tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNat and Sandy Pay the Rent Ch. 03

Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent Ch. 03


(Experienced Natasha and her naive roommate Sandy are attempting to gain a rent reprieve at a sex party hosted by their landlord. As the evening goes on, they both realise how demanding their task will be...)


The first sight to greet Sandy when she was led shakily by Alan and his friends back into the living-room was Natasha, held down by a pair of naked, ripped young men, while a squat but equally muscular individual, with heavily tattooed arms, came hard in her rectum. Sandy's legs wobbled beneath her, despite the fact that she had just been fortified by another shot from Alan's flask, and the party host gripped her arm to steady her. Of the male sextet in the bedroom he alone had held back from draining inside her the contents of his scrotum, and the fact seemed to have intensified his more feral qualities. 'You know what to do?' he whispered to her.

She nodded, heart thudding and face pale. Alan had used all of his magnetism to refocus her following the long round of bedroom fucking and then he had coached her for the next part of her task. But the sight of Natasha being so thoroughly brutalised, along with the soreness in her own stretched vagina and rectum, made her falter once more.

Alan sensed it and pulled her close beside him, as they came into the living-room posse's view. 'And remember, you do as you're told, or we'll send Natasha home and keep you here to fuck for the rest of the weekend, okay? Now come with me.'

Alan led her to one of the leather chairs and positioned her so that she was leant forward, gripping the upholstered arms, her posterior thrust outwards invitingly. Her pussy lips were red and puffy with use and Kyle and Ben's mingled spunk was leaking out of her asshole. The rest of the younger men had returned from the kitchen to see what Natasha was ranting about, but all eyes now switched to her roommate. Ryan, cock still jutting out against his towel, watched in conflicted fascination as she was led in. Natasha looked up, scarlet-faced and bum-fucked, and stared with a sinking heart at the friend she had so utterly betrayed.

'Okay guys, this is Sandy!' Alan announced, as if further introduction were required. 'She's just been entertaining us in my bedroom and we've got her nice and warmed up for you. What have you got to say, Sandy?'

She took a great gulp of air and went for it. 'I want the guys to fuck all my holes!' She felt like a ventriloquist's dummy, as she shouted out the lines her manipulator for the evening had fed her.

'What was that?' asked Alan, playing the showman.

'I want them to fuck all my holes!' Sandy repeated, even more forcefully. 'I want them to fucking use me up!'

'Even your ass?'

'Even my ass!' she yelled, seized by some mania channelled to her by Alan's lewd enthusiasm. Her eyes were welling just a little as she said it. How had she ever come to this? 'I want them to... to fuck my fucking ass!!!'

'You heard the girl!' called Alan. 'Who's first?'

What followed was a crazed free-for-all. One guy having just spent himself inside Natasha, there were six left to vie over Sandy's body and they all made for her, cocks waving in varying degrees of erection. Three of the group newly arrived from the kitchen got there first and they dragged their prey from the chair to the floor, mauling her tits and ass as they did so.

Natasha began to crawl to her feet - she had to make some effort, however feeble, to show solidarity with her abandoned friend - but she was caught from behind and wrestled back down by some iron-framed male with a crushing grip. Any doubt she might have had as to his identity was erased, by the inflated nature of the dick that shortly afterwards plunged into her cunt.

'Hi Natasha,' said Gavin. 'Long time, no fuck.'

As his loins buffeted her ass cheeks and his great, pumping thickness expanded her pussy, she gripped the thick carpet and observed Sandy's plight with an impotent mixture of guilt and fury. Gym instructor Andy had lain on the floor in preparation and, gripping the young girl's waist, had slid her far down on to his shaft. He was now proceeding to thrust briskly upwards, so that her body jerked and flailed wildly on top of him. He grabbed her gorgeously malleable breasts and pulled her down to him, cock still sliding rapidly in and out of her, so he could kiss her full on the mouth. While her face was still fastened to his, a second guy seized her rump from behind and quickly worked his engorged prick squelchily into her cum-clogged rear entrance. She reared up from the kiss and shrieked as she was penetrated simultaneously by two cocks, but then a third plugged her mouth to the extent that all sound from her vocal chords cut out.

There Sandy was, trapped inside a muscular frame of three powerful men, each rigid with lust and pumping like his life depended on it. Their hands were clamped on her flesh like she was theirs, as their thick, meaty cocks fucked her unsparingly. She could never have imagined this, being so replete with hard dick, her holes opened up so utterly by driving male fuck-flesh. She was not a singer now or a waitress, a best friend or the breezy girl-next-door; she was an object, a set of cavities to be filled by any horny male who joined the party. And fill her they did.

The air seemed static with a raw sexual energy that had built up over the evening so far and the young men beaten to the task and waiting their turn incited their comrades to ever fiercer efforts with their roared approval. 'Go on, fuck her brains out! Give her what she asked for, make her fucking take it! Fuck that bitch's holes!' Natasha could scarcely believe what she was seeing.

'Alan tells me you talked Sandy into coming here tonight,' Gavin was saying, as he rutted on her from behind. 'Is that right?' She said nothing, but continued to grunt rhythmically as he banged her. 'Says you got her to do this to dig yourself out of money troubles. Sacrificed your friend to save your own ass. Didn't know you had it in you...'

'Fuck up, Gavin!' she spat, furious that a part of her was enjoying the bastard's cock, and furious at the truth of what he was saying.

'I'm not criticising,' he panted, working her snatch heatedly with his immense weapon. 'I'm impressed. My cock had a great time inside her all thanks to you, and it's going back there soon. Don't think I'm going to cum inside you, Natasha - I'm saving it all up for Sandy! Think she's ready to take me up her ass yet?' Natasha made to protest, but the plea was knocked out of her by a particularly powerful thrust from Gavin into her pussy.

A few feet in front of her the ravaging of Sandy's holes was building to a fierce pitch, as the sex-possessed trio punished her body. They no longer held back from the inevitable climax, rather they pushed themselves urgently towards it with their reckless pounding. The two cocks pistoning into her ass- and cunt-holes in a sharp, inverted V shot off at about the same time, the semen-pumping of the lower one triggering the higher, so thinly were they divided by Sandy's internal membrane. The men heaved great rending, orgasmic sighs and she felt her tightly-packed tunnels flood with jism once more. Both dicks drew out of her, cum streaming in their wake from her twin entrances. The third member of the trio, the one fucking Sandy's throat, was close himself, so he vacated her mouth, threw her on to her back and clambered on top of her. Then he slid inside her messy cunt and fucked her hard, until he too groaned and siphoned off his balls inside her.

Everyone else in the room was fixated on the Sandy-centred fuck-frenzy, even the vigorously copulating Gavin. Ryan more than anyone, however, had his attention riveted on the action; he had a sense that he should be doing something to help the young girl, but a baser instinct was over-powering his conscience. He was fascinated by the lewd display and his cock was so hard it was starting to hurt him. He did not bother to catch his towel as it finally slipped away; he stood, rather, openly wanking his aching member, as he watched Jed and the remaining two unsatisfied twenty-somethings take their turn at the pretty, soft-bodied young woman. Jed scooped Sandy up and tossed her on to the sofa, then he climbed between her legs and with a businesslike grunt stuck his cock inside her slick snatch and started to hump. One of his associates squatted at the sofa's other end and inserted his solid length downwards into her vulnerable mouth, so that he could fuck her dazed, pretty face like his cock were a pneumatic drill. The other hovered eagerly on the sidelines, awaiting his shot at one of Sandy's cum-slimed goals.

There was no joking any more, no sexual banter - just the serious business of hard, committed fucking. All the men involved were pulsatingly hard for Sandy and were on a desperate mission to get themselves off inside her. Jed held fast to her hips and ground into her tight juice-box for several minutes, until he shudderingly jettisoned his load. The guy at her head drilled her saliva-spilling gullet, until he too emptied himself, overwhelming her taste-buds with the salty flavour of his ejaculate. Scarcely had the two of them finished off, when their impatiently waiting friend flipped her over and dragged her body into the shape of an arch, with her bum thrust into the air. Then he stood up on the sofa behind her, took careful aim and torpedoed her ass. He leaned into her, propping himself against the V-shape of her body, then he screwed her till he came, flooding her anal reservoir with a new rush of sperm.

By the time he climbed off, Sandy was awash with semen. In the past twenty minutes six strangers had pumped her full of their ball-juice and still the onslaught refused to stop. Alan was already marshalling his freshly recovered troops. A moment earlier he had been observing Sandy's progress from a corner, while speaking, unaccountably, into a mobile phone, but now he recommenced his directions. 'Kyle, Ben, go get her and carry her into the bathroom. Gavin, leave that. I want you to take over in there.'

Gavin slid Natasha off his great shaft, leaving her in a well-fucked heap on the floor. 'What about the handcuffs?' he enquired of his friend.

'In one of the bedroom drawers,' said Alan, not missing a beat. Then Gavin made after Kyle and Ben, as they carried Sandy's limply exhausted form out of the room. Darren and Steve, like the others severely aroused by what they had just witnessed, tagged along. The younger crew, satiated at least for now, were retiring to the kitchen for some more hard-earned alcoholic drinks.

Natasha could only stare at the carpet in her weariness. So Sandy was about to get the cuffs, then. Well that was no surprise. Poor girl - she'd had no clue as to what she was walking into. And Gavin had been right - it was all due to Natasha. She had set up her young friend for a fuck session the girl could never have imagined. And everyone, it transpired, was going to get involved.

'Well, you just going to stand there with your dick in your hand?' Alan was saying, somewhere behind her. 'Or are you going to go and get yourself some? Look, she promised you a date, didn't she? Well here's news - it happens in there tonight.' There was a pause, as of someone's agonized indecision. 'You want to fuck her, don't you? Well go do it!' Natasha saw Ryan, a look of sudden, lustful resolve on his face, hurrying after the others, his erection flapping eagerly in front of him. She shut her eyes in exasperation at her own naivety. Had she ever really believed she could protect Sandy once they got here? Every cock-thrust into the girl's sore ass was down to her.

She heard Alan's mobile phone ring. He picked it up from somewhere and took the call. 'Scott? Yeah mate - You all outside? I'll just get the door...' He was moving naked to the hallway as he spoke. 'How many? Shit - That's nearly double the number who've paid... Have the others got cash with them? Can you vouch for them all? I don't want my bloody drinks cabinet broken into...'

Natasha hauled herself up in confusion. Who the hell was Alan talking to? What had he got planned that she hadn't been told about? She heard the opening of the apartment's front door, followed by a low but excited rumble of male voices. As she clambered upright, massaging cramp out of her legs, the inner door opened wide and men poured into the room. They were already laughing at Alan's semi-erect state and looking around for its cause. There were all types - casually dressed professionals, blue-collar guys in jeans and short-sleeved shirts, a couple of bikers in scuffed leathers. The youngest of the group looked scarcely out of school, while the oldest had long since left forty behind. Natasha could scarcely guess their number - there were well over twenty - but most of them had already homed in on her bedraggled, sweaty nakedness and her face smeared with running mascara and congealing cum.

Alan seemed to have recovered from his initial surprise at the number and was returning to full welcome mode. He was slapping a sturdy young lad with trendily rumpled hair on the shoulder; this, it seemed, was who he had been speaking to on the phone. 'All right boys, I'll let Scott here sort out the money. The main attraction is entertaining elsewhere at the moment, but Natasha here is a great warm-up act.'

He was already moving across to her, ushering her in the direction of the mass male incursion, much of which was commencing to undress. She stared at him in uncomprehending fury. 'What the fuck is this, Alan?' she hissed. 'Who the fuck are this lot? We're being paid for twelve, thirteen max! You can't expect us to do them all... You want to fucking kill Sandy? Is that what you want???'

'Calm down, Nat,' said Alan, clearly enjoying her panic. 'None of them is here to fuck. At least none of the ones who were invited... There seem to be a few hangers-on, but I'm sure they'll all fall in with the plan.'

'What plan?' Natasha was far from reassured.

'Just a little surprise I've got for Sandy.' There was an unmistakable edge of excitement in Alan's voice now. Behind him some of the new crowd were already stripped and set to go. 'All you have to do is set things up. It shouldn't be difficult, trust me. And there'll be a couple of extra hundred in it for both of you.' He stared at her levelly, adding, 'Or a few hundred less if you give me any more grief.'

Natasha could have clawed Alan's face, but once more addressed herself to the situation's practicalities. 'Set things up...'

'Bring them to the edge, but don't let anyone spill over,' Alan clarified, though it was hardly necessary. 'I want you to fluff them.'


'Come on, spread those cheeks. Let it all out.' In the bathroom Ryan watched, as Gavin recommenced his master class in how to use a woman. The dark forty-year-old had perched Sandy on the edge of the Jacuzzi, so that her tight, young bottom overhung the tub. He was gripping her under the armpits to steady her, as she stretched apart her buttocks, allowing a gooey mass of spunk to slop messily from her asshole. She was dazed by all that had befallen her so far and obeyed even the most humiliating command with unquestioning meekness. 'That's right, let's see how much cum has gone in there. Pour it all out for us. Empty your ass. Empty it or we'll bring Natasha in here and make her lick it out.'

Sandy heaved her anal muscles rather then countenance this threat and Alan's friends observed delightedly as great globs of semen spilled from her pretty rump and splattered on to the surface below. They were gratified by the sheer volume of cum that had been collectively pumped up her rear fuck-hole, cum that was now farting its way impressively back out. When the last oozings finally left her, Gavin set about cleaning her anal passage more thoroughly. Climbing into the Jacuzzi with her, he seized the nozzle of the power shower and adjusted the taps to produce a strong jet of warm water. He then sat on the edge of the bath and flipped the confused girl into a position face down across his lap, so that he could direct the surging shower nozzle to her still spunk-sodden holes. Sandy squealed and wriggled at the new sensation of her cunt and asshole being sluiced clean by the fierce jet. The room echoed with renewed male laughter at her thrashing, watery plight. Only Ryan was silent, observing the whole lewd proceeding in an advanced state of sexual excitement.

Gavin had not finished with the girl. One arm wrapped around her hanging tits to support her upper body, he grabbed a tube of shower gel with the other and squeezed a generous helping of the green jelly into her ass crack, so that he could start soaping both her drenched tunnels. She yelled and squirmed even more at first, as his strong hand searched between her legs, but gradually her wet sex began to respond under his experienced touch. He worked his soapy fingers expertly into the folds of her vagina, with the middle one circling and homing in on her clitoris. Her violent squirming was slowly tamed to a rhythmic undulation of the pelvis and her crazed squealing subdued itself to a forlorn moan.

'What do you think, Ryan?' Gavin fixed his friend's nephew with a challenging stare. 'Think after all she's been through I can make this little bitch come?' Ryan stared back mutely, as Gavin continued to massage the slippery entrance to Sandy's cunt. 'Look at her, Ryan. We've made her take all that cock, in places she's never had it before... You think I can still get her off?'

Sandy did not understand how such a wicked man, the worst of a thoroughly bad bunch, could be causing such pleasurable sensation in her liquefying pussy. This man, all these men, were here just to have fun at her expense. As for Ryan, the sweet boy from the early part of the evening - surely he didn't want to be in amongst them. She did not want to feel this, wanted to resist what Gavin was making her feel, and yet the heat was rising in her body, the same as when those multiple hands had explored and probed her back in the bedroom.

'How's that, Sandy?' Gavin said to her, his voice low, but still with its stony edge. 'You don't want to come, do you? Because if you do you'll know later that part of you enjoyed this, don't you? Getting fucked by all those cocks. Making all those men feel good. But you wouldn't be so wet right now if somewhere you weren't excited, right? Come on Sandy, show us what a little slut you are at heart. Let's see you come.' She couldn't believe it was happening to her again. Here in the full view of all these arrogant, heartless men, clutched naked against the most dreadful of them all, against his thick, hard shaft, she was seized by an overwhelming orgasm. It erupted outwards from her pussy and quaked its way to every extremity, as she thrashed out of control on Gavin's lap. She knew her audience would be watching enthralled as her breasts bounced wildly, her entire body engulfed in a shameful euphoria.

Alan's friends were indeed watching with tumescent satisfaction, as the climax shook its way violently free of Sandy's body, leaving her limp and exhausted in Gavin's hold. Her captor grabbed the shower head once more and hosed out her newly sticky holes. 'Okay Ryan, you've seen how she loves it. Now give her some cock.'

Ryan was so inflamed with lust that he needed no more prompting, although the other guys provided it, loudly. As Gavin heaved Sandy's lower half out of the Jacuzzi, so that she knelt with her back to the group, Ryan swooped, grabbing her ass and pushing her legs apart with his knees to open up her cunt. He brushed off the last prickings of his conscience. There was no mileage in any dates with this girl, not after tonight - so was he really going to turn up this opportunity and wank off later to the thought of what he might have had? Not fucking likely.

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