tagBDSMNatalie: A New Beginning

Natalie: A New Beginning


This is a continuation of the Natalie and the Neighbor series. It can stand alone, but with occasional background references. To fully understand the characters I'd suggest reading the previous stories (but if you've read my stories the background usually is: submissive slut who needs to be used hard and often!)


Hi, I'm Natalie. It has been quite awhile since I've written about my experiences. Chet has plans to punish me for that, I'm sure! Chet is my neighbor. He's an ex-military man. He's quite a bit older than I am. He's in his 50s and I'm in my 20s. I fantasized about him taking sexual control over me and if you've read the previous stories you'll know that we both made it happen.

I offered him the ability to use me as his sex servant for a whole month and he did, in ways I'd only fantasized about. I'd told him I love sucking cock, as much as he could get me. He made me suck more cock in a month than I'd had in years. I told him I liked humiliation, he made sure I experienced that fully. I told him he could share me, and share me he did in all sorts of ways. I'd fantasized about being used roughly, to be spanked, whipped, used hard and he took me to a whole new level. I told him to treat me as his very own slut and he made sure I was used in all those ways, often in his own very creative manner.

The month ended far too quickly for both of us and we both came to the realization that we wanted far more. We have since agreed to a whole new arrangement. In my lust for it all to continue I've agreed to submit to him now for a whole year. After one year he can decide whether or not he wants to "re-up" for another year. He agreed that we'd reassess after one year. We are not in love, though I think we both care for each other and understand each other more than most relationships. So, we are not a "couple" in that sense. I'm his sexual toy to play with and use, otherwise, we live next door to each other and are free to date others. Honestly though, that part is more for him. He usually has me too busy for me to think about dating. Plus, I doubt anyone I dated would understand or abide by my interactions with Chet. I'm totally fine with that.

This story begins soon after the original month of servitude concluded. There is a local bar, Paddy's, where I've frequented and have been promiscuous in the past. Chet also had me show him how slutty I could be there in a couple different creative episodes. There are a half dozen regulars at that bar that have sampled what I have to offer. The bartender and owner is Al. He's a friend of Chet's, or at least a very well known acquaintance. Al is probably in his late 50's, early sixties. He's a thick man, with a big belly. He has a thick dark moustache that matches the hair on his head, though I suspect he dyes it to keep the gray out of it. He's a rude, arrogant man who is very opinionated and especially demeaning towards women. He has consistently ogled me when I've been in there and has not been shy about telling me how good my tits look or how he really liked my ass.

I'm telling you this because in my lustful haze to convince Chet he needed to allow me to serve him another year I mentioned how I was surprised he hadn't made me do anything with Al. Chet has generally made me please guys who I've teased and he had mentioned Al before so I had assumed that someday I'd be made to put out for him. The thought made me shudder, but as all those humiliating things tend to do, it also made me wet to think about how Chet would have me do it.

As luck would have it, Chet didn't make me wait long to find out how I was going to begin serving my new year of sexual slavery to him. I was on my knees, sucking him off, as I do most mornings, when he mentioned I had a new assignment. I looked up at him hopefully. My mouth never left his cock.

"Today Natalie, you are going to again start proving your worth to me as a slut. Remember Al, the owner of Paddy's?"

"Of course," I groaned. Even though I knew what was coming I still wasn't acting as if I didn't want it. I didn't want it, at least intellectually. Chet knew that my intellect wasn't what drove me in these situations, though.

"Yes, he likes you, but you know that. He and I have discussed you on many occasions. He has seen you at your slutty best, especially the couple times I was involved, watching you take several guys outside to have sex with, one after the other."

"Yesss," I sighed, recalling the wickedness of it.

"Well, times are tough, economically. Al has only a few workers now. He's afraid that unless he drums up business that he'll have to close."

I looked up with a insincere, "Aw."

Chet just chuckled. "You really like digging yourself in deep, don't you? Anyway, we've discussed you before and I agree with him that I think you could help his drowning business."

"Me, sir?"

"Yes, we both discussed some ideas and I believe that we've agreed to an arrangement that will please us."

He saw me staring holes in him in anticipation. He always loves leaving me hanging, though.

"Friday night, that's tomorrow, you show up at 7pm at Paddy's. He'll fill you in on the rest."

I knew the time I was dreading was approaching. It is a combination of feelings I can never reconcile. On one hand the thought of such a leering, greasy, fat fucker having anything to do with me fights directly with the thought of having to indulge my master in one of our wicked games. The two faces of Natalie. The rational side of me screams to run away fast and the slut side of me wants to experience everything.

I overdressed with an extra layer of clothes and showed up at Paddy's. I was early. I did not want to disappoint Chet and have my ass worked over hard, well maybe I did, but that would have to wait.

Al sneered at me when I arrived and ushered me back into his office. I stood before him as he sat behind his desk. He just stared at me, I'm sure he wanted me to know who was the boss.

"So, you've agreed to work for me," he said, betraying a hint of giddiness.

"Chet sent me," I corrected him.

"Ah yes, Chet. Interesting relationship you two must have," he said.

"Works for us," I said, feigning indifference even though I was starting to boil inside. I wondered where this was all headed, well I pretty much knew, just not specifics.

"I see that," he said. "To get to the bottom of it..." he leered as he openly ogled my behind. "...Chet thought you could help me increase my cash flow."

He saw my blank look so he continued. "So, I decided to take you on, though god knows I can't afford another employee, payroll taxes, insurance, worker's comp, yada yada. Good thing Chet said you'd do it under the table," he said, using air quotes. He laughed at that wording.

"I don't know what Chet agreed to," I said honestly. "But, I do what Chet wishes, as you may or may not know. But only as he wishes. So, in order to get anything from me, you really need to respect his wishes as well."

"Oh I do," Al said. "This could be the boost I need for this bar. You truly don't know what Chet sent you here for, do you?" I shook my head, no. "You are going to be a waitress here. Now, I have only two girls left, one is my daughter, Nell."

Nell was in her 40's. She was one of those big haired 80s holdovers that didn't know when to put down a can of hairspray. She chewed gum constantly and her teeth were all jacked up, she was either missing some teeth or they were just overlapping each other but everything about her just screamed white trash. She was also a world class bitch. She treated everyone including her father like shit. I did not look forward to having any contact with her, though I knew that would be damned near impossible at such a family run place.

"As I've discussed with Chet, my idea for this bar was always to have it be kind of a home-style Hooters."

I nearly choked at the comparison. This was a dive, a local hole in the wall and literally, there were holes in the wall.

"My idea was to dress up some nicely endowed women and the men would show up in droves. Over the years, though, the younger ones left and now I just have one fat college kid and Nell."

"So you want to dress me up like a Hooter's girl and wait tables?"

"For starters," he said. "Chet mentioned that I should at least see what I'd be working with first. Take off your coat," he huffed. He was beginning to sweat.

Reluctantly I removed my coat. I still had on buttoned down white blouse on top. "Now the shirt," he said as he dabbed away at his brow.

I wanted to spit in his face and walk out laughing but I couldn't. I was rooted in my spot. Chet no doubt wanted this. Slowly, I unbuttoned the blouse and removed it. I was left standing in just my jeans and my bra. He held up a tank top against my chest. It was at least two sizes too small. He asked me to put it on. I started to protest but he had his phone in his hand, I had no doubt he'd tattle to Chet at any opportunity. There was no way I was losing my year with Chet for this guy. I looked for a restroom to change. He shook his head.

"Right here," he puffed. "Do it here."

It was the moment he'd waited for for some time now. He was going to see the tits he'd been drooling over for a couple years now. I sighed. I quickly undid my bra and in one smooth motion I slid the top down over my chest quickly. Sure enough it was too small. My tits bulged out the top, the bottom and the sides. On the front was printed, "Paddy's famous twins." It was an entendre for his double burgers and my tits, obviously.

"Al," I whined. "This is way too small. I'll wear it, just get me the right size."

"No, I think it is perfect," he said gleefully. "In fact, Chet was the one who told me what size to get."

I blushed. My master, I should've known. The top was just too tight, it was uncomfortable. But, I knew I was going to have to wear it. I had an idea. I saw scissors in a cup on Al's desk. I took them out and made a slice down the top, between my breasts. It exposed far more cleavage but at least it let me breathe.

"Nice," he muttered. "Now, let's see what you can do on the bottom half." He showed me a short black mini skirt. It was the clingy kind, it would hug my curves as tightly as the top did. In his other hand was a pair of skimpy shorts. These were my choices. I picked the shorts. Again, he stood there and waited for me to change in front of him.

I had no choice, I slipped down my jeans under his constant ogling glare. I fought the tight shorts up over my ass. My panties stuck out the bottom, they seemed to have more material than the shorts.

He said, "no no, that just won't do." I agreed.

Then, he told me to take off the panties. I had to, in front of him, while my face reddened with shame. He got to see parts he'd only dreamed about. I quickly had the shorts back on, though. I stood before him with my titties tantalizingly close to spilling out and my pussy lips and ass showing every curve in those shorts.

"Perfect, now go check in with Nell and she'll tell you what to do."

His hand found my ass and softly caressed it as I walked out, he stopped me. "Whoa, what's that?" He said, his face reddening as he pointed at my back.

"Oh fuck," I hissed. It was my tattoo I'd gotten to mark my obedience to Chet. "Owned Whore," it read, on the very bottom of my back.

"Owned?" He asked.

I realized only the top word was visible, for which I was glad. I blushed. "It was for Chet, It says, "Owned Whore." I could barely get the words out because of the embarrassment.

"Let me see it," he said forcefully. I didn't think Chet would approve of me denying him. I peeled the shorts down slowly, thus having to expose half my ass so that he could see the whole tattoo. He made me stay like that while he observed it closely.

"This may help business even more," He chuckled. "Especially if they think that I'm the owner." He swatted me on the ass and told me to go. Nell gave me the biggest smirk when she saw me. "You are the new girl? Jesus, did he just go to Stripper's R' Us? What is he thinking?" She said sarcastically.

I wanted to tell her what I was thinking. "What is he thinking? He's thinking he needs someone who is hot that actually has all her teeth to bring customers in." I wisely kept that to myself.

She showed me my duties, reluctantly and dismissively. Then she put me to work while she smoked a cigarette without even spitting out the gum she was chewing. She also didn't care that smoking is banned in bars now. I heard her talking about me to customers like I wasn't there.

"Where'd daddy find this one, in the street turning tricks? Sheesh, you see that tattoo? Owned? Seriously."

I worked my ass off while she mostly sat back and jacked her jaw about me. The tips were coming fast and furiously. The guys that were there loved the new change in scenery. I used to waitress, I knew how to play the game, tease, flirt, allow them to be a little bit handsy and lo and behold the tips will fly in.

Al called me over. "You are doing well," he said with a mischievous smile. He saw the bills tucked in the string of my top. "You know you have to give half of that to Nell, she's going to pool the tips."

"What? She hasn't even waited on anyone in an hour, I made that money."

"Are you questioning me?" Al said flippantly. "Do I need to call Chet and tell him you only lasted a couple hours?"

"No," I said with a pout. "It's just not fair." I turned away and saw Nell smirking at me. She'd heard it all. She took the bills out of my shirt and grinned and said, "looks like we're having a really good night." She swatted me dismissively on the ass just like her daddy had and sent me back to work the floor.

Worse for me, when it got slow, Al had me take a sandwich board outside and had me walk up and down the corner with our sign. My tits were hanging out revealingly and my ass was barely contained in my shorts. It had the desired effect, more than a few cars stopped and guys piled into the bar.

Sure enough, as I'd feared, a couple of the guys had been guys I'd had sex with, from that bar. They were surprised to see me working there. Surprised, maybe, but it didn't stop them from immediately using their hands to touch parts of me that they have missed. I was finding it difficult to fend off their hands while still holding onto trays of food or drinks.

Al noticed. "Do you have a particular problem controlling our clients?" He grinned evilly.

"Do you want me to tell them to stop?" I asked. I wasn't sure Chet would even allow that. I was hoping, though, that Al would have a problem with it, being the owner.

"You do whatever you need to do to get them to come back again," he said matter-of-factly.

"Well, I don't want you to get shut down, or have police here," I said with some irritation.

"I wouldn't worry about that," he smiled. "That's the police chief there," he said, as he pointed to a corner booth. I saw the chief raise his glass to us. "He's a friend," Al said. "They take good care of us here. But, you are right, keep up what you are doing, at least until Nell leaves. I wouldn't want her going and telling her mother about any of this. I'm probably going to have to deal with having hired such a slutty waitress as it is."

I grimaced at that but I knew he was right. I was here because I was an owned slut. He sent Nell home with an hour before closing. I had to work even harder. The police chief was handsier than all the others. He was a stern looking man with a buzz cut, almost like Chet's. He had the same air of authority about him. Al made me allow him far more liberties, especially now that Nell was gone. In the darkness of the corner booth he managed several times to get his fingers up inside the bottom of my shorts to flick across my ass. I wriggled free each time, but not without a giggle, so that it wouldn't upset him. It was just before closing time when he called me over, presumably to pay his tab. I came over and leaned over the table, which gave him a nice clear view inside my top. He enjoyed the scenery.

"I should lock you up," he grinned lewdly. "Those are positively criminal."

I played along, as I knew I should, for Chet. "Arrest me? For what, officer?"

"Indecent exposure, for one," he laughed.

He was strong, he was forceful, a lot like Chet. Somehow I'm drawn to men like that. I wondered if he'd like hearing about it later.

"I haven't exposed anything," I said, feigning innocence.

With that he took his finger and tugged my top down suddenly all the way down to over my nipples. I blushed and pulled the top up quickly. He was grinning and leering.

"Now I might have to frisk you," he said in a more serious tone.

There was just a few customers at the bar and Al. They were at the other end. We were semi-private, though not totally.

"Assume the position," he barked.

I turned red but I knew I was trapped, by Al, by Chet, and mostly because I'd put myself in this position. I bent over the table, he made me place my hands firmly on the table. I was bent at the waist.

"Don't move," he ordered. He began to slide his hands over me. He started at my waist and moved up, slowly until he cupped my tits in his hands through the material. He kneaded them, not so softly, before he traced his hands down my sides. He slid them over the outsides of my legs, then he went back up the insides. I gasped as he tickled my inner thighs.

"Hmm, nothing yet," he said with mock surprise. "What is this?" He asked. "Owned? What does that mean?"

I groaned. I knew it was coming. I'd been able to play it off with other customers, "Owned" wasn't nearly as bad as having to admit it said, "Owned Whore."

I barely managed to squeak out, "it says Owned Whore."

I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my shorts.

"Let me see," he grunted.

I have mentioned this before but I have been told I have a spectacular ass. Not a "nice ass," or a "fuckable" ass, no, I've been told it is spectacular. I've had bar guys offer to draw or paint it for me. "Natalie's spectacular ass," I've heard about it since high school. Now I knew someone else who was going to get to see it.

I said, "Here? Are you sure?"

He looked around and said, "yes, do it, let me see that tattoo, that way I can check further for contraband."

I nervously slid my shorts down. I slid them down just far enough where I knew he'd see the full tattoo. He made me stay like that, my shorts mostly down and my fingers inside the material while he went back to touching me, this time on the exposed part of my ass and in my crack. His hands went fully inside and worked the shorts fully down over my cheeks. He also lowered my top so he could fondle my tits. I had to hold my shorts to keep them from falling to my ankles while he manhandled me.

He slid his fingers down my crack and lightly flicked over my asshole. He worked the other hand around to my pussy and deftly slid my lips open to reveal my wetness to him.

"Ohhh," I groaned. I suddenly wondered what Nell would think, me bent over a table while the police chief worked his fingers over me. I'm sure Al didn't want that to get out either. I heard him clink some glasses loudly which brought Bill, the chief's attention back to where we were. He scrambled back to his seat while I pulled up both my top and my shorts, just as Al came to the table.

"You two having fun?" He said as if nothing was amiss. "Closing time, Bill."

Bill just grinned and took out his wallet and dropped a couple twenties on the table. "That should cover it," he said with a wink to me. His tab was probably only half of that. I made sure Nell would get none of that money.

Finally, everyone was gone. Al made me give him Nell's share of the tips, save the money from Bill, which I'd hidden inside my shorts. Al closed up. He seemed genuinely happy. All in all, he'd made a bunch of money, people seemed excited by the new waitress and I'm sure he knew more of that was ahead for him. I had no idea how long this was supposed to be for me, but I was just Chet's slave, I was in it as long as he needed me to be.

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