tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNatalie Meets Deputy Duffy

Natalie Meets Deputy Duffy

bydeputy duffy©


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Natalie was an expert in both history and ancient languages at Dean University and as such she was the only student in the history department who knew about the time machine that Professor Searchem had invented. Professor Searchem was supervising Natalie's thesis, and the time machine quickly became an invaluable research tool.

Natalie was ever so skeptical when she first learned of the time machine, but she also had a small crush on its inventor, so she sheepishly agreed to be his first subject.

In what seemed like a flash, Natalie was sent back in time, just in time to hear the famous speech that was delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963, by Martin Luther King, Jr.

When Natalie was brought back to the present, she was a little dazed and confused, but still amazed at what she had witnessed. It took a couple of days for the ramifications of what had happened to her to finally sink in, and she couldn't wait to experience more, as the Professor said he still had a little tinkering to do with his invention.

Next Professor Searchem sent Natalie back to witness first hand a Civil War battle in 1861, as a young wife tending to the wounded. Then in her next assignment she got to walk in Jaclyn Kennedy's shoes for a day, whom she just a adored. She even got to kiss J.F.K, if only for a second, at his inaugural address, in Washington D.C on January 20, 1961.

While some of her assignments were pleasurable, all were not. Like the one that sent her back in time, as a Witch, during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. It didn't take long for Natalie to be questioned, put on trail and ultimately found guilty. She ended up being stripped butt naked, and then tarred and feathered, in front of what seemed like the whole town.

She was also sent back to 1870 as young Indian girl, who unfortunately got caught by a group of young cowboys, and ended up being stripped and then sexually assaulted, before behind tied to a fence pole and left to bake in the hot sun. Thankfully for Natalie, Professor Searchem was able to bring her back before the inevitable happened in both cases.

In her most recent assignment, she was sent back as the young wife of an abortion doctor in Jan, 1973. She got to witness first hand just how volatile this issue was, when as they were eating lunch at her husband's office, they were ambushed by a group of anti-abortion activists, know as the Freedom Fighters.

While Natalie watched in shock, her husband was brutally beaten by two large men. Natalie was then forced out the office door and into the main exam room. Once inside she was surprised to see her husband's young nurse and his secretary, both standing shoulder to shoulder, with their hands on top of their heads, wearing only their bras and panties. Natalie quickly found out why, as her dress was ripped from her body and she was encouraged to joined the other women's poses, with a slap on the ass.

Now surrounded by three men and three women, armed with guns and knives, the three nearly naked women trembled, as to the groups intent and their lack of clothing. Then several minutes latter, as one of the female Freedom Fighters started reading from the Bible, the largest of the men gave the order to, "strip it all off."

After much protesting Natalie didn't get the chance to comply, as the big man impatiently ripped her bra off and the panties quickly followed. The other two women seeing Natalie's harsh treatment, quickly stripped on their own.

The men suddenly grabbed Natalie and she was quickly forced onto the exam table, fearing the worse. The three men, physically held her down, as a large woman forced her legs into the table's stirrups, strapping them in with duck-tape. Natalie began screaming for help, when she saw the large blade on the women's razor, when she slid it out of her pocket. But instead of cutting her, as Natalie feared, she began to dry shave Natalie's pussy, until it was completely bare, and her skin burned.

She saw a large speculum being forced deep inside her freshly shaved pussy next, as her hands were being duck-taped to the table as well. Then the grinning woman snapped the speculum into the open position, as the men got their last gropes of Natalie's small breasts.

Then the group of men turned their attention to the two other women, as the female invaders left the room. Then Natalie watched in horror as the young nurse and secretary were forced to their knees, the men using their mouths for their own sexual pleasure. Finally, with their faces freshly painted, the two women were taped together in a 69 like position, before the group finally fled.

The naked bound women struggled to get free, for what seemed like hours, before the police arrived. The women had to go through the extra embarrassment of being under the officers' roaming eyes, as they struggled to cut them free. Natalie seemed to have it the worse now, as only after she was free, was she finally able to remove the speculum, which was still lodge inside of her, as about a dozen male officers looked on.

Shaken by her last couple of assignments, Natalie was a little hesitant to continue, but the Professor was able to talk her into one more assignment, as he finally felt like he had the kinks worked out of his invention.

The time machine also offered Professor Searchem the opportunity to record each of her adventures, and Natalie noticed that he seemed to watch the videos of her various ordeals over and over again, especially the good parts. Professor Searchem was obviously a man who loved his work, but Natalie was starting to suspect that he might have an ulterior motive.

So Far, Natalie's assignments had all been chosen by Professor Searchem, and even she had to admit that he had done a good job of selecting a variety of times and places that illuminated the role women played in various historical periods of the United States.

Natalie was pleased that her next assignment was in the near past, since it required less research prior to her trip. It seems that there had been reports a few years back that one Deputy Duffy had been improperly detaining female suspects, and stripping them bare. Natalie would be sent back in time to investigate the relationship between, "Law Enforcement, Traffic Stops, and Gender Based Profiling," in Vermont. Natalie almost cherished the new assignment, as she wanted to expose this Vermin for once and all.

The next morning Natalie, dressed in just a small bikini top, tight denim shorts, and sneakers, awoke to find herself in the near past. Her red convertible cruised down the road doing seventy miles an hour. The radio, so loud she didn't even hear the siren behind her.

"Nice car Professor Searchem," Natalie said with glee. She had always wanted a convertible and she was also enjoying the cool breeze that blew through her soft brown hair, while it also cleared her head.

"Oh my I better slow down," Natalie moaned when she saw that the speedometer had hit eighty. "No need to run into the Duffy clan just yet."

As the car slowed down, Natalie also turned down the radio, which was blasting out the chorus; "I fought the law but..." As Natalie sung along.

"What the!" Natalie cried out when she first heard the approaching siren. "Please let that be an ambulance."

The sports car slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road, while Natalie was still too nervous to look back. Her prayers that the sirens would just pass her bye went unanswered, instead they settled in right behind her. Natalie took a deep breath, her eyes flashed into the car's rear view. The distinctive blue lights catching them, as the siren stopped.

"Ok stay calm Natalie," she moaned. "I mean there are a lot of deputies in these parts. What are the chances?"

Staring in her side mirror, Natalie watched as the driver behind her opened their door and started walking towards her vehicle, as her heart pounded. She gasped when she first noticed it was a young looking, male officer walking her way, dressed in a dark blue uniform, wearing shinny silver mirrored sun glasses.

"Licenses and registration ma'am," Natalie heard the officer bark, as her eyes traveled up his uniform, still praying, until she spotted his nametag, just over his left shirt pocket. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she read off each letter, one by one, D. U. F. F. Y.

"Speaka English," the deputy barked, breaking Natalie from her trance.

Natalie just nodded, and the deputy repeated his initial command. While Natalie also couldn't believe her dumb luck.

"One sec, Deputy Duffy," Natalie managed, as her eyes scanned the car's interior. She had only been in the car for a couple of minutes and she had no idea where anything was. The young woman also let out a gasp when she suddenly noticed her attire or lack there of, as it wasn't what she wore into the time machine. "Professor Searchem you ass," Natalie moaned.

"Excuse me Ma'am," the deputy snapped.

"Oh nothing, I'm just an ass!" Natalie cried out, as she suddenly felt sick, as her search for her license, registration, proof of ownership, had all come up empty.

"Step out of the car Ma'am!" The officer barked, as if he finally grew tired of the woman's stalling ways.

"But I'm innocent," Natalie cried, not even believing her own plea. She knew she was in trouble, even before the cold metal cuffs slapped her wrists behind her back. The deputy leading her back to his car and then he pressed her against his patrol car's back door.

"Just need to do a quick pat down," the Deputy hissed into Natalie's ear. "Anything that might stick me, needles, a knife, anything."

Natalie could only shake her head as she prepared for the deputy's pat down that she had read so much about. She felt his finger run around her tight short's waistband and then his hands felt over her front pockets. Natalie felt flush as he patted her back pockets and what they sheltered next. The deputy suddenly pulled back on her wrists and opened the back door while looking at Natalie's small bikini top.

"Nothing to search up here," he sneered with a chuckle and pushed her into the back seat, before Natalie could respond to his quip.

Natalie could only watch as another deputy pulled up to the scene, and the deputies started to searched her car. Natalie was more than worried, she had been reading about Deputy Duffy's adventures first hand on the Internet and now she sat in the back seat of his car, fearing the worst. She also searched her brain for answers as to how she was going to explain her way out of this jam. She just shook her head, her simple plan of going to the deputy's favorite bar and searching for good looking females, willing to help expose the deputy's wicked ways, dashed.

On the trip to the station, the deputy questioned Natalie about her sudden appearance on his radar, as well as her lack of proof as to whom she was and who's car she was driving. Natalie felt like a schoolgirl who forgot to study and was now giving made up answers to an oral exam. She also prayed that there wasn't going to be an "oral exam" back at the station.

She knew she could never tell him why she was really there. She also knew she couldn't tell him that she was from the future, as she still had a hard time believing it and she didn't want to end up in the Nut House.

This was also the first time Natalie was sent back in time as herself and not playing a character. So now instead of feeling like she was in someone else's body, looking through their eyes. She was now looking through her own dark eyes, feeling her own skin, smelling her own scents. She already noticed the other big difference, while her other experiences had seemed almost dream like. Today everything was crystal clear like her senses were on high alert.

Natalie suddenly remembered that unlike her other assignments, Professor Searchem agreed to bring Natalie, back from the past, at the crack of dawn. So Natalie almost managed a quick smile as she figured after all that she had been through, one day would be a cake walk, at least she prayed for as much.

The squad car finally pulled up to the station and Natalie was pulled to her feet. She was led by the deputy past a group of young men who were hanging around on the back steps. Each one also seemed to be pointing and giggling. Natalie looked down and suddenly saw why; her small bikini top no longer concealed her left nipple. With her hands cuffed behind her back, her small chest also seemed to be offered up to the young men, much to their delight and Natalie's horror. She also found her bikini top's Star and Stripes design highly ironic, as now she felt anything but free.

Once inside the station's main office, the Deputy finally answered Natalie's plea and adjusted her top, by running his finger underneath each cup, effectively smoothing out the material. His soft cool skin in sharp contest to Natalie's burning flesh. A quick feeling that she had indeed found her man flooding through Natalie, as he was quickly living up to his reputation. She also couldn't believe how real his touch felt to her skin.

"There yah go Sweetie," the deputy teased, when he was finished.

"Gee Thanks!" Natalie answered sarcastically.

After the Deputy again questioned the silent Natalie, he led her down the hall. They stopped in front of a black door and Natalie cringed as she saw that it was the infamous processing room. She felt the handcuffs removed and then she was unceremoniously shoved into the room.

"Wait here," the deputy barked, as he slammed the door shut causing Natalie to jump and respond by flashing him a one-finger salute.

Left alone, she quickly scanned the brightly-lit room, while she rubbed her wrists. "Wow, it's just like I read about," Natalie quickly thought.

"Oh My," she moaned, when she focused on the lone stainless steel table that stood so proudly in the room's center. She also saw the yellow line, running along the floor, just in front of it. Natalie moved over and stood at the edge of the steel table. She shivered as she ran her hand along its cold shinny surface, as she wondered just how many naked butts that it had held over the years. She also knew that due to the circumstances her naked ass would probably take its place on the table soon enough, unless she could do some fast thinking.

Driven by curiosity, she slowly opened the lone draw that hung just under the table, quickly letting out a gasp when she spotted the tube of lubricant and box of rubber gloves. She quickly slammed the draw shut and sat up on the table, her face in her hands, as she cursed Professor Searchem and his bright ideas. Quickly wishing that she never heard of time travel, as it had caused her so much humiliation lately.

Natalie sat and waited for the inevitable, while she wondered how her simple plan had come undone so quickly. She knew that somehow she had to get through the day. Then when she woke up in the morning, she would magically be back in Professors Searchem's office and hopefully it would all seem like a dream once again. Only she prayed it wouldn't be a nightmare.

The door opened a short time later and the young deputy returned carrying a clipboard. Natalie also felt that he was a little less imposing now, as he was no longer carrying his gun belt around his waist.

"Lets go Sweetie Pie on the yellow line," the deputy hissed and an extremely nervous Natalie, reluctantly followed, not even fazed by his pet name.

"Well we ran your tags, it's kind of funny," the deputy started, as he leaned against the table. "Seems like your a ghost, the name you gave us, you social security number, your DOB, nope none of them show up in our computers, any explanation?"

Natalie just shook her head, she knew her lies were useless now. The one thing she couldn't figure out, is why Professor Searchem hadn't come up with a back up plan before hand, for what she was to do or say, if by a small chance, she was pulled over by the deputy.

"Oh ah, here's an interesting one, the licenses plate on your car."

"What about it?" Natalie interrupted.

"Well they're Ohio Plates, vanity plates in fact, but Ohio never heard of it. Any Ideas?"

"What are the letters?" Natalie instinctively asked.

"Well there are six letters, the first ones an S," the deputy started and Natalie repeated the letter out loud, as she did with the rest of the letters.

"Seconds a T," "yah T." "R," "Ok R." "I," "I, got it." "P," "Pee." "M," "M right." "And lastly E," "and E."

Natalie began sounding out the letters out loud. "Let's see S and then the T, ST...And then an R, STrrrr. And Iyy." And then as if a light bulb went off in her head. "StripMe," Natalie said almost with pride, until she said it again slowly. "Strip me."

"Thank you, you read my mind," the deputy said with a small evil laugh.

"Wait a minute!" Natalie shrieked, as if it finally hit her, and she also felt a little silly for playing his juvenile like word game. She also didn't know if he was lying or if it was one of Professor Searchem's sick jokes. "Just wait a second."

"Strip it!" The deputy barked, as he snapped to attention, crossing his arms, causing Natalie to jump back at the deputy's sudden change in demeanor.

"Look can't we talk?" Natalie said, stalling for time, as her head swirled.

"Talk has got us nowhere," the deputy snapped. "Do it or I will have to get the sheriff to help!"

"Please not your dad!" Natalie snapped and then covered, her red lipstick covered lips, with her hands.

"For some one who's supposable not from around these parts, you seem to know an awful lot about us up here," the deputy hissed as he moved closer to Natalie. "Makes me awful suspicious. Now get your ass naked."

Natalie cringed at his words, as it seemed like that's all she was doing lately, although she always felt like she was playing a character, and most of the time she was forcibly stripped, so she couldn't do nothing about it anyways. Having to strip, in her own skin, and show her own skin, all while in front of this law man, seemed a million times worse.

Natalie wiped her brow and kicked off her sneakers, as the deputy quickly kick them aside. She began to unsnap her denim shorts next, while wishing the deputy wasn't standing so close, as she could smell his nice fragrance. She swore she could even hear his heart pounding or maybe it was hers. Natalie slowly wiggled her hips as she tried to pull down her tight shorts.

"Oh my," Natalie quickly cried out and quickly pulled her shorts back up when she realized that her shorts, were all that she wore on her lower half.

"Ah Problem?" Duffy hissed.

"Yah I think Someone forgot something?" An embarrassed Natalie moaned, as she realized this was another one of Professor Searchem's sick jokes.

"Did someone leave the house today sans panties?" The deputy teased. "I mean it's 45 degrees out and your dressed like your going to a pool party, or working Main Street. Yet you tremble with innocents, afraid to show me what little remains to my imagination."

Natalie looked into the deputy's eyes as if he understood her inner emotions.

"What are you hiding?" The deputy hissed, quickly erasing Natalie's thought.

"Nothing I swear, it's just, I mean your a man, can't I," Natalie stopped her sentence in mid stride, not believing that she was thinking of asking him for a female deputy, like so many women before her had probably done.

"I'm just doing my job Missy, now strip or else!" The deputy snapped.

She could tell by the tone of his voice that it was her last warning. Natalie couldn't stop her hands from shaking as much as she wanted to rob him of the tell tale sign of shame, as her hand reached behind her neck. She slowly pulled the bow of her bikini top, from behind her neck, and while pressing her other hand to her chest. She untied the one behind her lower back as well.

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