tagLoving WivesNatalie Gets a Show

Natalie Gets a Show


I've always wanted to see my wife with another guy, and Natalie is well aware about that particular fantasy however has always been hesitant with the idea. She felt like she would be cheating on me, or that it would ruin our relationship.

But it's something I just can't get out of my head.

That being said, Natalie is perfect and I couldn't love her more. She's a tiny 5'3" perfect 130lb with a shelf ass and perfect D cup breasts. She's always had a wild side, which has always been highlighted by her high sex drive and her eagerness to try new things. She'd wear some semi sheer tops when I got them for her, go out without a bra and loose tank top, wear thongs to the beach and go topless.

But she still was hesitant about introducing another guy into our sex life.

We decided that we would take a trip to Vegas for the weekend; it's a good place to let loose, party, and lose inhibitions. We had been to strip clubs before together, but I figured I would set up for male stripper to come to our room and give private show at midnight after we arrived so we could get things rolling.

We were both surprisingly energetic when we landed late in the afternoon, so after checking into our room, we decided that we would head down to the casino to play some tables, drink, and have a bite to eat. I had bought Natalie some clothes as I frequently do when I want to see her dressed seductively. I laid out a short leather mini skirt with zipper detailing and a very thin, almost transparent printed tank top. I love seeing Natalie out in something that is so suggestive, and she knows it. She always wears a pair of heels that accentuate her long less and pert ass as well, perfectly showing off her gorgeous body.

I told Natalie I was going to head down while she got ready and I would see her in a few. After about half an hour playing cards, I saw her walking through the casino towards me. She looked absolutely perfect and it was obvious that I wasn't the only one that thought so as guys turned to watch her walk by.

She was a little nervous having all that attention, but after a couple vodka tonics, Natalie started to loosen up. We moved over to the craps table where she got ever more attention. Every set of male eyes in the room were glued to her chest whenever she leaned over to throw the dice, watching her breasts bounce in her flimsy top as they cheered her on.

Natalie continue to loosen up with a few more drinks and even started to love the attention from the group. It killed me to pull her away from the casino at 11:30 and ruin her fun, but I had other plans for our night. As we walked back to the room, I stopped by the concierge and asked them to deliver a bottle of champagne to our room.

Shortly after we get settled in the room, there is a knock on the door. When Natalie opens the door, there's a hot, tall, built man with the champagne bottle in ice and 2 glasses. He introduces himself as Nick and asks if he can come in open it for us. I see Natalie look him up and down as he passes by her. He sets down the glasses on the coffee table in front of me, while Natalie sits back down on the couch next to me. He pops the cork and pours two glasses for us, his hand lingering as he hands Natalie the glass.

I lean over, kiss Natalie on the cheek, clink my glass with hers, and simply say, "Enjoy the show."

In front of us, Nick starts slowly swaying his hips side to side, seductively dancing for Natalie. I move over to the chair next to the couch to give him some room to focus solely on her. She looks at me in disbelief, so I reassure her and tell her to have fun.

She shrugs her shoulders and smiles as though to say "if you say so", crosses her legs, leans back on the chair and returns her attention to Nick. It's obvious the drinks and attention she was getting earlier helped lower her inhibitions.

Nick moves closer to her while still swaying to the music. I watch as he swings a leg over her knees, straddling her as he slowly starts to unbutton his shirt. Inch by inch, he revealed his shaven and chiseled chest, before letting the shirt fall open to show off his washboard stomach.

I can see Natalie squirm a little in her seat as Nick keeps dancing over her, moving his hips in circles. He pulls his shirt down his arms, exposing muscled biceps before he takes it completely off and swings it around Natalie's neck to grab the other end. Nick rocks the shirt back on forth while dancing right in front of her face. She can't take her eyes off his chest and stomach.

He uses his shirt to pull her sitting upright, then reaches down to grab her hands from her lap, pulls them to his chest, and places her palms on him. I can see Natalie is getting really hot from this, as she lets her hands drop along Nick's washboard abs. While Nick continues to sway over Natalie, he slowly unbuckles his belt and whips it out of the belt loops in his pants.

He then backs away and turns around. I can see Natalie's eyes stare at his ass; his pants were tight to show off it's perfect shape along with muscular hamstrings. He then turns back around, slowly lowers himself to the floor and crawls toward Natalie. He takes a gentle hold of her ankle and lifts it to uncross her legs, placing it on his shoulder all while he continues to move his hips to the rhythm of the music. He crawls closer to her to where her legs rests on his shoulder at her knee. I know he can see up her skirt to her wet panties as his head is only slightly above this level and the position he has her keeps her legs slightly spread. He continues to move forward which causes her leg to slip off to the side and be completely spread open.

Nick places his hands on the couch on either side of Natalie and arches his hip forward. He continues to dance on top of her, grinding his hips into the couch at her groin while moving up and down rubbing on her. I could see her breathing deepen and could tell she was really enjoying this as she allowed herself to sink lower into the chair pushing her spread legs forward.

He grinds into for a brief period to tease her, but then stands up and moves to behind her chair. He quickly leans over her and places his hands on her thighs, then slowly and seductively moves them up her body. First catching the bottom of her skirt to pull it up as far as it would allow with her sitting, then letting his hands continue up to her stomach as he buries his head in her neck from behind. I watch as Natalie lets her head fall back to rest on his shoulder..

Nick starts to stand up straighter, allowing his hands to follow. He drags his hands across Natalie's plump breasts. I see her arch her back and push her chest forward into his hands. He cups her breasts and gently massages them, before continuing to drag his fingers up her chest to her neck then across her lips.

He then circles back to be in front of Natalie. He places his legs inside her knees and pushes forward against the couch and out to spread her legs apart. He reaches down all the way to her ankles and starts to run his hands up her legs to her sides. As he approaches her skirt, his hands continue up to again lift the skirt a little higher than before. It's now high enough that I can just see her semi sheer pink panties exposed from my seat.

He lets go of the skirt and again takes her hands. He places her fingers right on his waistband of his perfectly fitted jeans at the button. Then he takes his hands and places them behind his head and asks "Will you help me take these off?"

She grins, looks at me with a devilish look, and then back to him. I'm loving how much he is getting her to interact with him.

Natalie unbuttons his top button, then the next, and the next, slowly. After the third button, it is obvious that Nick is not wearing anything under his jeans. She continues to unbutton his pants, her fingers working so close to his cock. After she unbuttons the last button of his jean, she tucks her fingers in his waistband and slides them to his sides, which pulls her more upright and closer to him.

He slowly sways his hips back and forth as she pulls down on his pants with her fingers. His pants drop below his ass, his semi-hard cock now only 12" from Natalie's face.

She freezes and stares as Nick continues to sway his hips. She starts backing away, making to let go of his pants, but he quickly grabs her hands. "Nope, you gotta take them all the way off," he smirks.

She hesitates before leaning forward even further, changing her position so that she can push the jeans down. They don't move as easily as they were tighter around his thighs which makes her struggle and move closer to be able to push them down. She helps him completely take his pants off his ankles.

As Natalie sits upright, Nick grabs her hands before she can sit back. He holds them in one hand and pulls Natalie's arms straight above her head, resting them on his chest. This pulls Natalie completely upright and positions her face inches from his cock. Nick continues to gyrate his hips in a circle, still holding her hands to his chest.

He then let's go of her hands, but they remain on his chest. I can see she is turned on being so close him as she seems to completely forget I was there with her. Then she slowly lowers her hands, allowing them to feel his chest again, but she doesn't lean back. Her hands trail down his body and then reach around behind him and grab his ass.

He then takes her and pushes her back on the couch, the puts his hands down on the couch next to her hips and starts to lower his pelvis in a seductive way onto her. Natalie's legs are still spread as he lowers himself into her. He pulls his hips back up before pressing against her again. Then he remains with his hips pressed into her and starts grinding his naked cock on her. I see her uncomfortable at first but then relaxes into it.

He continues to grind on her and I see her slightly swaying her hips in coordination with him. He then takes one of her ankles lifts it up and places it wrapped around him on his butt. She follows suit and wraps her other leg around his hips. He takes her arm and wraps it around his neck and then lifts her up. Right in front of me, is a naked man, with Natalie draped on him, legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck.

He turn toward me so her back is facing me. I can see that the position she is in has completely hiked her skirt up to around her waist, her entire ass exposed and framed by her thong. He moves down the couch and places her down so that they are on the end of the couch right next to my chair, still entangled together.

He slides his body down hers, keeping her legs spread out on his arms. He grinds his hips in rhythm to the music as he lowers himself further until his face is right in front of her exposed pussy. He then suddenly buries his face right into her, with just her thin, wet thong actually between his face and her throbbing pussy.

I hear Natalie audibly let out a moan before she reaches down on grabs his hair, holding his head buried deep in her. He continues to make the whole scene a sexual strip dance while I watch the sexual excitement building in Natalie. I'm so turned on seeing her like this I can feel my own cock rigid and throbbing pressing against my pants.

Nick then lifts his head and slides his body up so that his hips are again pressed into her. He is holding his upper body upright with his hands on the couch in a way that keeps her legs up and spread wide.

He remains pressed up against her hard and grinding. He hips are clearly pushing back and grinding with his rhythm. Several times, he stops grinding and thrusts against her as though they were having deep passionate sex.

Natalie is loving this as she can't take her eyes off his muscular body. Her breasts bounce back and forth as they grind on each other, before she reaches up and starts caressing herself with both of hands. Being how loose and thin her shirt is, it isn't long before it is pushed completely away and her nipples are exposed. She continues to massage her breasts as Nick grinds against her.

He then pauses and lifts his hips up off her. This is the first point that both Natalie and I see that he is completely hard from grinding against her. I'm sure she had known this already from feeling him against her, but I'm now seeing it.

He positions his so that his head is right against her swollen pussy. He then slaps his cock against her pussy several times before he places it right against her as though he is going to insert his cock into her. He pauses and I'm in shock not knowing where this is going to go. The only thing keeping him from fucking her is her very thin, now soaking wet panties.

He then presses his cock into her as far as her panties will allow. Her eyes flutter closed in response as she gasps, bucking her hips forward. He's grinding slowly into her now, with a look of straight lust on his face as well as a clenched jaw as he tries to maintain control.

Then he backs up slightly from her, reaches down and grabs the upper part of her panties. He lifts up and pulls on then in a way that bunch together, part her lips and form a thong in her pussy. He pushes back against her and starts teasing her again with his cock, rubbing the entire length of his shaft up and down in between her now exposed pussy lips.

Natalie's hand slaps down onto mine and grabs it. Pure ecstasy is strewn across her face, and I could feel my cock throbbing in response to her reactions.

I look down and see that the shaft of his cock is glistening, covered in the juices seeping out of her dripping wet pussy. He again places his head at her entrance, circles it around and in her pussy lips before he thrusts forward, the head popping into her tight hole.

My cock is so hard knowing my love is as close to having sex with another man as she can be without actually doing it. I'm yearning to see her grab him and pull him all the way into her, but I know that her panties are preventing this.

He continues to grind his tip slightly in and out of her with her squirming under him in response, desperately attempting to find a way to get him to slide into her but failing.

Nick then pulls back and steps 1 leg up over hers onto the couch in a way that positions his throbbing cock right in front of Natalie's eyes but also in a way that he is facing me so that I can see the full show. He continues to grind and sway. He leans into her and starts circling the tip of his cock on her exposed nipple. Cursing, she arched her back forward, begging for more.

Nick then puts his other foot up and stands on the couch, straddling her. Natalie without hesitation reaches up and places her hands on his stomach before allowing them to drop. Her hand then runs over his stiff cock, pressing his shaft up against him, before she fully wraps her fingers around it and smiled. This is the first cock she has held other than mine since we started dating several years ago.

Natalie starts slowly stroking his cock up and down, carefully watching her fingers caress his shaft as she explores her new toy. She's enjoying playing with it and was taking her time to explore it fully; shaking it slightly from side to side, jerking it, working his cock with two hands.

Then she looks at me with a devilish grin, locking her eyes with mine. She leans forward into Nick, holding his cock in place with her hand, and seductively kisses the head. Her tongue appears and I watch as she teases his head, flicking her tongue around it. Then she parts her lips and slowly takes the head of his cock in her mouth. Nick pauses for a moment while she holds his head in mouth before he pulls back away from her.

She opened her mouth and looked up at him as if she was asking permission for more. He hesitated before simply looking at her and smiling.

"Did you enjoy the dance?"

Realising her play time was over, Natalie returned the smile.

"It was amazing, thank you" she replied.

Nodding in appreciation, Nick moved to start picking up his clothes before heading to the bathroom. Natalie sat there, not moving, just smiling and I could tell she was really horny and wanted more. The rest of the night's story to be continued.

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by WatcherRob02/17/19


You are an excellent story teller. Brought Natalie and your readers to a fever pitch - then........ It was over just as planned.
Good job. Now I'll have to check your other stories.

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by rodryder4402/17/19


Great fucking arousal turn on. Must have his cock push that thong aside

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by Anonymous07/11/18

This was intense

Watching him tease her and come oh so close to actually fucking her had to be so damn erotic. There is something about a married woman when she reaches that point of sexual arousal when she just throwsmore...

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