tagBDSMNatalie and the Neighbor Ch. 03

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 03


{This is part three of "Natalie and the Neighbor." I'd begun my "contractual use" by Chet, my neighbor}


I awoke still tied to Chet's bed the next morning. I hadn't slept so soundly in years, no doubt the thorough and wonderful fucking this beautiful man gave me, satisfied me to the core.

He was standing in the doorway, watching me. "You have work to do," he growled. He untied me and let me go to the bathroom and let me wipe myself down with a washcloth quickly. I knew what I was in a hurry for. He ushered me downstairs, naked and still reeking of his and Dom's cum from last night. There was a man standing in his doorway impatiently, looking at his watch.

Chet shoved me towards him. "Here's the whore," he said as I tripped and fell to my knees in front of the stranger.

"Perfect," the man said somewhat sarcastically. "Couldn't you have at least cleaned the slut up first?"

Chet laughed. "You want your dick sucked or not? You won't regret it."

The man didn't argue, he was already unzipping his jeans. The door was still open behind him, the light of day was spilling in. I didn't doubt that no one could see me, the way I was positioned, but, just the thought that here I was again, in front of the door while the world swirled on by just outside made my pussy tingle. I took his cock in my mouth. He was short, thin. It was the total opposite of Chet and Dom's cocks, like a mini-me cock. I didn't chance laughing at him though. Short cocks deserve love too. Plus, they are much easier to suck. I gave him a noisy blowjob and he degraded me as I did.

"Yeah, that's it, whore, suck that cock. You don't even know me, yet here you are sucking my cock ten seconds after meeting me, what does that say about you?"

I pulled my mouth off of him. "Um, that I like sucking cocks, sir?" I said, my voice feigning sweetness.

He laughed at that. "I guess it does. Suck that cock then, you sexy cock sucker."

I sucked him quickly, he was no match for my skills. I wore him down in a few short minutes. He spurted his cum in me and I had no trouble swallowing it all, his load matched the size of his dick. Still, I wobbled to my knees and thanked him.

"Thank you, sir, for your cum," I burped.

He was ready to bolt, he didn't want to stick around for the chit chat. He called to Chet. Chet poked his head in. "Done already?" He chuckled as he secretly winked at me.

The man said defensively, "well yeah, I'm in a hurry you know, big presentation."

"Uh huh," Chet said. "See you later then!"

"Yep," the man huffed. He headed out the door and got in his car. He waited for something. I should've known it was another of Chet's wonderful humiliations for me.

"Oh, go out and ask the man if he has what I asked for," Chet said coolly.

I looked at him as if to say, "like this?" But I knew better. Naked, of course. I walked out without further hesitation. I didn't see anyone outside in the neighborhood but I knew they still had windows. I walked to the driver's door, his window was open.

"Yes, slut, what is it?" He asked, his voice a high, nasally whine.

"Chet wants to know if you have something for him," I said, as instructed.

"Oh, right, sorry. I forgot." He reached into his wallet and pulled out a five dollar bill and handed it to me. "Next time, if you can get yourself cleaned up first and do a better job, I might give you double," he said cruelly.

He drove off, leaving me naked in the driveway, holding a five dollar bill I'd earned for sucking him off. Chet couldn't even look at me when I came back inside probably for fear of busting out laughing at the look on my face.

"Can't believe one of your friends is such a jerk," I whined.

Chet laughed. "He's not a friend of mine, he's just someone I met the other day and we got to talking. I told you, it's not just my friends you'll have to please."

"Oh god, sir," I said, my face crimson. Just seeing him standing there though, made me want to jump his cock. His mind was so fucking sexy, what he was doing to me, what he was making me feel, making me face, was intoxicating.

Chet looked outside. "Did anyone in the neighborhood see you?"

"I don't think so," I said. I realized it sounded as if I was dejected by it. Maybe I was.

"Well, per our new addendum to our contract I have to make sure. The wording was clear. "Each and every male neighbor gets to see Natalie partially or totally naked," he said, quoting my writing. "You need to be more sure about these things," he warned. "Take your time when you are in situations like that, look around. We have to know each and every person that sees you. We only have less than a month now to do it."

I nodded. "I'll do what I can, sir, I just need the ok from you."

"You have the ok from me already," Chet said. "When given a chance, any chance for a neighbor to see you, you are to let him, then report back so we can cross him off the list. You sound like you have something in mind."

"Well actually, I do, sir. Jeff, the guy in the house on the other side has been outside working on installing a tool shed. He most definitely looks over my way when I'm out there too."

"Of course he looks," Chet joked. "You are always out there wearing teeny tiny bikinis."

"I think he'll be out there today, sir. He has the week off. Do you want him to see your slut naked today?"

"Yes," Chet sighed appreciatively. "How are you going to make it happen? I like being in on it all."

"I know you do, sir. Don't worry, this is all inspired by you. It's you I'm doing it all for. I'd never consider it if it wasn't for our new arrangement. Well, I was thinking of going out there like I normally do and tan."

"And?" Chet asked excitedly. I could see he was starting to get excited by the whole idea.

"I usually lay on my patio and put on my ipod and then untie the back straps of my top. This won't do for today though. We both want me naked, and with enough time for him to ogle and enjoy it all, is that right, sir?"

Chet said, "I count 7 male adult neighbors. We need to get this ball rolling right away. I have an idea. I've seen where he's been working in his yard. There's a row of bushes at your fence right there." I nodded. "I can see that they are really kind of sparse. Lots of gaps to look through."

Again, I nodded. My pussy was tingling again in anticipation.

"Ok, here's what you do. Wear your most revealing bikini."

I said, "Ok, I have that white one where the top barely covers my nipples and the bottom is just a teeny thong."

"Perfect. Wait until he's out there, then, go make a show of prancing around like that. Make sure you act like you aren't aware he's looking or, if he waves or something, just smile and wave and keep doing what you are doing. I like the ipod idea, that way he won't try and talk to you."

"Ok, sir, then what? How am I going to explain getting naked in front of him?"

"Bring your lawn chair and position it between the bushes so that there's at least an alley or two of vision for him. I'm thinking of him for this too, he'll want to ogle you, but with the safety of some brush cover he can do it without as much fear of getting caught."

"I see," I said with a blush, "you really are an evil genius, sir."

"So, once you lay down, and your ipod is over your ears you can undo your top like you said. You'll basically be naked, except for the tiny thong between your cheeks. Make sure you pull that all the way up into your crack too. Let him see all of you. You don't really have to have the ipod on, in fact, if you want to hear what he's doing, just keep it off. It just has to look like you are listening to it and unaware of what he's doing."

"Mmm, sir, you really do get off on showing off your big tittied whore, don't you," I gushed in excitement. "Still, shouldn't he get to see all of me, I'm not really going to be totally naked," I said. I realized I was whining. I wanted it. I wanted to be shown off naked to this guy.

"Just do it," Chet smiled. "Partial/total, it's all within the rules, plus, you never know what might happen."

"Yes, sir," I groaned as I stomped my foot like a petulant two year old. He was making me want it. I wanted all of it.

I waited for Jeff to begin his afternoon work on his shed before I went outside in my white bikini. It was obscene, really. It's not an outfit meant for public consumption. It was perfect. I just had on my sandals, my sunglasses (to hide where I might be looking) and my bikini. I really overdid the lipstick too, just to give me that sexy, pouty look. I had the ipod in my ears without the sound on. I pulled my chair around the yard as if to find the perfect spot. I knew Jeff was looking, I could see movement out of the corner of my eye. I found the spot. Just as Chet said there were breaks in the bushes between where I had positioned the chair and the shed that Jeff was working on. It was a very hot day, which was perfect for this. Jeff was shirtless and sweating and I was sweating in a heat of my own making.

I laid face down on my lounger and acted like I was fumbling with the ipod. After a few minutes I undid the straps of the bikini top. I also wedged the thong up between my cheeks carefully, so as to not be too obvious. I could hear Jeff's hammering and nailing slow down, then stop. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him moving about. I began to wish I'd turned the chair more so I could see what he was up to better. I was satisfied he was getting a show though. Suddenly, I heard it. Click, click click! He was taking pictures of me with his cell phone! This was unexpected. It excited me more, though. I heard the camera over and over, from different angles, he was moving around to get the best angles. I made sure I shifted slightly to accent my behind for him. After awhile, I bent one leg outward. There was just a strand of tiny material now to protect my pussy and ass from view. I heard him take more pictures of that.

"You never know what might happen," Chet had said. All of a sudden, it hit me! I had an idea, it was an awesome stroke of inspiration. Jeff was against the fence. I stood up instantly and approached him. I was holding my tits and bra loosely, cradling them in my arms.

He stepped back in shock. I was at the fence, I gave him my best pretend angry face. "Taking pictures of me, Jeff?"

He just stood there with a dumb look on his face. I was fastening my bra as I chided him. "What are you, like 12 years old?" I said sternly.

He couldn't speak, he was in shock. He was mumbling and mouthing apologies but nothing was coming out. "Give it to me," I barked. He handed me the camera. I didn't expect that. He was a grown man, why would he give in so easily? Oh well, I thought quickly on my feet. I scrolled through the pictures. "Uh huh, taking pictures of your neighbor out sunning in her backyard, nice," I said sarcastically.

Finally, it came out. He began babbling, "I'm sorry, look, it's just that....you were there.....so close....and looking incredible....I'm sorry, I didn't even know you'd be out here, I'm sorry!"

I knew I had him. "You think I look incredible?" I said, batting my eyes.

"Fuck," he sighed. "Totally awesome."

"Wow, I'm not so mad now," I giggled. "What are you going to do with these pictures?" I teased.

"Nothing, I'll delete them, honest!" He said. I looked at the picture of me with my leg crooked open. You could see some of my pussy lips exposed, just as I'd wished. He'd taken a close up.

"Look at this one," I said. He came closer, warily. He saw what I'd seen. He blushed.

"You planned on jerking off to these later or something gross?" I teased again.

He shook his head no, but we both knew he was lying. I had the camera, I had the opportunity, I had the power. I took it.

"Listen," I said, steeled to what I was going to do. I get it, you are a man, I'm a woman. I'm glad you think I'm hot." He nodded vigorously. I was standing at his fence, barely dressed. I was in between the bushes, completely hidden from anyone but him. I knew Chet would enjoy what I was about to do for Jeff.

"I don't really care about the pictures," I said. I handed him back his camera. "Since you think I'm hot and all," I blushed. I didn't want to lose my opportunity though so I pounced. "You pretty much can see everything I have in those pictures, but not everything," I said flirtatiously. I popped open my top and let it fall. Jeff gasped. I opened my arms and let them spill out for his gaze. His mouth was agape.

"Take some pictures of my tits," I urged. "Let me see what they look like." I posed for shot after shot for him with my tits at all angles and poses. We both looked at the pictures like we were dirty teenagers with our first playboy. We both pointed out the ones we liked best. I was practically dripping by now. I then took it all the way. I stepped out of my thong. I was naked in front of him. "Tell me how you want me, Jeff, I'll pose anyway you want me to," I said, drowning in my own lust. He had me bend, stretch, roll on the ground, everything he could think of with me like that, naked and willing. He focused on my sexy ass, he took many of it exposed and open to him. He was taking charge, barking out orders, I was following as is my nature. He had me spread my legs for him, exposing my glistening pussy. He took more pictures of that. Finally, his memory card was nearly full. I could see his cock tenting out his shorts. I giggled. "Did I do that?" I teased.

"Of course," he groaned. "You've got me so fucking worked up," he moaned.

I walked away from Jeff, leaving him with that thought. I didn't even bother picking up my bikini. I walked into Chet's yard through the back gate, still naked. Chet met me at the back door.

"I guess I don't need to ask how it went," he laughed. "But let me hear it anyway."

I told him about how I "caught" Jeff taking pictures and how I ended up posing for him, naked.

"I'll bet he dug that," Chet grinned.

I told him how I'd left him, with his cock nearly poking out of his shorts as I bounced my ass for him on my walk over here.

"Interesting," Chet said smoothly as he stroked the stubble on his chin.

"Why is that, sir? I can see your brain working, what are you thinking of?" I asked with nervous anticipation.

"Do you think he was hoping for more?" Chet asked, already knowing the answer. He just wanted me to have to say it out loud.

"Yes, sir. I'm sure he wanted a piece of your slut, any piece. He was ogling all of it."

"I have an idea," Chet said. "Go back to him. I see he's still in the backyard, he's been looking for you since you walked away from him. Then I want you to tell him something."

"Tell him what, exactly?" I asked.

"Tell him that you'll suck his cock in your backyard each and every time he wants, until you've earned back all your pictures. Tell him to send each one to me, as you earn them."

"Oh god, sir," I moaned.

"Oh, so this part is embarrassing, telling him about me, not you sucking cocks of everyone that comes to my house or parading around in your own backyard so that neighbors can see..." he said with a bit of terseness.

"Ok ok, sir," I said with an embarrassed smile.

I headed back to Jeff. I was still naked. He saw me approaching. He had a worried look.

"Nat, you can't just parade around like that," he begged, looking at the windows of his house.

He was still looking at the pictures on his phone. I made him show me. He was apologizing even as we were enjoying the pictures. I told him not to worry about it, I wouldn't tell his wife. He seemed relieved by that. He asked me what he should do with the pictures. I told him Chet's idea, acting as though I'd thought of it myself.

"Well, if I were a man," I mused, "and I had some willing, naked slut next door, and I had pictures of her like this...well if it were me I'd make her earn them back, some way," I winked. I told him the deal. "I'll suck your cock for each picture...and you have to send it to Chet, next door."

He looked at me with a shocked look.

I said, "what? He's my master. He knows everything about me. It's all his idea in the first place."

"And he's ok with me using your mouth like this?"

I grinned, "He's more than ok with it, he insists that I earn each and every picture back, one at a time. Don't worry, I'll be discreet from now on. You just wave me over when you are ready and I'll kneel for you and swallow your cum. One cum for each picture. "

"Oh man, are you serious?" He said, wide eyed.

"Absolutely. I can't have anyone else seeing those can I?" I said, batting my eyelashes at him.

"My goodness," he huffed. "There's like 25 of them."

"I know," I sighed wistfully. "Plus, I have to do it all within the next month."

He looked at me hopefully and said, "I can usually cum a couple times a day..." he said, hoping for the best.

"Men," I chuckled to myself. You have to love their enthusiasm.

"I have one last idea," I whispered. "Keep your camera ready, don't waste any pictures, you'll have to be ready," I warned. I made him come around the fence. I knelt in front of him like I'd been growing accustomed to. I sucked on him. Naked, in my own backyard so some neighbor could paint my face with his cum, it was so fucking wicked. He started to cum and I began jerking his cock with my hand. "Now, Jeff," cried, "Now!" I urged as his spurts began shooting at my face, my mouth, over my lips. "Click, click, click," went the camera as he came in gobs all over my face. I stood up, still squeezing his dick. Cum made it nearly impossible for me to open my eyes fully. "Take one more, Jeff." I said. "Take it so you can see what I look like fully covered in your sperm." He did. It ended up really hot.

"Make sure you send one of those pictures to Chet today, after all, I earned one back, right?"

He grinned, "right! Though, now I have about 28 pictures...." he said with hope. I just grabbed the camera from him and deleted three of the tamer ones.

"Ok, 25, send the first one to Chet, your choice, then, just wave me over when I'm outside and be ready, between the bushes here is the best secluded spot." I turned and left him like that.

"Damn," was all he could say as I walked away, bouncing my beautiful ass cheeks delightfully for him. I was now on the hook to another man, it was all like a lurid dream, all coming true.


{End of Part three of "Natalie and the Neighbor" stay tuned for further chapters of her submission to Chet}

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