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Natalie Gulbis & Beatrice Ricari


The Sime Darby LPGA Tournament wrapped up on Sunday at the Kuala Lumpur Country Club in Malaysia. It had been a disappointing finish for Julie Inkster who fell one stroke short of becoming the oldest player ever to win a LPGA tournament. It had been disappointing for Natalie Gulbis as well as she had started the day in contention but just could not put together a solid final round. Also rookie Beatrice Recari had played well all week and she had hoped to win her second LPGA tournament. Both Natalie and Beatrice had that statistic in common; they had both only won one tournament in their career. However that wasn't the only thing they had in common, both these young ladies were smoking hot and clearly the prettiest girls on tour.

Beatrice and Natalie were leaving the clubhouse and on their way back to the hotel. A courtesy car pulled up and the two girls decided to ride together back to the hotel. They had met before and they had quickly become friends although they had yet to be paired together in a tournament. Natalie and Beatrice had played a few practice rounds together and they got along very well.

"It was a tough day today, very warm and humid," Beatrice said.

"Yes, I didn't play well at all. I was only two strokes behind the leaders when the day started but I shot three over for the day," Natalie replied with a sigh.

"Well we will get it next time," Beatrice said with a laugh.

"Yeah next time," Natalie answered and then added, "I felt bad for Julie though. She played well but she missed the putt on 18 that would have put her in the playoff."

"Yes that is too bad. She is quite the competitor at age 50," Beatrice offered.

The car pulled up in front of the hotel and Beatrice asked, "Natalie do you have any plans for this evening?"

"No, not really, I was going to get a glass of wine and then call room service. The player's lounge is closed since so many players are flying out today," Natalie replied.

"Why don't you come to my room and we can dine together. I have some wine in the room and we can relax and enjoy the evening," Beatrice suggested.

"That sounds great; I'd rather not eat alone. I'm going to take a quick rinse off and throw on some warmups and then I'll be over," Natalie accepted.

"Good, I'll will do the same thing and then I will see you soon," Beatrice agreed.

The two girls went to their rooms which happened to be on the same floor of the hotel. Natalie stripped off her black golf outfit which was one of her favorites. It was also a favorite of many of the men in the gallery. They loved watching Natalie strut around in her tight outfit were her 36 C breasts pushing out. They loved the way the short skirt hugged her bottom and the way her buttocks undulated when she walked. They also loved her long tan shapely legs and Natalie knew that many a spectator fantasized about making love to her.

Natalie decided not to wash her hair so she left it in the singles braid that had become so recognizable. Natalie always had the single braid pulled through the opening in her golf hat and it added to her sexy appearance. Natalie looked at herself in the full length mirror and she liked what she saw. Her 36-24-36 figure was nearly perfect at 5'9" and 130 pounds. Natalie was golden tanned except for her buttocks and breasts. She smiled as she looked at her naked body as it appeared that she was wearing a white bikini. Natalie ducked into the shower and relaxed under the hot water.

In the other room Beatrice was also in the shower having removed her plain but alluring golf clothes. Beatrice was not as flashy as Natalie or some of the other girls on tour but she looked good in anything that she wore. That day she had worn a golf skirt that moved with any breeze and she knew that many a man in the gallery hoped for a peek at her curvy ass. The top was short and showed off the skin of her flat belly on her follow through when she swung. She was a very appealing young woman and a male gallery favorite.

As Beatrice showered she wondered about Natalie. She knew that Natalie had dated boys just as she had but she wondered if Natalie had ever been with another girl. Beatrice, then as she soaped her 34-24-34, 5'5" and 115 pound figure, though back to her any experience with another woman. As she ran her hands over her sensitive shapely body she imagined first that it was her tutor, who had seduced her when she was 19; then she imagined that it was Natalie. Beatrice was tempted to masturbate as she fantasized about Natalie but then thought better of it.

Both girls finished their showers, dried their bodies and put on warmups. Natalie opted to skip the bra under her top but she did wear panties under the bottoms. Beatrice however elected to skip both the bra and panties. Minutes later Natalie arrived at Beatrice's room. Beatrice greeted her at the door and kissed Natalie European style on both cheeks. Natalie always got a kick out of that greeting as lips never touched the skin and just seemed to kiss the air. Beatrice invited Natalie in and immediately poured the wine for them.

"I'm so glad that you decided to join me. I didn't feel like spending the evening alone," Beatrice said.

"Me too, it does get lonely on the tour sometimes," Natalie agreed.

Beatrice raised her wine glass in a toast and said, "Here's to an enjoyable evening."

"To a good evening with a good friend," replied Natalie.

The two girls sipped their wine and then Beatrice asked, "Are you hungry or do you want to wait for awhile before we order?"

"I'd just as soon wait. I'm not that hungry right now and the wine is wonderful," Natalie responded.

"I'm glad you like it," Beatrice said.

The two girls were seated at either end of the sofa in the room and they were facing each other. Beatrice stared into Natalie's blue green eyes and she felt a slight tingle in her loins. Beatrice clearly desired Natalie but she did not want to offend her and lose a good friend. Natalie saw Beatrice staring at her and Natalie noticed the wanton look in Beatrice's dark brown eyes. Natalie was attracted to the Spanish girl's mysterious Mediterranean appearance.

"Natalie, you have very outgoing about your beauty for many years now. You know with your web site and your calendar. How the other women on tour resented you for that?" Beatrice inquired.

"At first there was some resentment but not today. Besides there have been many attractive girls come on the tour; Morgan, Paula, Christie, Stacy, Suzanne and Anna to name a few. Then you this year and you are beautiful Beatrice," Natalie answered.

"Thank you Natalie for saying that. Oh let me get us some more wine," Beatrice offered.

They had finished the first bottle and Beatrice opened a second one. "We might as well drink this as we can't take it with us," Beatrice giggled.

Both girls were feeling the effects of the wine but they were very relaxed with each other. Beatrice this time sat in the middle of the sofa much closer to Natalie. Beatrice looked at Natalie again and she was taken with the blonde's beauty.

"Natalie I know that you have dated men but have you ever made love with another woman?" Beatrice asked surprising Natalie with her directness.

"Well no, not really, what about you? I know you have boyfriend but have you ever been with a woman?" Natalie asked in return.

"Yes, it was when I was 18 years old. I was playing so much golf that I had to have a tutor to keep up with school. Her name was Anna and she was beautiful. She seduced me and we made love several times but just that year," Beatrice admitted.


"I'll tell you about it but no one else knows it ever happened," Beatrice said and she moved closer to Natalie.

Their thighs were touching and they could feel the firmness of each other's leg through the warm-up pants. Beatrice reached up behind Natalie's head and played with Natalie's braided hair as she began her story. "Anna was beautiful at the age of 30 years old as she kept herself very fit. She always dressed very conservatively and for the most part concealed her shapely 36-24-36 figure. She had light brown hair and piercing eyes that captivated me."

Beatrice explained, "It happened one day at her home. I arrived at her house and Anna told me to come in and lock the door. Anna took me in her arms and kissed me on the lips. Anna was very gentle and very tender as she kissed me and I returned the kiss. Soon we were French kissing and Anna was rubbing her hands over my breasts through the cotton sweater. I started to moan as my tongue dueled with Anna's tongue. Anna steered me over to the sofa and we both sat down on it."

Natalie was getting a little uncomfortable with the story but in a way it was exciting. Beatrice continued to play with Natalie's hair as she continued, "Anna then lifted the light cotton sweater over my head and then removed my bra baring my entire upper body. She lowered her mouth to my breasts and told me how beautiful my breasts were and how delicious my nipples tasted. It was the first time anyone had kissed my breasts. Anna than began her tortuous journey down my body using her mouth to taste and caress every inch of my skin. Anna unsnapped the clasp on my skirt and slowly pulled it down my hips. I automatically raised my hips to make it easier for Anna to remove my skirt. Anna took it off of my legs and tossed it over with the sweater. Anna's hands then returned to my panties, which by now were soaking wet with desire, and she tucked her fingers into the elastic waistband and painstakingly slid them down and off of my legs. I was now totally naked on the sofa as Anna stood up to remove all of her own clothes. My pussy was so wet that I was sure that I had already orgasmed just from being undressed and kissed."

Natalie squirmed on the sofa and she felt moistness if her vagina. She was glad that she had opted to wear panties under her warm-up pants. Beatrice went right on talking even though she noticed Natalie getting turned-on by the story, "Anna sat back down with me on the sofa and our bodies came together. It was a wonderful feeling and I loved our breasts pressing together. My breathing became shallow and my moans became loud. As Anna's tongue circled the right nipple on my breast, I became increasingly aware that it was not going to take much to make me cum. I felt Anna's fingers stroke my wet mound locating my puffy pussy and then found their way inside me. I moved my legs further apart trying to help Anna and soon she was fingering me with soft, slow, tender probes. It was wonderful."

Beatrice let the back of her hand caress Natalie's cheek and Natalie shivered signaling her exited state. Beatrice continued to stroke Natalie's face and play with her hair and she went on with her story, "I couldn't take it any longer, I gently pushed Anna's head down and Anna nestled her face between my legs. Anna used her hands to slowly open my legs and placed my thighs on her shoulders. Anna stared right into my pussy and licked her lips driving me wild with desire. Then with one finger Anna traced the soft outer lips of my swollen pussy lips and applied gentle pressure spreading them open even further. I felt the familiar butterflies in my stomach as Anna gazed upon the sight of my moist pussy lips inviting her invasion. Anna put more fingers inside me and caressed my inner walls while Anna's thumb positioned itself on the tip of my swollen clit and lightly tickled it back and forth. I learned about my g-spot that day as Anna located it quickly and rubbed it together with my clit."

Natalie took another sip of wine and as she did she realized that she had been breathing hard. Beatrice noticed it too but she just smiled at Natalie as she continued the tale of her seduction, "Anna moved herself slowly up my body as she continued to finger fuck my pussy she kissed and licked her way to my tits. Anna took turns holding each nipple between her soft lips sucking and flicking at my hard nipples. I in turn reached for Anna's breasts and felt the hard nipples across my palms as I stroked them. I pinched and rolled Anna's nipples between my fingers while Anna tongued my breasts. Anna whispered to me that she had to have me and then kissed me passionately. We moaned into each other's mouth as our fingers and thumbs tickled our swollen clits. I could feel the wetness of Anna's pussy saturating my thigh."

Natalie was getting warm and she wished that she could take off her warm-ups but she knew better. Beatrice reached across Natalie for her glass of wine and as she did she purposely ran her arm over Natalie's breasts. Natalie groaned and sat back to break the contact and Beatrice acted as if nothing happened. "Anna broke off our kiss and smiled at me before descending toward my aching pussy. As Anna reached my wet mound she separated the lips fully opening my pink moistness and then Anna herself groaned with anticipated pleasure. The tip of her tongue touched my center and my sweet liquid gushed into Anna's mouth. Anna was unprepared for the gusher but none the less she licked at the silky lips, losing herself in the feeling of my hot body. She flattened her tongue and stroked my center up and down firmly enough that I could feel it on my clit. Anna drove me mad as my swollen clit twitched and ached for more attention. I arched my back and pulled Anna's head to my mound trying to shove my engorged clit into Anna's mouth much like my boyfriend would shove his cock into my mouth. Anna wrapped her lips around my swollen button and sucked it. I gasped as Anna's lips sucked my clit in further and further causing a strong tremor to run through my whole body."

"Oh Natalie I was on fire like never before," Beatrice said excitedly, "My hips lifted off of the sofa as Anna sucked on my clit flicking it back and forth as her fingers probed deep inside me. Anna worked her fingers in and out slowly at first and then with more intensity as her tongue firmly, methodically pressed again and again against my erect clit. At this point my groans became very loud, my body was rocked with my second orgasm and I ground my pussy into Anna's face which was now totally covered with my sweet love juices. Anna continued to lap at my hard clit as my body convulsed with one orgasm after another. Slowly I relaxed after the last and one of the most intense climaxes I ever had. I lay back on the sofa as Anna moved up to my lips and covered them with her own mouth, kissing me tenderly, deeply and letting her tongue slip past my lips so I could taste myself. I kissed Anna eagerly in return, loving the sweet taste of my own pussy. We lay on the sofa cradled in one other's arms without saying a word savoring the feel of a woman's body in each other's arms.

"Beatrice that is an incredible story," Natalie gasped as her own body was now on fire.

"Natalie, there is more," Beatrice said anxious to finish the story.

"Anna then said come to me Beatrice and make love to me just as I did to you," Beatrice revealed.

"Did you?" Natalie asked excitedly.

"Yes I did. I looked right at Anna's beautiful pussy, leaned forward and slowly stuck out my tongue. I took one, slow lick as I flattened my tongue on Anna's swollen mound. It felt so smooth and warm and I knew that I had achieved the desired effect from Anna's moan. I knew that Anna enjoyed it. I loved my first taste of pussy and I kept licking and eating Anna. I pointed my tongue and burrowed into Anna's pussy as it parted the labia and I was rewarded with the exquisite taste of Anna's juice, soon I was licking and lapping up as much as I could as fast as I could. Anna was obviously enjoying what I was doing as she reached down with both hands and spread herself wide making it so much easier for my tongue to explore her pussy. I burrowed my tongue as deep into Anna as I could and then I just sort of licked and sucked my way up. When I got to Anna's clit I used the very tip of my tongue to push back the little hood. Anna was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her clit stuck out even further like a little cock. I nuzzled it with my nose taking in Anna's scent and I licked it once more before I took it between my teeth and gently nibbled it. Anna went wild and started bucking and calling out my name. Anna let go of her own fleshy hood and pulled my head to her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. I sucked Anna's clit as deep in her mouth as I could and Anna humped my face for all she was worth. I don't know exactly how many times Anna came but she finally went stiff and then collapsed on the sofa."

"Oh my God, Beatrice that story was so hot. I can't believe how graphic you were with every detail," Natalie gushed.

"I remember it as if it were yesterday," Beatrice admitted.

"Apparently, did you make love with Anna a lot after that day," Natalie just had to ask.

"Yes several times and it was always beautiful. Natalie you must have at least one story that you can share with me," Beatrice requested as she filled the wine glasses.


"I can share one story with you but it will not match yours," Natalie offered.

"Let's hear it," Beatrice said excitedly anxious to hear about Natalie's encounter.

"It was during a golf tournament and I didn't make the cut. My shoulder was bothering me and I decided to get a massage while I was at the hotel. The therapist wasn't busy since everyone else was at the course. I went to the massage parlor and met this stunning blonde named Brenda," Natalie began.

"So you were with a woman!" Beatrice exclaimed.

"Yes but it was only one way," Natalie said blushingly.

"Anyway, Brenda led me to the massage room and I felt my loins tingle as I walked behind the blonde beauty and watched the roll of her curvy firm ass. No woman had ever affected me like that before. Brenda led me into a room where she handed me a towel and told me to undress and make myself comfortable on the table. Then Brenda selected some body oils. I took off my clothes and then lay naked face down on the massage table. I covered my bottom with the towel and I awaited my massage. Brenda poured a hand full of massage oil and began with my neck and shoulders. She really worked my shoulders well and it felt wonderful. I was instantly relaxed by Brenda's touch and I closed my eyes and let out a relaxing sigh. Brenda was very good at her job. After giving a considerable amount of attention to my shoulders she continued slowly downward to my sides and lower back. Then Brenda slid her hands under the towel and over my buttocks and firmly massaged my ass. I was surprised but I didn't mind in fact it felt good. Then Brenda slid her warm oily hands down between my thighs and I felt the edges of Brenda's fingers briefly brush against my pussy. I tensed up a little and gave a short, almost silent gasp as I had never had a woman touch me there before."

"What did you do?" Beatrice asked.

"Oh she apologized and I let it pass," Natalie replied and then she continued with her story, "Brenda gently bent my leg to massage my ankles and feet. I still wondered if Brenda realized what she had done and wondered if she meant to do it. Brenda was the only woman who had ever touched my pussy. Brenda applied more oil to my feet as she carefully massaged the soles and between each of my toes. Then Brenda worked her way back up the inside of my legs until she reached the same spot as before. Again I felt the edge of Brenda's fingers brush against my pussy. Brenda then moved upward eventually back to my shoulders. She told me to turn over and I did but the towel was too small to cover my body so I put it over my pubes. I was lying face up bare breasted and my nipples were a bit stiff from the cool air"

"Brenda returned to the massage table and stood behind my head. She started rubbing my temples then moved her hands down over my neck and chest. Brenda applied more oil to my breasts and massaged them softly at first then she increased the pressure little by little. No woman had ever touched my breasts before and I had mixed feelings. I was a little embarrassed but I was also turned on by the act. Brenda then focused on my nipples, which aroused me even more than the brief encounter between my legs. I began breathing heavier as her nipples grew harder. Brenda told me that I had really nice tits as she rolled the nipples in her fingers."

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