tagRomanceNatalie-Alone Ch. 03

Natalie-Alone Ch. 03


I'm giving you the break to enjoy meeting all the characters on a personal basis...though; no sex in this either, this time I'm going straight for the heart! But next chapter?!

Remember to vote, enjoy your reading and very important, this is a copyrighted work which means enjoy but don't copy! Once again, thank you SummerSphinx!



"...I'd rather live my life and reach my dream than ending up with pieces of a heart that I've been fixing for so long... and once again end up, ALONE."



Back home the story is totally different: once again I let depression hit me, every day a new bouquet and my dear friend Sandra says: "...and I'm the one with someone?" then winks at me but knows that I no longer listen to her comments and that I will head to my room to cry and play my never ending "kill me" (as Sandra calls it) favorite playlist. When I'm sad, this music helps me relieve the sadness and bring out different memories...

Today she is surprised with the songs I have being playing, the first "hit parade" were songs that I have not played since my first home-sick depression, just when we became housemates, my favorite one:

Here I am by Air Supply

♪... just when I thought I was over you, and just when I thought I could stand on my own....♪

With those songs, she knows better than to ask me on one of our Wednesday girls' night out. She also knows I'm tearing myself apart and rearranging myself, somehow...

That's what she thought, until I played... Since You've Been Gone and Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. By then she was asking herself what was going on? (That she told me later) but when Ahora Quien by Mark Anthony started playing and I opened my room door while dancing she shouted: "No way!" while laughing, dancing and singing with me.

I've been teaching Sandra my native language and some Salsa steps, now she's better than me! Well, I'm not an expert dancer but music runs through my veins, thus, Salsa is a warm call straight into my soul and legs.



It's been fourteen days since I saw her and had to leave for yet another meeting tour but with all made up, no more travelling for probably a year. I'm so tired, yet the guys decided to watch a game at a nearby pub so I'm taking my time to enjoy a hot shower, get ready and leave for some fun. Well, I deserve some fun, and if I get to differ the guys will hang me by the legs.

Coming out of the shower with a smile I thought: tomorrow, just a few hours left until I can see you again...


What Raphael doesn't know is that




Finally 1 carnation color rose reached my eyes; I'm so nervous, always the same message but the days and amount of flowers decrease. Tomorrow will be THE day, what is it that he wants? Why bother sending flowers?

Sandra is looking at me and says: "are we going or what?"

We work at the same bank; different departments. It's not a coincidence, she helped me get in. I've been in this country for two years now and although I had a long term job (that's what they said), the company was sold and the employees....shut down...

"We better get ready soon!" Sandra said

It's Michelle's birthday celebration and her boyfriend (a good looking, rock band singer) is going to play at a local pub so WE BETTER BE THERE to see her sweetie (they moved in together a few weeks ago so you know how they are behaving), and after my mood change yesterday and Sandra telling about it....better hang out with the girls or I'll be hanging myself with all their counseling and deep heart reaching, over my past!!



My guy called to check what I'm going to do and to let me know he's going out with his friends to watch a soccer game; it's cute he is showing he cares, WHATEVER! I know he is very flirtatious and I'm the one for THIS month but I don't care; I don't need a relationship, just concluded a very crazy one with a harassment order...


Nat is finally dressed, after all my fighting for her non sexy (nun like) clothing; at least she heard and let me do her make up to erase those bags and black eyes, she is just coming out of that depression, Thank GOD! Maybe it is because she is a few hours away from seeing RV again?

I keep telling her she needs to listen to her heart; but no, she replies there is nothing he wants with her; I'm no fool. I've had my share of love and men and I know what he wants....a devilish smile in my face while reaching the building's elevator. "LET'S PARTY!"


I just called my girl; well, this month's girl: she is going out to celebrate her best friend's birthday; she is really crazy, says such things about her friends that just make me believe these girls get stunned often but she insist they don't play that game, they're just like that:

Every Wednesday they visit a few pubs to and end up at one of their houses or they just hang out at the Cave (an underground restaurant; probably that's when their hormones are fooling them) and later visit THE KICK: where new comedians get a break. I've been there but really, that is no place to check out women.


Raphael just returned from one of his never-ending trips and the guys made him come out with us. It's been three weeks since we went out together and back then, he was so happy and daydreaming about a receptionist (or something like that) that we let him be; after three years... this gives us hope.



The game was excellent, lost my money but it was worth it. A new band gets into the stage and the singer offers the song to his girlfriend. Oh please; I turned over to ask for a beer while a bunch of girls start rooting and a birthday candle is blown at their table. The crazy things women do, how embarrassing!


Wow, it's been an amazing party; the girls gave me so many gifts; Sandra's ALWAYS the sexiest, I told her to "get a psychiatric evaluation for her sex addiction" and she said that "I'm a prude who just moved in with her boyfriend and I would be turning into a sex addict soon". The girls all laughed while I blush. Cristine (Cris) said: "since Nat wasn't with us yesterday, she should get us free beers..." and turning to the bar pointed at a group of guys.

THEY are her mission! At least these are cute and don't seem drunk like my mission yesterday!


That's what I get for going out with these crazy bitches! I gotta get a free round from the guys at the bar; there are five guys, one of them looking towards the bartender (not bad) but the other four are really looking up at me. Seems to me like hungry dogs adoring a steak on display. The heat was terrible out of our building and yet in this pub I feel like I'm sweating.

Am I on display? Well, the skirt is short to mid leg, my shirt is see through but I got a cami and ok, I know I look sexy with these heels!...Sandra was right when she said: "it's summer, the weather is terribly hot and with your legs, you should show a little!" well, her "show a little" included one of her micro skirts...her clothing size is 5-6 while I'm 9-10; she's 5'7 barefoot while I'm 5'6; I'm a brunette with long, soft curls, shoulder cut and she has a burgundy, mid back straight hair.

Just when I'm about to reach the guys, the one with his back to me, turned with a wide smile and sexy cheek holes, I hadn't noticed those before! (I love to see it in a man's face) ...and that's the one I reached showing my devilish look and smile.

"Hi", I said looking at all of them while standing right in front of the cutie

Hey's and Hi's were their replies except for Raphael who said: "Nice to see you again, sexy" while enjoying the view right in front of him; up and down, down and up he got drunk with my body and chills were running all over me; wherever he was looking on my body, I was getting goose bumps.

It felt like he was undressing me with those eyes while I was enjoying him, he's got the body, the eyes, the look...mmm too bad that scares me but, those eyes talk and somehow their story appeals my soul. An alarm goes off in my mind saying: "I'm getting hot for him again!" Nat you gotta control yourself!

The others were silently watching our interaction so, breaking that strange cloud of desire that was moving between us: yes, desire 'cause while my skin chilled, my legs felt like gelatin and my underwear was feeling strangely moisty...

I told them the reason to meet them and looking at Raphael said: "...and since someone owes me, I believe it's gonna be easier asking you directly?"

Raphael smiled and agreed.

Michael seems to be intelligent 'cause he quickly said: "so she's the lady? The one you burned?" with an inviting smile and an appreciative look said: "I get why you were like that".

His laughter was so loud that the girls looked my way; Sandra saw Michael and called him (I finally had a face and body to my now well-known wake up alarm at 2:00 a.m. every other day during the weeks and many weekends, since his "visits" bring moaning and squeals as their climaxes are reached) so, the guys were invited to our table.

Raphael invited a round to pay his debt with me but I have to dance with him at least one song. I am sooooo sad with the news because now I have to get near his exquisite body, and hopefully even touch it! My undies are getting wet! Stop those thoughts!!

With a sigh and a nod (I'm a good actress) the invitation was accepted. I had no time to think twice because while the round was ordered a slow song was playing and I was dragged to the dance area. Mmm I thought while touching his biceps, chest, arms and...my, my I just felt his lower body too! Wow, that, there...well...my mind is blowing with lots of images about what I'm feeling and what to do with THAT! Wait, am I drunk?



God, you have some things under your sleeve! Thought Raphael when he saw that, not that, THE ANGEL that was heading his way. His friends were making comments about a hottie with a see-through shirt and short skirt. "Those legs! Wow I would do anything to bite them", remarked one of the guys.

And here she is standing right in front of me, what I would pay to get my hands on that body! She looks stunning, and I thought she was beautiful while in uniform... I had to smile to myself while greeting her: "Nice to see you again, sexy"; suddenly a memory hunted my mind by bringing in the time when I went to my wife's gallery just to give her some papers. She appeared so sexy with her dark brown dress that I told her those exact words.

Natalie said that she had to get someone on my group to pay a round of hers and her friends' drinks. While looking at me she said: "...and since someone owes me, I believe it's gonna be easier asking you directly?"

We laughed and Michael understood she is the one I've been telling him about... Someone called upon Michael and when Nat checked; gave us some "behavior rules" so that we can join them.

Two of the girls (Debbie and Cris) are married, the birthday girl (Michelle) lives with her boyfriend, we all learned that Sandra is Michael's girl and everybody knew I'm after Nat since, once we reached the ladies' table Michael told Sandra: "your friend is THE ONE" and Sandra jumped out of her chair to ask him which one was His friend and once he pointed at me she loudly asked: "you are the one that burned her?" While pointing at Nat, I nodded and she said: "NO ONE gets near these two, ok? No one invites her to dance, looks at her, nothing! They are meant to be together..."

That was shocking so I just invited a round and took Nat's hand while addressing her into the dance area


It was an excellent night, thought Raphael. It was an excellent night, thought Nat; both were at their apartments re-playing in their minds all the laughs, dances and just as they were saying their good byes, a soft kiss which made both shot back because an electric bolt hit them.


"Wow what a night" said Michael while holding Sandra on his arms, both naked, sweaty, exhausted after a long night of fun, dance, laughs and later, hot and rough sex with his crazy girl. They kissed and fell asleep.

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