Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 02


"Of course," he snorted. "You are to meet him at the door and be our naked hostess."

My pussy gushed at that thought. Chet nearly pushed me out the door. I nearly forgot to collect my robe which was still in a crumpled pile on his welcome mat. I knew he wanted me to walk home naked anyway. I could hear his camera whirring this time, I knew it was just more evidence for him to share with his friends. It kept me in a constant state of arousal.

I spent the rest of the time waiting for the day to go by. Chet had gone, even though he was retired from the military he still had a job of some sort consulting or something. I had the luxury of working from my home as a graphic artist so my time could be budgeted. However, with all the thoughts running through my head about my new arrangement kept me from being able to focus.

Chet sent an email to me at about 4pm. It read:


"BTW, I just thought I'd drop you a note. Dominic (the friend who you will be servicing with your slut mouth later) and I have been communicating via texts today. Just thought I'd pass them along."

Dominic: "Wow, nice videos. Did you really spank her ass hard? Even in the video today it looks like she has some really nice bruises."

Me: "Oh yes, I told you the slut likes it hard, rough. She was a real trooper. I think she really is asking for more. I think she might need the belt."

Dominic: "Oh wow. Do you think she'd let me do that to her?"

Me: "Settle down, tiger. lol That ass is mine. I told you what I'd have her do for you, be grateful."

Dominic: "Oh, I am. My wife hasn't had any interest in me sexually for quite awhile. I'm jazzed, man, I can't wait!"


I couldn't believe that these two men were talking about me in this way. It was driving me crazy, though. I kept reading.


Me: "Don't worry, she'll blow your well as something else!"

Dominic: "You said you'd get pictures, is that still on?"

Me: "Yes, I told you I'd get you copies of the big tittied whore, on her knees, servicing you. Don't worry, it'll just be the slut from her head down. Your face won't be in the pictures."

Dominic: "Good, can't have my wife using that in divorce court! lol She knows I view porn, hell, she has to allow me SOME outlet. She'll never know the difference."

Me: "Yeah, well, you'd better be able to recover as quickly as you say you can cuz, man, I tell you, this whore is going to need a lot."


Reading that made me quiver. I was shaking uncontrollably but I couldn't keep my hands off my pussy while reading it.


Dominic: "I told you man, I'm there whenever you need me, I swear, every day if you want!"

Me: "We'll see how it goes. Like I've said, there are plenty others in line too so I can't promise anything. Tonight though, it's all yours."

Dominic: "This is so cool, man, thanks a lot!"

Me: "lol no problem. Be there at 7:30, sharp!"

Dominic: "I will! See you there."


"So you see, slut," his email continued, "you already have your first interested helper

I smiled. I wanted to correct him. HE was my first helper. I knew better than to quibble with him, however, my ass was still smarting, and would be for days.

"Oh my god," I thought, reading and rereading the texts. "They are talking about me like such a whore. I know it's true, but wow, to see it so vividly. It was wickedly humiliating. "Plenty of others in line," he had said. Oh man, I knew I'd stumbled onto my perfect master.

At two minutes to seven I nervously paced inside my house. I was wearing a loosely tied blouse which revealed my breasts nicely. I had on short shorts which dug into my pussy obscenely. I'd decided this wasn't just for him, this was for my other neighbors. At seven O'clock many of them are usually outside in their lawns, on the street, walking theirs dogs. If Chet wanted me to walk to his house naked I'd have done it, I just knew though, that this would be better. Many of them would see me dressed like a total slut, walking to this older man's house, only to leave, who knows, maybe hours later, looking all disheveled.

I walked out like a proud slut. Sure enough, there was a number of guys out. I didn't see any of the women. I saw some of them look my way as I walked, well, sashayed really, down the sidewalk. I'd chosen my slut heels so that there'd be no question in their eyes what I was out for. Frank, the neighbor across the street, waved at me. I winked and waved back. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my backside as I approached Chet's driveway. I took a deep breath. This was going by too quickly. I stopped. I bent over slowly and fiddled with a non-existent problem with my heel. I knew all eyes were on my behind. My cheeks were poking out from the back, the shorts couldn't cover all of it. I knew the material was wedged deep in my crack, I was sure of it. I let them ogle it for a moment. In that moment, I wished I had the courage to go with my original thought of doing it naked. There really weren't any kids around our neighborhood, that wasn't a worry.

But, I knew the risk of some woman calling the cops was too great for now.

"Jealous bitches," I muttered under my breath. I stood back up quickly. I could feel my tits bounce freely, unrestrained from the confines of a bra. I hoped it showed as much as I wished it did. I clicked my heels loudly up Chet's driveway and marched up on his porch. He hadn't commanded me to strip and leave my clothes on his front porch this time. No doubt he was also concerned about the neighbors. For a fleeting moment I almost did it anyway, even knowing 4 or 5 pairs of leering male eyes were watching my every move. I finally decided that just showing up at Chet's house like this showed them pretty much everything they needed to know about what was going on.

Chet opened the door with a smile. He whistled loudly. "Nice choice on the attire, slut. Now, take that shit off!" He laughed. He started to reach for the door behind me. I stopped him. I had an inspiration. My guts had returned. I stood between him and the door. I stripped naked in front of him, in front of the door, with just the screen door separating me from the leering eyes. If they were looking, which I surmised they were, they'd see everything from my ass on up. I stood there in front of Chet now, naked.

He was impressed. "Ok, if you want to be seen as the neighborhood slut, I guess I shouldn't worry about it then. Fine, stand there and don't move. If you want to be a slut on display then I'll time you. Your punishment is five minutes. I'll call out to you as each minute passes. When each one does you are to turn 1/4 turn, clockwise."

I gulped. I realized I'd gotten my own slutty self into this mess. I was shaking nervously. I was still facing away from the screen for the first minute. I was going through the angles in my head. I just knew Frank could see me, if he was looking, his house was directly across from Chet's. The others, though, I wasn't quite sure would be able to see clearly. Thoughts flashed through my head about Frank. Poor man, his wife treated him like shit, he was just a big old sweet teddy bear and she belittled him and treated him like he was a nothing. I'd felt so bad for him in the past that I'd flirted and showed off my body to him at every opportunity, he never missed a chance to come over and chat with me when I wore purposely revealing outfits just for that reason. Now, I secretly hoped he was seeing my bare ass, my back and soon, even more.

Chet barked out from the kitchen, "one minute, time to turn, slut!"

I turned slightly. Now, my tits were clearly visible from the side. My nipples poked out embarrassingly. I wanted to turn my head and look out, but I resisted. I'd soon be facing the street next anyway. My pussy was buzzing. It was humiliating. I'd done this to myself, with Chet's help. He was quickly learning what treatment I needed from him.

"Turn," I heard him growl as he came out of the kitchen. This was even more embarrassing, he plopped down on the couch. He was going to watch me in action.

I turned towards the street. Now, my bare tits and my pussy were exposed to the street. I closed my eyes at first. I felt Chet staring and ogling me. My nipples were like rocks, I felt myself getting covered in goose bumps from the anxiousness. Slowly, I opened my eyes. I didn't see anyone at first. I was almost disappointed but then, out from behind the hedge I saw Frank's head. He was watching! He had ducked behind it no doubt to not appear to be openly leering but there he was, watching the naked slut display herself to him.

"Good for him," I thought. "No way he'll ever see anything so firm and tight on that witch of a wife of his."

"One more minute," Chet announced. "Forget turning again, face me."

I did so. I nearly blanched at his next request.

"Bend over, touch your toes."

He saw me pleading with my eyes.

"I said, touch your toes and stay in that position. If you hesitate any longer I'll have you in front of the picture window holding that pose for the next hour!"

I quickly bent over. I could feel my cheeks open up, totally exposing me.

Chet was berating me the whole time. "So, the slut likes showing herself off to just anyone. I guess I underestimated you again. Don't worry, I learn quickly, I'll most definitely adjust from now on. If you want people to see what a slut you are, I'll make sure that they do."

"Noooo," I whined. "I just wanted this for you, I thought you'd like this."

"I do like this," he grinned. "So do you. Touch yourself, then show me your hand."

I did as he asked, while balancing myself on one hand. Sure enough, the evidence was clear. I was soaking, embarrassingly so.

"Uh huh," he smiled knowingly. "Time's up."

He let me stand and stretch out, though he made me do that in front of the door as well. Finally, he closed the door behind me.

"Frank must've enjoyed that," he quipped. "His eyes were bugging out of his head."

"Oh god," I whined. "He saw?"

"Of course he did, you know he did. I saw you watching him in the reflection of the door."

"I think Tom and Paul got a bit of a glance as well, though they might not be sure of what they saw. I'm sure just the way you walked in here though, they could guess correctly."

I thought, "Oh fuck, I've really done it now. I've opened the door and exposed myself as the neighborhood slut."

"Well, now, knowing your proclivity for this, I'll have to make sure they see more of you on a regular basis," he said firmly, leaving no question of his purpose.

"Oh god, sir..." I pouted.

"Oh please," he scolded. "Look at you, we've already proved you are fucking dripping, quit trying to delude yourself. You will do it, you want to do it, and you want me to make you do it."

"Yes, sir," I said meekly.

For the next 20 minutes or so he made me ready the dinner he'd prepared. We were serving his friend dinner too, it appeared.

"When Dominic arrives you are to address him as you do me. Anything other than "sir," or "master" and I'll change my mind and let him blister your ass with the belt I mentioned. Trust me, he's kind of a muscular clumsy oaf, I can't guarantee he'll be as expert at it as I."

"Yes sir! Yes sir, please, let's keep that between you and I," I pleaded.

"It's up to you," he smiled. "Also, I've told him everything he can expect from you. I, of course, haven't told you. But, in short, you are to do anything he requests, I'll be here, at least for awhile. He knows what he's going to get, you are here to serve."

I was instantly nervous. "Awhile? Aren't you going to be here the whole time, sir?" I wondered with fear.

"Eh, I'm not sure Dominic will want another guy watching him get his big cock sucked, if that's what you mean," he laughed.

I tried to change his mind with sexual logic. "But don't you want to see your slut perform, sir? Don't you want to see your big tittied whore swallowing another guy's cum of your choosing?"

"That would certainly be a nice sight," he sighed. "I told him I'd have my camera ready to tape it all, though, I think he thinks it means that I'd set up the camera then leave while it's running, but we'll see."

I hoped upon hope that he'd stay, the sudden thought of him not being around worried me. This was a complete stranger, after all. Suddenly, a funny thought entered my head. Did he say, "his big cock?" I felt my mouth water at that thought, oh fuck, look at me!" I giggled to myself.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was time. Chet ushered me into the living room, naked save the heels and the dog collar. He loved the heels as much as I. We both enjoyed when I kept them on throughout. I opened the door to a grinning, bear of a man. He had dark hair and his chest hair was prominent and matching. His hands were huge, he shook my hand roughly. Here I was, a tiny, naked thing, shaking hands with this complete stranger who was openly ogling me. I could sense that Chet was grinning behind me.

Dominic was beside himself. He never took his eyes off me, even when talking with Chet. I served them dinner like that, naked as the day I was born. Chet openly caressed and toyed with my pussy with his fingers in front of Dom. It took awhile, but finally Dom mustered the courage to ask Chet if he could touch me.

"Sure, my friend. She's here to serve you tonight, as we've discussed. Feel free to explore the slut's body, it sure is sexy, isn't it?"

I blushed as Dom reached for me, Chet sternly eyed me, signaling that I should move in closer to make it easier. I sighed and moved next to Dom. His hands were all over me from that point on. Any time I was within reach his hands were on me. My tits were mauled, my nipples pulled and tweaked, my pussy prodded and poked. Chet just sat back and grinned while Dom felt up his whore. Once, when I was serving him another helping of mashed potatoes he got his thumb into my ass. I groaned. Chet made sure I didn't move away until he was satisfied that I felt how thick that meaty thumb was. It was like a warning for later.

Finally, after I put all the dishes in the dishwasher and started it up and had done all my "slut chores" as Chet called them, he called me over. I sashayed over to him provocatively.

"I think it's time, whore," he said, his voice thick with lust. "Dom, make yourself comfortable on the sofa in the living room. The slut will be out in a moment. I'll make the camera ready."

Dom nearly knocked the chair down racing out of the kitchen.

Chet whispered to me, "is this really what you want, is this how you need to be treated?"

I whispered back, "yes, sir. You are touching every part of my psyche with all this."

"This is quite a lot, young lady," he said jokingly before turning serious again. "If you don't want this, let me know. I have a lot of friends..."

"I'll do them all, sir, if you wish," I moaned in a tiny voice which I barely heard over my other screaming thoughts and fears.

I looked out at the back of Dom's head, waiting in anticipation for me.

"I don't think I could deny him, now," I joked. "After teasing him like this," I said my hand sweeping across my nakedness.

"Not true," Chet said. "You just say the word and he's out on his ass, he knows this, he's like my little brother, he'll do anything and everything I say."

I smiled, "So will I, sir, and you said you wanted me to suck him off, so I will."

"This is really what you want," he said, this time it wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Yes, you knew it, that's why you set this up, him, others. You have more planned don't you?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes I do, depending on how tonight goes," he said quietly.

"I'll do what I said, sir, I'll suck him off, I'll suck you off, I'll suck them off," I said with growing excitement. I won't let you down, I'll prove it to you that I am what I said I was, what you are making me become, just a cock sucking, big tittied whore for your pleasure."

"And others," he chuckled, motioning for me to go to Dom.

"Yes, and others," I giggled in embarrassment.

He stopped me before I took another step. "Crawl to him like the whore you are, crawl to him, then beg him to feed you his dick. I want to hear you, remember, if you disappoint either of us you'll feel the lash of my belt tonight."

"Mmm, sir, I'm sure he'll enjoy himself," I said as I dropped to my knees.

Dominic really enjoyed watching my ass sway back and forth as I circled around and approached him. I made a show of it, I took my time. I let my tits slide across the carpet as I crawled.

"Damn," he muttered.

I heard Chet start his camera, he was taping my sexy crawl. I put on more of a show, letting my ass and hips go back and forth rhythmically. Chet put the camera on the table, facing the sofa.

"Is this good?" Chet asked his friend.

"Um, yeah, make sure my face isn't in it," he urged. Chet checked the viewfinder.

"Yeah, we're good," he said as he gave his friend the thumb's up.

I was pulling Dom's pants down as they were talking. I nearly gasped out loud as his dick popped out. It was fucking thick, I could barely wrap my hand around it. Now, I dig a big cock, but more for fucking than sucking, this was going to take some work on my part. I could still feel Chet's presence as I put my mouth on it. Dom moaned with the contact.

I was comforted at first by Chet's presence, but no sooner than that thought crossed my mind I heard Dom mutter, "Ok dude, I've got it from here," as a clear signal for Chet to exit. I sighed in resignation.

"Do you like my cock, baby?" Dom asked, his eyes closed in pleasure as my mouth wrapped around the tip. It was all I could get in my mouth at once.

"Uh huh," I mumbled, my mouth stuff with his cock. I wasn't lying, his cock was hard and full, it was beautiful, even if not perfect for sucking. It didn't matter, I was the cock sucking whore. I was the one who had to figure out how to please it with my greedy mouth.

I was aware of the camera the whole time. I knew Chet would see this later. I wanted him to enjoy it. I did it mostly for him. I took my time, I slobbered on Dom's dick, I made slurping noises, I kissed and licked and nibbled my way all over it. I wanted it to be a very sensual experience for Chet later, sights, sounds, Dom didn't mind it at all. He was digging it.

"Oh yeah, baby, suck that cock. You suck so good. You are such a sexy cock sucker," he groaned. "Do you like sucking my dick?"

"Oh yeah," I said after I popped his dick loudly out of my mouth. "I love your fucking cock," I purred.

"MMmm," he moaned, "good, tell Chet that. Tell him that so he'll make you suck me again....and again," he begged, lost in lust.

"I will, baby," I cooed again. "I really do love sucking your cock, I want it too, I'd suck you off whenever you wanted but I don't really have a choice," I said truthfully. "It's up to Chet, if he wants me sucking your cock every fucking day then that's what I'll be doing, I'll be on my knees like this daily, sucking your big, fucking horse cock," I said before engulfing him again in my hot mouth. I was so fucking turned on.

I was naked, sucking a strange guy's big cock, while my master, my evil, cruel, wonderful, controlling master was lurking around somewhere. I was already juiced up by the public display earlier as well as the full buildup of knowing what was going to happen. Dom was reaping the benefits of my state of horniness, I was sucking him like a madwoman. He was writhing in pleasure, I could barely keep my mouth on him.

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