tagBDSMNatalie and the Neighbor Ch. 06

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 06


{This is Natalie and the Neighbor-part 6. Read the previous chapters in order to make sense of this one}


The days of my month long contract started flying by. Chet kept me busy. Each morning I got to pick out one of my sexy lingerie outfits and walk to his house that way. He let me go from my back door to his, though, he kept saying he had "other" ideas for showing me again to any other neighbors. I sucked him off like this daily. He seemed to be even harder and excited in the mornings. He'd make me thank him and then he'd send me on my way, my tummy full of his wonderful sperm.

A funny thing happened with Jeff, the neighbor on my other side. I'd been sucking him off as sort of a blackmail agreement with the naked pictures he had of me. It was hardly "true blackmail" since it was Chet's idea, and, neither of us cared less what Jeff did with the pictures. This was more about Chet making me do things like that for him. Two weeks into it he waved me over in the yard as he usually did when he saw me. He had a worried look on his face. I was ready to drop my robe and suck his cock when he stopped me.

"Nat, I can't keep doing this," he said reluctantly.

"What?" I asked. "Why not? I still have more than a dozen pictures to "work off."

"I can't," he said in a whisper. "My wife is home all the time now. Plus, I keep worrying about her finding those pictures on my camera or on my computer. I've got them on a flash drive but I think she can check my email now, I have to stop sending stuff like that."

"What are you saying?" I asked with a pout.

"I'm saying I can't have you suck me anymore. You can have the pictures back."

He handed me the flash drive. He had a look of remorse. I knew he didn't want this.

I batted my eyelashes at him. I was between the hedges in our "private" spot. I slipped the robe off. I was naked underneath.

"Nat!" He groaned frantically.

"I know," I purred. "One last time, I promise. Just to repay you for being kind enough to give the pictures back."

He looked around wildly. Finally, he hustled over. I sucked him off for the last time, naked. I let him use my mouth as he wished, fulfilling my "obligation" to him. He nearly choked me with his cum he was so excited.

He pulled out unceremoniously and stepped back. "That's it, Nat," he urged. "I mean it, that's the last one..." he sputtered. It sounded more like a request than a demand. I smiled.

"Ok," I giggled. I walked away but not before giving him a long glimpse at my hot ass before putting the robe back on. I was done with him anyway. The blackmail idea was Chet's and I loved it, but it had run its course. I knew Chet would figure out a way to replace what I'd be missing. I didn't have any doubt of that.

I walked around to the front of my house to get the paper, which now only came once a week. I saw Frank standing in his yard. He saw me, waved, and smiled broadly. I had to blush, remembering everything he'd seen in Chet's garage. I was holding the flash drive. I had an idea. I went to Chet's and told him my idea and he agreed.

"It's the least we can do for him," Chet said approvingly.

I walked over to Frank, still in just my robe, though he didn't know I was naked underneath.

'Hey, um, whore," he said excitedly, under his breath after looking around nervously to be sure we were alone.

I smiled knowingly. He could see that I approved. We exchanged pleasantries though I could tell he was quite nervous. His shrew of a wife wasn't home, thank goodness. I just came out and asked him what I wanted to know.

"Um, Frank. How've you been since...you know?" I said bashfully.

"Great!" He beamed. "That was....well...something else," he said nervously.

"Yeah, it was," I said. "Listen, about that...I can trust you to not tell anyone about that, right?" I asked, even though I knew he wouldn't, it was just an opening for me.

"Hell no," Frank said seriously. "If my wife ever found out that I saw all that....hell...." he shuddered.

"Good," I said sweetly. He really was a sweetheart of a guy. "Listen, do you have like an email account or a pc that is....well...private?"

"Yes," he said, "why?"

I handed him the flash drive of the dozen or so fully naked pictures of me that Jeff had taken. These were most of the more brazen ones, of my ass, of me bent over, of me with my legs spread.

"Take care of these for me," I cooed. "You deserve it." I started to walk away.

He asked, "what is this?"

"Oh, just pictures of me," I smiled flirtatiously. "Don't let anyone else see them."

"I won't," he said, his breathing more jagged. "What kind of pictures are they?"

I turned back to him quickly after shooting a look around the neighborhood. The coast was clear. I flashed open my robe, allowing him to ogle my nakedness underneath.

"This kind," I giggled as I walked off. He was such a nice guy, I'd have given him a lot more than that if he was the kind to allow it. I knew he'd get a lot of pleasure out of the pictures though. It felt good to know that I was giving him some kind of outlet.

The days flew by in a mad haze. As I mentioned before I'd made arrangements with Mark to meet him at Paddy's and give him the same treatment I gave his friend, Rick. Mark was one of Rick's friends who watched Rick fuck me outside the bar recently. I'd had to agree to give him the same kind of treatment since I was told I couldn't say no. Chet spelled out how it all would happen. He loved guiding me, leading me, like his puppet. He wanted Mark to take me just like Rick did, with little fanfare or preliminaries. Ten minutes after downing our first drink I was out in the parking lot getting fucked like the slut I am. Chet made sure I went back into the bar, after, just so the regulars at Paddy's could see me, post-fuck, and allow them to entertain the thought of having me sometime as well. Chet instructed me that I'd be expected to let someone cum in me each time I went to Paddy's, even if I went there on my own, like I'd done in the past. I ended up fucking James that way too. He was Rick's other friend that had watched us have sex.

Chet also had me suck off a couple more of his friends, always at Chet's house. It was as if he was showing off his slut to them, he always played the good host and I always ended up swallowing a huge load.

There was something brewing, though. I could feel the edge. Chet always left my pussy alone for a couple days beforehand, I knew it was because he wanted me completely charged up when he came up with something wonderfully wicked and creative. I was worried, however, there was just a bit more than a week left on our "contract." I worried about what that meant. I had gone into it hoping to fulfill all my lustful fantasies. I never had really thought about the after. In the beginning I hadn't stopped to consider what I might want after actually having to do it. I suppose I figured I'd be satiated, like after a huge meal, and not want to eat again anytime soon. I hadn't really thought about Chet, either. He never seemed to mention anything after the contract, he always stressed what we would do before the contract was up, as if that was a permanent end. I tried to push those thoughts out of my mind for now, though. I knew something was coming.

One morning, after I had sucked him off in a black panty and garter set, we were standing outside near his driveway. Suddenly, he took some small rocks and tossed them through two of his small kitchen windows. They shattered with a tremendous crash.

"Oh my god," I said, startled. "Why did you do that, sir?"

He had an evil smile. "I didn't, you did."

"What?" I asked in shock.

"Yes, the story is, you broke those windows, by accident of course, when you were mowing your lawn."

"What? Why?" I whined.

"Because that way, you have to pay me back. I'd guess it'll be a couple hundred at least."

"You want me to pay you for that?" I said with a tear forming in my eye.

"Yes," he said firmly. "However, I don't want your cash. I'm going to have you work it off."

Now I could see it was just a plan forming. I just had to wait for it.

"Ok?" I said questioningly.

"The story is, you broke these windows by accident. You are short on cash. You and I have worked on an "arrangement" to pay me back."

"What is that, sir?"

He grinned cruelly. "By performing tasks that I demand. The first one is, be here in the driveway tonight at 8pm. Wear one of your bathing suit tops and cover it with a very thin, maybe white T-shirt. Then wear some nice, revealing shorts, oh, wear the bottom part of your suit underneath this time," he said, aware that he'd previously restricted me from wearing panties.

He wouldn't tell me what his plan was, he loved the mind fuck he knew he was giving me. He knew I'd be beside myself thinking about what might happen to me. There was but a week left in our arrangement, I wondered what he'd have me do.

The wait is always torturous. I kept glancing out at his house as if looking at it would give me any idea. I was surprised when I saw two other cars pull into his drive, then a third. I was scared out of my mind now. I could see some guys meeting Chet in his backyard, he was having a barbecue.

I got a text from him: "Slut, I have your first chore ready for you to pay me back for my windows. I've got the guys over for some steaks and to watch the game. Be here in 15 minutes."

I gulped, my breathing quickened. I thought about our contract. I thought about what I'd begged him to do to me. Display, humiliation, force, bondage. "Gawd," I thought, how many of those are going to happen tonight?"

I walked over to Chet's, my heart beating like the wings of a hummingbird. I was greeted by Chet, and three of my neighbors. I unconsciously blushed. I knew what they were there for, but did they? I had a feeling Chet wanted it to be a surprise for them. They all greeted me warmly, they were drinking beers, eating steaks and not so subtly ogling me in my bikini top and short shorts.

Chet let me drink a glass of wine to calm me a bit before announcing, rather loudly, "ok guys, we have to let Natalie do what she needs to do," he said eyeing me with a sadistic grin. He knew the way he said Natalie would get my juices flowing freely.

I still had no idea what he had in mind. He continued. "So, I'm letting her wash my car for 20 bucks. I figure she owes me about 300 so it's only a start."

I stuck out my lip in a pout as the other guys just gave each other a smile. I don't think any of these neighbors knew about the relationship Chet and I had. I was just some poor, unfortunate neighbor who broke some windows and now had to work it off. I could also see some lust developing, no doubt they knew they'd get to ogle me doing it. Chet motioned at the hose and the bucket he'd prepared for me. I slumped my shoulders and went and started washing his car. His car was closest to his back patio, at the back of driveway. It provided the guys a front row seat for the washing. They pretended to go back to watching the game on Chet's TV, within the screened in area, but I felt four sets of eyes ogling me as I started to spray down Chet's car with water. It was a hot day. I was sweating even before I started any heavy exertion. That, along with the occasional splash or mist from the hose, made my bikini top and my T-shirt stick together to my skin revealingly. The coolness of the water against my hot skin made my nipples protrude. I couldn't even look towards the guys, I knew what they could see.

I heard them begin to talk about me in whispers at first, as if they thought I couldn't hear. I couldn't really make out what they were saying but I knew they were commenting on my outfit and me, in general.

I heard one of them ask Chet, "so she broke your windows? How did you get her to agree to this?"

I heard Chet laugh, he spoke louder, I knew he wanted me to hear. "She said she was strapped for cash, I told her she had to come up with a way to make 300 bucks for the windows. I suggested chores around the house. This is the first one." Then, he added, "plus, stupid woman, I'm going to fix those windows myself, probably cost me like 40 bucks for both of them," he laughed.

The guys got a kick out of that. It pointed out how he was using me, it was like the guys now shared a little secret over the stupid slut. It was the kind of humiliation Chet knew I'd asked for. I pretended not to hear.

"Natalie," Chet yelled loudly in the way that we both knew was meant to light a fire in my pussy. "Don't forget the windows!"

I nodded. I knew what he really was asking me to do. I sprayed down his windows and then started rubbing them down with a soapy towel. I could've done this from the opposite side, as I'd have to bend over quite a bit in order to reach the middle of each side. I didn't. I stayed on the side the guys could see. I knew Chet would not want his slut hiding behind the car. By bending, I was allowing them all a great, long look at my ass, which wasn't even fully covered by my shorts, especially when I was bent over like that. I swear I heard some oohs and aahs. I'm only 5' 2" so I really had to reach and stand on my toes in order to try and get the whole window. By doing this it required me to press completely up against his car, which was wet. This made me wet as well. My shorts were now as wet as the rest of me. My outfit clung to me like a second skin. I stepped back to wipe my brow.

I don't know what it is about me, being displayed like this, but it does something to me, I swear. Chet was making sure that he pulled it out of me. After Chet's boldness mixed with the effects of the beer, the guys were less secretive and quiet. They were making racy comments they knew I could hear.

"Hey, you missed a spot!" One would say and they'd laugh when it required me to bend over and give them a show. The charade started to fade when they saw my lack of resistance to their requests. It became clearer to them that I accepted that being the show was part of my repayment. I was sweating heavily when I finished with Chet's car. Chet could see the heat in me, temperature and otherwise. He came out of the patio and took the hose from me.

"You look hot," he grinned. He sprayed me with the cold water in a quick burst and I shrieked and tried to run from him, laughing. I came back, I was soaking. The guys were laughing and urging him to hose me down again. I just smirked at them.

"I have an idea," Chet said, as if it had just occurred to him. "Do you guys need your cars washed too?"

They all shouted a quick and decisive, "Yes!" In unison.

I pretty much knew it was coming but I asked Chet, "how does that help you, si......" I started to call him Sir, before catching myself.

Chet looked at the guys. "Do you mind ponying up 20 bucks each to get your car washed by the little lady?"

There were no objections as three, crisp, 20 dollars bills quickly hit the coffee table. They made me shuffle the cards around. Chet obviously wanted me to do the washing near the back, since it was nearly completely hidden from the street. I started to hose down the second car, my face was red, this time from the heat of the day, even as I could feel the coolness of the water on my skin. I knew the heat was only increased by my humiliating display. I heard the guys talking, whispering again.

Then, Chet spoke up. "Hey, the guys and me were wondering if you were too hot," there was a sexual flavor to the way he said it. He saw me turn, questioningly.

"We are willing to throw in an extra ten if you continue to do it, in just your bathing suit."

Only Chet knew I had a bikini bottom on under my shorts. I'd chosen a thong, thinking that it was for Chet. I was conflicted, as always. The logical part of me was screaming, "no, no," but my desires, those things that I'd kept deep inside me all this time were out shouting my senses.

I blushed deeply. "So..." I asked as if I was debating it in my head, "20 bucks per car...plus ten more per car, if I strip to my suit?"

Chet nodded. He liked how I was playing his game. I added some more spice to it, the way I could humiliate myself just added to my growing need.

"I, um, only have a thong on underneath," I said bashfully.

I heard the guys gasp excitedly. "I think that maybe if you gave me 20 more per car I'd do it..." I said, my voice barely over an embarrassed whisper.

I heard the guys agree immediately but Chet was a master at this.

"Listen, Natalie," he smirked, knowing how he had just reduced me to a quivering pool in front of him, "you're the one without the money to pay me. I think 10 bucks is too much already, actually, but I've been nice about it so far," he growled dominantly.

I heard the guys behind him groan in weak protest. Chet was in charge here, of that there was no doubt. They probably thought I'd back out, they had no idea that I couldn't, or wouldn't.

"Ok, sir," I choked out. Chet shot me a grin when I said, "Sir," he enjoyed the reaction it got from the guys.

I peeled off my wet T-shirt to appreciative comments and ogles. It was more silent when I peeled off my shorts, revealing my knock out ass to them, only slightly covered by the tiny black string down my crack.

All the pretext was done, we all knew this wasn't about the car washing anymore, it was about displaying the slut. The guys were beside themselves in glee, they no longer restricted their catcalls and requests. They could see I was willing, even if I continued to act the reluctant, hesitant part. Everyone there also knew Chet was in charge. He ordered me around, usually per their requests. One of them was to soap up the car really good. Then, he made me lean over the hood, revealing my barely clad ass obscenely, which also resulted in me getting soap all over me. I knew this was the reason behind it. I played along. I made sure I got soap everywhere as I did it. I'd stop now and again to rub it over me, as if I was rubbing off the sweat, but we all knew. I was displaying myself for them, as they wanted. My nipples were straining, hard, against the material of my top, which I knew drew a lot of attention. My ass, even my pussy, depending on how I was bending, stretching, also were being enjoyed.

I finished rinsing off the second car. Chet came up to me. He barked, "Put your hands on the hood, don't move." I did as he asked. He kicked open my feet widely.

He soaked me down with the hose as the guys whooped it up. He rinsed the soap off of me and took special pleasure in focusing on spraying my ass and as a result of the way I was bent and open, my pussy. The cool water pulsating on my pussy oddly only added to the heat that was burning there. He turned me around and made me put my hands behind me as he sprayed my tits. My nipples were now threatening to cut their way through my top they were so fucking hard. He stopped and smiled.

The guys went back to drinking their beer and exchanged lustful thoughts, no doubt, as I brought the third car up for washing. I asked Chet, "how much is that, so far? How much have I earned?"

He smiled. "Twenty for the first car, thirty for the second, that's 50. Just 250 to go," he laughed.

"Oh?" I asked. I loved the game playing. "I thought it was 20 for the first and second car, then ten more dollars from each guy on that second one."

"Heck no," smirked Chet. "That second car wasn't worth 60 bucks, was it guys?"

I knew every one of those guys were thinking, "hell yeah it was!" But they didn't want to interfere with Chet. He was in control so they simply went along with him.

"Well, that's not fair," I pouted as I stomped my foot dramatically for them. My titties jiggled for them.

That gave Chet his next idea, if he hadn't already considered all of this first.

"Well, we might up the price for the next car, depending...." he said suggestively.

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