Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 07


Chet turned to me as the guys all congratulated him on what a nice whore he turned me into. He turned to me and secretly said. "Now, get the fuck out of here, quickly, or else you'll not be walking much the next few days."

I got the drift. He let me out of the handcuffs. He nearly pushed me next door before leaving me on my own. He turned back to the crowd and distracted them. Suddenly, out of the bushes came William, the neighbor whose ass I had to lick. He grabbed me from behind and pulled me into the shadows. He had his hand over my mouth.

"You promised to suck this cock all night," he reminded me.

"My contract is over," I spat back as he released his grip. "For this moment I do as I wish. So for you, I wish you to fuck off," I said tersely. I really had no objection to sucking him off and, truthfully, if it had been something Chet had demanded, I'd have invited him in and sucked his cock dry. It wasn't, though, and just the way he was trying to circumvent Chet's authority rubbed me the wrong way.

"We'll see," he hissed. He called me a slut and walked away disgustedly.

When I got home, I showered and pampered myself with soothing oils. I heard my phone buzz. It was a text from Chet.

"Thank you for the most wonderful month of my life," it read. "I wish you the best in the future. I'll miss you, and what we shared."

I started sobbing. I laid awake for an hour, tossing and turning.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. I got to my computer. I could see Chet's backyard porch light on. There were still few stragglers left of his party. I began writing.

"Chet...I have a hard time calling you Chet, as I've come to know you as Sir, or Master. You wrote that you'll miss me and what we shared. I thought you were done with me. Nothing you've said indicated you had any desires past the thirty days. It shocks me to hear you mention missing me, and the future."

I poured out my soul to him, "What about my future? How am I supposed to go on now? Now, after finally finding out what and who I am. How am I supposed to go on without anyone so expert at finding that in me and forcing it out, in the most wicked and humiliating ways?"

"I didn't allow myself to think past the thirty days either, since it was so new, so raw. I honestly didn't understand how much it opened up in me. Thirty days was far too short a time to give to you Chet, I mean Sir. I should've said three months, six months, hell, a year. From what I've seen from you we'd both need that to fully explore what it is we both seem to crave.

"I'll miss you too, sir. In every way." I wrote as I sobbed. I clicked send.

It wasn't two minutes before I heard my email ping.

"You'll miss me?" He wrote. "I couldn't even imagine an incredible woman like you in my life, I took it for granted you'd quickly tire of me and move on. You've seen the real me, as well, you are the only one that ever fully understood who I was too, who I love to be. Surprising it is then, that neither of us really knew the effect we had on each other. Does this mean you'd consider continuing this....relationship....or whatever you want to call it? I know you don't want to call it love." He wrote.

I emailed him back instantly. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Sir, I want to continue this. I never thought it to be possible, I didn't allow myself to consider it. Yes! A thousand times, yes!" I wrote before I hit send.

"Wow," came the reply. "This is serious, you know....well, I'm sure you know. I should no longer question your commitment. But this means something....more permanent. How will that work?" He wrote.

I wrote back feverishly. "This is how it will work. I, Natalie, promise to serve you, Chet, sir, for the next year. One year, fully, in every sexual way. At the end of one year you, and only you, have the option to add another year. That way, each year I'll have to earn your control or risk losing it. I promise to fulfill every one of your sick and twisted ideas regardless of the humiliation you may cause me. In fact, I want you to promise me, you'll humiliate me in every way you deem necessary. "

"I want you to promise me you'll use me and have me used in every way and by anyone you wish me to be used by. I know you like specifics, I can't give you a number, but, make me suck cock, lots of cock, as often as you can provide it. If you can't or need my help I'll find the cocks and then suck them all and tell you about it. I don't need as many days off as you think, sir."

"Promise me that at no time will you ever let my commitment slip or else a good spanking or whipping can, and should occur. Even if it be a whim of yours, work my ass out as necessary. Don't forget to include my tits. Whip them, slap them to your fancy."

"If there's anything more, sir, you just write it out and I'll agree. Signed, your slave for at least one year, Natalie." I clicked send.

I was practically dripping through the chair. I couldn't believe how passionate I'd become over it in just a month. The little fantasy had turned real, vividly so. I was committing myself to sexual slavery now for a year or more and at this moment I considered changing that to, "forever" but I knew he'd never make me agree to that.

He wrote back. "Agreed. I agree to own your body and mind. Trust me, this month was just a learning experience for both of us. I'll no longer ever hold back on what I want or what I'll have you do. You are just a big tittied whore for me to use as I see fit. I'll humiliate you freely and push limits you haven't even reached yet."

"Trust me I'll have you sucking cocks. You'll probably be on your knees longer than you'll be standing. All these friends, your neighbors, the bar, do you realize how often they bug me for that mouth of yours? No longer any restrictions, if I think you can fit it in your day, then I'll have them using that slut mouth."

I agree to whip you, spank you as necessary or even as I just feel like it. I WILL wear your ass and tits out, I promise you that. You'll be lucky if you still have skin on your ass a year from now.

There are a couple things I require though, that a mere email "pseudo-contract" won't do."

I wrote back instantly, "what, sir?"

He wrote, "I want your commitment to be visible, at least to those I choose. I want you to get a tattoo of your commitment to this lifestyle."

I wrote back. "Wow, sir. Of what?"

He wrote back. "I want you to get a tramp stamp. I'm thinking of your lower back. Something that screams your submission."

In my fevered fantasies I'd already considered this. I wrote back. "How about something like "Owned whore," just above my backside? That way, everyone that has me knows what I am."

He wrote back. "Perfect. You'll do that for me." I noticed it wasn't a question.

"I will," I wrote. "Can I do it tomorrow? I know a place..." I responded eagerly.

He wrote back. "Tomorrow. then. I insist on seeing it on you tomorrow night when I'm fucking your ass."

My mouth dropped open. My pussy was quivering.

I read on, "By the way, when you are getting your tattoo, make sure it's a guy. Make sure that he sees all your ass when he's doing it, and make sure he's pleased by the end. You know what I mean."

"I do, sir," I wrote. "You mean for me to get a tramp stamp on my lower back that tells whoever sees it that I'm an owned slut who'll please anyone you desire. Do you want him to enjoy your slut's pussy, her mouth, or her ass, sir?

He fired back. "I want that ass, save that for me. I think he deserves more than a blowjob, however, so use your slut pussy to thank him for us."

"I will, sir." I wrote.

"What was the other thing you needed from me?" I asked in my fevered state.

"You mentioned Al. I've just gotten off the phone with him, following up on some interesting conversations with him about you. Seems he has considered banning you from his bar because of your slutty nature. I've convinced him otherwise. I know he's open to it. So, for your right to frequent Paddy's you'll be required so serve him on occasion, when he demands it. You'll be sucking his cock, probably nearly every time you see him. Also, he's been lacking help, lately, he just said. I've offered your services several nights a week. You know how he usually has his waitresses dress like Hooter's girls? Well, for a couple nights a week, that'll be you. I've assured him, though, that you won't have the same restrictions his other girls had. I assured him you'd agree to any costume changes he feels are necessary to win over his clientele. He has some really nice ideas for that, I assure you."

"You are mine now in every way. I have a very interested party on my end who told me you rejected him. Yes, William, he's still here. He said you promised to suck him dry all night."

I blanched. I read on, "now, I understand where you were coming from, He tried to go around me and do it but he's apologized profusely. He's promised to never try and go around my back again. I know he means it, if he ever wants to enjoy you again. Also, at the time you legally were no longer contracted to me. I'll let that pass. However, as of now you belong to me again. I'll be sending him over, shortly. You'll be naked, and you'll be naked until he leaves. I expect you to fulfill all your promises, Natalie. So tonight, don't plan on getting any sleep. I want you on your knees until he's through with you. Young guy that he is, he's told me he's cum a half dozen times in a night before, can you believe that?"

I remembered that I hadn't finished him the last time at the fence, I knew I was about to rectify that, several times over.

By the time I read the end of it I heard the knock at my back sliding door. I shimmied out of my robe and let it fall to the floor, I knew I'd not be needing it. I met him at the back door. He was smirking in a "I knew you'd be sucking my dick all night," kind of way.

Chet was right. I've never known a guy to cum so many times in a night. Counting the one at the fence, he added three more loads in my tummy that night and next morning. I only slept an hour or two, only to be awoken with his cock in my face. I made him sleep on my couch. That, however, required me to sleep on the floor beside him, just to be "ready" in case. Of course I had to thank him in the morning when I let him fill my coffee cup with his cum. I had to get something out of it.

Chet loved the fact that it was William that I had to do that for. He loved that I had to please a guy who treated me like a slut. I think that's why he allowed it, it was like he was a guy after Chet's own heart.

The tattoo turned out awesome. I was able to admire it the mirror as the tattoo guy fucked me doggy style. He let me hold his mirror to see how it looked as he fucked me.

Chet loved it too, "Owned whore," he kept repeating as his cock drove in and out of my ass. It's my new life, it's written right there on my lower back.

{The end of Natalie and the Neighbor, thanks for your support! As with many of my other characters, Natalie may reappear in the future, it's only this particular series of episodes that is finished}

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Great series

I've loved every chapter and imagined them in my head. You really are a great storyteller and the fact that you cover most of my fantasies is such a turn-on. I truly would have loved to have been strungmore...

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