tagBDSMNatalie and the Neighbor Ch. 04

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 04


{This is part four of, "Natalie and the Neighbor". Read the previous chapters first, to make sense of any of it}

I'd just sucked off Jeff, one of my neighbors after he had taken some nude pictures of me. We worked out kind of a "blackmail" deal where I have to suck him for each picture and he'll delete the pictures one by one. Before he does so, he'll send a copy of each to Chet. Chet is the neighbor who controls me sexually, we made up a "contract" for my sexual servitude for one month.

I walked back to Chet's back porch nude. I just carried my teeny bikini loosely in my hand. I told him everything that had happened. I'd kept what was left of Jeff's cum on my face so he could see how slutty I'd been.

He was impressed. "Natalie, you continue to amaze me. You have been really committed to all of this."

"I really am, sir!" I said, my head lowered in embarrassment. "It's all because of you," I gushed. "Like this thing with Jeff...sure I'm sure I've fantasized about him or other neighbors before but I'd never have even considered anything...like this, if it wasn't for you spurring me on."

"You've sucked on, what, 4 new cocks now in just a few days of our agreement? He asked rhetorically. "All new guys, all the first time you had the chance," he added.

"Not much different from my dating life, sir," I giggled. "I mean, I can't remember the last time I dated someone, even if it was the first date, where I didn't take their cum in my mouth at least."

"Yes, it's becoming quite clear that you weren't exaggerating your love of sucking cock."

"It's not all I enjoy, sir, but yes, anytime, anywhere as far as I'm concerned when it comes to that," I blushed under his gaze.

"Yes, there is so much more to our contract than that. I just want to make sure I stay ahead of the curve, though."

"So far, so good, sir. I still can't believe you made me suck off that stranger at the door. I thought he was one of your friends!" I protested.

"Does it really even matter?" Chet asked seriously. "This is about you, your need to be used, humiliated, degraded, forced....all of it, is for you."

"Yessss," I moaned. "This experience so far has been deeper than even my fantasies could imagine. I'd never have had the guts to show off to my neighbors, like when I walk to your house, or let Jeff see me naked and then suck him off. I'd never have done any of what I've done if I hadn't seen it all within you to make it happen. And, this is just the beginning, we have more than 3 weeks left. There's so much more I've asked you for."

"Yes," he mused. "I've been thinking about all of it. Trust me, I haven't forgotten a single thing. It's all been happening so quickly, you'll just have to be as patient as you can."

"Oh god, sir," I groaned. "I'm definitely not the patient type," I said with a shameful smile.

"Well, I have a lot of ideas, and, a lot of friends, as I've mentioned before," He laughed. "However, some of it you'll need to do on your own. You'll have to find your own time to fulfill all of Jeff's blackmail needs, for example."

"Yes," I giggled nervously. "I kind of went overboard on that one. 25 times, wow."

"You did as I asked, is all," Chet said softly. "If you think it interferes with what we are doing I can always make alterations."

"No, sir!" I said strongly. "This is what I've done. I got myself into all of this, I approached you. It was your idea to let him blackmail me so it's up to me to fulfill your request. I have every intention of doing it, even if it means being on my knees once, hell, twice a day in my backyard for him."

"I just don't want it to interfere with other ideas I have," he said.

"It won't!" I begged. "All I'll need is a little time per day. That's it."

"I need you to be ready to use some of those skills in other ways, with other people," he said.

"I will! Trust me, I'll do whatever I need to do to get it all done. You've awoken something in me, or at least, you've discovered the depth of it. I was just a horny woman with a fantasy before. I had no idea what I, or you, were capable of. I think I'm still just finding out."

He smiled. "I think you were well on the way, even before I came along."

"Not to be disrespectful, sir, but that's not true. I was promiscuous, maybe. I've had sex with a lot of guys, and, like I said, often on the first dates. You've heard about a couple experiences from high school and college where orally I've had more than one in a day. But sir," I said, my knees weakening, "this is all a totally new world for me. Alone, I could never have the guts nor the inspiration for any of this. Why do think I've never flashed or showed off to the neighbors before, even if I fantasized about it? Why do you think I've never done anything like that? Why do you think I've never submitted myself to anyone before? It's because of you, sir. You caused these things in me. These are all your ideas, mixed with my darkest desires. I may have been slutty before, but this is a world in which you created. I had these tendencies, but you have the power and the creativity to make it real."

"I hope you aren't blaming me for this," he said, only half joking.

"No, sir. That's just it. It's all because of you that I find myself lost in all this. I can't tell you how aroused I stay all day. I can't tell you the fear and the anxiety I get thinking about what you may have me do. Yet, I stay wet for it all, sir. You've freed me, in a way. Before, common sense, dignity, shame, all those things kept me from experiencing what is so obviously deep within me. With your control, I no longer have the ability to stop it. You are forcing me, making me, and we're both finding how natural it is for me. I'd have never experienced any of it, without you....can I tell you something, sir?" I asked softly.

"Of course, tell me anything, you should know me that well by now," he said.

"I've been so overwhelmed and shocked by all this, sir, I've been having some of the wildest, most vivid dreams ever."

"Oh?" He wondered.

"Yes, I mean totally bizarre, off the wall, but I wake up shaking from the intensity of it. It's about me....sir, of course."

He looked on as I stood there in his backyard. I was still naked, as if it was totally natural for me to be so in front of him. My face still had the remnants of Jeff's cum on me as I spoke. It was so wild, yet so totally fitting with my, with our, new lifestyle. Finally, he let me come inside his house so I could tell my story.

"I'm naked in the story, of course, sir," I said, darting my eyes away from him as he grinned.

"Of course," he chuckled.

"I'm in Alaska, or at least that's where I imagine it. I'm naked, and I'm shackled in the snow to a weird dog sled. It's just me, though, I'm tied to the sled with ropes. A man is on the sled with the reins. He has a whip in his hand. I'm pulling the sled, crawling along as he whips me and spurs me on. I remember that I'm sweating profusely, I'm thinking, even in the dream, that this is crazy, but across the snow fields we go, with him in tow. I'm pretty sure the man is you, sir, but I can't see the face, his face is hidden behind a parka. I can feel the pain vividly, sir. I can feel the lash of the whip on my ass, on my sides, even...." I blushed, "on the sides of my tits, which are swaying back and forth as I drive the sled on. The cold is biting, sharp but I also feel the heat from the whip, and the exertion. I'm so fucking tired, so thirsty, so once in awhile, he stops the sled. He forces me to suck his cock. His cum is like water to me. I drink it all down. We go on and on, sometimes, when we stop, there are other men along the way. I drink them down as well. It helps keep me alive but it never really quenches my thirst. It's always there, like a constant hunger. I remember at some stops, he shelters me, comforts me, even after the other men "feed" me but then I find myself back on the snow, racing across as his whip drives me. I realize he's steering me in the exact direction I want to go."

"Wow," Chet said. "That is fucking strange."

"I know, sir. But don't you see? It's me....and you."

He nodded. "Hard to deny such a vivid metaphor," he grinned.

"But the thing is, sir...as he, er, you, is driving me...my pussy is wet, it almost feels like I'm peeing myself, but I know what it is, and it shames me, even as I struggle to withstand the whip. I have never, ever had a dream like that and, it's recurring. The whip, the reins, the "stops," I always wake up shivering, scared, and constantly aroused, sir."

"You see me as a cruel, whip wielding master?" He asked.

"You are him, sir. In spirit, anyway. I awake from the dream, and others, scared to death about what I've done, what I'm doing, yet the call of your power, you control, tempts me back. I'm frightened, sir. But like I said, I'm relieved of carrying the baggage of it. I can't control it, I can't stop it, so in that way, I'm relieved of its burden."

"Ok, I'm giving you tonight off," he said. "I think you need time to process all this. We've done a number of things in such a short time. Take a few days, think about things. It might help recharge both of us. We both could use a break."

"We only have 30 days," I reminded him, embarrassed by my neediness.

"True, but I think a break might do us good, give me time to think as well," he said.

"Oh, sir. I'm so sorry, I've only thought about me in all this," I said tearfully. "Are you regretting this? Are you regretting getting involved with someone so perverted and fucked up as me?" I said, fearing the look on his face to be disapproval.

"I didn't say that, it's just that it's been a lot for both of us. It's Monday. I'll contact you on Thursday, we'll see where we're at."

With that he ushered me out his back door, still naked. I walked home with a new fear in me. I wondered if I'd scared him off. A whole new level of anxiety swept over me in those lonely days. My dogsled dream returned, albeit in pieces. Now, I found myself being driven again, but at the stops someone new, more terrifying would take his place, each more brutal and cruel than the others. I was no longer excited as I was driven, it was fear, pain, and loss. The constant thought of my original "driver" had me sobbing, even between the fall of the whip. Each time I'd wake up in a panic, only to remember it was just a dream, only then to remember that I was again alone and I'd wonder what Chet was doing, what he was thinking.

I passed the time away from Chet by working constantly. I do a lot of graphic design on computer and I mostly never left my desk, save the once a day I wandered into the backyard when I heard Jeff outside. I took care of him as I'd promised. I'd only speak to remind him to send the picture(s) to Chet and then to delete them from his camera. I could taste his cum the rest of the day. I left some on my face to remind me, so I could feel it, smell it. In a small way it kept me close to Chet.

It took forever for Thursday to roll around. I avoided touching myself, even after waking from some erotic dreams because I wanted to be ready, and at my horniest, in case Chet needed me for anything.

I finally got a text in the afternoon.

"Be over at 7pm. Dress like you normally would to go to a bar and dancing."

"So, you mean slutty," I joked to myself. "Because that's how I'd normally dress."

I could almost hear him laughing at my joke.

Chet texted again:

"I got two pictures of a cock sucking slut this week. We'll talk about that."

I was in a constant state of arousal and fear. All the cock sucking I had been doing was making me horny, it only increased my desires, my pussy needed just as much attention.

When it was time to dress. I chose a very low cut, lacy white top. I tied the waist into a knot and tied it up, allowing my belly to be exposed. I chose a short, clingy black skirt to go with it. I tied my hair up in a pony tail. I chose some red lipstick. I looked like a college slut, there should be no question what I was advertising for. I complemented the outfit with a pair of black heels. I made my way to Chet's, slowly, so that any neighbor might be able to see my slut march. I wanted to knock Chet's socks off.

Chet whistled when he saw me. "You look good enough to eat...which reminds me I really need to do that to you tonight."

I felt myself getting creamy. He pulled my head back by my hair roughly and kissed me deeply. "Fuck," he panted. "I could take you right here, right now."

"Why don't you?" I gasped.

"Because I need to save you for later," he laughed. "Bend over," he suddenly commanded. I did so. He lifted my skirt and yanked the frilly panties I had off of me. He swatted my ass hard on each cheek. A surge shot through me. I couldn't help myself. I actually seemed to prefer his cruel, harsh side.

"No panties, ever, unless I say otherwise," he barked. He reached inside my top just to make sure I was braless. I was.

"Good, it saves me from ripping that off you as well. I don't want any obstructions to you tonight," he said gruffly. "I'd blister that ass with my belt for even thinking of putting on panties but I don't want it all red and sore before we even begin."

I felt my pussy gush at that thought. "I'm not fucking Dominic tonight am I?" I asked in a voice that made it sound like I was hopeful.

"Of course not, that's Friday, tomorrow, you know that. Tonight, it's just something for me. Just a test and a chance for me to actually see you in your element. I want to see how you perform in a natural state. We're going out to Paddy's."

My head was spinning. I'd feared the worst. "Sir, you aren't unhappy with me? You acted though you were the other day."

"What?" He asked, somewhat incredulously. "Are you kidding? Why? Because I gave you a break? Tell me the truth, you are even hornier now than usual, correct?"

I blushed. He commanded, "don't make me check."

"I am, I am," I said wildly.

"You lack vision," he grinned. "This is a work of art, not something we should rush, or blunder into. I wanted rest to reinvigorate you, and I see by your dress and your manner, that it has."

I was so relieved until I remembered what he'd said about Paddy's.

Paddy's was a local bar/restaurant that has a lot of regulars, many from our area. I'd been there often, probably too often, and as I've indicated before, there weren't many nights when someone I was with didn't get lucky. I wondered what he had in mind.

We drove in silence, which just added to my arousal. I think he knew the humiliation is greater not knowing what I'd be expected to do. We arrived in the parking lot. He leaned over to me. "Go inside, have a seat at the bar. Do what comes naturally."

"But, sir," I protested. What does that mean? Do you want me to go in there and pick someone up or something?"

"I'm going to be in there in a few minutes. Do what you normally do, if you were out by yourself. That's your instruction. Do what you normally would do. I'm going to be in a corner watching you. If anything happens where you feel you need approval or instruction you can text me. Now go, one last thing," he paused for maximum effect, "you are not allowed to deny any advances."

"What?" I asked, my eyes wide.

"So you'll have to choose carefully," he warned. "If a guy puts his hand on your leg you have to let him, if he touches you, anywhere, you have to let him. If he asks to buy you a drink you let him. If he asks you to sit with him, you have to. If he asks you outside...."

I sighed deeply, "I know, I let him. But you'll be around, watching?"

"What I can, yes. Most of this is for me, slut, I really am intrigued by your promiscuity, I wanted to see for myself tonight."

"I understand, sir. I hope it's good for you." I could almost feel the whip from the dogsled musher as I walked into the bar, my nipples already hardened from the situation as well as the air.

I sat at the bar, at the end. I figured I could control it a bit better if I didn't have to fend off advances from both sides. The bartender, Al, brought me some fruity vodka drink he knows I like. Al is an older man, probably in his 60s, He's the owner, I knew he liked me. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I wasn't to deny his advances either and it wasn't out of the question, either, he'd flirted with me plenty of times before. Luckily, a businessman type sat next to me and started chatting me up.

I was aware of how I was sitting, I had to be careful, the skirt was so short I had to sit perfectly or I'd be giving the bar a show. I think Chas, the business guy, was still enjoying the show of leg he was getting anyway. He also wasn't subtle in looking down my top. There was plenty for him there to see.

I looked around and finally I saw Chet, sitting by himself in the corner. He was laughing and talking to the cute, Goth waitress and I found myself kind of jealous. I realized I wanted his power, his confidence, his mastery, all for myself. I'm sure he'd get a kick out of hearing me admit that.

I had my own issues, though. Chas was starting to get handsy, my legs were nearly shoved into him as it was, the stools were so close together. I tried to stifle the sigh when I felt his strong hand brush over my thigh before settling on my knee. Since I wasn't allowed to restrict him, he took that as a sign it was ok. He began subtly stroking my leg, up and down, an inch or so from my knee up to the hem of the skirt (which was precariously close to the bottom of my pussy). I could feel myself getting wet.

"Do you like that?" He asked in a whisper.

I could only gasp, "Uh huh," while his fingers traced lightly up my inner thigh. Ten minutes in the bar and some strange guy's fingers were inches from my bare pussy. I couldn't see Chet but I'm sure he could feel my arousal, even from where he was sitting.

"If we weren't in a crowded bar I'd like to touch more," he said, his lust evident. "Would you like that?" He whispered softly in my ear.

"Yesss," I hissed as his fingers again brushed so close to my now humming pussy.

I wondered if Chet wanted me to take this guy home, or take him outside. The days between sex for me had been reinvigorating, all right, I felt like I wanted him, or anyone, to just take me, right there, on the floor of the bar.

Other guys were now at the bar there were only a few spaces left but Chas was between me and all of them. I got a text from Chet:

"Please move to the middle of the bar which will allow more attention," it said. .

"Fuck," he knew I was turned on. He knew the guy was close to asking for what he wanted, so close to making me do whatever he asked. Chet was just mind fucking me.

Chas still had his hand on my leg but I made up an excuse that I was too close to the air conditioning and I moved away from him, very reluctantly. I found a spot between two guys, one had his back turned. The other guy immediately started hitting on me, which was no shock, especially how I was dressed. Suddenly, the other guy turned around. It was Rick. He was a former hookup of mine. We'd met at this bar. I'd let him fuck me the first night he took me home. I never let him have any after, he bugged me for months. I saw Chas turn away from me in dejection. I felt bad for him. I thought I was going to have to do something with him. I actually felt guilty.

"This is just great," I whined to myself when Rick saw me. Rick took over the conversation from the other guy, who basically gave up and turned his chair in the opposite direction.

Rick asked where I'd been, what I'd been doing, how I was, and I had to answer it all. Normally I'd have coldly blown him off but I figured that wasn't allowed tonight.

I got another text from Chet, "Someone you already know? Interesting. I see he's reluctant to touch you for some reason. Encourage it, put your hand on him, see if he takes the hint."

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