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Natalie Portman: Rave Girl


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* * * * *

I had just completed a long day of class up at school and was greatly looking forward to the party tonight. It was going to be a massive rave, with some great DJ's including Moby & Fatboy Slim playing all night. My girlfriend dumped me less than a week ago and I was back on the prowl, looking for a new hottie to occupy my thoughts for a while (or a night at the least). Raves are a great place to meet women, not only because the music is incredible, but the babes on ectasy are even more incredible. I never touch the stuff, but I always carry some on me just in case a hot chick asks for some.

The cover charge to get in was a major bitch and the bouncers were assholes, but once I was inside, the party was incredible. I immediately went to the bar to get a drink, checking out on the way any girl-in-need I could find.

I must have gotten there too late or too early, because there were very few girls dancing by themselves. Sure, there was the usual lesbian chicks getting it on (as much as legally possible in a club anyways), and the drunk off their ass, past their prime late 20's girls, but there were very few girls around my age who were alone. Finding one who was attractive was even harder. I had just settled in to what I thought would be a good rave, music wise, but low on the chick factor when I noticed a brunette, petite little hottie dancing close to where Moby was blasting "Go".

As I got closer, I noticed just how stunning this girl was. She was wearing a white tank top, no bra and a pair of purple vinyl shorts. Big enough for a handful tits, just the way I like them, and one of the most tight asses I had ever seen. A hottie by anyone's standards. Her hair was drawn back in small ponytails to create a very sexy innocent look. Despite the flashing lights, I could tell her skin had a slight tint of middle eastern descent, something that turned me on even more. (I go for exotic, what can I say). She was dancing with her eyes closed so it was hard to make out her face fully, but something about her made her seem very familiar.

When I got about 20 feet from her or so, this huge blond jock guy, obviously drunk, came up to her and began trying to carry on a conversation and dance with her at the same time. I couldn't make out what either were saying, but she seemed to at least not be blowing him off.

Damn, I thought to myself, I guess she's taken too. I was about to turn around and head back to the bar to get another drink when I looked over my shoulder and saw that the hottie had stopped dancing and was getting quite angry with the jock. Being as she was very close to the speakers, it was damn near impossible to hear what she was saying to him, but I could tell from her expressions and body language it wasn't nice. The jock put his hands up in a defensive "hey, back off" stance, and slowly backed away from her. She watched him go then tried to get back into the groove of the music. I started to make my way back to her, but just as I was about to talk to her, Moby's session ended & Crystal Method came on. Moby walked off the platform where he was and came up to the girl, gave her a hug and then they started walking towards a back room area. Curious to see what they were up to, I casually made my way to the edge of the club, as close to the back hall where they stopped to talk as possible.

Moby talked to the girl for a few minutes, then from his body language I could tell things got real uncomfortable for him, and he gave her a hug and walked off towards the dressing room area. She stood there for a few minutes looking dejected, wiping a few tears from her eyes. She regained her composure and started walking back my way. I quickly leaned back from out of her site, and tried to act as cool as possible. When she finally walked past me, I spoke to her.

"Hey. You ok?"

I must have scared her half to death because she jumped about a foot in the air, pivoting to turn and face me. Her eyes were looking right at mine, a deep and enchanting brown. She had some of the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I smiled at her when our eyes met.

"Yea, I'm ok I guess. Why do all of you men have to be such assholes?" she said very defensively, but in an almost rhetoric way.

"Hey, we aren't all that bad. I'd say 95 percent..no, 75...no, 30...ah hell maybe 2 percent of us aren't. If my last girlfriend is any authority, I probably make up 99% of the guys on a whole."

That made her smile a little. "So you're the king of assholes then?"

"Coming from my ex, I'm the King of Assholia."

She laughed a little, a very fluttery kind of laugh that seemed to help calm her down a little. I took this as my cue to move on to the next step.

"Listen, you still look a little down. Can I buy you a drink or..."

"Actually, do you have an X?" she said, cutting me off My heart kind of raced a little. Here was this beautiful girl, not only talking to me, but asking for the one drug that basically IMPLIES that sex will be happening that night.

I reached in my pocket, opened up an Altoids box (hey, they work as great cover) and pulled out a little white pill.

She opened her mouth receptively, and I placed the pill on her tongue. She closed her mouth and smiled a mischievous little smile.

"Thanks. Now, care to dance?"

"If it will cheer you up, I'd love to"

We went out on the dance floor and danced for 45 minutes or so, or basically until the drug went into effect. When I started noticing the effects of it, I leaned into her and said "Would you like to go somewhere a little more private?"

Her face flustered and a little red from the dancing as well as the effects of the ecstasy, she nodded and I took her by the hand and led her off the floor. We got into my car and started driving back to my place.

"I don't even know your name. My name is Dean. How about you?"

"Wait a minute, you mean you don't even recognize me? Wow...that is so incredible"

Feeling at a lose for words, I tried to recover. "Well, you look very familiar. But I'm no good with names and..."

She threw her head back and laughed.

"Ok, ok, I'll give you some hints. My name is Natalie...I've appeared in a few movies...probably the most recent one you might have seen I played a queen..."

I slammed on the brakes of the car in the middle of traffic, causing the car behind me to swerve out of the way, it's horn blaring loudly.

"Natalie Portman! YOUR NATALIE PORTMAN!"

She kind of laughed sheepishly and said "Well, Portman's not my last name but yea, I guess I'm guilty as charged."

"Oh wow. I mean, I knew you looked familiar but I must be a total idiot for not realizing THAT was who you are. I mean, you were in one of the biggest..."

"Shhh," she said "I'm glad you didn't recognize me. It makes it even better for me."

With that, she reached over and rubbed her hand up my leg, resting it finally on my crotch. I got hard instantly.

I tried not to when she touched me, but just the combination of her hand and the realitization that I was about to bang one of the hottest stars in Hollywood caused me to literally jump out of the seat.

I gassed the car and raced for my apartment. We made small talk on the way, discussing how she had dated Moby when she was 15 until just a month ago. That, she said, was why she was so upset tonight. When she saw him she tried to reconcile things with him but he wasn't interested, which made her hurt even more. He had been her first and only lover since she was 16, but the relationship fell apart when his last album became so successful and he was on the road too much. I told her I was sorry and that I'd try to make her feel better once we got to my place.

I pulled into the parking garage and we walked hand in hand up to my apartment. Now, I don't live in a palace by any stretch, but I'd like to think that my apartment is at least a level or so better than most college kids dorms. I try to keep it clean, especially on nights like this when I hope to have a visitor (or two). I unlocked the door, being a gentleman and allowing her to walk in first. I turned on the lights and she quickly spun around and pulled me down to kiss me. She couldn't have been more than 5'4 but damn if she didn't pull me down to her height quick. Not wanting to hurt myself by bending down (I'm 6'1), I picked her up in my arms and brought her up to MY level. We embraced for what felt like hours, our tongues intertwining with each other, before she whispered into my ear "Take me. Now!"

Not wanting to disapoint the little lady, I set her down and led her to my bedroom. I lifted her up and laid her down gently onto the bed on her back. I quickly kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt and pants, standing there in only my boxer shorts. She kicked her legs high, one at a time, flinging her cute little converse tennis shoes across the room.

Scooting up to the edge of the bed, Natalie reached out her slender arms and took grasp of the elastic lining, pulling down slowly on it. She pulled the boxers down past my cock until it sprung free in all it's 8 inch glory, almost smacking her right in the face. Natalie took hold of it in her right hand, smiled up at me in that same mischievous smile, and slowly lowered her mouth onto the head.

I don't know if it was just natural ability, some lesson she picked up some where or just the Ecstasy taking effect, but it wasn't long before Natalie was sucking me off like a pro. She would slowly shove my dick as far back into her throat as possible, savoring the feeling of it in her hot little teenage mouth, and then quickly pull her mouth off. She would do this rapidly and in succession, creating an incredible feeling. After about 5 minutes of this, she sensed that I was close to cumming and slowed things down a little bit. She tickled the head a bit with her tongue, running it all over, then focusing her attention to the shaft. Just when I was on the hilt of orgasm, she would change course and go to work on my balls or something else. Time flew by while all this was happening, with her incredible technique making me last 5x longer than usual. Finally, she speeded things up by sucking long and hard on about half of me, trying to bring me to orgasm. I felt it building in my balls, and I grasped her by the hair and pulled her face forward into my stomach. "UGGGHHHHHHH...Natalie, I'm cumming!" I cried out. She just grunted in approval as I shot what felt like a gallon of cum right down her throat. Like the blow job champ I'm now convinced she is, she was ready for me and swallowed almost all of it, although she didn't quite get it all down, allowing some to dribble out of the corner of her mouth and down onto her t-shirt very sexily. She wiped her mouth with her finger, tasting my cum again, smiled and said "Yummy. What's for desert?"

"Oh, you'll see. Something that I think might be quite tasty."

Without another word, I lifted her up on the bed and unzipped her cute little vinyl pants, sliding them down until she stepped out of them. Underneath, all she was wearing was a pair of lace red panties that barely covered her ass, let alone her snatch. I could make out a neatly trimmed bush underneath in the front, and her sweet little mound protruding a little bit, puffed up from all the action thus far.

She lifted her arms up over her head and pulled her tank top off, revealing some of the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. Sure, some guys prefer large breasts over small, and Natalie was certainly no Pamela Anderson, but her breasts were just large enough to go extremely well with her petite little figure. Her nipples and areola's were a dark brown, very hard and looked stunning on her somewhat darkened skin.

She stood there for a few moments and then decided to make a scene of her panty removal, something that made me grow hard again very quick. She slid her thumbs into the sides of them by her hips and gyrated her ass as she pulled her panties down to her knees. My suspicions had been correct, her bush WAS very neatly trimmed and her cunt WAS looking very aroused. I pulled her to her knees and embraced her. Our tongues danced with each other for a bit until I broke the kiss and laid her down gently onto the bed.

Slowly I began licking my way up her legs, spending a great deal of time on her inner thighs, until I reached her neatly trimmed and fully aroused pussy. Her cunt lips were puffed out and just begging to be licked. I spread her lips open and slowly extended my tongue inside of her, tasting the sweetness. She had a unique taste, sweet and potent at the same time. I don't give a lot of girls head, but after the blow job I had just received I felt that she deserved something in return. All the while when I was licking her, darting my tongue in and out, finally finding her clit and sucking on it very softly, all I could hear were moans of pleasure coming from her "AAAAAAHHHHHH...MOOORRRREEEE!!!! DONT STOP!!!" moaned Natalie, her voice deepening as she cried out.

I finally hit the right spot (I assume) when I took her clit in between my teeth and gently applied pressure. That did it for her, finally sending her over the edge and flooding my face with her lovely juices. She clamped her legs around my head and cried out in ecstasy as the orgasm shook her body. I strove to keep up by continuing to lick her and taste as much of her sweet honey as possible. She finally relaxed her legs from around my head, and panting and drenched with sweat, leaned down to kiss me and licked some of her own cum off that I had missed.

By this time my dick was very hard again and was extended to almost 8 and a half inches simply from the marvel that was Natalie Portman's nude & nubile little body. I laid her down again and positioned myself in front of her tight little opening. I was expecting her to request a condom, but she reassured me:

"I'm on the pill. My agent would KILL me if I wasn't."

With that matter out of the way, I placed the head of my shaft at her opening again and slowly slid in. God she was tight. She certainly wasn't a virgin as she said she was, but damn if she still wasn't one of the hottest and tightest fucks I've had. She sighed in pleasure as my dick finally hit her cervix, buried in her to the hilt. I slowly began withdrawing and reentering her at a very slow tempo, gradually increasing pace. Natalie was matching me, grinding her pussy and clit onto my dick as I drove in and out of her. After close to 10 minutes of this gradually faster pace, I was hitting near break-neck speed and the friction was driving Natalie crazy. "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!!! IM CUUMMMMMMIINNNNGGGGG!!!!" she screamed loudly, as her second orgasm of the evening hit her and flooded out onto my cock.

That was enough to send me over the edge, and I thrust in two more times before finally pulling Natalie close and erupting a geyser of cum inside her. I could feel it hit her pussy walls and some of it flood out of her hot cunt onto the sheets beneath us.

Having both been spent, we laid back on the bed and caught our breath for a few minutes. Later we talked about her film career, my family life, and we each discussed our ideas for the future. After talking for nearly two hours, I was getting sleepy (it was already 5:30 in the morning) but apparently Natalie was hardly tired. She pulled back the sheets some and laid her head on my stomach while she started playing with my dick with her small hand.

"You know...there was one sexual conquest Richard (Moby's real name) never did have, but only because he didn't want it," Natalie said softly.

"What was that?" I asked, as I played with her soft brown hair.

"Well, I always wanted to try it...you know...from behind..." she said, her face turning a deeply flushed red.

"Hey, I'm here to do whatever the little lady wants," I said, smiling at her.

"You mean it? Oooo...I'm getting hot just thinking about it!" she said excitedly.

"Just relax and let me take care of things," I said. "First, we need a little lubrication"

She quickly caught on, and went to work sucking and wetting down my dick with her hot starlet mouth. I was already hard from talking about her request, so it was very difficult for me not to pull her head down and turn the quick-lube into a blowjob. After my cock was nice and wet, I rolled her over and had her stick her ass in the air. I leaned down and licked around her anus, getting it nice and moist. Out of instinct her sphincter muscles contracted when my tongue touched her, but I told her that she had to relax them if she didn't want any pain. She obliged, and after getting her ass semi-lubricated, I placed the head of my dick at her virgin anus opening. Slowly, I pushed in. Her ass was the tightest thing I had ever felt and while it felt extremely good, it also made my dick turn almost blood red. Natalie leaned her head into the pillow, biting on it. Finally I got most of my shaft into her, and like when I was in her pussy, I kept the pace nice and slow, building up speed over time.

"Oh god! I feel so full!" said Natalie

It wasn't nearly as long this time though before I felt my load approaching. Natalie was close to coming too, as she had been playing with her clit while I slid in and out of her ass. Thrusting into her at a faster pace than before, I finally pushed in harder than I had before and shot wad after wad of cum deep into her ass. Natalie orgasmed a few seconds after I did, and groaned loudly as she came for the third time that night. I pulled out of her and we both laid back on the bed again.

"Was that what you were expecting?" I asked.

Still in a daze, Natalie said "It was so much better than I expected,"

Natalie left later that day after we both got 6 hours of well deserved sleep. She left her number and email address and told me to call her sometime. We still see each other every now and then, but with her busy off shooting movies and her school, and me with my school, we never get to relive the passion of that night. Hopefully someday, we will.

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