Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 04


He had me bend over and give him head as he drove. He caressed my hair softly as I made love to his beautiful cock. He didn't let me make him cum, though.

When we got back to Chet's, he carried me, naked, from his truck to inside, he laid me carefully on his couch then went to fill the bathtub. Then, he carried me in and washed me all over and caressed my naked flesh with a tender touch. He then carried me to his bed.

He crawled in between my legs. I could barely move, He told me to just lie there, that he'd been wanting to taste me as long as he'd known me. I cold only gasp at that thought. Just the mere thought alone nearly made me cum. He put his mouth on my pussy. I nearly fainted. I've never been so wet. I swore his face would be drenched. He proceeded to nibble, lick, suckle and work my pussy and clit like an artist.

"Sir, sir," I moaned. "Are you sure you want this slut's pussy after the fucking?"

"Shhh," he said, putting his finger to his lips. "You are clean, plus, this is my pussy, to do with what I wish. And right now, I want to blow your mind."

He did. Over and over. I came so many times I lost count. The reminders of all my sluttiness, all he's made me do just helped bring me over the edge, time and time again. I found myself pinching my already abused nipples each time I came, driving me to a newer, deeper place.

He mounted me and fucked me slowly and carefully while my pussy still glowed in orgasmic bliss. He filled me with his cum and I thanked him.

We cuddled together while he caressed me slowly, carefully. It was funny, I craved and desired the use, the control that I nearly forgot how wonderful it was to be genuinely fucked. I had fantasized about the roughness, the abuse that I nearly neglected how wonderful soft, sensual sex could be. I knew better than to expect it all the time though. Chet was not one dimensional. He'd showed me his animal side before, he'd do it again. I'd begged for it in my original email to him, for him to take me, use me, force me, be rough and I knew he would. This occasional sweetness from him just built me up for the rest of it.

""Sleep for now, Natalie," he grinned. "You still have to please Jeff many more times, Dominic tomorrow, and, apparently, Mark on Tuesday. Plus, there's still so much you need that I haven't given you. Don't worry, I still have 3 weeks left on your contract. I intend on fulfilling my end in every way."

I went to sleep that night thinking of how passionate and wonderful a lover he was. I also remember thinking, wondering if he was just fucking with my head with the softness and tenderness. If he was, it sure was working, even in my bliss I was aching for the rough, craving it. I wondered if he was falling for me. I tried to push that thought away, I didn't need a boyfriend, I'd had many, I needed someone to control me. I needed a master, if he leaned towards the cruel, rough side, so be it. I fell asleep uneasy, I just knew I'd have my dream again. I did, only this time, while I was being driven across the snow, I was craving more of the whip.

{End of part 4 of "Natalie and the Neighbor"- look for part 5 coming soon!}

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