tagBDSMNatalie and the Neighbor Ch. 07

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 07


The days were winding down. Chet let me "rest" after the car washing scene. He gave me a very uncomfortable few days off. I was like a caged animal. I had all the energy for the final push but he was delaying it, making me wait. I had envisioned being on call for it, for anything, the entire last week. I'd assumed it would be wild and non-stop. Chet was an expert in the psychological aspects of it all, though. I'm sure he knew that by delaying my gratification he was only increasing it. He only teased and frustrated me further by denying me the pleasure of getting him off in the mornings with my mouth. I'd assumed he'd want that every time he had the chance, given we only had a few days left of my sexual servitude "contract."

He made me think about everything. I thought about everything I'd done, everything I'd felt. I thought about the contract, what I'd asked for, what I'd begged for from him. I thought about how much we'd done together, how much I still ached to do. Since neither of us mentioned time beyond the month long "deal" I assumed it was a finite point and that he would just want to walk away. In my head I just came to the conclusion that, really, who would really want me like this? Who would really be interested in someone with such a perverted and dirty streak? We both had dismissed the absurd notion of being a "couple" in the true sense. Although we might enjoy each other, in this way, neither of us had any inclination to want to "date" each other or fall in love. I was putting myself in his shoes. Once I'd done everything I could think of to use the dirty slut, would I really want anything else from her? I understood that. I really did. Didn't stop me from crying about it, though, during those couple days waiting anxiously for whatever was left.

I got a text from him, finally. It was just two days before our "last day."

"Slut, there's still the matter of two neighbors who haven't seen you totally naked yet."

I texted back: "I know, sir. Did you have a plan?"

"Not a specific one," he wrote. "But I do see them out walking their dog. See if you can work with it," he wrote. "Also, regarding your month long use, I want you to write me a short email about it, especially anything you've missed."

I exhaled sharply. The nervousness was back, the excitement. It was amazing how so little from him gave me so much. I looked out my upstairs window. I saw them, walking their little wiener dog. They are a gay couple. Not because of their dog, just that they were! I hadn't really stopped to think about that when I basically begged Chet to let all the adult males in the neighborhood to be able to see me naked. In a way, though, I realized how much more embarrassing and humiliating that may be, having to show myself to two guys who probably could care less about seeing me.

I thought quickly. I knew they usually walked down one side of the block and then came back past my house on the way back. They were on the other side, I had a little bit of time.

I threw on my nightie which was sheer, light, nearly see thru. It didn't matter that it was see thru to me, since it would end up on the ground. I chose it because of its lightness and the ease at which it would slip off of me. I wanted it to appear accidental, the rationalization being that it'd be much easier to give me some "plausible denial" that it was done on purpose.

I ran down to my front door. I had an idea. I have a small gate just off my front porch. Sometimes it sticks so often I just squeeze between the gate and the hedge to save time. On more than one occasion, I've scraped myself on the edge of the gate, or the shrubbery, in order to get through. The gate has one particular nail, about rib cage high that has scratched me and caught the material of whatever I was wearing. I snuck outside. They were down at the end of the street now, doubling back on my side. I saw my newspaper sitting at the end of the driveway in a plastic bag. I reached the gate. I inspected the side of the post carefully. I located the nail. I pulled on it, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until it had some play, then I pulled it back a bit so that it was sticking in the direction I was coming from. I slid in between the gate and the brush once, then twice, to see if the nail would catch, this had to work perfectly. Each time it hooked my lacy nightie in just the right spot. I waited. I heard them approaching. Just when I knew they were at the head of my driveway I stepped between the gate and the hedge. The nail found my nightie but just started to rip it, not catch it. To make matters worse, one of the barbs of the shrubbery caught the other side of it. I wriggled quickly and furiously to get free. Suddenly, it worked too perfectly, the nightie was caught on both sides and as I fell backwards it ripped it off of me on both sides in spectacular fashion. It set me off balance and I staggered backwards until I fell on my now naked butt on the grass on the other side of the driveway.

My stunning entrance was taken in completely by two sets of eyes, well three, if you count the wiener dog, who barked madly at the crazy naked lady who appeared from nowhere.

"Oh my," they both said in harmony.

I'm sure I was as red as could be as I stumbled to my feet. One of them reached over to help me.

I started to explain what happened but they could clearly see it. My nightie was still hanging from the nail and the brush, swaying in the wind.

"Oh my gosh, oh my," I stammered, red faced.

"Don't you worry about a thing, hon," one of them whispered. "It's just us girls here," he giggled.

The other one shot his lover a glance as if to say, "don't you dare flirt with that skank!"

I apologized profusely as their dog sniffed at my ankles and then started trying to poke his nose higher.

The stern one sniffed, "your nose doesn't belong there, princess."

The nicer one noticed I had scratches and a cut on each side of my rib cage. "You'd better tend to those, dear." Then he looked at my naked backside. "Oh my, you have some back there as well."

I tried to see it but each time I turned, naturally it turned away from me. I said in embarrassment, "I'll have to see that in the mirror later."

The nice one said, "you also have some grass...er....stuck on you there."

"Where?" I asked. I was spinning and turning for them, allowing them the opportunity to see me everywhere, as I had been required to do. Finally, in exasperation, he just reached to my backside and brushed the grass off of me.

The stern one hissed his disapproval before yanking the wiener dog and his lover back on their course for home.

"Shhh," the nice one said, "it's all our little secret," he giggled. I smiled as I turned away from them. That was it, now all my male neighbors had seen everything I've got. I suddenly felt sad, though. What was left for Chet and I?

The last couple evenings Chet had been working on the fence on the side of our yard. He mentioned he was replacing some faulty sections. I watched him wistfully, sweating, his muscles firm and taut and I thought about how this had all started, with me watching him from afar like this. Everything had started from what was once just a fantasy and this particular neighbor who was making it all possible. I felt myself getting choked up so I lost myself in work.

I settled in to write him a short email about my month, as he required.

I wrote: "Sir. This month has been the shortest of my life. The word that sums it up is, "wow." I'd never have imagined just weeks ago I'd gone from where I was to where I am now. That was the reason I wanted you to be the one to control things. I somehow felt that you had a dominant and perverted streak which I needed. I can't complain about anything we've done together."

"I wanted humiliation, you gave it to me. All the men in the neighborhood have seen me now, all of me. I have to live with that shame daily. It was what I asked for, but never even dared to imagine it fully. I asked to be used roughly and I've taken it harder and more forcefully than I ever have. I asked to be spanked and whipped and you've seen to it that I sit painfully for days, some times, after. I had barely even considered what I was saying when I asked you to display me, share me with others but you made me see what that would be like in the real world."

"What I begged you for, I got. Some things I didn't understand, like why so many days off? But I'm sure that even that was cleverly calculated by you. If anything, if I was in your position, I'd have used me harder, more often, but I understand how making me think about it just heightened the experiences, when they came."

"I can only say, I haven't missed anything except for more. I expected to be sent out more, like back to Paddy's to give more people a chance at me. In fact, I really thought somehow you'd have me pleasing Al too."

Al was the 60 something owner of the bar. I had just fantasized about how embarrassing it would be having to please him too. I went back to my email.

"More whippings, harder. More restraint. More anal sex...more anal sex with restraint," I quipped. I clicked "send."

It was now Friday, the day that ended our month of exploration. I wondered if the car washing thing was the finale. I kicked myself for expecting more than that out of anyone. It had be solely the most exciting thing I'd ever done and here I was wanting, needing more. I felt guilty for even thinking that way.

I got a text from Chet: "read your email." I opened the email quickly, my hands quivering with excitement. "My beautiful big tittied whore...." it began. I smiled, even as a tear formed in my eye at the thought of it all ending.

"Tonight is your final task. Your month long servitude is over at midnight."

The tears were falling, I couldn't stop them. My nipples were poking through my t-shirt though, and my pussy was wet with anticipation. He did have plans for me," I gushed to myself.

"Tonight, I thought it would be fitting for you, and us, to end this as it started, at the fence. You remember, right? How you flirted with me until you had the courage to finally come out and ask for what you wanted? Your last email confirmed it again."

He continued, "you wanted to be controlled sexually. You wanted to be shown off, displayed like a common slut. You wanted me to share you, if that was my wish. You wanted to feel the rough, forced type of sex you'd been craving. You wanted to be bound, taken, shared and along with that humiliated in having to admit that that's what you enjoy and what you need. You wanted it to be one month long so that I had time to make sure that you got to experience at least a taste of all of that. Tonight, we can finish our contract. I don't expect you to even acknowledge me after this, if that is your choice, but tonight, I still own you."

"Tonight will be all of that. After tonight, hopefully you can never say you didn't experience everything you asked for. You only need to show up. So, from now on, the rest of the day, I want you to ignore my house, I know you look over here constantly. Don't. I want you to put on your ipod and don't take it off until you are required here. Part of the joy of your humiliation has always been the surprise. Not knowing will be more exciting, trust me, again, as you have this whole month. Then, at 7:30 I'll meet you at your sliding glass door in the back. I'll have a blindfold. Don't panic, it's for the surprise, I don't intend on not letting you see the whole night. Be naked, completely. There will be no need for clothing on this night. See you then, your master (until midnight), Chet."

My thoughts were a jumble. How does one find reassurance with this kind of thing? I've always totally sucked at it. I'm always just a nervous bundle of jagged nerves. My thoughts race, my heart pounds, my pussy betrays all of the fear though. It's as if it takes a direct signal from deep within me, while the rest of me struggles with the "reason." My pussy doesn't need the reason.

I took a long bath, it didn't help. I tried some calming tea, again, it was useless. I had to fight every urge in me to masturbate. I was thinking it might help calm me but I also knew Chet would not approve. I wanted this last day to be right for him. I owed him. I thought about that more. I owed him everything. One month ago I'd come to him out of the blue with just a thought. It was just a crazy idea I'd had. It was just a bunch of fantasies that I really hadn't even totally formulated yet. He made me formulate them, he made me specify them, to write them down in black and white. Then, he proceeded to interpret them and then make them happen.

I thought about how he made me suck his friends. I thought about how quickly and wonderfully he picked up on my desire for that and he went with it, even at the expense, no doubt, of getting his own cock sucked at times.

I thought about Paddy's, the local bar where I'd now rightfully earned a reputation as an easy slut. I thought about how easy it will be for me now, when I need it, when I have a craving for it. He'd given me that. He'd let me experience the humiliation of people knowing that I'm a slut, which I'd only vaguely described to him. He'd made it real in me. No doubt many lucky guys there will get to reap the benefits of that in the future. I have him to thank for that.

I thought about being exposed to each and every one of my adult male neighbors. I thought about how exquisite that humiliation is. He gave me the ability to experience that shame each and every time I see one of them. They've all seen me. No doubt, in some shape, fashion, or form, I'll find myself letting some of them see me again. I've had to please a couple of them too, no doubt my future will include some of that as well.

I thought about how roughly he was allowed to fuck me, to spank me, to whip me, torment my nipples. Again, it was just a unformulated idea before him, now it was concrete. I know what I can take, I know what I enjoy. I have him to thank for that.

I thought about how he knew of my love of bondage, restraint, he used it on me often. It no longer was just a fantasy. He'd shown me how good it could be.

One month, I realized how quickly it had gone. I found myself ruing the idea that I should've asked for longer. But, again I'd realize how unfair a burden that is to put on anyone, being responsible like that for another human being and their tortured desires and fantasies.

Yes, I owed him everything. I wanted tonight to show him that. I made myself up in the sluttiest fashion I could, hair, makeup, lipstick. Since I was naked it'd be the only way I could adorn myself in that way for him. I knew he'd want that from me.

My nerves were electrified, sitting there nude, waiting for the last minute to pass, waiting for him. Even knowing he was coming it still made my heart nearly leap out of my chest when he rapped, rather strongly, on my glass door. I opened the door for him and let him run his eyes over me freely.

"Nice, Natalie," he said strongly. He pulled me closer to him by my nipples, which made me gasp.

"Are you wet already, slut?" He said to my embarrassment. He slipped a finger between my thighs and confirmed what he knew already.

"You are one amazing whore," he said appreciatively.

"I want to be, for you, sir. I want tonight to be my repayment to you, for everything you've done. I want it to be my thank you to you."

He grinned. "Here's to hoping you feel the same way when it's over."

He slipped a black scarf over my eyes. He took me by the arm and marched me into my backyard. He led me to the fence, the same spot where one month ago I began to spill my desires to him. It was starting to get dark, but I still had some worry about the neighbor on the other side seeing anything. I wasn't worried about Jeff, more about his wife. Chet reassured me.

"Don't worry. One of the sections of the old fence is propped up behind you. It's like a privacy wall," he whispered to me. I could hear voices and music on the other side of Chet's fence. Then I remembered, this is usually when some of his army buddies and friends come over big a cookout. I could feel my sexual tension rise.

He knew I could hear it. "It's all for you, Natalie, it's all for you. If you feel you've had all you've wanted this month I'll just have you put on some clothes and come over and be one of "the guys" and we'll secretly toast the end of our contract at midnight. Or, you can trust me to try and make everything in your head and heart happen."

He really didn't need to offer it to me. We both knew what I'd say. "I want it all, sir. I want it for you and me, but mostly for you, for everything you've done for me."

"Ahh, Natalie," he sighed. "One month has gone by too fast," he said with regret in his voice. He told me to kneel. I did so. He took my arms and stretched them out in front of me. I felt the fence with my hands. He led my hands to what appeared to be holes. He slipped my hands through those holes.

"Keep them there like that," he growled in a low voice. Then, he carefully pushed my head forward. It went through another, bigger, hole. I was on my knees in my backyard, naked. My ass was hanging out invitingly, my tits were swaying freely.

"Stay like that," he barked. I heard him shuffle around the fence. I felt him grab my hands from the other side. My hands were separated, about three feet apart, my head was hanging through the hole up to the base of my neck. He attached something to each wrist, it was like cuffs, attached to a bar. The bar kept me from removing my hands. I was secured to the fence. He took the dog collar he'd had me wear and he slipped it on my neck. He attached the leash to the collar and pulled my head towards him roughly, basically to show me he could. He slid the loop of the leash around a post he'd erected. When the leash was secured to the pole it forced me all the way up against the fence. I couldn't back out. I think he knew I wouldn't back out, regardless, but just the fact that now I couldn't, well, he knew that would enflame me. I was fastened to this post like a horse. My hands were helpless and restrained. It was very much like the old stocks they used to use on people in public.

I still had on the blindfold. "Sir? What's going to happen?" I whimpered even though I knew, and even craved for it.

He didn't answer. I felt him slip away. I was left like that. I could hear a party happening, I heard their voices, all guys, talking sports, cars, etc while I was naked and helpless just a few yards away from them.

Suddenly I heard someone approach. I heard the footsteps in the grass.

"Holy fuck," said the voice. I thought I recognized the voice. "Chet wasn't lying," he laughed.

I felt the blindfold come off. It was Stan, one of Chet's army buddies. Stan was one of the guys that was not shy at all about hitting on me and making racy comments when I'd be in my backyard while they partied. I knew he lusted after me, he didn't try and hide that fact.

"I don't know how Chet managed this," he laughed before he turned serious. "You are willing for this, right?" he asked, eyeing me suspiciously.

"Yes, sir." I answered submissively, even if I didn't know if we were thinking the same thing. We were. Once he heard me say it his pants were down around his ankles. He slapped my face with his cock.

"I've been wanting this mouth for so fucking long," he said crudely. He unhooked the leash from the post, giving me some slack. He teased me with his cock before allowing me to take him in.

"God, when he told me you were out here, and he said, "go have some fun with her," I thought he was stone crazy," he panted as he slowly fucked my mouth. "He did say to take it easy, that it'd be a long night. I don't know what that crazy old fox is up to but you don't pass up a chance like this," he grunted.

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