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Nasty Thoughts


Dear Lover:

As I lay here with my skirt lifted above my waste and my right hand between my thighs I envision you sitting across the room watching me. Sit back and enjoy the show lover; my body is imagining your tongue caressing my inner thighs; you lips trailing kisses to the hot valley between my legs. My left hand is pinching my nipples; while I am rubbing my large clit wishing it was your lips licking me there.

I am hot and the fact that you are watching me is making me hotter. Are you seeing my wetness? Are you touching yourself wishing I was kissing you and stroking your dick? I wish I was there for I love your smell, love the way you taste; salty, sweet and simply delicious. Do miss shooting your hot cum in my mouth? Do you miss me licking the rest of your cum off my lips and remember when we used to kiss one another; do you remember how our juices taste?

I am so wet now just thinking of you and your hands all over my body; hands so hot; so good at making my body quiver. My nipples are hardening as I remember how you would flick my nipples; bit them a little then suck on them roughly. Oh baby how I love that. Love getting down and dirty with you; are you hard yet? Are you thinking about ramming that big hard black cock of yours inside my pussy, mouth and ass?

I am so wet for you, so hungry for your cum; my clit is throbbing with memories of your hot mouth ravishing me. Do miss me behind you kissing and licking your ass; such a nasty hot lover you are. Remember you said I was the nastiest lover you ever had well baby when I see you next week I will really show you what a freak you have in me. Oh I love it when you lick my ass, just plain nasty, love your hot wet mouth all over me. Playing with Bob (Battery operated Boyfriend) and you was great; next time we will have me on all fours fucking BOB1 in my pussy, while you slam that hard cock of yours in my ass and I suck on BOB2.

I love the long strokes you give my pussy. I am dripping wet for you; wishing you were fucking me in all my holes; being your nasty woman. I wish you thrashing me with that tongue of yours; my clit is hard, close to the edge; wish your mouth was there to bring me off. My hand is so wet, I am opening my mouth is open wishing your dick was there; gagging me; you like that don't you? You like shooting your cum into my warm mouth; you like me licking your ass don't you? Tell me how horny you are... tell me how nasty you want to be with me. Oh my goodness; ohhh I am so close.

So close to cumming remembering your dick's stroke; I can remember how you feel inside of me; how deep you go inside of me. Hard and fast; slow and deep, yes just how I want to be taken. Are you stroking yourself baby; just imagine I have your legs spread wide while you are your back; let me taste your ass; let me lick you until you are ready to cum. Let me suck on your balls; kiss the base of your cock; let me suck you hard, deep, slow and fast. I want your cum; I want all of it in my mouth, face and anywhere you want to put it. I want you to cum in my ass baby; be nasty with me; let's do everything you want to do. Choke me when I am riding your cock and I am about to cum; OH my goodness I love that.

Thrust into me like you are trying to break my pussy baby; take me to the edge of ecstasy. I am on all fours now wishing you were behind me; bob1 is in my pussy; I am rubbing bob2 in my ass; and I am sucking on bob3; yes oh my goodness I am so full; so full of hard cock wishing you were one of them. Tell me you want to fuck me; tell me you want to come all over my body; tell me you want to eat my hot pussy while you finger-fuck my ass. Tell me you want me give you ass a nice hard tongue lashing while bob1 is in my pussy and I am stroking your cock. Tell me you want to get nasty baby. Fuck me baby, fuck me nice and hard; fuck my ass like you might die tomorrow; fuck me and hurt my pussy good.

Yes baby are you close? I am close too; I can feel you fucking me; taking my pussy, mouth and ass; yes it is all yours as long as you fuck me right; fuck me nasty. Oh yes baby harder; harder, deeper, faster, yes oh my goodness take my ass baby... Oh yes fuck my nasty ass. Fuck me hard baby yes I am so close; so wet only for you; for your hard black cock. Oh YESSSSS, yessss baby yes cum in my mouth baby... yes take that dick out of my mouth and give me your cum, all in my mouth, on my face.. Yess oh yesss.. baby I am cumming for you, for that hard cock of yours.. yes damn... yes oh my goodness... AAhhhhhh yess... Damn that was good.. I am tasting myself, love it...nasty aren't I?

I am as Nasty as you want me to be baby. So when you sleep at night remember that my hot; wet pussy, mouth and ass is waiting for you baby. Can not wait until the next time we get together because I am giving you my ass.



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