tagNonHumanNatalie Ch. 06

Natalie Ch. 06



"Arise love."


"The council has some information concerning your family history."

"Oh, ok. Be ready in 5."

I have never gotten showered and dress so fast in my life. I ran down the stairs to the conference room and was greeted by Conall, Caiden and the entire council, all of whom stood to greet me.

"Good morning Queen Alpha."

"Good morning Alpha Natalie"

"Good morning everyone."

I walked over to Conall and gave him a quick peck and made my way to an empty chair.

"No Natalie you must sit here, next to me. As an Alpha your seat is always at the head of the table next to me."

"Oh, ok," I said as I made my way towards Conall. Once I had taken my seat the others did the same.

Aalish began to speak. "Your highness as you know the Alpha asked us to research your family history. We have an extensive archive here and what we don't have the historian has. You are part Scottish and part African American. After the death of your grandmother and grandfather, Alba and Corey Alexander your mother, Sonya, ran here to the states and met your father, Nathaniel Coldwell. Your mother changed her name when she moved here; her birth name was Sima Alexander. Your parents were not married, as I am sure you are aware, but your mother took his last name after they split which was when you were barely 3 months old. Both of your grandparents were killed when their pack experienced a raid. Your great grandparents were Keita and Doughall Cochrane. They passed from old age. Your great great grandparents were Naal and Duncan Clouston. These two were also murdered. Your great great great grandparents were Sorcha and Duncan Murray. Your witch blood is passed down from female to female and is very strong."

"So Sorcha was the old woman from my vision/dream. Crandle had locals murder her because she was protecting Naal from him. Keita must be the child that Crandle tried to kill when he killed her father."

"I'm sorry Your Highness I am not following you."

Just then Conall spoke up, "I am sorry Aalish, Natalie had a dream vision of the past and gleaned some information from it."

"A dream witch?"

"Yes it would appear so."

"May I ask why you all would have information concerning my family in your archives?"

"Of course. We keep records of notable events that involve wiccans, werewolves, and vampires. It is the job of the local pack's Alpha, in our case, or leaders to keep records and report to the historians. The historians from each group compile all the information and make it available to each other."

"I guess that makes sense. Wait you said vampires."

"Yes, vampires do exist as do fae or fairies."

"Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised. In all your research could you find any information on how I can tap into my powers?"

"We actually found a witch from your homeland that is a descendant of one of the members of your mother's coven. Her name is Tavie Meldrum. If you wish we could make contact with her to see if she is aware of how to make that happen."

"Would you please?"

"It is my pleasure to serve you."

"Is there anything else we need to know," Conall asked?

"As of right now that is it. We are awaiting a few phone calls for more information."

"Very good then. If there is anything of importance please don't hesitate to seek us out."

"Of course your majesty," Aalish said as the entire council stood and bowed. Without another word they left the room followed by Caiden.

"Alainn, I have cleared the rest of my day so that we can work on a few things."


"Well your magic is one."

"Oh, I thought, well never mind what I thought. Shouldn't we wait for, what was her name, Tavie, before we do that?"

"I think we could go out into the clearing and work some. From your visions, I know that being angry is a catalyst so we will try different emotions to see if they spark something."

"Are you sure that's safe? I don't want to hurt anybody, especially you."

"I have already told Caiden to make certain that pack members stay away. We can also work on you learning to block what you send me and you listening to the pack as well."

"If you say so, but I hate this helpless feeling."

"I know Natalie. I understand your need for control, but sometimes you must learn to release your grip a little."

"Oh, like you do......"

"I am Alpha. I must be in charge."

"Oh according to you I am Alpha too."

"Yes you are, but I know how to be Alpha and all the protocols you do not. Not to worry though you will in no time. Shall we go to the clearing now."

I wasn't particularly fond of letting somebody else have control and wanted to argue my point, but he was right. I had no idea what it took to run a pack, hell a short while ago I didn't know werewolves, witches, vampires and fairies even existed. Now here I am, Natalie Renae Coldwell MBA, mated to a damned wolf, Alpha female to a pack, and a witch. What the hell had happened to my life? I was so far out of my element and absolutely scared shitless.

"I caught all that."

"Huh, oh shit. Yeah let's go I really need to learn that blocking stuff."

"Hold on. I want you to know I understand. I couldn't imagine my life being turned upside down and inside out the way yours has been. It is a testament to your strength that you haven't lost it. Please don't ever feel like you need to hide your feelings and thoughts from me. I want to know even if you believe it would upset me. Okay?"

"Okay. Thank you."

"For what Alainn?"

"Being so wonderful and understanding."

"I love you. I will always be on your side."

"Yeah right we'll see. Come on let's get this started."

The walk to the clearing took about 15 minutes. We walked out past the lake and there was a circular arena type thing surrounded by pillars and really big torches. Conall explained that that

it was where they sparred with one another and fight when there was a challenge issued.

Walking farther along we came to a path that cut through the trees. Following the path we stepped out into the clearing. It was beautiful. There were wild flowers growing everywhere. The scent was amazing.

"Conall this is so beautiful."

"Yes, I rarely get an opportunity to come this far from the compound. It is a nice place to come and think or just relax."

"It makes me feel like a kid. I just want to run." Which is what I did. Suddenly I find myself on my back looking up at the sky. "What the hell Conall?"

"I told you never run from a wolf. I cannot resist the urge to chase you and I adore catching you."

With that he leaned in and started kissing me. I wanted to just go with it, but pulled away.

"Don't we have work to do?" If we start we won't get to it."

I felt a rumble in his chest and felt his frustration through our bond, but he got up nonetheless. "You are right. As much as I would love to have you screaming my name right now we have work to do."

"What should I do first?"

"Well when you used your powers before it was when you were angry so let us start there. Think about something that makes you angry and let's see what happens."

"Ok, I guess."

I thought about the possibility that Crandle had actually murdered my mother. I saw the way he ripped Naal apart. I felt myself getting hot starting at my feet and moving up my body until it reached my hands. I raised my hands and a bush about 50 feet away came flying out of the ground and landed a few more feet away. I was astonished.

"Good A Chumann. Can you do that again?"

"I think so."

Each time I focused on anger I was able to blow something over. I was actually able to shoot fire from my hands while remembering the time I started the fire in the trashcan. I was amazed. After about 3 hours of doing this we changed to me learning to block Conall from hearing my thoughts. It took me sometime to actually get it. I finally just decided to build a wall in my mind with Conall on the otherside of it and that seemed to work. As I was sat there visualizing the wall I suddenly had the feeling of danger the wall fell instantly as my concentration was broken.

"What is it Natalie?"

"I don't know. Danger."

"I don't sense anything out of place."

"Not here, Oh shit Ronnie. It's Ronnie."

"Can you tell what is wrong?'

"There's a man, no two men sitting in a car outside of her house. I can't see there faces, but they are there to take her."

"Where is your cell phone Alainn?"

"In my pocket?"

"Call her Alainn."

I am terrified dialing her number.

"Ronnie listen to me carefully I don't have time to explain just listen to me. Do not under,any circumstances, leave your house. Stay inside I'm sending Bryant to pick you up."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Ronnie please honey you need to listen. Look out your window there is a black SUV parked across the street two houses down. Do you see it?"

"Yes, but I don't understand. How do you know that? It's too damn early to play pranks Nat."

"Do I sound like I'm playing a damn joke? I will tell you all about it as soon as I get you to safety. Conall has sent Bryant and a few others to get you and bring you here. I promise I will tell you everything as soon as you're safe here with me. Please trust me Ronnie."

"Conall she is going to freak when Bryant shows up to her house stark naked. Can't you knock her out or something?"

Conall was shaking his head yes as he reached for the phone.

"Veronica Bryant will be there in 3 minutes. He will becoming in the back. Do you have a speaker phone? Ok good please put me on speaker and then go and sit on the sofa. Can you hear me? Good are you sitting down? Ok then I need you to sleep for me and you won't wake up until Natalie wakes you."

"It is done Alainn, she is sleeping. Bryant is at the door now. "

I was able to keep tabs on the men sent to grab her and it seemed they were waiting for her to leave so they could ambush her and take her to Crandle. She was going to be bait, his way of getting me to come to him willingly. They talked candidly about Crandle, even calling his crazy a few times. The more I listened the more afraid I became. How the hell was I going to deal with this. He was clearly insane and capable of great violence. What was I going to do?

"You are not alone mo ghra. I will protect you with my life as would anyof our warriors."

"NO, I can't ask you or your people to die for me."

"You are their Queen. You are my mate. It is not something you need to ask it simply is. You are no longer alone." He grabbed me and hugged me and I felt all his loveand reassurance flow into me. Slowly we made our way back to the house.

It seemed like forever before Bryant came rushing through the door with the still sleeping form of my best friend. They had captured the two men and drove back using their car. With Ronnie in hand l had him put her in the room she had used during the cookout. After she was laid down I sat down beside the bed dreading this conversation. I looked to Conall and saw concern on his face.

"How am I going to explain this to her?"

"She loves you Alainn. She will accept it all. It may take some time, but she will. I am here with you."

"How do I wake her?"

"Just speak to her. Once she hears your voice she will wake up. She may be a little confused at first so just be patient."


I braced myself for what I was sure was going to be the most difficult conversation of my life.

"Ronnie, Ronnie honey wake up."

As she started to wake up she started talking, "girl I had the weirdest damn dream........"

It must have begun to click then. You couuld see the confusion on her face.

"How the fuck did I get here?"

"Bryant brought you remember?"

"No. All I remember is you calling me and saying I was in danger then putting Conall on speakerphone. After that nothing until just now. What's happening?"

"Ron what I'm about to tell you will seem, well actually, is strange, but hear everything I have to say and then I, we, will answer all of your questions. Deal?"

Relunctantly she shook her head yes, so I started from the beginning. How Conall and I meet, the men at my house to kidnap me for Crandle and how he may have killed my mother, Conall being a werewolf and me being a witch, the dream visions, and finally ending with today's events.

"Those men worked for him and he was going to use you as bait to get to me. I had to get you somewhere safe.That safest place being here."

She turned to Conall and said, "What did you do to my friend?"

"Ronnie, believe me. I didn't belive it at first either then he showed me his wolf and well you can't argue with your own eyes."

"His wolf, really Nat. He's obviously drugged you. werewolves and witches don't exist."

I turned to Conall and said, "show her". He turned his back to us and began his shift. At first Ronnie just sat there then came the scream. Conall quickly shifted back while I tried to calm her. Finally, Conall had make her sleep again.

This was totally fucked. How was I suppose to explain things when she was hysterical. My only option was to try to explain things again when I woke her again. Conall was going to "speak" with the two men and I decided to sit with Ronnie and try to figure a way of getting her to understand.

"Ronnie wakeup."

As her eyes focused she began to look around with fear plainly seen on her face.

"He's not here," I said.

"Natalie, what the hell is going on? He turned into a dog."

"A wolf."

"Oh my mistake. What damn difference does that make?"

"I know you're scared. Hell I was too,a little, but if you'll let me explain."

"How can you explain?"

"Just listen then if you still want to go I will let you, but somewhere safe, ok?"

She shook her head yes and I proceeded to tell her everything. I started with the men breaking into my house and how Conall saved me from being kidnapped, the fact that he was a werewolf as were all the people here and how I was the new Queen Alpha, and finally finished with the fact that I am a witch and how I knew she was in danger. To her credit she sat and listened without interrupting once, but as soon as I was finished........

"Seriously, how can you trust someone you don't know? How do you know he didn't set the whole kidnapping up so he could rush in as the "hero" and save you?"

"Why. why would anybody do something like that?"

"Ahh to get you here so he could brainwash you into believing this load of crap."

"You saw him change for yourself."

"He could have drugged me."

"Ronnie you know me better than that. You know I don't trust people easily, but I trust him. I love him. You know I would never do anything to hurt you and that I'm to suspicious of everything to get conned, trust me it's all real and it's all true."

"You love him? Ha. If I can get you away from here you'll be able to think clearly and then you'll see that he is not what he claims."

"What if......what if there's away to show you what I've seen and experienced, would you believe meand trust me then?"

"How would you do that? Would he have to be here?"

"No. I'm gonna try something. I don't know if it will work, but I have to try. I love you and don't want to loose your friendship if I can help it. Come and sit with me on the floor."

After we were seated I took her hands in mine, told her to clear her mind, and prayed thiswould work. I started thinking about the night Conall saved me, at least what Icould remember of it. The conversations the next day, when we made love (albeit editted some), how I could feel his love for me, the dreams about Naal and the councils information. My witchcraft practice, how I felt then saw what was happening at her house. I showed her everything and then I opened my eyes.

She sat with hereyes closed for a minute or so and then when she finally opened them Icould see she understood.

"Wow that was amazing. It was like I was living every moment with you. I'm still not 100% about this whole werewolf business, I mean it's still a little freaky and all, but I do see that you two love each other. Here's what I'm willing to do, I'll stay if only to watch out for you, but I'm not sold on everything. I'm not sure how I feel about the possibility that I'm living with werewolves, but I'm know you and I know that it must be something to this if you trust it."

All I could do was cry and hug her.


I walked into the holding area with murderous intent. My eyes were glowing yellow and there was a low steady rumble low in my throat. I was going to get answers to my questions one way or another. If they chose another than so be it. The men were held separately in rooms separated by two way glass,but notable to hear. These rooms were designed to make certain that multiple captives are able to see what takes place with hearing what is said. I walked into the first cell and moved purposefully towards the glass making certain the other man saw my eyesand growling so the man with me would certainly hear it.

"What is your name?"

No Answer

"Very well. You may choose to ignore me, but I assure you that won't last long. I know that you are not Were so you stand a chance in this small enclosed space with me. I will ask you again and then I will start making you talk, or should I say scream. What is your name?"

"Steve. Were, what the hell are you talking about Were? I don't know anything, I swear. This guy I know he asked me to help him grab this girl. Said he would pay me $2000.00. That's all I know."

"This friend didn't say what he wanted the girl for?"

"No, just that we had to get her. That's all I promise."

"Is the man in the other room this friend of yours?"

"Yes, his name is Dexter. Man please let me go."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that. At least not yet."

"But I don't know anything."

"I am going to speak with this Dexter. I will return when I'm done."

I waited before entering the next room. Giving this Dexter time to draw his own conclusions.

"Dexter, is it? Why were you after the woman?"

"I will not be answering any questions."

I grabbed him by the throat and hoisted him out of the chair and snarled, "that would be fine with me I would prefer to kill you. You are connected with the attempted kidnapping of my mate are you not? It would give me great pleasure and satisfaction to break your neck right now. I would, of course like some answers to some questions, but if not at least I will know you will not be alive any longer." For emphasis I added pressure to his neck and shifted my hand so that my claws could dig in. His eyes bulged, but he managed to squeek out a no.

"As you wish." Then I hada thought. I decided to transform to hybrid and torture my answers from him.

"You know there are worse things then death?" I released his neck and used my razor sharp claws to shred his shirt making sure to slice into the skin beneath. He let out a scream, but nothing more so I went further.

"I. Think. I. Will. Take. My. Time. With. Your. Torture," I said, punctuating each word with another swipe of my claw.

"I promise to make it quick if you answer my questions truthfully."

Panting heavily he said, "turn me and I will tell you everything."

This took me by surprise and I had to ask, "why?"

"He will surely kill me if he finds out I told you anything. At least as a wolf I may stand a chance."

"What if I promise to keep you safe until he is dead, and he will surely die, would that be sufficient?"

"What if you fail?"

"Dexter, do you know anything about male werewolves?"

He shook his head yes.

"Well then you know we will die to protect our pack, but especially our mate and pups. The first woman you attempted to kidnap is my mate and the second is her best friend, who is under the protection of this pack. So you see I will not fail, it is not in me to fail. I will kill Vincent Crandle if it is the last thing I do in this life."

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