tagBDSMNatalie and the Neighbor Ch. 05

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 05


I awoke on Friday naturally charged up. Today was the day Chet was "giving me" to his friend, Dominic. I wondered why Chet didn't want me over in the morning to suck his cock but I figured he wanted to "save it" for later. I was just so excited and nervous that I thought I really needed a cock in my mouth to tide me over. I had taken to craving cum now. Thank goodness for Jeff, my other neighbor. He was there for my rescue. I looked outside, hopefully, the cup of coffee in my hand was tasting kind of bland. Sure enough, he was out there. I had to chuckle when I saw he was not so subtly looking for me as well. I had on just my bra and panties so I threw on a fluffy pink robe and walked outside. The robe was one a grandma would wear, it was all for function not frills. That was fine, though, I'm sure Jeff's wife wouldn't want to see me walking out towards him in my underwear. She had a day job, however, so I rarely saw her during the day. Jeff was alone.

He saw me and smiled. We both knew what I was there for, we rarely even spoke when I'd work off my blackmail with him. This time though he looked at me and smirked.

"Nice robe," he joked.

I smirked back at him and opened my robe completely, exposing my naughty underwear to him. "Better?" I asked coyly.

"Oh man," he muttered. "Much!"

"Well, I won't let the robe distract you then. I dropped it to the ground. I fell to my knees for him as he raced around the fence to meet me in our spot, the secluded bushes. I placed the coffee cup down on the ground beside me. I took his cock in my mouth. "Mmm," I cooed. His wasn't the most impressively sized cock, but it was definitely suckable. This wasn't about him now, anyway, this was about me, my need. It became my pacifier. I sucked him off with little trouble. He was starting to grow used to my technique, getting him off quickly was now becoming easy. He filled my mouth with his cum. He staggered backwards. I took the coffee from the ground and spit out the contents into it. He just shook his head. "It was just, I don't know," I giggled, "missing something today."

He watched as I sipped from the new concoction. "Mmm, much better," I moaned. I put the robe back on and walked back into the house. I knew Chet would be getting another one of the blackmail pictures from that today. More than secretly I was hoping somehow it would light a fire in him, enflame him, touch his cruel, rough side again.

Chet had me come over at 6pm. He had me wear my cutoff jean shorts which were nice and form fitting, along with a stretchy black top which, without a bra, highlighted my tits and nipples rather lewdly.

He just arched his brow a little upon seeing me. I think he didn't want to give away his excitement, not that he could hide it. I still had no idea what the plan was, other than I'd agreed to let Dominic fuck me with his thick cock.

"I just want to remind you why we are doing this," Chet said firmly. "The other day, when I had just endeavored to have you suck his cock, somehow it ended up with you agreeing to let him fuck your pussy."

"Sir!" I protested. "That's not fair! You told me that I was to do whatever he asked," I pouted. He was either a good actor or there really was a hint of irritation in his voice.

"That's only partially true," he said. "I told you to do what he asked. I'd given him instructions on what he could have, what he could ask for. Basically, it was just a blowjob, however he wanted it, in whatever position or way he asked. I didn't foresee my slut begging to be fucked with his "thick cock" as you keep putting it."

"What?" I whined. "But he asked me to tell you that I wanted to keep sucking him, whenever. I told him ok, I thought I was supposed to. Then, he asked me to tell you if I wanted to fuck his cock. I didn't know I had the ability to say no!"

"I told you to do what he asked. I knew he wouldn't ask for the fuck. I specifically told him you wouldn't be fucking him. Little did I know he'd trick you into agreeing to do it. Just because he asked you to tell me that you'd like to fuck him didn't mean you had to do it. All you had the obligation to do was answer him. If the truthful answer was that no, you didn't want to, all you had to do was say something like, "you'll have to ask my master," or something like that."

"Wow," I thought. "He really is irritated by this."

"I'm sorry, sir if I disappointed you. You own me, you control me. If you wish me to tell him to get lost I'll do it, sir."

"That's not the point," he sniffed. "You are doing it because you said you would, you said you wanted to. You are doing it because I control your slutty ass, at least for a couple more weeks, and I'll be damned if my slut is made out to be a liar. He thinks of you as just a whore, holes to use. Think how embarrassing it would be for me if I can't even control some big tittied whore."

I lowered my head while he berated me. I could feel the heat building in me. The heat of embarrassment, of humiliation, of lust, all rolled into one.

"Don't look so glum," he chided. "You are getting what you want, that fat dick inside your slut hole."

"Wow," I thought, "and here I was worried about him not being cruel enough."

"Ok, sir, how do you want me to do it? I want to do it right, for you," I said burning in my shame.

"Well, considering how I hadn't even planned on letting him use you like that I spent a lot of time thinking about what would be appropriate," he said ominously. "Do I just send you out, like on a date, and let what is obviously so natural for you to occur? Do I give you a long set of instructions to follow to the letter? Do I bother trying to control Dom, what access he has to you, what he is allowed to do to you? I thought about it all. I thought about me, I thought about you. I thought about our contract, I thought about what you keep telling me it is you need, what you crave. So, after careful consideration I decided the best course of action."

"Sir? Which is?" I blurted nervously. "I thought, fuck it. You made your bed, lie in it. I decided to remove the strings."

I didn't like the sound of that at all. "Strings, sir?"

"Yes, I decided to let Dominic make all the decisions."

"Ohhh," I exhaled anxiously. I remembered how Chet had said Dom was clumsy, heavy handed. I know he meant that left on his own, that he was worried that Dom would maul me with his lack of adeptness. I suddenly feared it all.

He saw the fear. "Oh, don't worry, he's not a mass murderer or anything, and god knows, he knows he'd better not permanently hurt my big tittied whore or he'd have hell to pay. So here's what you'll do. Go pick him up, dressed as you are. Take him out for dinner at least, first. Then, let him take you home and fuck your pussy until he is satisfied. Remember, use those words on him. Tell him that, that you don't want to leave until your pussy has satisfied him."

"Oh god, sir. Ok." I hung my head. I'd gotten myself into it, my pussy was going to have to get me out. It was buzzing already, it had become almost involuntary. All the thoughts, all the things I'd done and all the possibilities kept me that way. As I walked out I wondered what Chet was thinking. I wondered if he cared about his whore at all. I wondered if I'd killed that tender side of him for good. I was hoping it was all just part of his magnificent mind fuck, though. As I drove to Dom's I had to keep shifting in my seat as my pussy was being rubbed by the tight denim of my shorts.

"Fuck," I thought. "Here's hoping I get these off me as soon as possible."

When I went over to Dom's I realized what Chet had meant. I was going to take him to dinner. I picked him up and I drove us around. It was embarrassing, to say the least. I showed up at his door and he grinned lewdly at me when he opened his door. He didn't let me come in, though. I think he wanted his friends and neighbors to see who he was going out with.

"Hey, whore," he leered. "'Bout time you showed up," he said crossly as he walked me out to my car. "Love the outfit," he said, ogling my tits as he said it. "Whore," was all he called me that night. Chet was right, that's all he saw me as, a whore to use.

He played with my tits through the material of my top while I drove, he was driving my nipples crazy. He was flicking them to hardness under the shimmering fabric. Once he tired of that he took his rough hands and felt up my pussy through the fabric of the jeans. All he was managing on doing was shoving the material even more up into my pussy, making me even more uncomfortable and edgy as it rubbed my clit.

"Can't wait to get those off of you and on the ground," he said crudely, though I probably would've preferred that at the moment as well. The rubbing was driving me insane. I think if I had just concentrated on it for a few moments that by rubbing my thighs together uninterrupted, I'd be able to cum on the spot. I didn't want to give him that satisfaction, though, no doubt he'd think it had something to do with him.

He made me take him to Olive Garden. That's right, I took him. I paid. Throughout the meal I had to listen to him call me his whore.

"Get me some more breadsticks, whore." "Stick your whore titties out more when the waiter comes by. " "Get me a beer, whore."

I know he enjoyed watching my face get red each time. He was right, though. I was his whore, for now. My master had allowed it, so I had to be the whore he wanted. I wondered what Chet was doing right now, what he was thinking. I longed for his gaze, even his disapproving look, I just wanted his control.

Dom was playing with my pussy under the table, none too subtly, either. I think the couple at the next table knew what was going on. I think they heard him call me a whore on more than one occasion, too. Dom was drinking and becoming more loud and obnoxious. I didn't want there to be a scene so I decided to get the ball rolling.

"Dom, aren't you ready to split my tight pussy with that big cock?"

"Fuck yeah," he growled. "I'm going to tear that thing up."

"Then let's go," I urged. "I can't wait." I grimaced when I said that. I did so because I knew it was true. This is what I'd become, this is where my fantasy led, so expertly controlled so far by Chet. I wanted this oafish fool to get my shorts off of me and split me wide open with his thickness. Dom made a show about how I was paying for the meal when the waiter came to get our bill. Everyone around us was staring. They were still staring when we walked out of the restaurant, his hand halfway down the back of my shorts, nestled in my crack.

I started to drive us back to his place. "Where the fuck are we going?" he snipped.

"Back to your place?" I said.

"Fuck no," he barked. "My mom lives there. We're going to your place."

There was no fucking way I was letting this asshole have his way with me at my place. I thought of something else. I had no doubt I could pretty much convince him of anything. "Hey, you know what would be cool? Let's go to the park. It's closed right now but we can park the car and you can fuck me in the grass."

He didn't look convinced. He was scowling. He needed more convincing. "It's closer," I panted lustily. "Plus, I get so fucking horny, getting fucked outside." I saw him thinking.

"Fuck," he whined. "I need some fucking beer."

"I can pick up some beer on the way," I promised.

He was wavering. I remembered what Chet had told me I had to say. I added that to my arsenal. "We'll park, I've got a blanket in the trunk. We'll go out in the moonlight, drink and you can fuck my pussy until you are satisfied."

He was nodding now. I poured it on. "I mean totally satisfied, too. Wear my pussy out, even if that means doing it over and over," I said, my own voice now in a lusty, jagged staccato.

"Fuck it, whore, let's go," he growled. He resumed his mauling of my pussy with his thick fingers. He alternated that with pinching my nipples now through the fabric, it delighted him to see them sticking out so lewdly. He made me play with his hardened cock through his pants with one hand.

"Fuck," I thought, "that thing is going to have to fit in me, somehow."

I pulled up to a party store. Naturally, I had to buy. I stepped out of the car. My nipples were hard like diamonds. With the stretchy top they were nearly bursting through the material. My shorts were wedged up deep in my ass and pussy. I started to adjust myself, he stopped me.

"Leave it, whore. Let them see you," he commanded in his excitement.

"Fuck," I thought, "I didn't think he would know how to treat someone like me, guess I was wrong."

I went in and bought the cheapest beer possible. No doubt he wouldn't know the difference anyway. I paid for the beer at the counter, the young black guy at the register noticed the way I was dressed. He was ogling me freely, behind the bullet proof glass. It didn't help that I had to hold the beer close to my chest on the way to the register, it just made my nipples even more prominent. The guy was leering, I just lowered my eyes to hide my shame and lust. When I walked away I saw his reflection in the security mirror. He was ogling my ass cheeks which were now lewdly poking out from the back of my shorts. It gave my pussy another jolt of excitement. I swayed a little extra, just for him.

I went back to my car, Dom was on my cell phone talking to someone. He saw me and hung up. "C'mon, whore, let's get going."

I dropped the beer on his lap and smirked as I walked around to the driver's side. I nearly got in. He stopped me.

"You know what would be funny?" He asked.

"No, Dom, what would be funny?" Now I was the impatient one. I could see the outline of his cock through his pants, I was done with preliminaries.

"It'd be a hoot if you flashed that clerk, dude," he laughed. "Look, he eyeballed you from the moment you went in there, I was watching."

"Flash him?" I asked, my face starting to fill with blood.

"Yeah, not just flash him, though," Dom said. "Go up to the door and lift your top....then, press your whore titties against the glass and mash them up good like that."

"Fuck," I exhaled sharply.

"Why?" I whined.

"Because I want to see it, whore," he said sharply.

"What if he comes out? What if he calls the cops? Plus, there's a couple other people in there now," I protested vainly.

"I know, that's why he won't leave, he won't want someone robbing him blind while he's ogling some big tittied whore."

I recognized later where that idea had come from, especially with his choice of words, it was Chet, no doubt it was Chet on the phone with him before.

"Fine," I sniffed. "We're just wasting time you could be abusing my poor little pussy."

I walked up to the glass doors. I lifted my top quickly over my head. I saw the guy was watching with his mouth open. I pressed my tits against the glass. I gasped at its coolness. It only served to draw my nipples out even further. My tits were spread obscenely. Dom was right, though, the guy never moved. I winked at the guy and turned and walked back to the car quickly, not bothering to push the top back down over my tits.

Dom was laughing. "That was fucking cool, whore."

"It was cold, actually," I smiled with embarrassment. He could tell, my nipples were jutting out. He took advantage of that on the way to the park. He pulled, teased, sucked and nibbled on them the entire way. I was so horny I could've fucked the gear shift knob at that point. We arrived at the park. I was right, it was deserted. I got the blanket out of the trunk. Dom came up behind me and cupped my bare tits in his big hands. I cooed. "Take everything off," He gruffly said. It was just the top and my shorts, I complied. I stood nude in front of him. I started to put my top and my shorts in the trunk, he wouldn't let me.

"Leave them on the ground, whore. It's where they belong. He pawed me the entire way to a grassy spot I picked out. He made me carry the beer and the blanket, just so he could have both hands free to fondle me everywhere.

"I'm going to tear that ass up," he said in an alcohol induced drawl.

"Um, you are going to tear that pussy up," I corrected fearfully.

"Yeah, that's what I meant," he chuckled, "stupid whore."

He made me get on my knees in front of him. He dropped his pants. I took out his thick, hard cock. I sucked on him in the moonlight.

"Oh yeah," he moaned. "That's what I like, just like the other night, I like a good cocksucking whore on her knees sucking me. Did you tell Chet that you want it all the time? Did you tell him you want to suck my cock more?" He grunted.

I knew the game this time. "I told my sir that it was up to him," I grinned secretly as I went back to sucking him.

"Fuckkk," he panted. "I have to have that pussy," he said. He made me lay on my back on the blanket. He was standing over me, hovering, menacing. He was stroking that fucking thick cock, like he was taunting me with it. Even as creamy as I was at that moment I wondered what it would feel like going in. He was going to make me beg for it.

"Fucking whore, tell me what you want," he hissed. "Tell me why you are here, tell me why you are on your back, naked with your whore legs spread.."

"I'm here so you can fuck my pussy raw," I moaned softly. "I want you to fuck my pussy good," I begged. "Fuck it until you can't get it up anymore," I remembered to say, in my lustful haze.

"Beg me for it, whore," he growled again. "Tell me why you want it so bad."

"God," I moaned. I did want it. "Fuck me, Dom, fuck me with that big cock. I want you to fuck me, fill me up, split me in two. I want to feel it stretch my pussy," I begged in revealing truthfulness.

He got on his knees. He positioned his cock at my opening. I gasped just at that, the head of his cock on my slit.

"I'm not going to go easy on you, whore," he said, his voice forceful, feral.

"Don't," I urged. "Fuck me like you want it, fuck me like the whore I am."

With that he slid the head in me, I don't remember if I screamed, but I'm sure I must have. He wasn't subtle, he was rough, urgent. His first stroke slid into me inch by inch as I moaned uncontrollably.

He picked up the pace immediately on his second stroke. He was stretching me out, wide. My mouth was open, I could almost feel my breath being taken from me.

"Fuck, yeah," He groaned. He was as hard as steel, he was all the way in me, at that moment I was his, completely. I was his conquest. He hammered me without mercy. I scratched and clawed at him as we urged each other on. He'd only slow down to watch my tits bounce as he jammed himself into me. On occasion he'd slap my tits with his hand and smile cruelly as he watched me scream while my tits jiggled. I remember thinking how wet the grass must be as I felt the moisture until I realized that it was me, creaming around his cock, as he defiled me. I hated him, even at that moment, but there's not a chance in hell I'd have let him pull it out and deny him the pleasure of fucking this whore and cumming inside her.

He finally did, after grinding me into the ground, the blanket was bunched up in an obscene mess under us. He spilled his seed inside me and it leaked out of me even as his cock stayed lodged into the deepest parts of me. He was laying on top of me, sweating and panting.

"Fuck, that was good, whore."

I was still grinding back into him as he still had some hardness left. I was riding him down. He rolled off me. He cracked open a beer. I just stayed on my back, breathing heavily, his cum coming out in torrents down my thighs, my ass, and onto the ground.

"Did you like that?" He asked almost innocently.

"Um, yeah," I giggled. I actually thought it was kind of cute, he was looking for approval.

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