tagRomanceNatalia Ch. 02

Natalia Ch. 02


Weeks later, Natalia and I have met a few times since. We were even supposed to go together on a "real" date, to see Lord Of the Rings... Return of the King" but her and her daughter got sick. And yes I believe her. This lady, and I do consider her a lady despite her profession, has been nothing less than sweet and gentle and everything I have ever wanted in a woman. I have had long warm and lingering dreams of her almost every night since our first meeting. I am starting to feel afraid. Afraid that I am feeling something I should not. How can one fall in love with a "Working Girl". How do I resolve "sharing her" with all those men... I am afraid that I may become stupid and jealous, when I can't afford to keep her off the street. The nagging possibility that she's also a drug addict bothers me, also I am starting to fear my feelings will betray me, just as they have so many times before. And yet I cannot help myself. Her "answering service" freind told me she has the habit of running away when she feels that things get too close. I don't dare get pushy or possessive. Oh Lord help me. How did this happen. It is so bitter sweet. I feel myself falling in love with her, and yet I cannot possibly afford a long term relationship with her, unless she wants to maintain it herself. I feel so helpless, and yet...

I met her on The day before Christmas Eve, and we had a "date" I had found something I thought matched her charisma, and my limited budget. A sparkelely necklace and bobby pin set with coloured rhinestones. Almost right after she was in my home, I pulled her to me and embraced her and kissed her with all the love I could muster. The I gave her her Christmas Gift, She had the most wonderful smile. Her eyes glimmered with happiness as she opened it and opened in wide eyed wonderment as she looked ta them. She handled them delicately. She seemed to particularly like the hair clips. She kissed me deeply and appreciatively.

"I didn't get you anything."

"I don't care, don't need anything." except for you, I said in my head.

"They are so beautiful"

"They aren't expensive, but they sparkle so wonderfully, Just like you."

"I sparkle? Really?"

"Oh yes, like nothing or no one I know."

She kissed me again.

We proceeded to chat on and on again about movies and wanting to go see Lord of the Rings. I reached to my bookshelf and found my old Ballentine Books paperbacks. One of the first American Authorized printings of the trilogy.

"Here, these have brought me great pleasure since high school. It's time they were passed on. Look at this, you put the covers together and it forms a single image."

She was fascinated, I was rapt.

We talked more and longer than we have before. She told me of the troubles she has with her daughter, a smart 3 year old. Told me all about she is reading and always acting so precocious. And yet her daughter is also demanding and a big handful. Overactive and full of endless questions. Add to all this that she is making Natalia crazy with premature demands for particular brands of clothing. I have raised 2 children, who are now grown and on their own, I remember this phenomenon, but not a 3 years old. I couldn't help but laugh. Not at Natialia's dilemma, but at the situation. I could see poor pretty Natie with her hands on her head wondering how come she is doing this so young.

I found myself rubbing her neck she leaned into my massage

"That feels nice, don't stop"

I didn't. Her neck was exceedingly soft and warm. I couldn't stop if I wanted to. In fact, I leaned over and kissed her throat, and held her close to me.

"Why do I always feel so warm and stress free when I come here. I wish I could spend more time with you"

"Natalia, listen to me, you never have to look farther than this place if you need a break, an escape valve or just a place to sit quiet. Please. I mean it. Consider this your home. You will always find me waiting with open arms. I have no one else. My kids never visit, or rarely anyway. All I have at night is my cat. And hes not that much fun to cuddle."

Peewee strolled by and rubbed his furry grey cheek and rolled his long tail around her leg.

"I will take you up on that, you know."

"I'm counting on it."

We kissed again. Deeper and sexier. She licked my tongue and lips. I felt myself get aroused. She took my hand again, and repeating the past encounters lifted me to my feet and pulled me to the bedroom. I followed sheepishly, but with anticipation. I knew what was coming. I was hoping that tonight, maybe.

Her shirt lifted and got pulled over her head. I stood in front of her and she reached for my belt. This was new. I have never been undressed by anyone before. I was getting hard. My pants tented. She insistently, but slowly pulled my pants to below my knees, and lowered my underwear.

"OOOo someone is happy to see me."

Her hand envelloped my hard on. It felt wonderful, a velvet glove sheathed me, and stroked me.I closed my eyes and moaned quietly. When I reopened my eyes I saw her looking into them and that glowing smile I love so much was shimmering in the dim light.

"Why don't you lie down and enjoy this."

But I wasn't done yet. I reached for her and caressed her. Sliding my hands all over her slender back, and kissing her neck and throat. Her breasts were bared to my hands and I cupped one lovingly. I leaned over more and licked her hardened nipple. Oh God she hissed her passion for it in my ears and licked me down my neck just below my left ear. I shivered. My dick quivered in her soft hands as well. I reached for her belt and felt her hands touch mine.

"No sorry, not yet, I know I really, really want it too, but it's not time yet."

I was disappointed, but I nodded. I had been told by her friend that she had recently suffered a yeast infection. I understood what this muct be about. I still stroked her crotch and the inside of her thigh. She pushed me gently on the bed and stroked me several times. And then... O O my god... and then She did what she does best. She pulled me inside her mouth and filled her self with my meat. O O the feelings. Incomparable softness and warmth, and wetness and she proceeded to hum. And moan, and suck wetly and moved her mouth off me for a moment and then brought it back down, the she licked my balls and down the side of my penis. O mygod, never, ever, never. I moaned and arched my back, I reached for that shiny mop of brown auburn hair. I didn't pull her down on me, but I caressed her ears and ran my fingers in her hair. Oh I was going to... maybe, I felt the quiver in my legs begin, Oh please let me, God please. (At this point let me preface by saying that ejaculation has been a spotty event for me with a woman since my 45th birthday. I am at best a long term project) I want ed to, I felt the muscles quiver and shiver and contract and pulse. My back arched and wiggled and writhed. My hands grasped the headboard of the bed and pulled me up. And yet... nothing. I pulled and pushed. I pleaded I begged, still... nothing.

"I am so sorry, I have to go, It's that time again"

She always has to be home by eleven, for her baby.

"Dang, Natalia, You have to know something" I held her close and kissed her as sexily as I could muster."even though, I didn't... you know... I did. I told you before, I sometimes just run out of gas, so to speak, But believe me, I enjoyed that completely and enourmously. NO ONE can make me feel like you can, darlin, Really!"

She returned my kisses and hugged me to her.

"I know, I could tell, and I wish I didn't have to go, I love your kisses and your hot chocolate and all the affection and understanding you offer me, and so much more. You can never know how much it means to me too, that you would offer me the comfort of your home like you do. Sometimes the stress is just so much, I t's nice to know, I can come here"

"And don't you ever hesitate, even for a minute. If you want or need for anything. I'm here. In fact, you mentioned you were going to the store, did you get what you needed?"

"No, Ok then lets go."

I tool her to the local all night store, she picked milk and a few small goodies for her kid. I then asked her if that was all. I told her not to be shy, and grab what she needed, I told her to take some juice, because it was flu season. She did. I then got her a pay as you go card for her cell phone. I paid the clerk. A woman standing at the counter next to us gave me a dirty look. Natalia wasn't dressed like a street girl or like a cheap whore, so I have no idea how she came to whatever conclusion she had decided upon. I doffed my hat to her and we left.

"Thanks you so much for this."

"I don't mind, when I have the spare money, it's no bother at all."

She hugged me to her.

"MMMMM I don't want to go." She complained.

"And I miss you already"

"But I have to go. My baby wkes up at stupid hours still."

"I know, It's Ok, I'll see you soon?"

"Oh yes."

"Ok then."

We kissed and hugged again and parted.

I felt warm and fuzzy for days.

Its now the Sunday after Boxing day. I was looking in my wallet this morning and found I was missing a $100 note. Oh Oh. Fortunately it's not a total tragedy as I have an uncashed cheque in there too, more irritating than anything, it could be much worse. Then I got to the store. Sales at the camera store I work at have not been outstanding. My employer has been increasingly nervous about inventory levels, and since I am "The Guy" I got the brunt of his worry today. It went on and on all through the entire day, from store opening to closing, whenever a customer came in he'd shut up, but he'd start right back in as soon as store was devoid of clients again (almost the whole day). I was left with a gigantic ego bruise and deflated and depressed. Once I got in my apartment. The combination of disappointments accumulated, and I broke down. I sobbed and cried in my hands for hours. My daughter called, my friend from out of town called. Neither helped much. Then I called Natalia.

"Hi!" her voice was bright and cheery.

"Hi, how are you?"

"Oh, I'm doing better, after yesterday, (her 3 year old had been giving her a very demanding and stressful day) I'm less stressed out today."

"Oh thats good"

"You?, How was your day?"


"Really, How come?" You could hear some concern in her voice.

"Just a bad day at work"

"Do you need me to come over?"

"Oh yeah! Can you?"

"I'll be about half an hour, Ok?"

"Oh take your time, don't get all in a hurry, I think we both can use some stress free time together, eh?"

"Ok I'll bee there in about half and hour still."

"Ok see you then."

I put the kettle on for her favourite hot chocolate.

The door buzzer sang.

"Hi It's me."

"Come on in!"

She was bundled in a white parka. The weather had turned cold and ice was covering the sidewalks. She fell into my arms and we kissed. She petted Peewee. She parked herself at the couch in the already dimmed light of the living room. I had a Diana Krall CD playing. She commented on how much she enjoyed the music.

"I'm going to stop calling you Pierre and start calling you Prince. You are always my Prince Charming, you seem to always find me or call me when I really need you. Like your psychic or something"

"I am a bit of an empath, but that's hard to explain with a straight face."

I brought out her extra huge size mug of steamy chocolatey richness. She grasped the mug in both hands and savoured the warm liquid and helped herself to some Christmas cookies.

"Take whatever you like"

"MMMM I love these."

I felt like saying "and I love you!" but didn't. I just beamed. I suddenly felt better, my bosses stupid tirade was a long forgotten noise. I knelt on the couch next to her. She grasped my hand We began to chat, talking about the bad stuff of our days, I told her about my jerky boss's accusations. I waved them off as trivial and she went on to talk about when she used to have a job doing counciling. I listened in fascination, I knew she wasn't a dummy. I looked in her eyes and ever so gently held her hand in mine all the while she stroked my fingers with hers. She explained about how she had to leave because of the hassles she was going through with her ex husband. I tsked knowingly. I knew exactly what she meant. The lies and accusations of a failed marriage are never any fun. And the finger pointing, asserting she was to blame for it's collapse.I asked if she could return. She said that she had even recieved inquiries about that very possibility. She expressed that yes, but she would require training with computers to go back first. I told her she could use mine, anytime. I thought to myself, If she got off the street, and got to working again, I'd marry this wonder in a second.

Time rolled on. The clock was pressing the deadline.


She took my hand in the customary way. She pulled my into the bedroom, but something was different. She kept her shirt on this time. I held her to me and slipped my hand inside and she was not wearing a bra. She took my pants and shorts off and started to minister to my waiting penis as she always did. Passionately and relentlessly, and more importantly, lovingly. I groaned as she played with me. Much the same result as before, darn it. I really wanted to let one go too. I pulled her up and kissed her neck and throat. I pulled her shirt up and cupped her breast in my hands and slid one hand over her taut tummy. She was defined and hard. And she sighed as I touched her. This time I slid a hand over her pubic mound. She sighed again. I undid her jeans. She allowed me.

"Time for me to return the favour"

"OOOO I can't I gotta go, the time, Sweetness. Will you be up later? I want to come back and cuddle some more."

"I can be. Yes please come back, so I can finish this. I ran a hand over her crotch again"

"OOO I want you to, I love your tongue and fingertips. Your hands are so strong and gentle. I want to come back in a bit, once my little one is in bad. I often go for late walks, I could come here."

I was getting excited.

"Oh yeah great, Yes!!"

"Ok then " she kissed me several times warmly and passionately. We broke and she re donned her coat and fell back into my arms and kissed me some more. Be back really soon, my Prince."

I waited until 2 (most of that time spent writing this) then went to bed, I fully expected the buzzer to go off. It never did. I felt like dying, although I was certain there was a good and reasonable cause for her failure to come back. I was more than willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. I imagined her baby had awakened and could not be put back to sleep without Mommy in bed with her. (Natie told me her daughter sometimes acts out like this) So why not. I still felt crappy and wept in my pillow in the last few moments before sunrise.

Oh Damn, Now I have to go back to that shit face of a boss for another day. I let the memory of Natalia's kisses and the promise of the inside of her panties keep me going for yet another day. I must have whacked off at least 3 times that morning. All I could think of. was her taut tummy, tight erect nipples, (so sweet and delectable, just screaming to be suckled) and the softness of her skin just below her belt and my exploring her feminine secrets.

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