Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 01


"If you are true to your word, as well as your desires, then this should be a good opening step to prove that you are who you say you are. I'll be expecting you shortly. Chet."

It was all happening so fast. I'd wanted it for so long. Now, I was about to strip naked on my neighbor's front porch and wait for him to "inspect me."

I was scared out of my mind but I had no intention of backing out. My pussy was leading my brain. So, in less than fifteen minutes from when I'd sent the fateful email I was in my sundress, closing my front door behind me as I walked with a click click click in my heels, towards his house. The houses in the neighborhood weren't particularly close to each other, it wasn't as if I'd be on display with certainty to anyone, however, just the thought that anyone driving or walking by just might get a glimpse....well, that thought put me on edge as I walked up his steps. I took a deep breath and rang his doorbell. I looked around quickly and lifted the dress up and over my head. I left it in a pile on his welcome mat. "Fitting," I thought. He took his time opening the door, which, I'm sure, was his plan. His face was stern and serious. He ushered me in. He had put on sweat pants and a T-shirt.

He gruffly pushed me face up against the wall. He made me spread my legs and had me place my hands on the wall like police do to suspects. I felt totally vulnerable. No doubt it was just as he wanted it (I know, just as I'm sure I wanted it as well!). He ran his hands over my sides at first softly.

"Nice," he murmured. His hands lightly brushed across the sides of my tits which made me sigh. His hands continued down the outsides of my legs, firmer now. He then began to trace them back up the insides of my thighs. He stopped short of my pussy which made me wince in anticipation. Finally, his hands found my tits and he firmly and expertly fondled and massaged them. I was on fire. Here, the man I'd lusted after for so long now had me naked, in just heels, in his house. I was ready for anything. He was a master, though, no clumsy immature college boy wanting to get off and get away as soon as possible.

"Go fix us some glasses of wine, Natalie," he smiled.

I could feel his eyes burning into my "killer ass" as I walked away from him towards the kitchen. I could feel myself hoping beyond hope that he'd attack me like an animal before I even got to the kitchen. He was counting on that, I'm sure. He wanted to build me up first. By making me serve him wine while I was naked was just the first part of that. Humiliation. That's what I asked for. That's what he was giving me. Every part of me showing while he still was clothed. An hour or so ago this was an idea in my head and now I was already naked, submissive to his will, in his home. That thought was delightfully wicked to me.

I brought the wine and the glasses in with me. I could feel him ogling me freely as I poured the wine for both of us. He had me sit in a chair across from him. I felt as though I was being interviewed. It felt wonderfully embarrassing.

"So, slut," he said without reservation, "your email was quite illuminating. But, I have some questions."

"Anything, sir." I said as I sipped at the wine. I felt I could really use a good buzz to settle my nerves at that point.

"Control, force, humiliation, bondage..." he said, reciting my key points. "I like how you had some specifics in there, however, again, in the real world, what does it all mean?" He wasn't really looking for my answer at this point. He continued. "I get the spanking, hair pulling, name calling thing..." he said thoughtfully. "and rest assured you'll get that, in spades," he said coolly.

I shifted nervously in my chair, I felt as if the excitement in my pussy would be too embarrassingly evident.

"I do wonder though, specifically, how this would all work, in the real world."

"What is it you don't understand, sir?" I asked meekly. He could just have ordered me to the floor at any point and have his way with me. I knew he was enjoying the power over me, though. I also understood that it was part of what I enjoyed as well.

"Use me anytime, anywhere I wish?" He asked.

"Yes, sir," I gulped, my face lowered shamefully.

"Well, I certainly see you have some commitment to it, since you followed my orders for your arrival."

I nodded. "I mean it, sir. I don't want to disappoint you."

"I see that. So, from this moment are willing to serve me sexually. You don't want to say no to me in any way? Are you saying that you have no limits?"

My head was down, my eyes were scanning the floor, my lips were trembling. "I don't want to be hurt," I said as I sniffed back a tear. "Nothing permanent. I don't want to do anything with bathroom stuff, like peeing or that," I said in scarlet shame. "Otherwise, don't hurt me but use me up and I think we'll be ok." I'd said it. I could feel the blood nearly draining from my head as I saw him eyeing me with intensity.

"Did you want it to be like dating? Are you looking for some kind of relationship or love?" He wondered.

"No sir, I'm only talking about sex. This only needs to be between you and me....well, or others you choose to involve..." I said nervously.

He smiled at that. "Yes, others. I noticed that. That could get very....interesting for you, to say the least," he said as he gauged my reaction to all of it. "Well, that's good because I don't know that a relationship in the traditional sense would work for us, we're from two different worlds. This type of relationship, however, has some promise," He chuckled.

I sipped the last drops from the wine goblet. He spoke again. "Ok, I'm willing to try. Why don't we start by trying it for a week. Then, you and I can decide if it's for us."

"One month!" I blurted out without thinking. I knew immediately one week wouldn't give him a chance to even come up with some things to test our commitments to it.

He started chuckling. "One month?" Ok, a month from today I'll call you here just as today and we'll decide where we go from there. So for the next month I own your body and I do with it what I see fit? Why a month, though, why not a day, a week, just to see if you'd like it?"

"It's just that...sir..."I said haltingly, "there's just so much of it. There's so much I'm asking for. I don't want it to be rushed, or miss any of it, you know? Some of it may take time, planning, plus, a month is way more humiliating to me. It forces me to commit, as I have fantasized about it.

"Put the wine glass down, Natalie, my big tittied whore. I want you to crawl across the room to me."

"Yes, sir," I said as tears pooled in my eyes. I'd committed to it. I'm not sure whether the tears were more from fear or from joy.

My heart raced as I got on my knees. I slowly crawled to him, naked. I knew he was admiring my ass as it swished from side to side. I wanted him to take me, take my pussy, take my ass, take all of me. I could feel my pussy dripping on the insides of my thighs as it hit the coolness of the air. I reached him, I nuzzled between his legs. I parted his legs and I crawled in between. I knew what he wanted. I pulled his sweat pants off of him. His cock sprung out. It was already firm. I looked up at him hopefully.

"Suck it, Natalie," he urged while his voice sent shivers straight from my brain to my pussy. "Show me how big tittied whores suck cock."

I engulfed his cock like I hadn't had one in years. I wanted him to feel it all, to enjoy it all. I didn't want him to be disappointed in me in any way and change his mind about any of it. I'd come too far. I gave him everything I had. He had his hands entwined in my hair the whole time, pulling, urging me on. I think I surprised him with what I could do. The deeper I went on him, the more he moaned. Finally, I let him pull me all the way down on his cock. It was as if I'd learned to deep throat just for this moment in time. His eyes were ablaze as my chin and his balls slapped together. I heard him groan loudly as he began to spurt deep down my throat. I didn't even have to swallow most of it, it was already past the back of my throat. He just kept slamming my lips forcibly down on his cock as his cock spasmed over and over. Finally, I'd gotten this beautiful man's cum inside me. I couldn't have been happier.

He popped his cock out of my mouth and sat back with a loud sigh.

"Not bad, big tittied whore," he growled. "I can see you've had some practice at that."

I giggled. "Just a bit."

His eyes flashed at me with purpose. "Just a bit? What is a bit? Be honest. If you are my big tittied whore I need to know the truth. How many?"

I was startled. "How many...what? Guys have I sucked off?"

"Yes," he said, his eyes locked on mine.

I thought about it for a few seconds. "That's a tough one," I said.

"Can't be honest with me?" He said with disappointment.

"No, no, that's not it, sir. I want you to know everything. It's just many guys have I sucked off? Or, how many times have I sucked someone off. You know, obviously, some guys I've sucked off more than once..." I said with embarrassment, though I really wanted to be honest with him.

"Ah, I see," he chuckled as his eyes softened. "Ok, let's say, how many blowjobs have you given, I guess that's what I'm asking. I want to know how many times you've gotten guys off with your mouth."

"Ok, sir, in that case, I'd have to guess....jeez, at least....maybe....250?"

His eyes widened. I blushed. "Well, that sounds like a lot, I'm sure," I said uneasily. "But, you have to remember, if I suck off the same guy, say, 50 times a year, which, isn't very much if you are in a relationship....then I'd have to guess 250 is a very conservative number." In hindsight, I can't be sure that it was more like 500 times. I had no idea. It was a lot.

"I guess you are correct," he grinned. "Besides, who am I to complain when I'm the one reaping the benefit of that experience."

"Thank you, sir, I hope you enjoyed it."

"I did. I expect that you'll be on your knees with me often. In fact, I want you to count on that with me. You'll be doing a lot of cock sucking," he said sternly, as if judging my seriousness. You seem to enjoy it. Do you? Do you enjoy sucking cock?"

"Yes, sir. It drives me crazy, to be on my knees, having to please someone that way. I want it, I need it. Don't ever worry about it being too much, I've never reached that point where I've done it too much. Make me do it, whenever you want. I fully expect that. It's what I asked for."

"Yes, this is all what you asked for, remember that."

"Yes, sir. You promise to give it all to me?" I asked hopefully.

He laughed out loud. It was a gentle but firm laugh, he was totally in control of himself.

"My my, you youngsters sure are impatient and rash. Something like this really needs to build, it has ebb and flow."

I was still between his legs, I was needy. My pussy was soaked.

"I can smell your excitement," he said. "Crawl back over to your chair," he ordered.

I could feel his eyes on my ass as I crawled away from him. I knew he was enjoying the sight. I reached the chair and I sat again.

"Spread your legs," he bade me gruffly.

I did so with joyful shame. I knew he could see I was practically glistening from lust.

"Show me what you do when you fantasize about these things," he said firmly. "Show me how you get off to these thoughts, my big tittied whore."

"Oh god," I thought, it hadn't occurred to me how embarrassing masturbating in front of him would be. All the other things I'd dreamed about for so long, I was sure about those, but this, in front of him? Like I said, he was a genius about these things. He knew how embarrassing it would be, he no doubt enjoyed that.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my pussy for him. I kept my eyes closed while I worked myself into a frenzy. I could hear my pussy sloshing from the juices between my fingers. I was mad with lust. I was about to cum, he knew it.

"Cum for me, Natalie," he urged in a low voice. That did it for me....the Nat a lie reverberated through my body. I started to cum.

"Look at me Natalie," he urged. "Look at me when cum."

I opened my eyes and saw his strong, demanding, beautiful face filled with lust. I exploded. He made me keep his gaze the whole time. It was humiliating, it was wonderful, it was incredible. I came so hard I was nearly sobbing when it was over. He just sat there with a wry smile. He was just so confident, so sure of himself. He sat and sipped his wine leisurely as I collapsed into a puddle of my own excitement.

"Fuck," I thought, "If I cum this hard just from this what's it going to be like when he takes me in other ways?" I found another electric surge shooting through my pussy at that thought.

He must have been able to stare straight into my soul because he knew all the buttons to push so far. As I panted in a naked shivering blob on his chair, he stood up slowly. He walked over to me. I was expecting some soft words. That wasn't what I got.

"Look at you!" He snarled. "Look at that mess you made on my chair," he said, pointing to my wetness on its leather.

He grabbed me roughly by the back of the neck and forced me to my knees, facing the chair.

"Clean that off!" He barked. I was frightened but deep inside I knew why he was doing it. I began to lick myself off of his chair. His face was inches from mine as I did it.

"Yes, that's a good big tittied whore. Get that off my chair," he growled. "You'll get to know punishment for being such a nasty slut."

By the time I was finished my face was coated with my own juices. He made me go get a towel and finish the job while he watched. Finally, he let me sit next to him on the couch. I didn't know what to expect.

"Has it been somewhat like you envisioned so far?" He asked.

"Yes, sir. Probably more so than I could really fantasize about. The seem to be quite good at that. I think it's far more exciting when you come up with those things to get in my head.

"Yes, I enjoy that as well. It's more about the brain. Humiliation is all a mental fuck. I'm going to enjoy that part as well."

"Me too, sir," I gushed.

"There's one more thing I want to be sure about," he said, eyeing me with purpose. You mentioned spanking." I nodded. "I enjoy that as well," he continued. "I wonder, however, if your level matches mine."

He was toying with me. My pussy started responding again. I knew what we both wanted. I got on my knees in front of him. I looked up at him.

I said, "try me out. I wrote to you that I want to feel it for days after, when I sit. Spank me as you wish, don't worry about me, afterwards, I'll let you know if we match."

I crawled across his lap and exposed my quivering ass to him.

"Ok, if you are sure about this. I can be quite...firm in my dealings with naughty little sluts," he said, his voice becoming ragged with lust.

"I know, sir, punish this naughty slut. Show me how you are going to treat your big tittied whore from now on," I urged.

"We'll do this my way," he said sternly. "I want you to put your hands on the arm of the sofa. Hang on, this won't go easy for you. Do not let go. Do not lower your hands to try and cover your ass. If you do, I'll start over. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," I whimpered. He knew that little twist would be even more humiliating to me. It'd be easier if my hands were bound, that way I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. This way, it would be me in control of my hands. By not moving them I'd be admitting to him how much I wanted it, needed it.

I assumed the position. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! came the blows in rapid succession. I moaned. This wasn't a play acting spanking for once, this was real. I could feel my cheeks start to burn. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! They were firm, hard spanks I was writhing in his grasp, while still firmly holding onto the arm of the couch.

He was degrading me the whole time. " Is this what you want, Natalie? Is this how you want to be treated, like a naughty whore that needs firm punishment?"

"Yes, sir, yes!" I groaned. Tears were flowing as he continued his assault.

This was a test. He was testing my tolerance. Over and over and over the blows came. It was excruciating, especially when he'd repeat blows on the same reddened, abused spots. He knew it, he was seeing if I'd quit. I was bawling now, I knew my ass would be bruised and sore for days. Finally, I just relaxed, sobbing softly as he finished his wonderful abuse of my ass. He stopped, then he caressed and lightly stroked my burning flesh.

"You have such a beautiful derriere," he said in appreciation. "Delightfully ripe for such spankings, too."

"Thank you, sir," I wept appreciatively. I'd never had such a thorough spanking. I'd only dreamed about it but now it was real. I was sore but totally satisfied by it. My pussy was on fire. I must've looked like I'd been through a hurricane. My face was coated in sweat, tears and my own juices. My ass was all sorts of shades of red, my body was flushed, sweaty, spent.

He pulled me close to him and kissed me. I think I trusted him at that moment more than any other. It was the point where I knew this was going to be a beautiful thing. He was willing to kiss me passionately, even looking like I was.

"Now, get out!" He urged gruffly, though with a playful twinkle in his eye. "I want you to pick up your sundress from the porch on the way out and I want you to walk home with it in your hand. On the way I want you to think about everything that happened here, everything we talked about. Be sure to always read your emails and texts. I'll be keeping up with you that way, for instructions and the like. You've awakened a tiger, here, Natalie, you'd best be prepared to back up your lustful promises.

"I will, sir," I sniffled. "If you promise to force me to do all of them."

He nodded and watched as I made my public march of shame down the sidewalk back to my house. I read a text from him just before I went to bed.

It read: "BTW (Big tittied whore), I expect you at 8 O'clock sharp on my doorstep. Wear a robe only. Deposit it on the porch as before. You'll be serving my breakfast. Don't worry, I know you are a terrible cook. It'll already be made, you are here to serve and to do what you do best, suck cock. This is your new life, Natalie, hope you are as committed as you say. Also, my camera will be ready for some work tomorrow. I have some people who might like seeing the aftermath of that spanking in their email. Tomorrow you really do begin living your dream, hope you understand that."

I smiled to myself. "You have no idea, sir." I began to realize he just might be perfect for this. I fell asleep and had the most intense and wonderful dream.


{End of part one of Natalie and the Neighbor- stay tuned for new chapters}

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Voluntary is hot

I agree with Soma. It is so much hotter if the sub is a volunteer. It means she actively wants it, and is so much hotter than if she has to be blackmailed. There are women out there who are lookingmore...

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Very nice

I like the stories of voluntary submission. Not everything has to be a crazy blackmail story.

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