Natalie Gets Seconds

byAnson Macabre©

"Those are really nice," Roger said. "How big are they?"


"Impressive rack for a high school girl. Did daddy buy them?"

"No. They're real." Mr. Randle could've testified on her behalf.

"Jump and down."

The demands just kept coming. Worse still, Natalie was obeying. When had she become so weak, so willing to please?

Natalie jumped, forcing her breasts to rock with her body's movements. She was finally getting a taste of what manipulation felt like. Mr. Randle was in complete control.

Tits exposed, jumping up and down in a hotel room while an old man documented with his camcorder, Natalie felt totally ridiculous. She could get dressed and walk out of the hotel room any time she wanted, but extreme lust for Mr. Randle kept her in place.

"Can you suck your own nipples?"

"There's only one way to find out."

Natalie got into the groove of the game. She pushed her large breasts upward with her hands, managing to get a nipple from her right breast into her mouth. She greedily licked around the surface, and gently bit down, then repeated the procedure on the left breast.

"Bite harder."

Natalie sunk her teeth into her nipple, biting and stretching until pain forced her to stop. She caressed the sting with the gentle strokes of her tongue, then proceeded to sink her teeth into the other nipple. Her nipples were saliva coated, erect and sore. Judging their faces, Mr. Randle and Roger would have had it no other way.

"Let's see that pussy," Mr. Randle spoke, breaking his long silence.

Again Natalie hesitated. Had Mr. Randle been the only man in this room, these commands would be so much easier to follow.

Natalie unbuttoned her pants, and pulled the skin tight denim jeans down her legs. Next, she removed her red panties, pulling them down to her ankles carefully, trying to stop Roger from looking. The attempt was useless, however. He was going to look whether she wanted him to or not.

Her pubic hair was trimmed fairly short, exposing her swollen labia. Despite her uneasiness, Natalie continued to get hornier. She still wanted Mr. Randle's cock inside her in the worst way.

"You like my pussy?" Natalie asked.

"Yeah," both men said in unison.

"Let's see some fingers in that pussy," Roger said. "First get on the floor. Lay down. Do it slow."

The red carpet the Scarlet Inn laid out in their rooms didn't look very clean, but Natalie did as instructed. On the floor, she moved her hands over her breasts, caressing and squeezing, then guided her hand down her abdomen. Lightly running her fingers through the trimmed, red pubic hairs, Natalie let out a soft moan. Her fingers moved across her glistening pussy lips, and two fingers gradually squeezed inside the slippery, eager opening.

Both men watched in silent awe, unable to believe there was naked, big breasted school girl masturbating at their demand. She never avoided eye contact, gazing into the camera, then at Mr. Randle while the fingers slid back and forth.

"This feels so good, Mr. Randle," Natalie moaned. The more she lost herself in the moment, the easier it became to submit. She guided her fingers quicker and more keenly, observing the expressions on the men's faces. She inserted a third finger while massaging herself with thumb and pinky.

"Taste yourself," Mr. Randle said.

Natalie was losing her grip. Deeper and deeper she plunged the fingers, making herself scream and moan, nearing a powerful climax. She had masturbated often in between relationships, but never had she experienced the glory and out of control ecstasy offered from masturbating with company. Seconds from climax, Natalie pulled her fingers from her pussy, and inserted them deep into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the finger tips, tasting her own juices while the men watched with enchanted expressions.

"Yummy," she mumbled, staring into the camera with wicked grin on her cute, heart-shaped face.

"Okay Natalie," Roger said, rediscovering his composure. "Are you ready for some cock?"

Enthusiastically, she nodded, licking her lips.

The real fun was about to begin.


Natalie mischievously tongued his inner thighs, teasing him by coming near his balls, but leaving only the feel of her hot breath against the wetness as she went back down. While executing the flawless tongue work, her tiny hands stroked his cock. Intoxicated by the scent of his body, Natalie sucked and nibbled on his heavy balls, and worked her way gradually from the base of the cock to the head with her tongue. Grinning devilishly, Natalie winked in the direction of the camera. All at once, she crammed six inches of thick black cock deep inside her mouth, licking the underside of the shaft as it descended between her full pink lips.

"Oh yeah, Nat. Suck my cock like it's the last time."

Gathering more saliva in her mouth, she licked and tasted the swollen head of the penis, making sure it got nice and slippery. She moved her hand up and over it, then pushed the head hard against her cheek to offer the camera something interesting. His cock head pushed violently against her left cheek. Natalie smiled around the cock while balls danced against her chin; her eyes were never leaving the camera. Natalie was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Kneeled between Mr. Randle's legs as he sat at the edge of the bed, Natalie noticed her movements cast a reflection in the television a few feet across from her. In fascination, she watched the hulking black cock push and vanish between her lips as she continued to bob her head. Saliva trickled from her mouth, dribbling down his shaft and coating his balls. She mockingly slid the penis from her mouth, and licked up and down the shaft, moved back up, stopping at the head, licking around in circular motion, then paying extra attention to the ridge underneath the head. Meanwhile, Mr. Randle gasped in appreciation while caressing and massaging Natalie's breasts.

"Damn that looks good," Roger said. "What I would do for just a minute with a mouth like that."

Natalie let the comment go in one ear, and out the other.

Engrossed, she sucked and nibbled his balls with great enthusiasm. She molested each testicle with mouth, rotating back and forth every ten seconds as Mr. Randle slapped her forehead with his dick. A minute later, he grabbed Natalie by the back of the head, and guided his cock deep inside the warms depths of her mouth while jerking off the lower half of his cock.

"Say 'I love your cock, Mr. Randle," Roger said.

Muffled, she attempted the words. "I ov or ock Mihir Rall."

"Good girl."

Mr. Randle gripped her pig-tails as he began slamming his cock into her mouth with more ferocity. He threw her head against his cock while thrusting wildly, causing his balls to slap her face. Natalie gagged, coughing saliva over his cock. Mr. Randle got to his feet, keeping her pig-tails firmly wrapped around his hands, and his cock deep in her mouth. Seven inches of dark, thick penis crammed her throat. He held it there for ten long seconds, before finally releasing.

"Oh my God!" Natalie inhaled.

The cock slid back in her mouth. He fucked Natalie's throat slowly, slamming the globular head against her tonsils, then quickly pulling out. Natalie's eyes were red and watery, but she was smiling.

"I'll never forget this moment."

Pubic hair stuffed her nose, and balls pushed against her chin. He held his cock in her throat for ten seconds, widely distending her cheeks. Natalie relaxed her throat muscles, going with the flow. She wasn't an expert deep throat girl, but with Mr. Randle training her, she was quickly becoming excellent.


He pulled his cock from her mouth, allowing Natalie to breathe.

"Do you like that big black cock fucking your pretty little mouth?" Roger asked.

"I love it.

"Let's see some tit-fucking," Roger said.

Mr. Randle was more than happy to oblige. He sat back on the bed, placed his cock between her tits, and began rocking up and down as Natalie held her breasts together.

"Fuck my big titties, Mr. Randle."

His cock drove against the soft, mountainous flesh, and each time his cock head passed through, Natalie gently licked the head, tasting some pre-cum in the process.

"This is a perfect shot," Roger said.

Mr. Randle smiled, but didn't seem to be hearing the camera man. Natalie grew hotter, more vulnerable and horny. She needed Mr. Randle's penis deep inside her pussy.

"Will you fuck me now, Mr. Randle?"


Mr. Randle fucked her pussy with his thick fingers. She was spread eagle on the king-size bed, watching him operate between her legs. He licked up her thighs, stopping at the glistening slit. Licking around it, Natalie immediately erupted with screams of ecstasy as he also continued squeeze three fingers into the slippery opening.

Lost in a blaze of lust, he sucked and licked around the mound while working his fingers around the outer lips. She bit down on her own nipples to keep from screaming out. Spreading apart her pussy lips with both hands, he buried his face in her pussy, moving his tongue up and down between.

"Oh God! Mr. Randle, I'm gonna cum. You're making me cum."

He slithered his tongue against her clitoris until Natalie exploded on his face, screaming muffled obscenities as she gnawed on her own breasts. Shuddering violently, the orgasm washed over her body like a mighty tidal wave.

"Please fuck me now," she begged Mr. Randle.

"Yes," Roger said. "Please fuck her now, Mr. Randle."

Legs still spread in the air, Natalie felt him insert his cock inside her pussy. It didn't make for as tight a squeeze the second time around, but his cock still didn't invade her opening without some resistance.

Buried eight inches deep inside Natalie, he paused for a moment, then pulled out. He did this several times until she felt utterly insane with desire.

"Fuck me, Mr. Randle."

Pumping fiercely, his pelvis repeatedly slammed into her bubbly ass. Natalie's knees were pushed against her tits. She moaned loudly as the monster cock reamed out her pussy. Mr. Randle's body glistened with sweat. The light shimmered off his bald head, or that could've been her imagination. She hadn't noticed Roger change his position in the room. His crotch-erection and all-was two feet from her face.

Mr. Randle maneuvered her legs, holding them in the air while spreading them apart. His cock slammed deep and hard into her willing cunt. Her tits rocked back and forth from the impact. Unable to keep another orgasm from unleashing, Natalie wrapped her legs around his body, and used her thighs to push Mr. Randle into her. She pressed her fingernails against the flesh of his thighs as her body shuddered from another intense orgasm.

"Oh, Mr. Randle. This feels so good."

"It's only gonna get better," he promised.

Next, Natalie straddled Mr. Randle cock while facing away. She impaled her pussy with his cock, taking every inch. It felt as though his cock were in her stomach. Natalie moved herself up and down his cock while Mr. Randle matched the rhythm. His breathing was becoming more labored, but he was hanging in there; a real trooper.

"Ride my fuckin' cock, white girl."

"Yeah white girl, ride his fuckin' cock," Roger said.

Natalie bent over the bed, nearly doing the split over his legs in the process. Pushing up against his ankles with her hands, she slammed her pussy against his cock. Immediately, Mr. Randle matched the pace, then really starting pounding away. They were engaged in this position for a few minutes before Mr. Randle stopped.

"Why'd you stop, Mr. Randle?"

"There's one more thing that needs to be done before I cum," he said.

Now what? Natalie wondered. She had given Mr. Randle everything tonight. She had thrown her pride out the window, taken orders, had done sleazy things while attempting to ignore a middle-aged man with a camcorder, and still he wasn't done.

"I need one more memento," Mr. Randle said. "I want to be the first man to fuck that sweet white ass."


Natalie gulped.

Oh my God!

Natalie was speechless once again. How much more could he take? She wouldn't do it. She would live her entire life without getting fucked in the ass.

Mr. Randle straddled her doggie-style, and guided his middle finger up and down her tight anal opening. Impossible, she kept thinking to herself. He couldn't possible squeeze his cock into an opening that concealed. He applied a massive amount of lube on his cock.

"Ouch," she cried out. "Mr. Randle, it hurts."

He spread her butt cheek apart with one hand while squeezing two fingers inside her ass. He moved them back and forth, barely able too create movement.

After a few minutes of preparation, however, Mr. Randle was fucking her virgin asshole with three fingers. Shuddering in both anticipation and fear, Natalie squeezed her eyes shut as his cock gently shuddered against her anus.

"It'll only hurt for a few minutes," he promised.

From the corner of her eye, she could see Roger, moving in for a close-up of the magical moment.

Natalie winced.

Mr. Randle jammed the head of his massive penis into the small opening of her ass.

"It's too big," she pleaded.

"Just relax," he insisted.

One inch at a time, his cock filled her ass. She could feel the muscles stretching apart, and a tear rolling down her face. The burning sensation was intolerable.

"How does that feel?" she barely heard Roger ask.

"It burns so bad, Mr. Randle."

Six inches deep, the former substitute teacher came to a halt. Apparently, he had her right when he wanted her. He gave her sphincter muscles some time to adjust, then gradually, he commenced fucking her ass.

"Just calm down," Mr. Randle said.

She became aware of many things trying to relax. The room was really small. There was a painting of a boat adrift at sea without passengers on the wall directly in front of her. She had never taken off her socks. She was getting fucked in the ass, getting it doggie-style, and she was wearing socks. Focusing on the small things seemed to help. The pain drifted away.

Mr. Randle squeezed her ass cheeks violently while fucking her. With every thrust, his cock became easier to guide inside her ass. For the first time since his cock entered her ass, Natalie moaned.

"Starting to enjoy yourself, huh?"

Grabbing Natalie by the pig-tails, he pounded her with a little more intensity. She could feel her breasts swaying. Roger had changed positions. He was kneeling on the bed, and the camera was directly in her face as Mr. Randle fucked her ass. Reacting before thinking, she pulled the zipper of Roger's pants down, and fished out his cock.

"That's a good girl," Mr. Randle said. "Play with his cock."

She spit on her hand, and stroked his cock, coating all six inches with saliva. Roger scooted on the bed, handed the camera to Mr. Randle, and moved his cock closer to her mouth.

Still fucking her ass with savage determination, making her squeal at the same time, Mr. Randle also operated the camera.

"Fuck my ass!" she begged.

She continued to stroke Roger's cock while licking around the head. Before she could take the cock in her mouth, Roger burst, sending two thick jets of cum across her face, the first striking her forehead, and the second shooting across her right eye. The rest he neatly deposited inside her mouth. He took the camera back from Mr. Randle.

"Open wide," Roger said.

Her pink tongue was flooded with the milky cum.

"Swallow my load, whore."

Natalie did as instructed.

"Open up."

The cum was gone. Natalie screamed out as Mr. Randle yanked her hair, nearly pulling the pig-tails from her head. There was barely enough time to hand the camera back to Roger.

"Ah shit! I'm cuming!"

With a piercing scream, Mr. Randle shot jet after jet of thick cum deep inside her asshole. Natalie replied with screams of her own. Her body shivered, rocked by a third orgasm. Soon after, her exhausted body collapsed on the bed. Cum dribbling from her ass.

"Now that's the perfect way to say good-bye," Mr. Randle said.

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