tagBDSMNatalia's Bitch Ch. 02

Natalia's Bitch Ch. 02


The front door slammed waking Ben from his uncomfortable slumber, the vibrator still sitting on his lips. He licked it tenaciously tasting Natalia's faint essence. He wondered who it was who had come in or had gone. The sun was shining in the window of the living room. He looked around and noticed that he was completely naked. She must have stripped him while he slept. He shifted his weight slightly and noticed that he couldn't move his legs as well as before. She had tied him down tighter. and this time his hands were tied together as well. How had he not noticed any of this? He heard the front door slam again and the pitter patter of steps. Natalia appeared at the walkway.

"Hi bitch, did you sleep okay?"

"A little uncomfortable, but manageable"

"Glad to hear." She looked incredible. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a shirt with a knot tied showing off her belly.

She slowly walked towards Ben stripping off her top and unbuttoning her pants. She was yet again not wearing any underwear. She smiled at Ben and grabbed his shoulders lifting him off the couch a little bit.

"I have a present for you." She said smiling.

She pulled the couch forward a little so his body was stretched out. She then unhooked his legs and his body unfolded. She grabbed two pairs of handcuffs and locked his legs to a bar that had been placed at the end of the couch. She stretched out his arms untying the rope and did the same to his hands. She reached around and flipped a lever and the couch suddenly turned into a futon. She looked down at him a smile crept to her lips. She stood above him and spread her legs. Ben looked up at her having no idea what was coming.

"I've just been with that pretty boy I was telling you about." She spread her legs wider. "Open your mouth bitch."

Ben did as he was told and she spit into his open mouth. She grinned and lowered herself to his gaping mouth. His tongue immediately flew to her clitoris and he began flicking it rapidly. Her head rolled back for a moment, pleasure filling her. She gasped and opened her mouth to speak.

"Not my clit just yet, go a little lower. You'll like it."

Ben slid his face a little lower and licked at her opening. The sight was so hot to Natalia that she shivered slightly. She flexed her legs and in turn her pussy. Ben was completely unprepared for what happened next. Natalia moaned and ground down onto his face a little harder and suddenly a glob of something slipped out of her and into his mouth. He suddenly recoiled and she gripped his head and held him still.

"No bitch, hold it. You have to swallow it. Show me you're a little faggot by sucking up his cum. Eat my dirty creampie."

Ben's cock jumped at those words and he fought back his desire to gag. He slipped his mouth around her sweet opening and sucked out the juices of her love session. She moaned, throwing her head back once more. Now he knew what he was doing and he was still doing it. He really was hers, and she knew it. She began grinding against his mouth.

"Swallow it all, and enjoy it. Then you need to bring me off."

He nodded slightly and he began to swallow the immense amount of cum. He could barely keep up with the constant flow. His tongue was in constant rapid motion lapping it all up. The flow slowly came to a trickle and she slammed herself about an inch and a half downwards forcing her clit onto his tongue.

Ben took in a deep breath with his nose and began attacking Natalia's clit. Her head tolled from side to side and she opened her mouth in a silent scream. His tongue first working one way and then the other, flicking across her mound and clit, his teeth softly grazing her little nub, his lips circling it and suckling it into his mouth like a little cock, all this was driving her crazy.

Natalia began panting her chest heaving up and down. She threw her head back in one final yell and she came all over his chin. She ground down so hard on his face that Ben thought he couldn't breathe. He licked her slowly and softly to pleasurably bring her down from the euphoric rush. She smiled and lifted herself up. She looked down at him and bent over kissing him deeply. Her tongue dipped into his mouth tasting her own flavour.

"I'm delicious" she stated and then slapped him across the face once more. "I'll see you around for more play time" she stated as she walked away once more. At least he was lying in a comfortable position waiting for the next adventure to begin.

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