tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNatalia Dyer: Finishing Up On Set

Natalia Dyer: Finishing Up On Set


'And cut! That's a wrap. Good job, guys. See you tomorrow.' With a loud, mechanical *buzz* and shouts from the crew, the warm set lights faded and the harsh studio lights burst on. I left the set, got out of costume, and headed to my trailer. An assistant jogged up to me.

'Ms Dyer, a car will be out front for you in fifteen minutes'.

'Thanks'. I smiled politely and nodded my head. It was a long day on set, and all I wanted in the world was to climb under a hot shower and get a full night's sleep.

'Oh, and can you be in for 4 a.m tomorrow? The directors want to try those sunrise scenes again.'

'Yep, that figures', I thought to myself, rolling my eyes. 'Yeah, sure.'

I got to my trailer and collapsed on the couch, swiping through emails and notifications on my phone held above my head. I had just finished multiple takes of a scene where I had to run from a green screen. I could feel the makeup-heavy sweat beading on my forehead drip down my cheeks. The shower couldn't wait until I got home. I locked my trailer door and started running the water. I struggled to pull my shirt off my sticky, sweaty back, and sat down to take my pants off and unhook my bra. I sat naked on the couch, staring blankly into space, too tired to think. My thumb absentmindedly started tracing circles around my areola. The rough fabric lightly scratched at my bare back and legs as I slumped in my seat. The windows steamed up. The hot, wet air filled my nose and snapped me back to reality. Holding a lazy arm under the water checking its temperature, I stepped into the shower.

My body shivered and goose pimpled under the steaming water surging against my face. My breath tightened for a second as my body acclimated. I pulled my face from the hot stream and gasped for air, throwing my hands through my hair. I leaned my dizzy, tired body against an outstretched arm, letting the water rush over me. After wiping water from my eyes, I grabbed a bottle of body wash. My mind darted from this to that; from the scenes I just did, to setting an alarm for the morning. I remembered that I was due to film a love scene the next day with Charlie. The fruity syrup of body wash intoxicated the steamy air I breathed in as I ran my hands over my slippery body. I slathered my soapy breasts. Every time my palms passed over my tender nipples, I felt a gentle tingle in my vagina. I smiled imagining Charlie breathing in the sweet coconut shampoo I massaged into my dark chocolate locks; despite the bitter chemicals its perfumed foam concealed, when one soapy curl of hair washed against my face, I forced it into my mouth and sucked. Soon I felt so dizzy that I had to sink down to the shower floor. I clumsily unhooked the shower head from its grip and guided it between my legs, like an oxygen mask giving life to my revived body.

I held it closer. The head vibrated against my clit as hot water trickled down my vagina. My eyes closed as the head toured my vagina; the jets finding more and more sensitive areas to explore. My face scrunched up as my mouth fell open. The absence of water on my body left me feeling cold; my nipples got harder. I flashed the head at my breasts, soaking them once more with hot water. Little droplets rolled down and between the soft arc of my small, delicate breasts. One by one, the droplets slowly rolled over my nipples and down onto my stomach.

I switched the shower head from *Rain* to *Massage*. The jets, like my breath, got faster and more intense. Water pummeled against my shiny pink clit; it was like my whole body shut off except for the area the water was throbbing against. I could feel nothing except for the overwhelming numbing sensation that fired like electric shocks through my clitoris; like the whole universe was emanating from between my trembling thighs. I slammed my hand hard against the shower floor and squealed. My stomach squirmed. I heard a knock on the door.

'Ms Dyer, your car is he—'

'I'm cumming', I shouted as the shower head drowned my soft, pink flower. Orgasm erupted through my exhausted body; my hips quivered and shook in the explosion of pleasure. A moan escaped from my open mouth and grew into a scream of ecstasy as I lost control of my trembling body. I slowly opened my eyes and dropped the shower head; my knees too weak to stand. I sat on the shower floor and stared mindlessly at the droplets playfully dripping off my erect nipples. Water sprayed against my stomach as I tried to catch my breath and collect my thoughts. I grabbed the shower frame and pulled myself to my feet, turning the water off. Another knock on the door.

'Ms Dyer?' I quickly dried and dressed myself and ran out to the car waiting for me.

On the drive home, I curled up in the backseat feeling warm and satisfied. I could have slept there and then. I might have had to be in work at 4 the next day, but I didn't have any trouble getting to sleep that night.

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