Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 04


I groaned. He was going to make me do this. I have to admit that in my state of humiliated arousal that having a young guy like Rick, who has a nice cock, to take some of the edge off wasn't really all that bad an idea. I began to flirt openly. I remembered what Chet had said, "do what you normally would do," so I did. Normally I'd be out to get laid and I'd flirt and allow whatever I needed to make that happen. I touched his arm as we talked, I laughed at his jokes, I turned towards him in a way that would allow him better visual access to my cleavage. Finally, he got the hint, his hand found my leg. He had been drinking awhile, he was much bolder now than Chas was. His hands were working my legs, all above my knees. When he'd reach the top, just below the skirt line the back of his hand would "accidentally" bump into my pussy, through the material. This happened over and over. It was making me even hotter. Once, when he was at the top again I held his hand firmly against my pussy and I ground into his hand. At the same time my other hand squeezed his hardened cock through his jeans.

I got another text: "Is this what you normally do?"

I answered, "usually with more buildup and subtlety, but yes!"

"Then keep doing it," Chet urged via text. "It's very exciting. You haven't said no to anything, have you?"

"No," I quickly texted back while Rick was ordering more drinks. "I can make it happen, though, if you want."

"Please do," Chet answered.

"I will, you don't want him to take me home, though, right?"

"No," Chet responded. "Whatever happens needs to happen here, close."

"K," I typed.

My pussy was dripping in anticipation. Just then the situation changed.

Two guys came up to Rick and started laughing and talking. He introduced them as his college buddies, James and Mark. I'm sure Chet could see my shoulders slump from where he was sitting.

I got his text, seconds later. "Use it, work with it, what would you normally do?" he asked.

"Normally I'd just use my sexual charms, yank Rick out by the arm and let him have his way with me," I thought. "Oh," I giggled to myself, that's what Chet wants too."

I leaned over to Rick and whispered in his ear, "Do you want to talk guy talk all night or do you want to take me out to your car and fuck me?"

"I can't just leave my buddies hanging," he said with a buzzed slur.

I was frantic. I needed cock. I also needed it to please my master. I whispered again, "Look, it won't take long, just tell them ten minutes."

He turned to his friends. "I'm going outside for ten minutes, this woman wants to talk to me about something," he said with a laugh. Everyone within earshot knew what he meant though, where we were going, what we were going to be doing. I blushed.

"What about us? What about us?" His friends joked asked as we walked out arm in arm.

Rick stopped me in the doorway. "Yeah, what about them? Can they come too? Can't we let them watch at least?"

I hit Rick on the arm. Suddenly, I got a shot of Chet's face, he was sitting right there, I'm sure he heard it all. I could hear him asking me, "Did I hear them asking "what about us?" that sounds like a request to me."

My face filled with blood. "Oh fuck," I thought. "Fine," I hissed to Rick, "let them watch."

We walked outside. James and Mark followed like puppies. Rick mauled my body when we reached his pickup. His hands were all over my tits, the material gave way and his hands were quickly on my bare flesh. As he pawed me he lifted the back of my skirt so that his friends could see my bare ass. They respectfully kept their distance but I heard them high fiving each other and commenting on what a slut I was, not wearing panties.

Chet must've been around somewhere. I could feel it. This was all for him. My top fell to the ground outside the truck, my tits were open to his advances. He was tugging on my nipples, I was groaning, I wished he knew how much I liked it, how much rougher he could be, even. I knew this was for Chet so I stepped out of my skirt so that his friends could see all of me. I'd come to learn that I'm supposed to be displayed, ogled, like the big tittied whore I am. Rick let them look, their mouths agape. He pulled me into his truck. His pants were already down. I went down on him and savored his cock for a minute. Mark and James were still against the wall, unsure of what to do. I knew they couldn't see a thing from where they were.

I lifted my head. "If you guys are going to watch, then fucking watch!" I said tersely. They quickly come around to the other side of the truck. Rick slid to the middle of the seat. His cock was hard, ready, almost angry looking. I climbed on top of him. I sank my pussy down on his cock. I could feel how hot I was, how wet. His friends were gawking from just outside the window. I settled onto him. He moaned.

"Don't move," I whispered in lust. "Let me do all the work. Let me milk your cock." He didn't argue.

I worked his cock with my pussy. Up and down, side to side. I swirled my pussy around him. His hands were clenched onto my ass cheeks. He unconsciously pinched them hard occasionally which drove me even crazier. He had no idea he could even be rougher if he wished. I looked over and saw the faces of his friends, lost in their own lust. I was grinding Rick but I slowed to roll down the truck window. The guys didn't even ask what that was for, their hands found my nakedness and they caressed and felt me up to their heart's content. I bounced on Rick's cock to my first orgasm before he started to hump back into me. I didn't want him to cum yet. The show wasn't finished. I could hear his friends murmuring to each other, while their hands still found parts of me to pinch, to touch, to probe. Rick was frantic, though. He sighed loudly as I pulled my pussy off of him. I crooked my finger at him as I stepped out of the truck. I left the door open. I bent over the seat, my feet firmly on the ground, my legs spread open, and waiting. He didn't need an invitation.

"I've wanted this pussy so bad," Rick said, his thick fingers working inside me, prepping me, driving me to distraction.

"Then take it," I begged. "Take this pussy like you want it."

"Fuck," me moaned as the tip of his cock touched the swirling hot mess that my pussy had become.

I groaned. "Take it then, take me like this. Take that pussy, treat it like you want to, fuck me like a dog," I panted.

James and Mark were on the other side, watching all of this. James managed to reach across the truck, through the window, to take my nipples firmly between his fingers.

I felt Rick's cock enter me just as James' fingers pulled my nipples out obscenely. I moaned.

I was being pounded, wonderfully so by his nice cock. I saw the eyes of his friends open and awed by what they were watching. In my lust I remembered thinking how if they just asked for what they wanted I'd have to deliver. That thought nearly brought me to another orgasm as I was being fucked.

I was just about to ask one of the other men to get in the truck and use my mouth too when Rick reached around and grabbed my neck and pulled me back to him. He was nearly choking me, it made it harder to breathe, his hand closed over my mouth. It was something he liked to do, choke women, not hard, not dangerous, though. I think it was more of the thought for him. For me, though, it prevented me from asking for another cock.

"Fuckkkk," I groaned as I concentrated on my pleasure again. This drove Rick over the edge. He began to pump my pussy full of his cum. I'd planned on spinning around and swallowing it, I thought maybe Chet would want that from me, he seemed to like when I swallowed cum as much as I did.

Rick pulled out and rubbed our juices off his cock onto my ass cheeks.

"Yeah, I knew you couldn't resist this cock," he said proudly, boastfully. "I knew I'd be tearing up that pussy again. You'll be back for it again, too."

"Thank you," I said in embarrassment, "thanks for giving me what I needed." I knew it was the kind of humiliation Chet would want from me, to thank some stud for filling me up with his cum.

Rick and his friends high fived each other and talked about what I slut I was as if I wasn't even there. I lay slumped on his seat, my pussy leaking his tremendous load. I could see Mark and James looking at me, stealing glances. It was as if they were trying to hide their own lust from their friend. It was as if I was his conquest, his only. They were like dogs, obeying their alpha. They were afraid of what he'd say or do if they showed they wanted some of me, too. I was still buzzing. I wondered if Chet would want me to get them to ask for it, get them to tell me what they want, obligating me to it. They just followed Rick's lead and smirked at me and walked back towards the bar, leaving me naked and lost in the demons of my own lustful behavior.

"Thank you, sirs" I moaned loudly "Thanks for treating me like I deserve," I said. It was just a vain attempt at perhaps changing his friends minds.

Chet suddenly stepped out from the shadows. "So, that's what normally happens to you on a bar night?" He grinned.

I was still face down, my bare ass hanging out of Rick's truck. I just smiled. "No," I said. "Only since I met you. Was this what you wanted from me, sir?"

He said, "partially, my idea was for you to meet someone, let them flirt, get them excited, then take them outside for a suck, maybe a fuck, though I assumed just a blowjob, knowing your love of it. Then, I was going to make you do it over again, with someone else. I liked the idea of the bar starting to catch on that you were going out, coming back. I liked the idea of it, them seeing what a slut you can be. Like I said, I wanted to see you in action."

"Ohhh," I moaned.

"This was fucking exciting though," he said with glee. "I liked how you did it. I liked how he used you. I liked how you thanked him for using you like that. I think you knew I'd appreciate that."

"Yes, that was for you, sir. Including letting his friends watch. That was extra humiliating." He was caressing me now as we spoke, softly, maddeningly.

"Yes, that was just fortuitous for us," Chet said smiling.

"So, " I said, suddenly remembering something he said. "So your idea was for me to go back in...." I asked, my voice barely over a peep.

"That was the plan," he admitted. "Though I only imagined it would end with you getting fucking rather thoroughly, which you already have."

I was adamant now though, his touch was building me up again. I said, "That's true, but I was supposed to be doing it for you. If you want me to finish your game then make me. I don't ever want to disappoint you."

He smiled. He was already in control. He just let me hang myself. He loved making me say all my dirty thoughts aloud, making me reveal myself totally to him.

"I'm saying, you said I wasn't allowed to say no and that I had to allow anything anyone asked. And, you wanted the bar to see me as a slut who will go outside, do someone, then go back in for another round."

"Uh huh," Chet grinned. He liked where this was going.

"Well, two things," I said, rising to my feet. "One, that first guy, Chas, said, and I quote, "I'd like to touch more" of me and that sounds like I really need to let him, and two, I haven't gone back inside and made myself appear to be a slut coming in for more, as you wish."

Chet's whole demeanor had changed. We'd built our lust up together.

"Then do it, you big tittied whore. Go back inside and let them all see that you are just a fucking slut that wants more."

I picked up my clothes off the ground, they were dirty, I couldn't even beat all of it out. I knew what it would look like, that they'd been on the ground. Chet didn't care, I think he enjoyed it more that way.

He growled, "make me proud or I'll beat your ass raw with my whip, little doggie," he said.

That thought sent a chill through me. I was sure that dream would return in my sleep later.

"I need to clean up first, sir," I begged. I didn't see any tissue or rags in Rick's truck. I took my hand and scooped the liquid I had running from my pussy. I licked it off my hand. I repeated this several times. Chet's eyes were ablaze. "Think I got enough off to at least not get arrested now," I joked.

"Fuck, I can't believe I'm doing this," I whined. "I'll never be able to face these people again."

"Oh, I'm sure you will," Chet warned. "It's time they knew the real you. It's time all that denial and cover-up ends. Hell, I'll make sure you come back, after this."

I went back inside, red-faced, my pussy sloshing, no doubt smelling of sex. I tried to ignore Rick and his friends but they couldn't help but notice a disheveled looking dirty slut in their midst. I walked right up to Chas. He saw that I looked a mess. I made up a story that I'd just went outside to smoke and got in a pushing fight with some drunk chick who'd pushed me down. I don't even think either of us bothered to pretend that's what happened. I think the whole bar was buzzing about me. I have a feeling that Rick and his friends already had let them all in on what happened outside. That sent a jolt to my pussy, that exquisite humiliation. It was driving me crazy.

"Look, I wasn't fair to you earlier," I said flirtatiously to Chas. "You and I were enjoying each other then I abruptly moved. That wasn't right. I want to make it up to you."

"Well, you are back, that's a start," he said, raising his glass as a toast.

"Well, I am, but only for a minute," I said urgently. I didn't want a long seduction. I figured that Chet didn't either. That wasn't what I was there for. I was there to let whoever happened to notice that a slut was back for more.

" get to the point," I said in a whisper, "you said you wanted to touch more of me." I guided his hand onto my leg again. He took the hint. His hand slid easily up my inner thigh. This time, when he stopped near the top I used my hand to guide it fully under my skirt. I heard him sigh when he reached my wetness.

His fingers quickly slid over my pussy lips. I groaned.

"Fuck," he said, you are so fucking wet."

I blushed. I knew he didn't mean to but he inadvertently was pointing out my slutiness. He thought I was wet because he was touching me, when I was wet for that and the previous fucking as well.

He was taken aback by my boldness. I didn't care. I was on a mission for Chet's benefit. "Look, you are a stranger here, you said you've never been here before, only here on business, we don't have to pretend we'll ever have to see each other again."

I had his interest. "So, come on outside, touch me, feel me like you want to."

I'm sure he wondered what the fuck was going on. I didn't have time for any of it. I looked around. There were plenty of onlookers, the same onlookers that had just seen me leave the bar with Rich and his friends not 20 minutes earlier.

"Look, I'm getting picked up in about ten minutes," I lied, "if you are interested, meet me outside, if not, it was nice knowing you. I'm going to the ladies room, I'll be outside, after."

I turned and bounced my ass lewdly for him as I walked away. I left him sitting there, his fingers still wet with my juices. I passed Rick and his friends on the way to the bathroom. Rick just gave me a cocky smirk as if to say, "yeah baby, come back and next time I'll tear that pussy up again." Mark followed behind me. I stopped. Mark came up from behind me and whispered into my ear. His breath on my neck made my pussy quiver. Obviously, being away from Rick, his alpha, had emboldened him.

He whispered lustily, "that was so fucking hot, earlier," he said, his excitement evident. "I'd like to fuck that pussy too, someday."

I remembered Chet, and the whole game, "whatever someone asks for or wants, they get." I knew he'd love this knew wrinkle.

I turned back to him. "When, where?"

He just looked startled. "Um, Tuesday night, here?"

I actually was a bit shocked that he didn't try to drag me outside there and then. I shrugged. "See you then," I winked. We were alone in the corridor. I was so fucking horny. I couldn't resist teasing him a bit more. I turned towards him and lifted my tits out from my top. I said, "One thing Rick doesn't know how to do is squeeze a woman's nipples. Show me how you'd do it," I giggled.

He couldn't believe his fortune, he took my nipples and tugged on them playfully.

I said, "no, no, I mean squeeze them," I urged. "Squeeze them like you would when your cock is buried in me to the hilt and you are just about to cum, show me what you'd do to them then," I urged. Anyone could've walked in and saw my tits in his hands, it added to my urgency.

"Show me," I growled.

He pulled on them harder, I winced. He started to back off the intensity when he saw my pained reaction. I urged him on.

"No, don't stop, harder. Like you would just before you fill my hot pussy with your spunk," I moaned. "Make me cry out, make my knees weak."

I could see his cock nearly bursting out his pants. He obliged. I felt a blue streak of pain shooting through me. It buckled my knees. He didn't let go, he didn't let up. I bit my lip to avoid screaming.

I was looking at him intensely. "That's it, Mark, on Tuesday, do it just like that," I sighed as I felt my pussy overcome with electric surges. Finally, I had him let go.

"Tuesday night," I winked as I left him there. I really wanted to see James on my way outside, I thought maybe, just maybe, he'd ask for something as well, something I couldn't back out of, but he was under Rick's control now. I saw Mark wink at me as I left. I blushed for him.

I walked out. I fully expected to be alone, I wasn't sure Chas was the type for a slut like me. I was wrong. I hadn't even turned around when he took me by the arm, pushed me into a dark corner behind the bar and started pawing me while he kissed me. My clothes were in a pile by my feet in seconds. I knew Chet would want it this way. He asked to be able to touch me, I knew Chet wouldn't have it any other way but to let him touch it all. I let him touch me all over, as he'd desired. Then, I pushed him back away.

"Take your cock out," I drawled lustily. "I'm going to suck you off."

He had no objections. I got on my knees in the gravel and scraped myself up giving him the best head he's ever had in his life. I'm sure he just looked down at this naked slut and shook his head while I fellated him. He came in a copious load down my throat. I slurped it up greedily. It was as if Chet had flicked a switch in me, a constant, open switch, directly to my arousal. He had me for a month. I wondered if I'd ever be able to do without it. I'd loved every minute of it so far, even as painful and humiliating as it had become.

No sooner than I'd sucked him down my throat he had pulled up his pants, gave me some lame "call you later," excuse and disappeared back in the bar. I picked up my skirt and my top just as Chet drove up next to me. I giggled and got in, naked as I was.

My skirt and top were now filthy from being on the ground twice, now. I didn't even bother to put it on. I must've looked the part that Chet wanted me to play. He just shook his head with a wry smile.

I told him all that had happened, including my new "date" with Mark.

He smiled and nodded appreciatively.

"Do you want me to go back inside again, sir? Do you want them to see this slut dragging out someone else to have their way with her?" I asked, my voice betraying my undeniable lust.

He shook his head. "No, I'm pretty sure the bar patrons now are aware of what a slut you are," he said, almost with regret. "If I did have you go back in without being able to deny any request you'd no doubt end up having to bang them all."

He hesitated on that thought long enough for me to stew in it's overwhelming potential. Finally, we drove away from the bar.

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