvira.

In her heart, Lynn had already decided that if she was offered the job, she would take it because she desperately needed the money. Besides, poor girls who didn't find a job often ended up much worse, selling themselves on the streets of a nearby city.

Two weeks passed and Lynn had almost lost hope of getting the job. Then she got a phone call for the interview! She would be interviewed by a recruitment agency in the nearby town. A few days later she traveled there and went to the agency. The interview was held in a small room. The interviewer was a serious-looking young man, who told Lynn that the interview would also be filmed because the employer wanted to choose the maid himself. The interviewer asked Lynn about herself and about her willingness to fulfill the requirements mentioned in the advertisement. He spoke so continuously that she had only time to nod in agreement.

"Is it okay for you to have contact with your family only once a week during the three-month period? Are you comfortable being a waitress at small social gatherings? Don't worry, outside staff is hired for larger parties. You understand that what happens in the mansion stays in the mansion? Our client is a private man and doesn't want any details of him or his life leaked out," the interviewer went on.

"Lastly," the interviewer finally said, looking at her in the eye, "The most important thing. The client states that he wants absolute obedience from the maid, he wants her to call him "master" and submit to any orders without questions. The client also enjoys seeing his maid in cute or even sexy outfits, which he always chooses and which are laid out for you in the morning. That's why the pay is higher than the average salary. But our client doesn't want anyone to do this job unwillingly or reluctantly. Are you still interested in becoming the maid for Mr. Alucar based on these conditions?"

Lynn wholeheartedly agreed. Even if she had to wear a short skirt or show a lot of cleavage, it would still be a thousand times better than being a girl on the street!

"Good. Mr Alucar will let you know his decision in week's time."

A week passed and Lynn got a call from Mr Alucar. She almost couldn't believe it but she had gotten the job! Mr Alucar said that he liked her natural and honest demeanor. Lynn went to tell the good news to Elvira straightaway. Elvira was her best friend, but she was also brutally honest at times and blurted out, "He chose you because of your big tits."

Truly, Lynn was well aware that her breasts were larger than average and the biggest in her village. She had been extremely conscious of them ever since she was a teenager. When she was still in high school the T-shirts she had inherited from her older sister were too tight for her and the boys had teased her about her hiding melons in her shirt. She also remembered well how the older men in the village used to stare at her boobs when she went around running some errands for her father's store.

Lynn had also been popular with boyfriends/prospective husbands because of her large, firm tits and big nipples, which her boyfriends liked to suck and play with. By tradition, she was supposed to remain a virgin until marriage but practically every young person in the village broke that rule. Lynn had had two boyfriends after she turned eighteen, but she could never ever tell her mum the fact she had had sex with them. But all that dating and meeting prospective husbands was in the past now. Because her family couldn't afford to a dowry anymore, no young man would risk being seen with her anymore, no matter how attractive features she had.

I Maid to look sexy

Lynn didn't know what she had expected for a "playboy" but it certainly wasn't what Mr. Alucar looked like. He was tall, pale, had a dense black hair and dark brown or black eyes, and he wore a black suit that looked like it had been in style in the late 19th century. He had a really strong presence, and he spoke with a deep voice. As a strange contrast, he had a wide smile and he made her feel genuinely at ease.

This was Lynn's first day at work and she would live in the mansion for three months from now on. She had gotten the contract, instructions on how to behave as a maid and details of the housework by mail. She had read everything through at least twenty times. A girl like her rarely got chances this good in Brutopidia and she was determined to be the best, most obedient maid in existence.

"I assume you have read the contract and the instructions and I don't have to repeat myself?" Alucar said and literally looked down on her as he was a lot taller than she was.

"Yes, master. What can I do for you, master?" she said and curtsied.

"Firstly, go to you room and dress the outfit I have chosen for you. Then serve me my dinner," Mr Alucar ordered her.

Lynn eagerly went to her new room and found her day's outfit laid out for her on her bed. It was a classic French maid uniform with an indigo dress, a cute white apron and a headscarf. It was a little tight at the chest but otherwise it fit her perfectly.

Lynn promptly went to a large dinner room to serve her master his meal. She didn't have to cook but she was to serve the meal as instructed. She would bring the meal, pour the drinks and wait by master's side in case he needed something or wanted to discuss with her. Lynn did everything perfectly with her first assignment and the master told her that with a smile. She was so happy and proud she had gotten this job!

Lynn got used to her everyday life as a maid fast. Every day was quite similar: she woke up, dressed her day's outfit and set out to do the housework marked on her "2 do-list", which was left for her every morning. The housework was simple: some cleaning and serving meals. She had met the cook and another servant who left her outfits and 2do-lists in the room next to her bedroom, but the other servants only worked in the mansion during the day and she rarely saw them even then.

Lynn saw master Alucar every now and then when he walked past her while she was doing housework. He rarely spoke to her but he always greeted her with a warm smile. And the dinners! She started to anticipate their "shared" dinner because then the master always told her interesting stories from around the world and asked her about her life in the village. He never spoke of his personal life but it didn't matter. Lynn never had had a change to discuss with someone so knowledgeable and experienced as he was. He made her feel comfortable and warm.

The only thing that made Lynn feel uncomfortable were the outfits she was required to wear. She knew it was a part of the job but she always felt really self-aware when wearing them. Most of the outfits were really naughty by her standards: there were short skirts, tight shirts and tops and sometimes something more unusual like a corset or a nurse outfit with a shirt that only had one button. More often than not, Lynn ended up showing a lot of cleavage or sideboob or underboob or flashing her panties, especially when she was doing her work. On the other hand, the outfits always included underwear so that she didn't have to reveal everything. Besides, taken her good salary, she considered the deal she had made was quite fair.

Lynn didn't know what master Alucar got out of her skimpy outfits because he could have any prostitute he wanted, but he really seemed to enjoy looking at her anyway. Sometimes he even asked her to pose for him when she was doing her work. For example, once she was cleaning the floor on her knees when the master happened to walk by. She wore a short maid dress with white pantie, and he asked her to bend her back and spread her legs a bit more, offering him a sexy view of her panty-clad bottom. Another time Lynn was wearing a loose shirt with a low-cut bra while sweeping a low coffee table when the master asked her to keep her legs straight and bend forward, which of course offered him a nice view of her cleavage.

Sometimes Lynn asked herself if it was alright to be so eager to please Mr Alucar and do sexy poses for him. Was she like a prostitute? Then she looked herself in the mirror and told herself she was a good girl and just wanted to do her job well — but there was no denying that even though the master hadn't touched her sexually, there was always a strong erotic tension between them. This tension and wearing the sexy outfits all day made Lynn sexually conscious and she often finished her day by touching herself in her bed.

After a couple of weeks Lynn got more demanding tasks. She was required to be a waitress at Mr Alucar's smaller social gatherings. She would serve drinks and cigarettes and when there was nothing to do, she would stand next to the master with her arms crossed behind her back, as instructed. These gatherings usually consisted of a small group of men playing poker or 5-point-domino together or sometimes just drinking and smoking. Lynn hated these meetings because even though she was relatively alright with serving Mr Alucar in sexy outfits, it was a whole different thing with four to five quests ogling her tits. Besides, during these meetings the master had started to occasionally squeeze her butt or breast. He did it almost absentmindedly but Lynn felt extremely awkward because she could see the other quests watching.

Lynn's worst experience so far happened one afternoon when there was a small party at the mansion's outside pool. This time the outfit laid out for her was nothing short of scandalous. She had to wear tiny red string bikinis that barely covered half of her tits and ass. In addition, she had incredibly impractical white flip-flops and 1960s style white-rimmed sunglasses. Lynn felt immensely self-aware and embarrassed when she approached the pool area. She tried to walk slowly, but even then her tits were bouncing in the tiny bikinis. Most of the men around were staring at her. Lynn really wanted to cover herself but she had to carry a tray of drinks around.

After serving some drinks around, she finally approached her master to hand him a drink. He took a drink and said; "Thank you, Lynn. The cocktail looks great — but why don't we show our quests something else that looks great?"

The master looked at her with a devious look and pulled one cup of her bikini aside. He took a hold of her breast, as if weighing it and then massaged her nipple in the front of the quests, making it erect.

"I bet many quests would love to massage some sunscreen on these orbs, isn't that right?" the master commented

The quests chuckled good-naturedly but at the same time they were eyeing her up greedily. Lynn was mortified. She held back tears but wouldn't say anything. The situation didn't last long and the master soon pulled the bikini back over her breast, but for her it was like a nightmare in slow-motion. She left the pool area as fast as she could, not caring that her breast were almost slipping out of her bikinis. She wanted to leave the area before anyone could see the tears rolling out from behind her sunglasses.

Lynn laid on her bed. She felt betrayed. How could the master treat her like this? There was a new hunger in his eyes, a hunger that she felt really uneasy about. But she was also confused. Why the master was so different when they were alone? He was a full-fledged gentleman when they had their "shared" dinner, and he was the only man she ever met that really wanted to discuss with her. Lynn turned things over in her mind for a while but the only conclusion she reached was that, despite everything, she just couldn't hate the master. Besides, she reasoned to herself, she always got a bonus for all the social gatherings she had to endure. "A woman's tears can be dried with bills," she thought of how true the old Brutopidian saying was when she fell asleep.

One evening Lynn had a chance to see one of the famous mansion parties, which was held in the main hall of the mansion. She had to work in other parts of the house, but she couldn't resist sneaking a peak while she was assigned the boring task of polishing silver. The rumors were true; there were topless women (and even some men) for all tastes walking around. The quests seemed to be male business associates. Most of them were either happily browsing through the selection or had already chosen their preferred companion for the night. The more intimate businesses seemed to happen mostly in small rooms next to the main hall, where Lynn could see some "ladies" leading their companions.

Then Lynn spotted the master: he was getting a blow-job from a big-titted prostitute in the corner of the hall. He seemed to enjoy having his cock sucked while some guests watched the show. Lynn saw that the master's dick was quite thick and long when the prostitute slid her mouth along it. Without any specific reason, she felt a bang of jealousy. Angrily, she went back to polishing the silver but a while later she spied on the party again. This time she saw the master at a nearby balcony, speaking with a business associate she had seen before in those smaller social gatherings. He was lean, bald and wore round glasses. It seemed like they were talking business, but it turned out the business talk was finished already. They were talking about her.

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask you, how is it to fuck that big-titted maid of yours?" said the bald man rudely.

"Oh, I haven't fucked her, she's not a prostitute," replied the master.

"What?! I could think of a thousand ways of fucking her before cumming on those magnificent titties! Why did you hire her if not for sex?" argued the rude man.

"It's not that simple. I didn't want a prostitute, who has seen and done everything. I wanted an innocent young woman who is genuinely embarrassed by those outfits or if I squeeze her from here or there. It's sexy," replied the master.

The two men started to descend the stairs and Lynn could not hear the rest of the conversation — and maybe it was for the better. The bald man commented, "But not fucking her would be a massive waste!"

Alucar replied, "She's not ready yet. But I think soon she'll have a fucking she'll never forget."

II The game

A few weeks passed in the same manner. Lynn was getting used to the status quo. She took the outfits and the occasional social gatherings as a necessary if unpleasant part of her job now. She had begun to think of Mr Alucar as her master rather than her employer now. Serving the dinner for her master was still as pleasant as ever. Lynn couldn't help herself: she admired him, his knowledge and his silent confidence.

One day the master spoke to Lynn, "I have a special social gathering coming up this weekend and I want you to be there to serve drinks. It's an extremely important meeting and I need you to be a silent servant, only to be seen and not heard. You only speak when you take orders for drinks or when you are asked a question. I need absolute obedience. If you fail, I don't think you can work for me anymore. However, if you don't want to do this, I can hire somebody from the outside, but I want to offer this task primarily to you. You get paid extra, naturally. What do you say?"

Her heart pounded fast when she replied, "Yes, master, I will do whatever my master wishes."

It was the evening of the special night. This time Lynn wore a simple dress during the day until she had few hours in her room to prepare for the special event. Her outfit for the night was laid out on her bed. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw it: it was a mockery of a maid's uniform. It had a dark blue top that was made of slightly stretchy material. It was so small that Lynn wondered if it was children's size or some kind of XXXsmall-size. There was no bra but there were white silk thongs with ribbon tie. The maid "skirt" was more like a dark blue tutu, a decoration around her hips. It didn't even reach her ass crack and left the thong in the full view. Luckily, there was a white frilly apron that covered her front side from the waist down. In addition, there was a simple frilly headscarf and black shoes with high heels.

Lynn looked at herself in the mirror. The top just barely covered her tits. She would have to move really carefully. The thong accentuated her practically naked butt. She really looked like one of those prostitutes at the party, but she was a good girl and just wanted to help her family, she nodded to her reflection in confirmation.

Lynn put on some light make-up as instructed and entered the living room at the appointed time. The master and his quests were already there, setting the coffee table for a game of domino. There were four quests but the bald man with glasses was the only one she recognized from before. The quests sat in armchairs around the table and the master sat alone on a sofa in one side of the table.

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